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  1. nobuko added a post in a topic bestdressed/ ashley   

    i don't know of a single (public) high school that offers film classes. are you kidding me?
    it's incredibly ironic that someone who said that a book (the coddling of the american mind) about campus PC-culture preventing good-faith discussions of social issues ("oh these special snowflakes are always crying over the slightest of microaggressions") really opened her eyes to the wokescold, activist culture at UCLA now has a subreddit with draconian-style censorship and such prevalent "political correctness" that they ban any user who even dares to bring up a fault of hers.
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  2. nobuko added a post in a topic bestdressed/ ashley   

    (sorry i have no idea why this keeps getting quoted, this is in response to @eh's question) that book (the coddling of the american mind) is often cited by right-wing youtubers who use it as an example of how annoying, politically correct blue-haired college activists are. it's used to dismiss anti-racist, feminist, lgbt activism on college campuses by painting it as young, coddled millennials just being sensitive crybabies. 
    yes, sometimes these people can be annoying and incoherent in their beliefs, but there's some credence to the root of their message, even if they're being "cringe." i have no idea why ashley would want to bring that book up aside from wanting to push the "oh i'm not like other millennial feminist college-educated women!" angle, especially since she reminds me of the same petit-bourgeousie white college "snowflake" activists at wealthy liberal arts colleges. 
    if anyone is more interested on this subject, i'd recommend contrapoints's video essay titled "cringe" (i'm also aware that a lot of my responses tend to skew political, so if anyone wants to talk about this via PM instead of derailing the thread onto jordan peterson or something, i'm cool with that too!
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  3. nobuko added a post in a topic bestdressed/ ashley   

    there are two types of kids in high school who have jobs
    1. children of rich parents (ashley) who want to have fancy work experience to put on their resume and college applications, so they get a "job" which is usually along the lines of an unpaid political intern, volunteering, tutoring younger kids/other high schoolers on the SAT, or giving music lessons. most of the time, they don't actually need the money but just want to be able to flex on their resume.
    2. kids who actually have to work out of financial necessity. they're usually not unpaid interns at fancy startups or going over to people's homes for SAT prep or art therapy (a la parasite), but they actually have an economic incentive to earn money and will work whatever job, without caring if it looks good on a resume. there was a kid at my school who would always be falling asleep in class and would turn in homework late because he had to work night shifts at a taco bell
    and what's even funnier is that you have the first type of kids making fun of the second type of kids for doing stuff that they consider to be beneath them (i. e. working at mcdonalds or cleaning houses) ashley seems like the type of entitled rich kid who claims to love social justice and activism but treats service workers/housekeepers like shit
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  4. nobuko added a post in a topic bestdressed/ ashley   

    considering she doesn't really bring up her asian side until it's convenient (i.e. jenn im really pushing her korean-ness back when kpop was first getting popularity and stuff like that), i guess ashley's tone deaf approach towards race isn't exactly surprising. my guess regarding her just not really mentioning her ethnic background (aside from making dumb, surface level jokes about only dating white guys with yellow fever) is because most americans can barely even locate myanmar on a map and it's not a country whose popular culture is really popular in the US. (i.e., think of how japanese-americans are perceived in relation to anime fans or how korean-americans are viewed by white girls who are obsessed with kpop/kdramas) this is speculation, but i feel like if she were half japanese or korean, she'd definitely lean into it more, since japanese/korean people can cash in on the popularity of things like BTS or anime. 
    i've mentioned this in other posts, but as someone who is also half-asian/white and was also in an academically competitive environment since i was young, i can't really help but think that a lot of asian-americans' resentment towards the college admissions process and affirmative action is really misguided. when i was applying to college, many of my asian acquaintances would make really awful comments about black students who happened to get into good colleges, saying that black students can afford to do poorly in school but will still get accepted to ivies because of affirmative action, but asian kids had to be perfect or they wouldn't even be considered. obviously, the model minority myth common to many asian americans who apply to college is a really awful stigma. i myself was probably seen as another high-achieving, 4.0 asian kid who played a string instrument and did a four-year sport, so i totally get it.
    with that said, a lot of asian americans seem to act like they're being completely screwed over by elite colleges. speaking from personal experience, i would much rather be stereotyped as being good at math and hard working than have people automatically assume i'm inherently stupid, lazy, or inferior based on my race. just today in the US, there was news about a black man being shot and killed because a group of white people assumed that he had broken into someone's house. it's horrifying. 
    ashley really does have a victim complex. this may sound mean, but being half white and half asian isn't really the worst hand you could be dealt in terms of racial background-- just look at the stories of people who are half black/half asian or black people who live in majority asian countries (sam okyere). i'm sure those people would be willing to trade all the shit they have to deal with for the dumbass jokes ashley makes about white weeaboos being rude to her on tinder. 
    also, for the people asking why she always brings up her stanford acceptance, i think it's because she wants to put on this "wise older sister" persona to her younger viewers. since she stereotypes other instagram influencers as vapid and stupid, she can always turn around and say, "well i'm not like them, look how smart i am!" i think she also wants to be able to justify her going to film school and doing nothing with her degree, by bringing up how she got into such amazing schools but chose to follow her true passions.
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  5. nobuko added a post in a topic bestdressed/ ashley   

    "only the rich can afford such bad taste"
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  6. nobuko added a post in a topic bestdressed/ ashley   

    right? as if there aren't a whole cohort of girls who wear stuff exactly like this but it's from brandy melville and costs $70 
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  7. nobuko added a post in a topic bestdressed/ ashley   

    wait has hautelemode done a video about her? i love his runway and red carpet reviews lol
    also-- do all the new WKs know that she has her own rave thread on gurugossiper?
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  8. nobuko added a post in a topic bestdressed/ ashley   

    regarding her new video: it's hard for me to take karlie kloss seriously considering she married into the kushner family
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  9. nobuko added a post in a topic bestdressed/ ashley   

    as an american, it's so insane to me that people can't even handle a self-quarantine for a couple of weeks. if you have to keep working due to financial insecurity, then this doesn't apply. (i'm referring the tireless employees who work thankless jobs as sanitation workers, grocery store stockers, postal service workers, doctors, nurses, healthcare professionals-- not instagram influencers who have to leave their apartment to take photos of what they wore today or some cool graffiti they found in their gentrified neighborhood.)
    previous generations had to ration food during the first and second world wars, planting their own food, cutting back on power usage so that more resources could be dedicated to the military... austerity and all these other times of crisis that demand citizens to step up and do their part... the government is asking you to stay inside for a few weeks. you can watch netflix, listen to podcasts, read, bake, or pretty much do anything to your heart's content as long as you stay inside and prevent the transmission of a deadly virus. and people can't even do that? 
    her new video is basically just a pity party in the hopes that her subscribers will hugbox her in the comments. i'm glad that she's taking the initiative to seek out help regarding her mental health. if it means that she's going to take a break from youtube for the sake of her well-being, then i applaud her. being a content creator is hard. we get it. with that said, the change in her videos is mostly out of her own volition? her vlog-style content and advice videos are much longer than most of her fashion videos, and she has been making more vlogs than fashion advice stuff. i can get wanting to know more about a youtuber's life but she has a good niche as a fashion youtuber and not a general lifestyle vlogger. 
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  10. nobuko added a post in a topic bestdressed/ ashley   

    couldn't agree more. i don't want to pathologize ashley's political leanings but it's pretty clear that she's only utilizing this brand of neoliberal feminism to appear more progressive to a younger, hipper audience. celebrities can co-opt popular social trends to their own advantage, as seen with 'lean in feminism' and influencers posting photos of themselves going to marches that support social causes (the women's march, protesting gun violence and climate change, etc.) and then turning around and not really following through with any of the movements they claim to support. take the case of a popular influencer who rails about sustainability and the horrors of 'late capitalism' (a former academic term that has lost all meaning because people throw it around so often now), but turns around and does a video partnership with amazon and still buys clothing from urban outfitters when she has the financial capital to afford other alternatives. 
    in my opinion, one of the biggest mistakes ever was allowing feminism to become an individualistic ideal, whereby any woman can do anything, and we can call it feminist, instead of combatting larger, systemic forces of oppression. you can rationalize any personal choice as some revolutionary feminist action, whether it's getting plastic surgery, to going on shopping sprees in the name of 'self care,' which is so stupid... nobody should have to spend money, buy a product, or consume something to feel ''empowered.''
    for me, a more powerful form of feminism would look to see how poverty specifically affects the lives of certain women, i.e. those in the service industry, those who cannot afford childcare, or how a fear of financial instability can force women into precarious relationships/marriages.) with that said, i'm unsure if her continual mentions of parasite are a way of hopping on a trend, given the popularity of the movie and the prominence of progressive political candidates like bernie sanders in the approaching US elections, or because of her genuine interest in the film.
    what particularly interests me is ashley's critiques of capitalism. at the end of the day, she's still a rich girl who has the money to spontaneously move across the country to one of the most expensive cities in the world practically on a whim, and not to oversimplify, but under capitalism, the world of fashion must constantly manufacture false insecurities in its consumer base so that it can turn around and sell them products. not saying that ashley should quit her channel and become a maoist insurgent, but a rich girl making jokes about being broke and how awful capitalism is doens't really sit well with me. sorry for the rant. 
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  11. nobuko added a post in a topic bestdressed/ ashley   

    she 100% lurks here

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  12. nobuko added a post in a topic bestdressed/ ashley   

    yeah, i thought it was funny that the only comments she could offer were dumb, zoomer tiktok star-level humor about the spectacle of the shows rather than the actual clothes being shown? 
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  13. nobuko added a post in a topic bestdressed/ ashley   

    not to gatekeep anyone's taste but how can you say that you're into fashion and then say that your favorite designer is marc jacobs? 
    notice how she keeps mentioning parasite after its recognition at the academy? 
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  14. nobuko added a post in a topic Annie Z   

    anyone see this?

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  15. nobuko added a post in a topic bestdressed/ ashley   

    watching her new video now-- anyone else feel like she's transitioning to more vlog-based content than just fashion? not really sure how i feel about it, but she seems much more authentic and relaxed in this video so far than trying to force cheesy jokes that usually fall flat
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