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  1. criebabies added a post in a topic Pokimane   

    thanks for this thread, i no longer support her
    what she did to FED in those clips were gross
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  2. criebabies added a post in a topic Sakimichan   

    i try so hard to like her art all the time, before during this "era" of her art
    every single piece she created I loved it it was so hard to point out issues compared to now, she expressed the emotions of the characters beautifully, the rendering of the clothing & background (when she drew them) all of that was what motivated me to work harder at my art, but now? its just so fanservice-y everythings girls with abnormally thick thighs, scarily small hands, legs that are too thin, and her recent one of that frog girl. At first I thought it looked ok but then you guys flipped it upside down.. its pretty justifiable since I doubt she would've found a reference, but as someone with such long experience with anatomy she should know if the girls damn torso is broken.

    what got me into digital art was this piece
    even further back then her art pieces had so effort put into them? every artwork told a story even if it was fanart,
    this ahri piece?https://www.deviantart.com/sakimichan/art/Kd-a-Ahri-771944194
    her titties didnt have to be THAT big?? shes made her thighs so big im surprised shes able to balance on those thin legs w/o them snapping??!
    this dva piece?
    did her suit HAVE to be unzipped?? couldnt we have a lighthearted d.va piece like you usually would draw??
    these were all nitpicks but the issues in them are so consistent in her recent artworks its so sad!
    remember when she accidentally drew 6 fingers on her zero two bridal piece? yeah thats how you know sakimichan has now formed a mindset of quantity OVER quality, her patreon tier 3 was actually supposed to be a mini student tier (the $150 one) but you know why she cant make a class for those who cant afford $150? SHE HAS NO TIME!! she has to squish in nsfw pieces, nsfw versions of artworks, and create 3-4 pieces on top of that? Shes overworking

    and her deleting the frog girl artwork on deviantart because people were critiquing her on it? I hope she doesnt ruin herself from all the compliments she gets from her patrons.
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