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  1. gothiqq added a post in a topic Unpopular Opinions (K-POP Edition)   

    After hearing the clips for NCT 127's 11 B-sides, I will honestly say as an NCTzen, I'm disappointed. I don't like a single song from the b-sides. I mean the styling is *muuuahh* and Taeil + Jungwoo came to SNATCH SOULS with their visuals this comeback but,,, even with Jungwoo being my ult bias and this album being his first after his hiatus,,, I think I'll just skip this comeback. I won't buy an album for 1 potential song that I might like. I will be screenshotting pictures though
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  2. gothiqq added a post in a topic Unpopular Opinions (K-POP Edition)   

    Honestly, all the fans trending #StandBySeungti on twitter need to get checked out, he WAS involved in Burning Sun and he deserves to be indicted. And most of them that are doing this are the same ones that cancel other idols for way less. Drop toxic idols, yes. But doing that while supporting a man who facilitated and welcomed pr*stit*tion??? Fuck outta here
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  3. gothiqq added a post in a topic Unpopular Opinions (K-POP Edition)   

    To be very honest, K-pop just isn't the same anymore... I'm not naming specific groups when I say this, but a lot of these newer groups are filled with hateful members, in-fighting is rampant, and the fandoms are toxic and highly sensitive. If you aren't kissing their opPArS ass, they take it as hate now. Example: I like Stray Kids, a lot of people don't, and that's ok, but if someone says they think SKZ music is too noisy, I'm not gonna bust a lung over that. I find it harder to stan both girl and boy groups because a lot of the members are obvi fake. The girls all have to act cute because the company gave them that persona and the boys are usually all trying to be like EXO. PLEASE ALLOW YOUR ARTIST TO HAVE PERSONALITY ON STAGE, THE CHOREOS LOOK SO BORING AND PLAIN, IT ONLY LOOKS GOOD BECAUSE OF THE ANGLES. And the music doesn't have to be loud in volume to get my attention, listen to Fire, The Boys, Haru Haru, and Nobody, they aren't loud but they're BOPS.
    I'm also very sick of Company stans, especially if you stan JYP as a company. Mina has a stalker that's been ACTIVELY  FOLLOWING HER. If she steps outside of the dorm for a second, he's right there, her stalking situation makes Nayeon's seem as annoying as a puppy but only a few people I know on twitter seem to know about this. Also, why do people actively defend their faves while putting down YG? The man is involved in some fucked up shit, don't get me wrong, but a lot of idols are involved in weird shit, say weird shit, and the fans will bury their scandals. 
    Listen, I'm gonna be honest, I'm not a fan of BTS as a whole, I only like V and Suga, this whole "woke" agenda BTS has is utter BS. That Black Swan song starts with "do ya thang now".... WHAT. IS. DEEP. ABOUT. THAT???? When I entered the comments, that fans were saying BTS "saved them" from depression and a lot of triggering stuff. While listening to a group can make you feel better, it won't cure you. Listening to Stray Kids helped me when my anxiety got really bad, it calmed me down a bit listening to Insomnia and 3RACHA, but I would never say they cured me, that's offensive in my opinion. And BTS has a lot of scandals, they may have apologised, but when I see some immature ARMY's going after other people, I want to remind them, remember when RM said the N word?? Remember when they were making racist remarks?? Remember when they started getting cocky and twlling fans what gifts they wanted from them? Can we not attack others and act like we're better just cos BTS is selling albums here? As easily as the fame came, it can leave, remember Psy got the hype, but once people dug and found his dirt, he lost it. Humble yourselves if you're one of the cocky ARMY's, because once people dig and find out BTS AND BigHit did worse than that Holocaust photoshoot and Hiroshima bombing shirt, that fame will vanish.
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  4. gothiqq added a post in a topic Unpopular Opinions (K-POP Edition)   

    I thought nothing could be as weird as Zimzalabim but fr... Umpah Umpah is not it. I’m dying of heat and with the realisation that school has started (for me at least) I’m not in the mood to hear umpah umpah~ SM has Shitty Timing as usual, shoulda released this when they released ZZB, at least people could have listened during the summer and bop bop in the sun b4 school started, there’s literally nothing but back to school commercials, I don’t wanna see Seulgi get struck by lightning
    I love NCT, I really do but SM really needs to make Ty track and m0rk take a backseat, they’re the beginning, chorus, and ending like pls give them a break and let other people shine. Taeil, Doyoung, and Jaehyun are power vocals, let them sing more. #JUSTICE FOR WINWIN. Johnny&Jaehyun can rap. Yuta (bless his short soul) can sing and rap, and Jungwoo could hold a note, rap, sing and still be the most adorable cr*ckhead I’ve seen. There’s too many members to go through, but there’s more than Taeyong and Mark
    I don’t really like Itzy’s ICY it’s like they’re trying too hard to be Western and hip, but the kpop this year even from groups i like just haven’t been it (NCT Superhuman had to grow on me, RV’s ZZB & Umpah Umpah are weird srry, SVT Hit is ok but I miss 아주 Nice and Oh My! Itzy,,, um anyways, Stray Kids Side Effects was ok in the beginning until I heard meORI!APEU!DA!!) Can the Kpop companies buy the music\beats from a different vendor because these songs aren’t all that good and they aren’t showcasing the members talent. 
    Company stans need to GO SOMEWHERE pls kindly. SM is not better than YG or JYP. Arrange the companies in anyway you like but literally all of them have scandals that they buried and that also includes BigHit, please stop supporting companies and support your idol instead, y’all are gonna get your feelings hurt when you find out your lesser evil company is just as bad or worse than the company you thought was the greater evil. There’s pr**titution, a*use, and a lot of mental damage that happens to your faves behind the scene, I wouldn’t recommend you support their bosses who enforce and encourage this mistreatment
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  5. gothiqq added a post in a topic YandereDev/ Evaxephon General Thread   

    Omfg I could cut a coconut with these chins. But are did they mean for the eyes to be that far apart and cross eyed?? This reminds me of my weeaboo days when I thought I was the shit and I was the ~~best~~ at anatomy and drawing
    The real question is why does his one arm draped over Ayano have more shading and shadows than the rest of the artwork and why is his face darker than his nipple-less chest?
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  6. gothiqq added a post in a topic General Venus Angelic Thread #3   

    Look, you can't say that you don't think someone isn't a certain sexuality just because she hasn't shown any interest in men online. We don't see everything in her private life and we can't read her mind. You don't know if there are men she likes in a romantic or sexual sense. She might just be attracted more to women and hasn't seen a man that she likes yet over there. But even if there's trouble in paradise or not, you don't know that Venus' love for Manaki is fake. She might really love him. Stop assuming.
    Any wayssss, I really hope Venus gets better soon, That Instagram Live made me feel scared for her mental health, and I'm worried that she might be going through a euphoric spike after all the depression she's been going through. The more euphoric a depressed person gets, the worst they feel after it dissipates. It also doesn't look like she has the support she really needs to go through all of this, she's going through it all alone...
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  7. gothiqq added a post in a topic YandereDev/ Evaxephon General Thread   

    Thank god Alex isn't implementing that trashy tutorial, it looks janky and non-entertaining. 
    He JUST realized this game has an ass ton of flaws?? I feel like I lost brain cells from his entire video of bullshit
    Oh yeah, I remember he always tried to say that in his videos, but everything else he did humanises her and other Yanderes. He does everything in the game to justify her crazed rampages, that's why his impressionable audience thinks it's ok to do this and be like her
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  8. gothiqq added a post in a topic YandereDev/ Evaxephon General Thread   

    How the hell is he gonna make Senpai, a boy who normally runs the fuck away from danger like a little p*ssy boy in ALL his previous builds unmask Yan-chan?? What gives him courage? He runs away from everything else?? And why would Yan-chan stop in her tracks and let him do it? I feel like Alex is trying to humanize her, but a Yandere shouldn't be humanized. She isn't normal. This isn't some ~uwu I wuv my kawaii senpai~ type of game but he's clearly catering to that demographic. He needs to villanize her and make the audience realize that she isn't like everyone else
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  9. gothiqq added a post in a topic rin / gothfruits   

    Rin is a fucking mess, and IDC what anyone says, it's weird as fuck for anyone to do anything sexual while that person is asleep. If I'm sleeping and my boyfriend decides to put his dick in my mouth to see if I'm gonna start sucking on it, that's not a kink, that's weird as shit. It doesn't matter if I asked him to do the weirdest kinkiest shit in the world. DON'T. DO. SHIT. LIKE. THAT. WHILE. PEOPLE. ARE. SLEEPING. Ish might be fine with that type of shit since he supports Rin, but I don't think we should start trying to bend rules and saying we don't know their relationship. It's still weird, and I reeeeeally doubt Ish and Rin had a conversation about this.
    Ruin: HHhhhhh hey Ish, can I like...out my titty... in your mouth while you sleep? I mean, I didn't protect my so-called friend when the ex had sex with her without her approval, but ya know, need to be sure I got yours~~
    Ish: Uhhhhhhh sure man I guess
    LIke I really doubt that shit happened. And with RIn's excuses with the whole r*pe situation, I really don't think he realizes the concept of consent or maturity to ask for consent.
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  10. gothiqq added a post in a topic Unpopular Opinions (K-POP Edition)   

    Kill This Love is very.... interesting? But not interesting good, it seems like they're trying to be more western-like by stunting with Samsung and all these other stuff but it looks cringy, they don't look good at all. YG needs to do better than this. Couldn't even finish the song. Isn't this a waste of BP's potential talent?? Plus he's doing that unskippable ad on Spotify to raise their streaming numbers and it's cringy as fuck. Wish YG would just stop
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  11. gothiqq added a post in a topic Sakimichan   

    Gonna just ignore you after this, but there is always an issue with changing a character's skin colour. If I made Korra completely white, that wouldn't be Korra anymore. If you want to change a hairstyle or an outfit, that's fine, but skin colour is an objective fact of identity and cannot (should not) be changed. We aren't hating on Sakimichan either. We're giving our opinion on her consistently inaccurate artwork. We're frustrated because we know she has the capabilities to do better and stop ageing up minors for her erotic art. Saki IS scared to upload anything different. There's a reason why all the faces look the same, they use the same poses, and there's always a dramatic difference between her early sketches (which are amazing and more accurate) and her finished product. She knows she can do better, but she seems to be scared that if she changes her art, her fans will run away. 
    Also, a good artist does not sacrifice anatomy unless doing so on purpose such as surrealism. You have to consider all factors as a true artist, not just the aesthetics.
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  12. gothiqq added a post in a topic YandereDev/ Evaxephon General Thread   

    Since all the characters are supposedly 18+ (which are lies no way they are), why doesn't Alex just make Akademi High (or Academy, wutever) a reformative school?
    There could be kids that can't attend a regular school for personal reasons, academic reasons, health reasons and so on. It would justify having weapons on the school grounds, why there are delinquents just allowed to be in school (his reasoning sounded like BS), why the teachers are fucking judo ass-kicking robots, and could potentially tie up a lot of plot holes. In a reformative school, maybe Yan-chan got sent there because she was deemed too dangerous to be around regular students, so they send her to a 'special school'. The most prestigious reformative school in Japan (the story's setting is Japan right?). There, she sees a bunch of students that annoy her.
    Then, she meets Senpai. A diamond in the rough! The apple of her eye! (Not with his current boring ass persona though). Then she likes him goes full Yandere yadda-yadda-yadda. Then, as you eliminate each rival, you start to find clues as to the reason why Senpai is in a reformative school. (I fully support the idea of Senpai being a manipulative fuck). But it would make more sense that she could be 18, Senpai could be 19, and the others can be different ranging ages.
    Akademi High can't be a regular school with delinquents and kids 18 years old and older in Japan, that wouldn't make any sense. Also, if an investigation is going on, it would take at least several days. Not overnight or a few hours after school is done. I think as a reformative school, they could have connections to the police, meaning they keep the crimes out of the news, have faster investigations, and more cover-ups due to some of the students' nature. Then, that last rival (forgot her name) could be a part of this whole scheme. She got Yan-chan pushed out of her last school and pulled strings to get her into Akademi High because of the mother's crimes. She's hellbent on getting Yan-chan in trouble to get revenge, so she gives her an environment where she can (essentially) be a full yandere and reveal her true nature. She has weapons out in the open, gives a fake ally, and maybe even plants a student (or recruits a student) who Yan-chan seems to take an interest in to push her into revealing herself.
    Idk, not really good at coming up with ideas, I probably have just as many plot holes as Alex, but his High-school scenario isn't working out.  There's a lot of better ways he can change the setting without changing anything at all.
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  13. gothiqq added a post in a topic YandereDev/ Evaxephon General Thread   

    Alex needs to remove the teacher and nurse rivals. It's just as fucking bad as having Hanako as a rival. Speaking of Hanako, if my younger sister told me to never date anyone, I'd tell her to quit being so weird. I mean, Alex has shown us that Senpai hates weirdos. Why would that suddenly change for Hanako? No matter how you put it, Hanako is super weird.
    Also, yayyy I just accidentally activated shipgirl while playing!!!!
    Shouldn't there be a time limit? Like to activate shipgirl you need type in 5 seconds? How did I activate it 12 minutes after playing?
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  14. gothiqq added a post in a topic rin / gothfruits   

    I feel like too many people in general are coddling Rin. He's not a 4-year-old or a 13-year-old who made a small mistake. This is a grown man who did an atrocious thing. I'm not going to give him cookie points for apologising on something that
    A) He shouldn't have done
    B) A normal person apologising should've said anyway
    C) You don't get extra points on your apology when it's clearly performative.
    I feel like people are going weak and saying "OH, he finally said sorry, it's a little better" but; those are just words, you need to watch his actions. Anyone can get in front of a camera and say a weak ass apology to save face. He's not a broken uwu child.
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  15. gothiqq added a post in a topic YandereDev/ Evaxephon General Thread   

    Oh, I totally get that some games you're supposed to implement your own persona but even in otome games the love interest(s) have personalities, it's the protagonist that doesn't so you can implement your own persona and feel like you're the one being pursued with a more interactive experience. My problem is that Senpai has no personality trait that would make any other girl fall for him. I mean, the boy has like 12 girls pursuing him, but nothing special about him or a story that makes sense as to why they like him. Except maybe Osana with the cliche childhood friend shtick.
    Yeah. plus Ayano tortures them right? Wouldn't the police see those marks and investigate the other students? If the students are terrified about a murderer on the loose, they'd definitely close the school. And if she transferred to the same school as Senpai and did the same thing, the police would close in on her right? But even without that, wouldn't they look into her more because of the similarities to her mother's accused crime when SHE was in high school?
    God I hope not, because Senpai doesn't even fit that role. It'd be better to pick a random guy from the Occult club as that role then. I think people like the occult club boys better then Senpai anyway. I feel like there should be a feature to allow people to pick what personality they would want Senpai to have, and then he could belong to the club that corresponds with that, So if they want a sports senpai, he's in the athletics club. If they want a loner Senpai, he's in the Occult Club and etc. It just doesn't make sense that Senpai is bland like flour.
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