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  1. venus.aquaria added a post in a topic bestdressed/ ashley   

    There's like this invincibility complex I see with young adults when they're 18-early 20s when they have so much sex bc they seem to think they will never contract any STD/STI so they never bother getting tested or even ask their partner if they have gotten themselves tested. They think "oh im not a dirty person who shares needles or a hooker so I'll never get one!" And that's the damaging stigma. Esp sex education kinda skips that most STI/STD are asymptomatic (you could have it and not know it bc no symptoms).
    You could be a virgin and the first person you have sex with could have something. It only takes 1. Nowadays you can easily go to Planned Parenthood they will screen you and give you treatment if ur positive. Pretty sure Ashley has money and easy resources to this shit. It's just so infuriating that her audience is all young girls and she's spouting this bullshit.
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  2. venus.aquaria added a post in a topic bestdressed/ ashley   

    Why's she posing like that low-key looks uncomfortable lol. But honestly, for someone who calls herself woke and all abt mental illness or whatever, she's not spreading a good look. Like yeah, our society values you on how useful you are, and if you can't be productive you aren't worth anything. And I know being a "workaholic" is her whole schtick, but that's not something to be spreading to a younger audience.
    If you are extremely sick, please stay home! Get rest so when you feel better you can work better! Do not go to work or school where u can get so many other ppl sick too. Do not work yourself to exhaustion or feel like ur gonna break down and die! I've had shift leads make my co-workers stay for work when they had a high fever, one who had a painful UTI that she had to rush to the hospital afterwards, and even I worked while having sickness that made me vomit.
    What's also kind of frustrating is that Ashley can afford to take a long break and get therapy and self care. Until I found a better job I could afford maybe 1 sick day (bc no benefits no sick days with my old job) and other ppl may be in the same boat too.
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  3. venus.aquaria added a post in a topic bestdressed/ ashley   

    A bit off topic but going off this, recently a white tiktok girl got hella bank and fame bc she got credited for a dance and performed for a NBA halftime show while the black creative who originally made it got nothing. So Ashley acting like her own head's in her ass by snobbishly saying "I've never heard of her lol" like she doesn't matter is super annoying.  https://afrotech.com/social-media-rallies-teen-credit-tiktok-dance
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  4. venus.aquaria added a post in a topic bestdressed/ ashley   

    Any gender studies class you could write a whole fucking paper abt internalized misogyny (and ppl have!!) The fact that shes "we live in society" like ok but HOW CAN YOU CHALLENGE THAT MINDSET?? Like I'm pretty sure most girls had a "I'm not like all the other girls" phase. You grow out of it when you realize that you are not that much different from them. You see traditionally feminine things as less, so you try to distance yourself from it thinking you'll move up bc men might see you better than "regular" women, and thus, treat you better than other women. She ostracized HERSELF not the other way around. She saw "normal" women as others and as competition for male attention, instead of potential friends. It's her own fucking fault she doesn't have friends.
    Also thought this tweet was very fitting for her. Some ppl can emotionally and mentally handle hookup culture but it doesn't suit everyone. She needs help instead of maladaptive coping mechanisms

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  5. venus.aquaria added a post in a topic Aria Rose / Pixel Poyo   

    Not to mention said Twitter user was a MINOR and she promoted her own nsfw content on that person's Twitter when they clearly did not wanna be shown her grown ass porn
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  6. venus.aquaria added a post in a topic Holly Conrad/Commanderholly   

    Her neighbors have every right to file complaints bc they're HER NEIGHBORS. Also thats not good not only for her house to let them run around and shit everywhere, but bad for the health of her birds. She cant be such a bitch abt everything esp when it's law
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  7. venus.aquaria added a post in a topic Aria Rose / Pixel Poyo   

    bc its just her exploiting the pain of sexual assault victims for money.
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  8. venus.aquaria added a post in a topic invadernoodles   

    75$?? Like thats still pretty cheap for a tattoo but that quality is not worth it.  As a person w/ tattoos and a lot of friends w/ whole ass tattoo sleeves, this is really bad quality; like it looks like she just went to some amateur that was cheap bc their equipment or skill is still pretty poor. Like ALL her tattoos look so bad who the fuck does she go to
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  9. venus.aquaria added a post in a topic invadernoodles   

    i dont think most ppl notice when they ovulate.... like I sure as hell dont bc im working or going to school sheesh. Like Noodz u aren't a dog in heat stop acting like thats the case
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  10. venus.aquaria added a post in a topic bestdressed/ ashley   

    Having a romantic relationship is hard for everyone but I feel like after this much time has passed I feel like Ashley hasnt gotten over it. And getting over a relationship isn't finding someone new to cling on to; she needs to learn to be ok alone. One one of the things of early adulthood is that it can be lonely. Ppl gotta work long shifts or go to college, etc. But regardless, Ashley needs to learn how to be a well adjusted adult and she needs to go to therapy or something to sort herself out. She needs someone who will listen to her but not coddle her and encourage her or tell her what she wants to hear.
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  11. venus.aquaria added a post in a topic invadernoodles   

    I am worried about when he isn't home. If he's supporting himself and her (bc Noodz refuses to do any work that doesn't have pervs worshipping her) he's prob working full time which means majority of cleaning and care for the dog is her responsibility. But her hamsters escaped and she can barely take care of herself let alone get her dog housebroken or bother taking him for long walks (puppies esp have so much energy you need them to get out)
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  12. venus.aquaria added a post in a topic invadernoodles   

    I mean it somebody fucking tell her to either clean up her apartment or give up the dog to a shelter or someone else to take care of it. There's so much fucking shit on the floor that her puppy could accidentally eat. And has she even had Theodore housebroken? Her place is gonna become more unsanitary.
    If she can barely afford to feed herself how is she supposed to take him to the vet?? And the groomers?? I bathe my dog and brush her at home bc I've had her gotten used to baths. I'm so scared her dog is gonna get sick or have matted fur
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  13. venus.aquaria added a post in a topic invadernoodles   

    i hate and love how accurate this ghostwrite of her is omg
    like she really sees other women as other competition or jealous of her and then wonders why she has no friends outside those creeps she calls fans.
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  14. venus.aquaria added a post in a topic bestdressed/ ashley   

    i understand that self-deprecating technically gives you or at least makes you feel like ur in control of the situation but the thing I worry abt Ashley and a lot of ppl my age is that self-deprecating humor starts out funny but then you start believing it then that's when the insecurities ppl have start feeling more true. Like, you speak all those harmful jokes into existence. And then, I feel like self-deprecating humor makes you less likely to change? Like, if someone legitimately criticizes you (not bully), instead of maybe considering what you do is wrong/problematic you just say "haha yeah I'm trash" and then you stay the same bc you just brush it off. I feel like it happens w/ a lot of ppl esp Ashley which is why we don't see her getting any better handling her own personal stuff and emotions (in which I hope she uses that money she has to go to therapy or some sort of counseling).
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  15. venus.aquaria added a post in a topic bestdressed/ ashley   

    I think definitely she prob thinks that if she doesn't self-deprecate, then people wont be nice to her? Like, ppl prob defend her so much and be like "Oh poor Ashley you all bully her so much and she has so much emotional issues already!" Like, there's nothing wrong w/ being vulnerable and in touch w/ ur emotions. I think that's a great thing! But she overshares way too much and I think she needs to be careful and set boundaries for herself. Its not bad to not share every single trauma or thing thats happened in ur life, that's respecting yourself as a person.
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  16. venus.aquaria added a post in a topic bestdressed/ ashley   

    Wait thats blush??? Why does it look more on the tan/brown side?? And it looks so splotchy and uneven I thought it was just skin discoloration...
    And what im saying is that its only you 2 arguing with each other and flooding up a thread when we're trying to find updates on Ashley. Idc abt either side and frankly nobody else does. There is no ignore/mute button on PULL that makes it so we don't see your replies to each other. Be considerate of the ppl who don't know or dont care abt what both of you are arguing about, and take it to the private messaging system (the whole reason why thats there)
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  17. venus.aquaria added a post in a topic bestdressed/ ashley   

    idk ppl arguing over "Dont say this or that" or saying "ur opinion is wrong!" is super annoying. like yea its technically still abt her but its becoming more about which on of you guys are right. And that doesnt matter on a PULL thread where yall are both angrily ranting at each other. Plus nobody cares go message each other privately abt ur opinions instead of hashing it out for people to see
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  18. venus.aquaria added a post in a topic bestdressed/ ashley   

    i need yall to deal with this in DMs instead of hashing it out in a thread bc it becomes less about Ashley and more about your opinions you have on more general topics like feminism, race, ect.
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  19. venus.aquaria added a post in a topic bestdressed/ ashley   

    some ppl think that pity=liking, but no. Acting pitiful will not make people like you, it will make people feel like they're walking on eggshells around you and not want to talk to you that much
    this makes me feel like she was not the one dealing w/ the lease, rent, etc. but her parents were just taking care of the finances, she just picked whatever home looked nice. Like... you have to research A LOT before moving; check if utilities are included in your rent, how long is the lease that they want you to sign? Long-term/short-term? Did she research certain protections or laws for tenants so she doesn't get screwed over by landlords? BUT SHE DOESNT EVEN HAVE AN ACTUAL PLACE SET UP. like why the fuck are you moving across the fucking country and you don't even have the place yet???? Like im sorry if this is rude BUT THATS SO FUCKING STUPID AND IRRESPONSIBLE OF HER
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  20. venus.aquaria added a post in a topic bestdressed/ ashley   

    This is the most basic ass "i got this on sale at Forever 21 but my jeans and shoes are expensive as fuck so it must be cute" (expensive doesn't= better style)
    like this is an ok look, it's cute but its not special or ICONIC. Everybody styles high waisted jeans w/ crop tops 🙄
    idk I feel like she only thinks she's unique bc she's not like the thick IG girls, but she has to realize that there's LOTS of these skinny pale Asian art hoe girls that try to paint themselves as UwU dainty and quirky and not like other girls
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  21. venus.aquaria added a post in a topic invadernoodles   

    wait she doesn't even have a HS diploma??? so there's literally no backup plan for her in mind if she ends up not getting no buyers for her nudes??
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  22. venus.aquaria added a post in a topic bestdressed/ ashley   

    If she really wants to get over her ex oh maybe she should REMOVE THINGS THAT WILL REMIND HER OF HIM. Like that's literally step 1 if you get sad missing him and want to get over him get rid of the pics and footage. 
    Bullet journaling being basic... Then why the fuck are u doing it Ashley if ur so above it 🤔🙄 doing a bullet journal is actually really calming if you use it as a reflection journal and habit tracker
    But Ashley can't even fucking find healthy coping mechanisms. Like don't date right after a break up, take some time to be alone and figure out what makes urself happy. Don't say self-deprecating jokes so you don't internalize them and start seeing them as truth. You feel lonely? Go put yourself out there and make FRIENDS since you say all the time how you don't have any. Get rid of ur high horse attitude so you can view other women as friends instead of basic bitches. Go to fucking therapy bc you can obv afford it and have free time to go.
    What I absolutely can't stand abt Ashley and ppl like her is that she's so fucking meek that she can't ask or seek help when she needs it. Instead they cope with unhealthy self deprecating jokes and viewing themselves as "everyone is against me bc I'm cute and quirky"
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  23. venus.aquaria added a post in a topic bestdressed/ ashley   

    My parents are immigrants too Ashley but they were poor and living in rural Philippines. There's actually a lot of Asian immigrants who move to the US with a good amount of money saved up, or have business ventures in the US. Do you just assume all immigrants are fucking dirt poor Ashley? Also big oof with telling ppl that ur dad is THE DEAN OF A UNIVERSITY W/ CONNECTIONS. Like are u gonna pull an Olivia Jade.
    not only does she try so hard to be annoyingly relatable by being that quirky I'm not like the other girls, but she tries to be condescendingly relatable to working class/lower-income ppl by saying how "broke" her boujiee ass is.
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  24. venus.aquaria added a post in a topic Akidearest and The Anime Man   

    YT will ban LGBT content creators bc being LGBT is considered "adult content" by default (being lgbt is not inherently sexual or should ever be considered the same as sexual deviancy) but not degenerates like Jobo who literally make ppl watch Euphoria (which depicts rape, torture, and snuff bc there are characters who are murdered at the end). Please can ppl mass report this fucker so I can stop hearing about this
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  25. venus.aquaria added a post in a topic bestdressed/ ashley   

    Ashley really needs to go to therapy and figure out what she NEEDS not what she WANTS. Going on dating apps is the last thing she should be doing. I did dating apps and had casual sex a few times bc i was safe and knew how to navigate through crap men and towards nice guys who respected boundaries. After a couple dates I went a year being single bc it wasn't what I needed, I needed to settle down and I eventually did find the right person for me who makes me happy.
    The point; is it gonna be hard and she'll feel lonely yeah. I get that feeling. But she is the last person who is emotionally mature enough to handle hooking up with ppl.
    She's also falling for the pit trap of promiscuity under the guise of feminism. Yes, ofc you should not be judged or harassed bc of how many partners youve had. But you shouldnt promote that that's what the correct feminism is. It should be about being positive abt ur body and knowing what's best for you. And sometimes what's best for ppl is just not having sex and being single, that's ok.
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