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  1. SophieSoph added a post in a topic Twinkle Mukherjee AKA Twinkleintrendz   

    that's what is helping all of these IG models to get famous..... famous for doing actually nothing but just looking pretty with photoshop and surgeries.
    i am trying to figure if she has got any surgeries done. any idea?
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  2. SophieSoph added a post in a topic Malu Trevejo new thread   

    but she denied it was her
    hmm she denied in her video
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  3. SophieSoph added a post in a topic Malu Trevejo new thread   

    was it really her?
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  4. SophieSoph added a post in a topic Lily Maymac   

    haha it's such a blessing to get back on the right track,no?
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  5. SophieSoph added a topic in New Topic Approval   

    Twinkle Mukherjee AKA Twinkleintrendz
    Who else have heard about Twinkle Mukherjee or her blogger id Twinkleintrendz? She has more than 500K followers on Instagram. She has so many fans on Facebook and Twitter too. I was having a fan account of her before but here comes a point when I am not sure why I was a fan of her at the first place. She used to portray her as a humble girl who was 'one of us' out there. At that time, she at least looked natural. Now that person has changed with her rising fame. She looks to be fake and even showed that she has had a fake personality to garner attention. I think all this while she was pretending to be a cute and humble Indian whereas in reality, she is far from being humble. She is a snobbish because she might be hailing from a rich family in India or Perth, Australia. She showed all the big houses that her dad and uncle owned in Australia and how tragic that they died while she was so young. Maybe she was attached to them and she was broken at their demise or maybe it was a total gimmick to gain sympathy as well as followers when she just started her career on social platforms. 
    However,  even if I don't doubt her being young and humble when she started her career, she is now a completely opposite persona. So different that at times it makes me feel like maybe she just used the persona of a girl with responsibilities on her shoulders from a very young age to become popular. After all, who would not support an unspoiled rich girl with good academics that lost her father and lost her innocent teen years while getting into the piles of responsibilities is finally trying to put her past behind and explore the world? We ALL DID.
    TBH, it's really common to find spoiled kids but it's not really common to find fairly responsible rich kids who sacrificed their youth to ensure the hard work of their previous generation does not go waste.
    But now-a-days, she comes across as a swagger who is so proud of her beauty (which she should not be because all her beauty comes from photoshop. She is maybe doing botox and fillers... which i leave for the experts here to decide because obviously she would not admit) and her tanned skin. Every other Indian and Latina girl has tanned skin, she's not the one in the whole world. She is just a show off and it is just so dumb because she does nothing visible to us (like singing or dancing or acting) to get that popularity which she has got today . All what she is doing is trying to look pretty on Instagram and she is looking more and more fake each day.
    I attach her before and recent pictures and it's so funny.

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  6. SophieSoph added a post in a topic Wolfiecindy / Cindykimberlys   

    haha. you got 7 likes which speaks for itself. this girl twinkle mukherjee is another fake Instagram model ... potentially another cindy kimberly...
    dont know why these fake girls are so popular on social media for basically doing nothing and just looking plastic. what a sad generation!
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  7. SophieSoph added a post in a topic General "non Asians pretending to be Asian" thread   

    It's like a new trend to pretend to be Asians / blacks etc to ride up the ladder? sad.
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  8. SophieSoph added a post in a topic Madison Beer   

    yes, i also think she sounds nice ... even when it's autotuned it doesn't sound terrible.
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  9. SophieSoph added a post in a topic Insta girls ??   

    spill the tea. her brows make me laugh so hard
    I am very sure it's about having the same surgeon of Kylie
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  10. SophieSoph added a post in a topic Lily Maymac   

    she's still not happy after such poor outlining. she's looking downwards
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  11. SophieSoph added a post in a topic Most overrated/underrated singers?   

    Overrated Selena Gomez, Madison Beer
    If you consider DJs I would say Chantel Jeffries
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  12. SophieSoph added a post in a topic Madison Beer   

    or tactically 'discovered' by scooter
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  13. SophieSoph added a post in a topic Madison Beer   

    scooter braun?
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  14. SophieSoph added a post in a topic cowsel / josie   

    she looks different from one picture to another. hard to tell how she really looks like...
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  15. SophieSoph added a post in a topic Madison Beer   

    She claims she sings. if not, she can still remain popular just for her plastic look ...like  some of her other friends... wolfiecindy or fatherkels.
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