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    No, it’s about Onision and Eugenia Cooney 
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    looks like she did go blue

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    Long time reader, first time poster.  I got blocked by Kelly on Twitter after suggesting she might want to look into DBT because of her recent posting. 
    I actually do feel really sorry for her because there’s no future for her except maybe porn and that’s very short term.  She’s aging, and unlike some of the other girls, she doesn’t have makeup or costume design as a backup plan.  I doubt she has much saved and YouTube won’t last forever.  
    Also, if she truly has a diagnosis of body dysmorphic disorder, the last thing she should be doing is having cosmetic procedures done.  She seems stuck in a cycle where her physical appearance is constantly under scrutiny, she modifies it, and has to continue jobs where she’s under scrutiny to afford to modify her body.  Her whole career is based on consumable pop culture, and once the newness fades, it’s all discarded, just like her once she gets a little older.  It’s already starting with her channel fading.
    She needs some pretty intensive treatment if her behavior on social media is any indication of her real behavior, and she’s surrounded by followers that enable her to continue being sick.   
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