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  1. daydreamcarnival added a post in a topic General Venus Angelic Thread #3   

    No problem. I do think she is "very slim" though.
    The first words say "papa katsu joshi" which means "girl with a sugar daddy" or "girl looking for a suggar daddy" which is called "papa" here. The third repeats it and just says "papa katsu" and the last one says "otona 5 man en" which means "adult 50,000". (which not to be crude but that is a loooooooootttt for prostitution. I know some Japanese girls who work in prostitution shops and they get less than half of that per customer. I don't know what Paters is so now I'm going to look. Wonder if it's a pairs rip off so the user stuff looks the same. She could still be a fake though.
    I don't mean to burst your bubble but it's unrealistic to think someone will pay you just to go to a concert....there's not really escorts like that here the way there might be "high class escorts" in the U.S. There are hostesses for that (and there are foreign hostess bars for people who search for that) and even though a hostess's job is just to drink with customers at a club at the end of the day, much like hosts, they HAVE to sleep with their customers if they want to keep them. If you are escorting or having a suggar daddy you are sleeping with him pretty much 99.9%. That said, nobody knows if it's her.
    Also, looked into the ペーターズ app and I was wrong, she isn't using the dating site pairs, IF it's her then the screen shot is from a "sugar daddy" application so yeah....whether it's her or a catfish, someone is looking to get paid for sex. Maybe the 50,000 yen quoted isn't per "transaction" since it's a suggar daddy thing, it's probably per month. Usually when you quote a "rate" for a sugar daddy it's per month. I know this because way too many people around me do this.
    Sample of that site's user page:

    One last thing that I want to mention if it is Venus and she is reading this, or maybe to go in the favor that it's a fake....is that she only has a marriage visa. That visa will not get renewed if she gets divorced. There's no other visa I can think of that will allow her to stay in Japan. While doing hostessing and that kind of work is legal on a marriage visa, trying to find a suggar daddy and sleeping with men for money is technically not legal here....and it would prove "cheating" on her husband which I BELIEVE could be grounds for early visa termination and possibly inquiry from immigration as to whether the marriage was even legit to begin with. So I don't know that she would really post herself on a public site like this? I don't know, but if it's her she should stop.
    This is not true. Hostesses are always driven home by car by someone staffed at the club. Even prostitutes get driven to and from the love hotels by a car staffed by the store. The staff waits outside in the car in case anything happens (the guy doesn't pay, attacks, etc...). Most live in the dorms, anyway. The dangers come when they accept private dates, which most of them have to. Most hostess clubs are owned by the yazuka though so no, they're not "safe" per se. I have personally never heard of these members only escort clubs in Japan but maybe I'm out of touch. There are high class hostess bars but I've never heard of these registered only agencies here.
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  2. daydreamcarnival added a post in a topic General Venus Angelic Thread #3   

    Thought it was weird with her body image issues that she'd call herself "very slim" but just FYI "yaya" means "kind of" so "yaya hosome" means "sort of slim" not "very slim". As for the site, what site is this? It looks like the usual dating site...I mean I use them to meet people, I don't charge and there is really no indication Venus does either. Venus has a marriage visa, right? It's the only visa (other than PR) that legally allows foreigners to work at Girl's Bars, Hostess Clubs, etc etc. If she really wanted to escort she could just do that legally. Not to mention there are lots of websites to find sugar daddies etc. This looks like a garden variety dating site and it's kind of sad that people just assume she's escorting when it looks to me like she's just trying to meet someone.
    ETA: The whole part about what dates you want to go on and what route you want to take until meeting (part that the person who translated the profile did not translate but is present on Venus' profile) etc rang a bell for me; pretty much 100% sure the site she's using is called "Pairs" it's a totally normal website very similar to Plenty of Fish, linked to Facebook, way less "hookup" oriented than Tinder and its Asian counterparts....it's just a dating website. Does she charge? IDK, I doubt it, but either way she's allowed to try to meet people without being called a hooker I think.


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  3. daydreamcarnival added a post in a topic mikan.mandarin   

    I don't really like her but I like the outfits. When you're that skinny honestly anything looks good. I don't thinkt he Photoshop is that bad....most people here in Japan bastardize their face so bad I literally laugh out loud scrolling through Twitter. Women AND men. As for being paid to sit in an audience..that's not a Japan thing. I do acting and extra work when I go back to the States and a ton of shows pay regular extra work rate to sit in at TV shows. The ones that don't pay you are the ultra popular ones like the Late Show that gets all the tourists, but sometimes they also want a classier look so they pay for extras.
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  4. daydreamcarnival added a post in a topic Taylor R - videos #2   

    It's two videos about this now, though. I don't know about you but I don't want to see someone deeply depressed crying about their loss of a loved one. That's fucking DEPRESSING. I go on Youtube for entertainment and while sometimes I'll watch something with more substance, unless you're a very close friend of mine I'm not sitting through the shit Taylor is putting on camera. Yes it sucks she feels like this but it has no real place in her videos especially not two in a row. I assume they're monetized which is gross and I don't mean to sound cold but it honestly seems like she's trying to make money off of her grief which is gross. Stay off the internet until you can go back to your job which is to make light and fun videos.
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  5. daydreamcarnival added a post in a topic mikan.mandarin   

    There is a lot of K-fashion in Japan, that's what's in right now over here. Plus we have shin-okubo, which is Koreatown and has like 2km of nothing but k-pop and k-beauty and k-fashion so that's where they should have gone. Her friend wanted a k-pop make over but was picking out frumpy weird "cheap" lolita-esque stuff and it just looked like two girls who didn't know crap about crap doing something just to reference current trends.
    Rinrin is ethnically Japanese but she is not a native. She's from L.A. and has spent her entire life there. I talked to her a couple of years ago and she sai she's never spent any sizeable amount of time in Japan until modeling started up and she's never lived here. I honestly have yet to see a jvlogger accurately represent what young girls who are considered trendy actually wear here. While some of the info RinRin gave was more accurate, the end results are still not anything you see regularly on the streets.
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  6. daydreamcarnival added a post in a topic Jvloggers general discussion thread   

    This is an old post but since it's important info....I just want to pop in and correct that the age of consent in most parts of Japan is actually 18, not 16. It is firmly 18 in Tokyo. I Also the age of drinking is 20 and most normal, well adjusted people don't consider girls to be "adults" until that age. There's a term here called "legal lolita" which basically means, someone who looks really young but is legal. That term usually implies the girl is 20+.
    Also, while the age to qualify for statutory rape is indeed 13, there is another law called 淫行条例 which classifies sexual acts with anybody under the age of 18 as a "lewd and undecent act" which is prosecutable and that is the crime most men are indicted with when they have sex with minor instead of statutory rape. So regardless of prefectural law, if you have sex with someone under the age of 18 in Japan you're in trouble with the law. You're in less trouble if you are a woman sleeping with an underage guy than the other way around (misdemeanor vs felony).
    I did watch it and it pissed me off for a lot of reasons. I posted those reasons in her own thread. I don't get how immigration isn't holding TC responsible for their employee working illegally for two months. It doesn't matter if she took the video down, she made income while on an expired visa. I honestly don't know what hook up TC has with immigration but there has to be something. Anyone else WOULD have gotten deported, at least temporarily while the visa renewal processed. TC not getting penalized is also confusing because unlike what Emma said they ARE responsible for her renewal. There was speculation earlier in the thread that Youtubers would need to self-sponsor but Emma said she had a humanities visa. That means it's up to the company to renew her visa, it's not HER visa technically, it's the company's. The fact that they would let her work for them for two months on an expired visa just proves that they shouldn't be able to get visas to begin with. They have to file the renewal paperwork, not her. Not for a work visa. The only visa you have to do your own paperwork for is when you own a company like Chris or myself and are sponsoring yourself. School and work visa paperwork is done for you by the sponsoring entity. Just ugh.
    You need to renew your visa about 3 months before it expired so if hers was 2 months expired then than means she spent about half a year sitting on her ass and ditto for TC.
    As for lawyers...it's not that high if you speak Japanese. I used a Japanese gyoseishoshi (which is a step down from a bengoshi but is what you use for paperwork like this) and it was 75,000 yen before I got the visa and another 75,000 after I got it (free retries if I got denied). So....$1200 or so for the entire application process if you don't need any translation of documents. That's cheap, and she just got the lawyer to talk to immigration about getting a tourist stamp to cover her expiration, I doubt it cost more than $500.
    It does not work like this in Japan.
    If your visa expires you must leave before midnight on the day of expiry. You CAN get a 3 month tourist visa after your resident visa expires in order to "prepare for departure", sell off your furniture, tie up loose ends etc but you HAVE TO apply for it at immigration before your visa expires. It is absolutely not "de facto" and can be denied. Even if you apply for a renewal, you are only allowed to stay in the country to wait for the results for 2 months. If you don't have the results from your application within 2 months after your visa expires, you have to leave until the results are in, which is why everybody applies for renewals several months BEFORE the expiry date.
    Interesting to note that since she switched to a tourist visa she lost her status of residency and in doing so did not apply for a visa renewal but for a brand new work visa....which normally takes several months to process. She got hers in 3 weeks in the BUSIEST season of the year. Again...IDK what TC has but they have a hook up somewhere and it's shady.
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  7. daydreamcarnival added a post in a topic Tokidoki Traveller   

    The fact that Tokyo Creative is able to get Humanities visas, meant for translators and English teachers (except public school system teachers who get instructor visas) baffles me. These Youtubers don't need to be in Japan to make these videos in the first place, they mostly vlog from home. The few videos they do make outside they could make taking a trip here as a tourist.
    Immigration should've kicked her out and at the very least make her re-apply for a fresh visa from her own country. Giving her a tourist visa and letting her fix it when it was two months expired with a company responsible for her not even keeping it up to date is pure buffoonery. I bet that lawyer cost a LOT. I found it loaded that she was bitching about not being sure whether she could go to Australia because she wasn't sure her visa would arrive on time. I found it infuriating that she was saying normally she'd work illegaly and post videos (as she had done for two months) but couldn't now because immigration might be watching.
    Yes, you can post videos freelance when you visit Japan on a tourist visa because you get paid by Youtube in your own country and are not working in Japan. But if your visa isn't a total sham (which, I'm sure it is) all your earnings go to Tokyo Creative and they then pay you so you are employed by a Japanese company therefore you can't compare yourself to foreign Youtubers who come here on vacation.
    I hope immigration catches onto Tokyo Creative soon, there's no way they're on the up and up with their visa applications. It would never go through.
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  8. daydreamcarnival added a post in a topic Taylor R - videos #2   

    I don't think Taylor is a bad person. But I do think she is used to being the prettiest one in the room, to being catered to, to doing whatever she wants whenever she wants. Her overuse of fillers and her obsession with trying to look 16 when she was nearly 30 point to issues with aging (nothing wrong with that either...) so I really don't think she'd take well to having a beautiful daughter. I could be wrong! Either way I don't think she's cut out to be a mom (neither am I, it's not for everyone...) and if I'm right about that I hope she realizes it sooner rather than later. Her life literally has halted since getting married. She can't be "done" at merely 30!
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  9. daydreamcarnival added a post in a topic Taylor R General Discussion Thread   

    Realistically Tom has a 50% chance of being the problem so that wouldn't work if his sperm doesn't.
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  10. daydreamcarnival added a post in a topic Taylor R - videos #2   

    Not unfulfilling for a lot of people but I don't see Taylor being even 1% fulfilled by having a kid, with or without help, with or without other interests. Especially if it's a girl and she's pretty, I expect Taylor to get jealous of her youth in NO time.
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  11. daydreamcarnival added a post in a topic Taylor R - videos #2   

    Oh ok, I don't follow her on Instagram so I'm out of the loop. Just looking at her from Youtube I know she wears the lip kits, but I didn't get that vibe. I don't really have anything against the Kardashians but....they're pretty tacky. IDK why anyone would want to be them.
    She doesn't strike me as someone who'd do that. Condolences to her. It always eats away at me that I chose to live in Asia too and can never see my family.
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  12. daydreamcarnival added a post in a topic Taylor R - videos #2   

    I don't know her and I know motherhood changes people. But I'm 100% certain that if she has a kid she will regret it, hate her life and have some kind of mental breakdown as a result. Maybe she'll divorce ew-san and make him keep the kid, that would be the easiest way out and that way they all get what they want.
    I'm also not sure why people say she's obsessed with the Kardashians? I would never look at her videos and think "oh, she is trying to be a Kardashian". Might just be me, though.
    I think if she had a likeable, charismatic husband willing to share the screen with her, she could make her married life work for her channel, but as it is....it's just so awkward. It's not enjoyable watching people who aren't happy.
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  13. daydreamcarnival added a post in a topic mikan.mandarin   

    I love alternative and individualist fashion but she looks absolutely retarded in this. Most people wear "business" attire for entrance ceremonies, it's not prom.
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  14. daydreamcarnival added a post in a topic Jvloggers general discussion thread   

    These are the types of visas available to live in Japan. This has nothing to do with Logan Paul, being a Youtuber doesn't qualify you for any kind of visa as you are a freelancer. If you get a visa by just being a Youtuber, you're scamming immigration in one way or another. You could set up a company for your channel or something, but currently a business manager visa takes over half a year to get and you need to rent an office, you need a Japanese bank account, you need a sound business plan etc etc etc. Just "making $$ from uploading videos" doesn't work.
    It looks like TC has been able to jump around some loopholes and make it happen even though "Youtuber" isn't in any kind of visa category, but without a Japanese company (at least one like TC) behind you it's 100% impossible to self-sponsor a Youtuber visa (thank God). I assume that as time passes, companies like TC trying to pull one over on immigration are going to make the visa process even harder. I'm sure they are listing these Youtubers as company employees, not talent....because that's the only way they could get these visas, and yet, these Youtubers are not companie employees and are not even earning $$ directly from the company sponsoring them. It's legit illegal what they're doing and I hope they all get caught.
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  15. daydreamcarnival added a post in a topic Poppy / Moriah Pereira & Titanic Sinclair / Corey Michael Mixter   

    The thing is that MArs Argo was only a project WITH Titanic Sinclair, and much like he is with Poppy, he was her producer. It's entirely possible he came up with the 3:36 thing. There is no reason a producer would stop using his aesthetics, his ideas and his stories just because his "actress" changed. Anything Mars Argo did was a joint effort between the two of them and if Titanic came up with all these concepts I think he has every right to bring them to his next project. James Bond is not played by the same actor for every film but the story doesn't change.
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