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  1. stacyq added a post in a topic Emily Mei / emilythemermaid   

    The reality is.... she is friends with Mark and so often attends their concerts/events. But the truth is beyond anyone’s imagination. Now before anyone starts hating and calling me crazy.... your girl been investigating for the past 6+ months.
    It started when Jackson and Emily had unfollowed each other.... now does anyone on here remember when the LA controversy surrounding Marks friends happened? Emily went on to clarify that she was actually friends with JACKSON and was invited by JACKSON and had no affiliation to Mark nor his friends lol..   (refer to image below)

    She later had uploaded images of herself, friends + Mark and Jackson wearing matching Cartier bangles as evidence of their friendship 🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄

    So if you were friends with the both of them to begin with, why did you have to unfollow Jackson and not Mark? What are you afraid of? If there were nothing to hide and your friendship was pure with Jackson, like it would be with Mark then why erase all traces of this?? 
    It sucks that I want to bring this to everyone’s attention, but it’s also very concrete and convincing... on my end at least 😂😂
    I am sure, those whom have followed Emily and her social media’s for the last year or so would know about a few of these points I’ll be listing below: 
    - Emily flew to Hawaii for a few days in 2018 as Jackson was also there 🤔
    - She was also in China late 2018 whilst Jackson had solo promotions there 🤔🤔
    - After the LA EOY Tour she posted a photo of herself hugging a Pokémon Squirtle plush (the one that a fan threw at Jackson at the concert) 🤔🤔🤔
    - Emily posted in mid 2018 of her at a bar, though it was quite dark but it was very clear that it was Mark and Jackson out with her lol
    Y’all can call me crazy and I kinda feel crazy to make these assumptions but I never had the intentions of actually saving these photo/video evidences as I never wanted to harm the boys whilst exposing her cheap ass. But as time went on I just really couldn’t deal with her bullshit and fake ass face and attitude. 
    This good for nothing bitch literally has the ugliest fashion taste, even when she’s wearing branded clothes it looks like AAA replica goods. Shame on you bitch.
    You’re always acting like one of “the boys”/tomboy cool rider. Well you’re not, you’re only friends with people for the fame and barely glam. You’re actually not all that pretty or great, inside and out LOL.
    Also want to add.... she’s an ungrateful bitch going to their concert while doing her homework, idgaf if you want to act like a sick bitch and flaunt but you’re just an ugly human being.
    damn I wish my parents were rich so that I could buy some fame.
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