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  1. venus.aquaria added a post in a topic amndayuian / Amanda Atsumi Alsindy / pretending to be Asian (Amndqq douyin star)   

    lmaooooo I was wondering why my comment got downvoted 🤣 it’s too obvious that she’s made someone lurk for her
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  2. venus.aquaria added a post in a topic amndayuian / Amanda Atsumi Alsindy / pretending to be Asian (Amndqq douyin star)   

    do u think like it could just be her making her own fan accounts? Like they all don’t seem to have much on their accts and some don’t even have a bio so it could be possible but I could be wrong 
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  3. venus.aquaria added a post in a topic invadernoodles   

    also reducing ppl esp ur attraction down to just their genitals is already a BIG no-no and esp in the LGBT community but yeah Nat ur definitely not fetishizing anybody
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  4. venus.aquaria added a post in a topic ProJared, AtelierHeidi and HollyConrad cheating   

    she’s gonna learn the hard way unfortunately when Jared eventually realizes how badly he fucked up and how his trade off was not fucking worth it (like seriously this isn’t me being mean on like appearances but Heidi is obv more we’ll put together and a more mature adult than Holly ever will be so wtf) 
    and yeah poly isn’t a sexuality it’s a relationship dynamic and structure bc you can be gay but also poly so then you’d only have relationships with those of the same sex. And demi really means just you don’t wanna do hookups, which is also a vast majority of ppl (regardless of what social media will tell you) so it’s not a marginalized identity. 
    sorry for the mini rant abt that! But I guess the thought I was tryna make was that if Jared used polyamory as an excuse to cheat and Holly defended that, let’s see what happens when he decides to go looking for another 🤔
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  5. venus.aquaria added a post in a topic bestdressed/ ashley   

    stan culture really fucked ppl up in the heads for real like I don’t believe in cancel culture look at the fucking YouTubers who are in hot water for morally wrong shit (racism, pedophilia, defamation etc) but they’re still around on YT kicking. So like u said the bar for “unproblematic” ppl is LOW. Like criticizing is not the same as hating or “cancelling” ppl. If ppl don’t like Ashley for some reason and stopped watching her, they’re allowed to voice their opinion why. But rabid fans make it seem any criticism is hatred and feel the need to defend a rich girl who DOESNT KNOW YOU EXIST 
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  6. venus.aquaria added a post in a topic Jeffree Star   

    she has a lot of her own controversies like A LOT of racist tweets, blackface, hates Muslims, calls ppl transphobic slurs etc. that is also resurfacing part of me feels like this is a ploy to distract ppl from her own wrongdoings
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  7. venus.aquaria added a post in a topic Pokimane   

    I’m just sad that like it stopped being abt like making sure the victims are okay, to if u defend the victims right to process emotions their own way,  WK for Poki. Like I understand the situation bc I had to go thru something very similar and a lot of my friends also had to go thru situations where their boundaries were ignored whether that be just physical touch to full on rape.
    But that doesn’t change the fact I still think Poki is shitty for saying the N word or her copy right strikes or borderline pretending to be E. Asian or how she criticizes female streamers for sexualizing themselves when sometimes she does the same. But those 2 are exclusive in that safety is a priority bc it’s not only Poki it’s other girls involved too, and like criticisms aren’t really relevant if it doesn’t pertain to what’s going on rn
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  8. venus.aquaria added a post in a topic Jeffree Star   

    THIS. Like I ignored the vid bc it just feels like ppl got bored in quarantine and decided to recycle the same drama. Like Tati in 2019 goes to accuse w/o showing proof despite saying she “has receipts” and then now ppl are doing it all over again like yeah if it actually happened that’s awful but it just feels like the same shit recycled so ppl can get their few minutes of fame AGAIN. Like ppl keep trying to “cancel” James Charles, what good is that he’s still here along with the rest of beauty YT trash 
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  9. venus.aquaria added a post in a topic bestdressed/ ashley   

    See the thing that irks me is that it’s perfectly fine and dandy to say “hey Ashley doesn’t seem to be having positive experiences w/ hook up culture. She should take a break, focus on herself and navigate her sexuality (if she does struggle w/ her identity idk her obv)”
    but to be like “BLM and saying she might be Bi panders to the algorithm I think these movements are dumb” all while pushing this weird ass agenda u have for celibacy as if girls who don’t have sex are more oppressed and demonized than LGBT by saying how “ppl who don’t have sex get OUTED, mocked and bullied”, when there’s high rates of black/ LGBT of color going missing, getting murdered, raped and jailed going on for years and to now is incredibly tone deaf as fuck 🙄🙄🙄
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  10. venus.aquaria added a post in a topic Pokimane   

    being drunk is never an excuse. It’s not excuse to rape someone, it’s not an excuse for ppl who beat their spouses, and it’s not an excuse to overstep boundaries. Yeah u make mistakes when ur drunk but u also have to be able to be a fucking grown up, take accountability, and apologize to ppl. Like for example, if I cussed at my best friend and called them ugly or a cunt while I was drunk, do I just refuse to apologize? No! Bc I would still be the asshole who hurt their feelings regardless of being sober or not and that’s the similar thing here.
    Also even if they were teasing him or some shit, that’s still not an excuse. There’s plenty of ppl who get picked on, bullies, or even straight up abused and they still come out as perfectly good ppl who know how to respect boundaries. Am I saying he’s a rapist or like the worst person in the world? No, but what he did still wasn’t okay bc it did make them feel extremely uncomfortable and it was not respectful to them, so he needs to act like an adult bc he is a fucking adult and there are consequences to ur actions 
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  11. venus.aquaria added a post in a topic Pokimane   

    Wow so bc some female streamers are mean to him that means they deserve to have their boundaries crossed/ bad things to happen to them? 🙄 that’s all I gotta say abt the victim blaming here; I’m more concerned with their well being and making sure things are worked out, than I am about someone disrespecting another persons boundaries that you should always be mindful of. Yeah someone can be a bitch but that doesn’t mean they deserve bad things to happen to them, regardless of gender. Idgaf abt these streamers other than for that dude whatever problems he has, take accountability, work on it and get better then.
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  12. venus.aquaria added a post in a topic bestdressed/ ashley   

    THIS! Also what a fucking great message to be sending out there “If ur mentally ill ur inherently UNFIT to be a parent!” Like way to go to crush anybody who has been diagnosed with a mental illness by saying they’re automatically gonna become abusive parents. mental illness =/= being abusive. There’s ppl out there who struggle with things like depression and anxiety (esp when things like postpartum depression exists) but still turn out to be wonderful and loving parents to their children.Most ppl  who have mental illness try to go to therapy so they can be good to their children so long as they have the money and resources to. Like I wanna be a mom someday and I go to therapy to work my own shit out unlike Ashley who just sits there and cries to her audience for validation bc she knows a therapist will be super blunt with her and won’t coddle her for the things she does and prob tell her she has unhealthy coping mechanisms
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  13. venus.aquaria added a post in a topic bestdressed/ ashley   

    My Bisexual Asian ass is gonna be super pissed off if she starts co-opting being bi as another quirky trait like those dumbass girls that are straight but kiss girls for male attention. My and other ppls sexuality is not something quirky, the lgbt community is not some fun club, like yeah I have pride in me and my fellow LGBT but being us IS NOT ALL THAT FUN ITS VERY HARD TO NOT BE STRAIGHT OR CIS. Like we have ppl trying to ban same-sex marriage again, black trans women are the highest at risk for violence, ppl still saying bigoted shit all the time. Like it’s not just haha I’m gay jokes and have fun I remember the heartbreak I felt when me and my lgbt college group were denied an LGBT resource center bc it “discriminated against straight ppl” like if she couldn’t have gotten worse she did
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  14. venus.aquaria added a post in a topic bestdressed/ ashley   

    She comes off as one of those fucking white upper middle class photographers who take photos of gritty places, homeless people, or poor people in other countries, and then just leave without helping those ppl at any capacity after violating their personal space by not even asking for permission 
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  15. venus.aquaria added a post in a topic amndayuian / Amanda Atsumi Alsindy / pretending to be Asian (Amndqq douyin star)   

    it follows the Lunar Calendar but as for LNY 2020 it’s already passed. It is celebrated in countries that follow the Lunar Calendar (so not only Chinese but Koreans and very few Japanese) however majority Japanese don’t celebrate Lunar New Year to be considered a holiday which is why they don’t get a day off or have any super big festivals.
    also yeah she really gave herself away by making it Atsumi Yuko like Japanese naming conventions don’t have middle names soooo
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