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  1. shininnight added a post in a topic Joankeem / Joanday   

    this video was the last straw, I had to make an account to go off:I didnt check her videos since a good while and youtube threw this at me and I thought hey lets look what homegirl is about these days..
    she was so cringe throughout this entire video, the movements, the talk, the making poses while looking into the viewfinder
    right at the start when she goes 좋은 아침 with that fake nice high voice while applying her overglorified moisturizer I should have clicked out tbh lol. If I had a $ each time she made me cringe I'd have come outta this video with at least $50..
    just wonder: why do her lips look that plumb? did she get anything done? not shaming she can do whatever but I feel like she gained confidience cause of that and ended up doing really absurd poses. good for her tho.

    ps: rude to call this "living coral" 
    what "revolutionary" coral make up look joan........
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