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  1. Bobatea added a topic in Music   

    Blackpink vs Twice
    I like both of the groups equally, but their fanbases on the other hand. That's another issue. I'm apart of one of the most problematic kpop fandoms out there and that is the ARMY's; but I don't delude myself into saying we're never problematic, because we are. Koreaboos, I'm talking to you.
    BP's like to say that their group is better than all the other seasoned groups because they got into the TOP 100 of Canada. I'm not saying Canada isn't great, but U.S. is where the fame and money is at. That's why so many KPOP artists try to break in through to America. Is that really something to brag about to Once? Especially, when you still get heat for being "A Modern Day Copy of 2ne1"? Did you guys not think that through?
    How is it that Twice is able to get less heat for "The Modern Day Copy of Girls Generation"? How is it that even though they're mainly stationary in Korea, they're still well known internationally and respected, even though a lot of people don't like the cute/adorable shtick? I don't see a lot of Once's taking jabs at other girl fandoms, even in the Blackpink videos. 
    To be quite honest, this simply reminds me of 2ne1 vs SNSD (Girls Generation) but more dumb. For the simple reason, BlackPink is new and their fanbase shouldn't be like that already. I feel like every other fandom, including the men, over a time became worse. I've witnessed, ever since YG announce their debut. People stan them hard after seeing their visuals and then stanned even harder once Boombayah and Whistle came out and started attack other phandoms.
    I like BlackPink, don't get me wrong. But, their fans are on some other ish. How do you get to a point in such a short amount of time to diss every talent out there and say BlackPink has the real talent, they're going to be the face of KPOP and make everybody like it. Show me the receipts.
    All I know, from what I've heard from other fans and saw for myself who the faces of Kpop are: BigBang, 2ne1, Exo, 4Minute, GirlsGen, Shinee, Super Junior, BTS, CL, GTOP, PSY (That Gangnam Style stunt) and NCT. (As far as my knowledge.) The only reason why I said NCT, do you know how many people have latched onto 7th Sense? An effin lot!
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  2. Bobatea added a topic in Online Personalities   


    Instagram | Youtube | Twitter | Tumblr
    Kingsley is an African American, Gay Youtuber. He is shady, he always have some tea brewing, and he is Queen.
    He's most notable for Overexposed, Really B Really, Clevver and hanging out Miles Jai & Tre Melvin.
    He's a very funny person, although I miss his old format. His new format of Talko Tuesday and Thirsty Thursday are fricken hilarious.
    Thirsty Thursdays just reminds me of the times of Ask Kingsley and those bizarre questions.
    For instance in one of his Ask Kingsley videos, someone asked him why is he so tan.
    He's just hilarious to me and I've been watching him since I learned how to subscribe to people and I don't remember when I just know it was back in the day where you could send a video reply which they needa bring back. JS!

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  3. Bobatea added a post in a topic DOWN WITH MATTE LIPS! BRING BACK GLOSS!   

    Matte is okay, if you know how to use it properly.
    As long as you put on lip balm first, it shouldn't be crumbly and crackly. If it is, then it's most likely the companies formula.
    Than again, different lip thingies fit different perps.
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  4. Bobatea added a topic in Beauty & Fashion   

    Cream based Matte Lipstick (Newb to Make-Up review.)
    I went to an event with this color on so I want to make a review about it. It's by Maybelline.
    I'm an African American with a Neutral Skin tone. Normally, people would say it's an easy tone to work with, but it's really not. Having to coordinate your make-up based on the outfit you're wearing and one misjudgement of color could completely knock off your outfit. Scary scary.
    So, I was torn between Touch of Spice, Divine Wine and Burgundy Blush.
    I eventually winded up getting Divine Wine. I didn't want it to overpower my face but I still wanted it to act as a spotlight to my face besides the outfit I was wearing.
    It's actually a really good product. I would say the only real downside is that it's really pigmented. So, no matter how long you've had it on. Some will still come off, but it leaves no patches, no inner/outer rings. It doesn't really fade. It's long lasting. It went through snack, lunch, dinner with little to nothing coming off.
    The hard thing about this lipstick, however, was to get it off. Olive Oil is your friend in more than one way.
    I would recommend people to buy it because you don't really need to put much on. Because once it dries it looks like the correct amount anyways.
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  5. Bobatea added a topic in General Discussion   

    I was playing Town of Salem and I got called one. I was searching for what it meant and it's basically the Korean version of a Weaboo. I feel very insulted.
    Yes, I like these people, but I don't follow them closely. Of course I'll do the standard follow their instagram or fan pages, but I don't really like look at them. Tbh, when I go on instagram, I immediately go to the search thing and like the memes. The HaDongHoon & Purple Minion one was hilarious. Anyways, I don't understand why I got labeled as a Koreaboo. Yes, I like them, but I'm not obsessed with them, I don't actively go out of my way to show appreciation for them, I don't download peculiar apps just to see them.
    For Example, I've been a fan of 2ne1 and Big Bang ever since 2012. The only songs I knew from them was Go, Baddest Female, Hate You & Fantastic Baby. If people hadn't made videos comparing Kpop to Jpop, Kpop vs Jpop vs C-pop, Kpop vs American Pop, Jpop vs American Pop and etc. I would have never known about any of their other songs.
    I like their culture, I like their vibe, but I'm not obsessed with it.
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  6. Bobatea added a post in a topic Freelee the Banana Girl AKA Leanne Ratcliffe   

    When Freelee attacks another Vegan and her Fruitbats find a reason to justify it.
    Freelee got into a Twitter War with fellow Vegan Channon Rose.
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  7. Bobatea added a topic in Movies & Television   

    Lee Kwang Soo | The Asian Prince
    I love Lee Kwang Soo a lot, he's that Awkward Gentleman. Derpy yet Dapper. He can bring a smile to your face and in the same moment make you want to curse him out. He's very lanky yet "sturdy" like a Giraffe. Ahhh, he's the best. Especially in It's Okay That's Love. ANNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNND I'm so happy he likes short round girls! He is truly the best Maknae.

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  8. Bobatea added a post in a topic Freelee the Banana Girl AKA Leanne Ratcliffe   

    The one thing I hate the most about Freelee is the people that she has converted. They are brainless and cult like. They take every word she says seriously and then tries to cite her as fact. She's not certified. She got her "degree" online. I respect the people who stopped following her, but honestly, I can see how people easily get trapped.
    I remember this one time this guy said he couldn't go vegan because he can't handle things with traces of medium to high acid. Basically he could only eat low acidic foods and the fruit bats basically attacked him saying it's not real. He's just making it up and that he supports the murder and rape of animals and they just berated him. If they would have did a simple google search, it does exist.
    Or what happened on Freelee's facebook page, where someone was genuinely interested in veganism and how dare he make a meat eater joke. First they were nice to them but then they started to hate him like it was vengeance.
    This is where I lost all respect for her fruit bats. A woman, very nicely might I add, dared to go against freelee's logic and because freelee had no counter argument she harassed the poor gal. And her fruit bats went bonkers and sent death threats to that lady and wished her baby to die.
    I really can't respect someone like that. However, Freelee really lost my respect when she said Anna was abusing her child by giving him/her meat. Like what the fuck?! That's why I just simply follow Swayze. (Unnatural Vegan.)
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  9. Bobatea added a post in a topic Eugene Lee Yang   

    You know he's from Texas. They like everything big out there.
    *Leads myself out this thread.* Try Guys Try European Swimwear!
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  10. Bobatea added a topic in Online Personalities   

    Eugene Lee Yang
    I swear he could play in an Anime. But, he's one of the Try Guys from buzzfeed and he is simply perfection.

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  11. Bobatea added a post in a topic Kaley Cuoco   

    Sorry, I'm new. Next time, I will do that. ^w^
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  12. Bobatea added a topic in Movies & Television   

    Kaley Cuoco
    She's blonde, she's pretty, but she can't act to save her life. I mean seriously, everybody knows her from Big Bang Theory, but she totally ruined one of my favorite shows. Charmed. Notice how she's in the final season. Supposedly, the power of 3 are the most powerful witches. Until the very final season, they inserted Billie (Kayley Cuoco) as one half of the Ultimate Power or something. Anyways in the end, her and her sister vs the charmed ones and quite frankly it just ruined the whole series. I feel like they could have picked a blonde that was less annoying. I mean if you're new to witch craft you're willing to learn, not stubborn. She just really burned out her role. 
    In Big Bang Theory, she was good but over time she became boring. This whole pretty, actressy, fall in love with a nerd thing and calling all the geeks your family thing. Over played and that scandal with her nose. Jesus Christ.
    Well recently, I was trailer hopping and she was in this Indie Trailer. You know how you get that feeling like you know that person doesn't belong like it just feels off. Like you know they're just using her so people will watch. That's how it felt. Jennifer Lawrence and all her AVG Beauty can find her niche. You've been trying for how many years? Stop making comebacks. Try something else.
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  13. Bobatea added a topic in General Discussion   

    Anime & Variety
    The main reason why I stopped watching Anime because the shows I was watching, their fandom got huge and crazy and I couldn't deal with it. Now, I'm trying to return to it, but.... so many traumatizing moments. Like the time I found out people were shipping Aomine & Tagami. I was #OverIt. Or when they brought back Gatchaman Crowds but didn't explain what happened with the evil person. Or why Free! is becoming like Supernatural. Anyways, now that I have been hugely desensitized by the Anime Fandoms. I tried to find fun in American Cartoons and Dramas and Reality Shows. Yeah... they fight too much. So I started to watch One Piece again, but I needed other Anime's to filter through. So, I found a cute anime via instagram Himouto Umara-Chan. Is it really good, because it's super cute?
    Also, I got snagged into the Variety Shows by pure accident. 4 Minute - Say Huh (nightcore) led me to Michigo which led me to Big Bang, B.A.P, Boa, 2ne1, Cl and yeah. So Big Bang were on Running Man and so was 2ne1. However this new PD.. yeh, I'm giving him a chance but... I'd really like to watch other variety shows like Family Outing or any of the ones Yoo Jae Suk is apart of. Because, I love it when he's being teased. Ahhhh... he should have won the Ugly Festival.
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  14. Bobatea added a topic in Beauty & Fashion   

    Neutral Skin Tone
    I have a Neutral Skin Tone which I very much so regret. I am a Newbie at this stuff and for my age it's like "FORREALZ". My mom and my sister have a guide to make-up as they're both Cool Tones. Me? I look good in everything except for the fact that I don't look good in everything.
    I am so thankful for the Nude Trend because that saved my little behind.
    When I got my nails done, a nice nude mauve color looked really nice on my fingers. So I went make-up testing. I tried on my normal colors; peach pink, orange red, purple violet, indigo, & my favorite black. I still look good in them so no more searching for new in between colors.
    Now onto the nude colors, I found out that I have to lean in between the pink and purple to have the right color.
    Does anybody else with Neutral Skin Tone have to be in between colors or can they just wear the main color?
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  15. Bobatea added a topic in Introduce Yourself   

    What have I stumbled onto?
    Hello, my name is Bubbles and I'm kind of socially awkward.
    Before I reveal any more info or introduce myself, what is this place? I stumbled here because of a subject I was searching up happened to be on this website.
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