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  1. honeymode added a post in a topic rin / gothfruits   

    The fact that they’ve had to make FOUR apologies so far just shows how disingenuous all of this is. FOUR, and each time they’ve apologized it’s been when they’ve gotten hate to the point where they want/need to save face. It’s not like they did it of their own volition. 
    “He apologized so many times what else do you guys want?!” It’s not about how many times they apologized. It’s about the fact that they keep saying the same shit over and over and they still haven’t gotten to the point. They’re just repeating all of their other apologies but trying to make it sound better and different than the last time, and still with the “My AcTiONs years ago” Well what about your actions now??? They fucked up big time years ago and now they just keep fucking up and making this more of a mess because they’re so incapable of reflecting. Because they CAN’T be wrong. In the most recent apology video they look tired and more annoyed than remorseful. Really focus on their body language. They’re not sorry. They don’t care about the victims or any other survivors. They only care about themself. 
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  2. honeymode added a post in a topic rin / gothfruits   

    Edit: Nvm I don’t care if it sounds rude, fuck Rin.
    That apology is utter bullshit just like the other ones. They ignored the situation out of respect for the victims??¿? But they were still hanging out with their manager’s husband who was harassing one of the victims right next to them, AND they kept reposting their followers long support messages about how they’re right and did no wrong? I really doubt they’re going to do much self reflection. The only reflection they’re going to be doing is thinking of what looks and brand deals they’re going to do next. They got help from their manager for this apology and this is them throwing in the towel and doing the exact same shit Laura Lee did. Rin is fake, a narcissist, manipulator, an abuser, and most of all an immature dumbass. Never forget that. This is what they do best. You really think they’re gonna change when all they care about rn is saving their ass and getting big in LA? They just want everyone to shut up so they wrote this in a last attempt to manipulate the audience into thinking they learned something. Fuck off Rin. 
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  3. honeymode added a post in a topic rin / gothfruits   

    The way PR lists/packages usually work is a manager or the influencer will contact the company they would like to receive PR from, pitch themselves and how they would be a good choice to promote the products, wait for the OK and now they’re on the list, receiving PR and kissing the company’s ass (ik not ALL influencers but most do). If the influencer is popular enough big companies like MAC, Fenty, etc. may reach out and ask for their address to send them PR. Smaller companies reach out to influencers (sometimes regardless of if they’re really popular or not) as well because they’re also looking to grow. So gothfruits getting PR from Fenty, MAC, urban decay, etc. is most likely due to their manager contacting the companies and asking for them to send PR. If those companies don’t know about the situation yet and still have gothfruits on the list it may take more people sending them inquiries about the situation for them to do so. Their manager is probably doing some damage control on that end as well and trying to spin the situation as one that doesn’t have concrete proof or whatever the hell he comes up with. Some of the smaller companies may not even care and still send PR because they’re just as desperate as gothfruits *cough*Black Moon Cosmetics🙊*cough*Milk Makeup🙊 Right now it’s just a matter of still getting the word out to the companies and letting them know this isn’t right, waiting for them to drop gothfruits or show their true colors/still support a rape apologist and abuser. 
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  4. honeymode added a post in a topic rin / gothfruits   

    Just wanted to touch on gothfruits’ silence about the situation because I feel like people are starting to let it go which means that they’re once again going to get away with it. 
    They think it’s enough that they acknowledged the problem in the beginning and since they have no options left (because admitting that they’re wrong and an asshole isn’t an option to them) they’re hoping that this damage control tactic of removing themself from the situation (suggested by their manager/etc.) and doing what they normally do as if nothing happened, works to get everyone to move on from the situation. It’s a tactic that unfortunately does work in a lot of cases. Everyone who is regularly on social media has a shorter attention span nowadays. Drama is good and fresh for a few days but if it goes over a week with no updates/conclusions/more to add to the situation people move on and eventually don’t care enough anymore. Things continue as they were before the drama even started and it ultimately gets brushed aside. Because if gothfruits just ignores it and seems unaffected by it, the longer they do that the more people are going to get tired of waiting to see the big downfall. Which isn’t going to happen because people love to watch assholes get shit on for the bad shit they’ve done but won’t report it. Everyone on twitter is like wow gothfruits sucks spread the word but only a few people are actually contacting the brands they’re working with about the situation. 
    To compare, the Laura Lee drama and apology, that shit blew up and what did she do? She made baseless promises and said that she learned from the situation and won’t make the same mistake. Then she was silent and removed herself from the situation. Now most people are over it and she’s just doing her thing as if nothing happened. Gothfruits is doing the same thing. The only difference is that while Laura’s actions were dumb and fucked up, gothfruits’ actions could have resulted in the death of an innocent person. It’s shitty that these beauty gurus ultimately get a slap on the hand for saying the n word but it’s even more shitty for gothfruits to just get a slap on the hand for almost pushing a rape victim to kill herself. AND don’t forget this was about 3 years ago which is fairly recent, they’re still not sorry and are STILL manipulative and emotionally abusive to this day. Which is why I hope people don’t let this go, and continue to contact the brands that support them until they listen and realize this is not okay. 
    It’s not just about teaching gothfruits a lesson or taking everything away from them because they’re a piece of shit. Gothfruits needs to be humbled. They need to come back down to earth and realize that they’re really not thaT bItCH and work towards becoming an actual decent human being. They should be the prime example of what NOT to be when becoming an influencer.
    Brands need to do more research on the influencers they’re bringing in to be the faces of their company. There are so many people with so much more talent and drive, who are so sweet and humble, who actually deserve PR packages, who are the ones that end up getting less recognition and engagement. All while people like gothfruits who don’t have a creative bone in their body are using all of this as an ego trip. Gothfruits is only shitting out looks because they want those likes. They wanted to be a model 6 years ago. They really just want attention and praise. Money is just a plus to that, which explains why they quit their stable job at the thought of becoming big and famous in LA. It’s really not about the money at this point if they’re too lazy to work/take care of themself and are depending on Ish to provide for them while they sit there looking “cute.” They just want to have fun at everyone’s expense and for people to kiss their ass every day. That’s all they live for and it’s sick. They were maybe somewhat creative when they started but now they’ve become an egomaniac who’s burning out and desperate, spontaneously bleaching their eyebrows and jacking gass.y’s looks to be different and relevant for another month. I wonder what they’re going to try next to stay “interesting” 😒
    I’m really glad that Anzu made posts about the whole situation. We need more influencers with big followings to talk about this and not let it die.
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  5. honeymode added a post in a topic rin / gothfruits   

    Huh 🤔 so that’s why Milk didn’t respond to my email about gothfruits and everyone on social media asking them to drop them. Understood 📝 A company that’s willing to keep and support shitty influencers who manipulate and emotionally abuse people, all for the “money” and “woke points” for having this trendy LGBTQ+ appropriating dumbass speaks volumes on how it really isn’t about the consumer. They don’t give a fuck about their consumers. They just want to be that trendy, fun & fresh brand that’s sO dIfFerENt and profit off of that. Oh wow that rings a bell... just like gothfruits! 🙊 What a good match, no wonder they’re taking this infant on a trip. Milk you can keep them bc you’re both WACK. It’s all good though cause they never got and never will get any $$$ from me 😉
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  6. honeymode added a post in a topic rin / gothfruits   

    Good to know those heart eyes are in full support of the man that harassed the victim after they made their statement 🙃 Noted 📝  Gothfruits for sure knew about that and is more than okay with his behavior. Hell, they were probably even with him and hyping him up to say all the shit he said. They really do have an absolute shit pile of a personality and no consideration for anyone else. They’re probably having such a good ass time rn laughing at everyone that’s upset on twitter and telling themself they’re gonna be big in LA.
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  7. honeymode added a post in a topic rin / gothfruits   

    I’m not expecting them to make another apology and start bawling but STILL, not acknowledging/admitting anything is beyond shitty and it’s only going to further prove to people that they’re absolute garbage. Like to actually be posting on Instagram rn and be like “My life is so good rn!! Can’t believe I’ve come this far!! Can’t wait for my bf to pull all my dead weight and bring my car over here for me and provide for me bc I can’t do shit for myself!!” It’s honestly so hard for them to just own up and admit defeat and that just shows how much of a shitty abuser/manipulator they are. They always have to win. They’re just gonna chill and sit back in LA and pretend they’re not reading everything bc they think they’re too damn good for the internet/everyone.
    At this point they probably won’t even budge unless they lose all their PR & brand deals. Which I hope they do because they need a huge wake up call. They don’t deserve anything. 
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  8. honeymode added a post in a topic rin / gothfruits   

    gothfruits rn not giving a single fuck about the victim and ignoring everything because they still think they’re not in the wrong:

    gothfruits after more word/tagging about the drama gets out to the makeup companies that give them their precious PR puhCaGES:

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  9. honeymode added a post in a topic rin / gothfruits   

    This dumbass...
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  10. honeymode added a post in a topic rin / gothfruits   

    The fact that their manager’s husband is saying all of this to the victim..keep in mind they are married and they are LIKE MINDED and you can include gothfruits in that little group of scum. Ugh 😡 I can imagine all of them them talking shit while they were hanging out today, about the whole situation and how “annoying” it is. None of them give a single fuck. It just shows how disgusting gothfruits is and how they’ve stooped so god damn low. They must really feel at home in LA surrounded by a bunch of shitty assholes just like them. 
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  11. honeymode added a post in a topic rin / gothfruits   


    God this is even giving me anxiety. Imagine how anxious this girl must be about the situation and here’s gothfruits trying to talk to her to diffuse everything AGAIN and try to save their ass when the girl has literally stated she doesn’t want to talk to them she wants nothing to do with them. They’re a fucking mess. 
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  12. honeymode added a post in a topic rin / gothfruits   

    Rin is horrible. 
    I saw this screenshot posted on twitter as well:

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  13. honeymode added a post in a topic rin / gothfruits   

    I just finished watching the apology video and as much as I want to see it as any semblance of an apology it still doesn’t feel right. There’s no way they didn’t get help/prep from their manager, etc. If they weren’t given any advice whatsoever they probably would have cut some of it and it would’ve looked less composed. I work in PR and for crisis cases regarding social media apologies it’s always best not to edit, to pause, collect your thoughts and keep your emotions and body language consistent with what you want to convey in your apology. Which is some of what they did and I give them props for looking somewhat sincere with what they were saying but it still doesn’t change the fact that they didn’t address what people are upset about which is the gaslighting, almost driving one of the girls to suicide and just overall being shitty to these girls who didn’t deserve any of this. Of course what they were saying seemed sincere because they were focusing more on what happened to them rather than what they did to the girls. They keep saying “my actions” this “my actions” that. Own up to exactly what you did. Stop trying to sugar coat it. It took people bringing this back up for you to take it as a “learning experience.” That’s textbook for any apology. They’re not going to change. They’re still going to be a narcissist, they still only care about themself and furthering their career, they’re still the same person they’ve been these past few weeks which has been unbearable, immature and undeserving. 
    That doesn’t just all go away after making an apology video. They were driven to the point of making an apology video and it was just like any other YouTube beauty guru apology video. You look a little sad and worn out (bc people are attacking you, you’re not really sad about what you did), say you’ve changed, you’re a different person and are going to improve, make it seem like you did your research on the subject and show people you’re “learning”, the next day your followers are over it and the next week you’re back on your bullshit. Which is why people are deceived so easily by these social media influencers and their apologies. It’s so fake especially coming from people with gothfruits’ personality.
    Once they shut off the camera they probably went right back to playing Pokémon on the switch and living it up with Thomas and friends in LA like they have been. They really just want all of this to blow over. They’re apologizing bc ultimately they HAVE to, so their fans can brush it off for good and go back to praising their king. 
    And people have the nerve to be like, “Oh no poor Rin this cancel culture is way out of hand I can’t believe our baby has to go through all of this right now. This was private he already said sorry to them it should be over! I can’t believe he’s being pushed to talk about something that’s so hARD for him!! 😢😭🤧”
    You know what’s way out of hand? Gaslighting someone, making them think they weren’t raped and pushing them to the point of suicide all because their rapist loving you was more important to you than their suffering. Which is what everyone seems to be forgetting here?? Like it’s true none of this should’ve been brought up for the victims’ sake but gothfruits literally deserves no sympathy at all for any of this??? Like yeah feel sorry that they were also fucked over by the rapist, but for this situation and what they did to these girls not even a few years ago? This mess? Nah. As for the personal sorries it’s very hard to believe that they were completely genuine when they were literally forced to apologize to the girls to diffuse the drama. Especially if you take into account that there was no “proof” for the apologies and them texting Girl A and asking to “chat” just to get a statement to use. Also don’t forget that gothfruits is still a manipulative person to this day and that they had manipulated those girls to the point of more trauma. The girls are also probably intimidated now that gothfruits has a bigger following than before along with the batshit insane fans ready to defend their kINg to hell and back, which is gothfruits indirectly silencing the girls even more. 
    Also, again, to touch on the age excuse that people love to keep using, as well as they brought up in their video that they were 17 and they’re 20 now, like that’s such a huge difference. That’s only 3 years. YES people can definitely change in 3 years but time and again they’ve proven otherwise. We see that, their ex friends see that, but their supporters don’t. They say they were young and wore rose tinted glasses when they were dating the rapist and being blinded by love was what was causing them to be messy. They’re wearing those same glasses right now with Ish and putting him above everyone else. Yes it’s a different guy and this one is much better but the point is they haven’t changed in that aspect if they’re still being dependent on their s/o and revolving their life around them. They haven’t changed in many aspects and there’s holes in a lot of what they’re saying.
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  14. honeymode added a post in a topic rin / gothfruits   

    Ok it’s kinda rubbing me the wrong way how them and their followers are pushing it with the minor card. Like okay you were 17 and immature when you fucked up. You’re in your early 20s, even more immature and a bigger fuckup now???? Tf. If it happened 3 years ago and it took last year to apologize that’s a short span of time to be claiming you’re 100% changed just saying 👀 God they look so bad 🤦‍♀️ but nothing new here.

    Notice how they just say years to play it off like it was YEEEARS ago when they were bARELY 18 (boo hoo 😢, like people were raped Rin.. god what a dumbass...) When it was actually just a few years ago which they confirm here. Wait my bad, ALMOST 3 years. Let’s go for like 2 and a half and they apologized last year. Nice they’re still an asshole 👌

    OH and for someone who constantly shits on people like Jeffree Star for the shit they’ve done 10 years ago and yelling that they’re absolutely irredeemable. Mr.fRuits sweetie the same shit applies to you too! 👏😝 You don’t get a pass! This mess happened “3” years ago and they apologized LAST year bc someone called them out for it and brought all this shit to light. If it wasn’t for that they would have stayed quiet. Now they have the nerve to say they changed and they’re always gonna believe victims bc they learned from what they did. They’re literally only saying all that to cover their ass. If they really felt for victims, period, they wouldn’t be so focused on making themself look good and changed. Look at this, 

    The whole energy they’ve been giving off is that this is an inconvenience for them and “those” girls are an inconvenience to them too. They honestly don’t give a fuck about anyone they’re just trying to save their own ass here. Especially since they’re the exact type of person to hold grudges (as they have shown) and since they were never too fond of the girls in the first place it feels like the only reason they said sorry was to save their ass and the only reason they’re sticking up for them now is to save their ass again. In the end it always has to be about them. 
    Nobody should be encouraging them right now, AT ALL. They will never be the victim in this case, idc downvote me they deserve no sympathy at all rn. They need to buckle the fuck down and finally learn how to THINK and be self aware. People telling them they’re doing no wrong and that it was years ago so it doesn’t matter now is just going to inflate their ego even more and enable their self absorbed dumbassery. 
    “Oh Rin KING 😩💘🤪💖 it’s oKAY you did NothiNG wrong you were just a small child when you did those thINgS people are just mad bc you’re tHRiving rn!!!!!! FUCK kalamine garbage truck!!!”
    No, think about the victims and how hurt they must have been and how Ronald McDonald refused to give a shit and hurt them even more. Think about that. Also think about how your faves aren’t perfect because literally no one is, not even you. Literally just fucking think before you shit out of your mouth 🤦‍♀️ Oh and this advice applies to Mr.FRuits as well, they need it the most 😉
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  15. honeymode added a post in a topic rin / gothfruits   

    “Cause like when you guys like get the same things as me like it makes my heart so warm” 
    What they really mean: When you guys like buy products from the brands I’m sponsored by like I get more money and it makes my heart so warm 😝
    Um, they’re not getting the same things. Mr.FrUiTs gets PR packages with whole collections for FREE. Their followers SPEND MONEY on all this rinfluence shit which is putting money in this idiot’s pocket, and they know so they hype them up and post screenshots knowing damn well their followers are as attention hungry as them and will buy those stupid Milani lipsticks so they can get a shout out from their KiNG. 
    They’re manipulating them and gaining from it while they continue to be a hypocrite, lazy and undeserving. Nasty. 
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