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  1. daydreamcarnival added a post in a topic Kooter's IG (koti.rose)   

    Mars Argo looks absolutely nothing like Dakota.
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  2. daydreamcarnival added a post in a topic General Venus Angelic Thread #3   

    Most importantly, how does she plan to stay here?
    When you get divorced you need to report  it to immigration and switch to a different visa. Some people are dishonest and hide out  until their visa ends which is what she seems to be doing, but it should be reported. She's here under false pretense. That aside, working bar jobs etc is only legal on a spouse visa; she can only really switch to a working visa and she will have to get sponsored. I guess she could try for an entertainment visa since the Japanese government  has gone nuts and is now issueing visas to people for making Youtube videos in their apts even though they clearly have zero need to be in Japan to do this....but then she can't work any other jobs like bars or whatever else. She needs her visa situation sorted out, she's being very public over the fact that she's currently violating her terms of stay.
    Have you ever lived here? I was looking for therapy for my Japanese boyfriend a couple of years ago in the middle of Tokyo and there were no options. The only options here  is medication there's no therapy. There are a couple of "talking rooms" but they have horrid reviews of people saying they wanted to kill themselves after going. This is for someone fluent in Japanese, which Venus is not, she she'd have even less options.
    There's no therapy here, I can vouch for that. The number one cause of death is suicide and esp. if you live in Tokyo, if you're not just here as a tourist being all "OMG Japan is so great DESUUU" you start to see how miserable people are. Tokyo specifically is a pit of misery. You see people crouched down in the middle of the street, crying hysterically, and people stepping over them. Nobody asks if you are OK. It's not a place to be if you are depressed. I'm currently struggling a bit myself and I can definitely vouch for that. It's great if you're in the right  mind but if you start kind of teetering it's not the place to be. None of Asia is.
    This is what every single young girl AND guy in both Japan and Korea is aiming for. This isn't new. V-shape is in here. Those who don't have it either surgically get it or edit it into their pics. Spoof your location to Tokyo and come look at the retarded shoops every male and female posts on their SNS here...it's actually hilarious I screenshot the best ones. In comparison Dakota, Venus etc are PROS.
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  3. daydreamcarnival added a post in a topic Simply_Kenna/Cozykitsune [Thread 6]   

    I've trashed Kenna on this thread several times but I don't see why people are so salty about her spending "thousands of dollars" to go to Japan. Like if you guys had that money most of you would probably take it and go too. If someone was like "hey I'm paying your rent, your food, your travel, just go enjoy life" MOST of you would do that. It's fine that most people don't have that luxury but there's no point shitting on those who do, is there? Like, you can think whatever you want about how unproductive someone may be but at the end of the day, IMHO, it's none of anyone's business so long as nobody's commiting any crimes to live this way. People are usually accepting of women getting upkept by their husbands but not their families and if the family can afford it I don't see why not. I think people are just envious tbh...same thing with the car. Why did she sell it if she knew she was coming back? Maybe because she can, did you see what kind of car she has? It's not a 1996 Ford. So...if she can afford it, or someone can afford it for her, go for it girl ENJOY.
    As for Japan, I called that one. Most typical 20 something Americans these days are way too confident, way too convinced of their self worth, expect to be coddled and praised for everything and can't handle criticism or rudeness. These types of people couldn't last in Japan where people are very honest, don't coddle anything and despite the surface image, pretty damn rude. Even I struggle sometimes and I'm no snowflake + have been here for years. Girls like Kenna need to stay in the U.S. where simply sighing at someone is considered "bullying" and you get congratulated for breathing.
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  4. daydreamcarnival added a post in a topic Taylor R - videos #2   

    Unfortunately that style is becoming super popular here in Japan too...when I was looking for an apt this time last year most of the decently priced, central apts had this horrid SINGLE concrete wall. It looks horrid.
    I can't stand Taylor and Tom's place, personally. Like I love "luxury" if we're talking about The Bellagio or Versailles, opulent luxury. But today's luxury is just so cheap looking to me. Like...I know their apt costs a fortune but to me it doesn't look like it; it looks like a cheap loft in downtown L.A. because of the vibe. The open bathtub thing creeps me out every time, their bedroom is super cramped with zero privacy....I mean their office is inside their bedroom which if you're rich you have a nice room that's an actual office....the fact that they don't seem to have any other rooms makes me wonder if they even have other bathrooms? if they really have kids it will kind of be a nightmare for the 2 of them to have nothing to enclose themselves in. Do the kids pee in front of their parents in that open bathroom? I would feel constantly anxious in that dark, cold open space. Imagine paying that much and not being able to pee in peace. The pantry Tom posted on his Instagram also looks like the whole right wall is getting eaten by mold..
    I also don't like Taylor's style since she moved on from kawaii. Not saying she had to do kawaii into her 40s but to go from something with a lot of personal style to wearing whatever is on the H&M store mannequin...I mean she always had a bland personality but the clothes and her interests made up for it. Now she even LOOKS bland. I hope she finds herself again..I find her brand to be just as bland tbh but it's a good endeavor for her.
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  5. daydreamcarnival added a post in a topic Edward Avila   

    Ok but who would take skincare advice from a Youtuber with quite possibly the worst skin out of any beauty guru out there? I know it's mostly scarring and beyond his control but rather than spend so much $$ on trying to look Korean he should have spent all that money to get laser and resurfacing because honestly he COULD look decent in make up but that skin is just impossible to ignore. The treatments they have out there for acne scarring nowadays could make it nearly invisible. If he'd rather spend his money on a bad nose job than fixing the craters alll over his face I wouldn't trust what he has to say about skin care because he clearly doesn't prioritize skin.
    I don't get that vibe. I'm a girl and I never watched the Kayla video but I agree with his basic message that if you are an idol you shouldn't be overweight and that if you are you have to lose it because that is part of your job. If you don't want to be judged for your looks and body then find a different job when everyone's paycheck doesn't rely on your appearance.
    That said, it is not uncommon for effeminate gay guys, especially ones who love straight men (like Jeffree and Edward) to have a resentment towards women; the reason MOST of these guys go after straight men is because of the validation it gives them that they are better than women and can even turn a straight man away. Realistically though, a guy who goes for another guy is not straight, period. He just didn't know he was bi.
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  6. daydreamcarnival added a post in a topic Taylor R - videos #2   

    You can get lip injections to give you that dip in the inner part of the lip as well as make the heart shape she loves so much, I think that's what she had done. They look lumpy. Whomever Photoshopped her did her so dirty, she looks Asian in these pics.
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  7. daydreamcarnival added a post in a topic Taylor R - videos #2   

    She lost me when she promoted using Aliexpress to purchase designer knock offs.
    She could have looked for pieces that looked similar without going to the bottom of the barrel to get rip offs which is so unethical and tacky.
    She could have done a member who was actually Korean. And I guess I'm the only one who didn't like Sunny, but I also can't stand Natalie and everyone else loves her, so.
    That would be just weird since Lisa's Vietnamese and Taylor is Caucasian..
    IMO her dress like a Youtuber didn't stand out since that was Safiya's idea.
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  8. daydreamcarnival added a post in a topic Taylor R - videos #2   

    I only wash my hair 1-2 times a week, most people I know do. Overwashing your hair is so bad for you unless you have a greasy scalp. There's nothing wrong with it.
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  9. daydreamcarnival added a post in a topic Pretty Pastel Please   

    She has a long face (as do I) so not much can be done. If you have a round face and/or undefined jaw yes fillers can help. I've gone to a few plastic surgeons to see how I could make my jaw look shorter/more v-shaped without very invase surgery and I was told that there really was nothing to be done...which makes sense, fillers add volume so if you want to make something smaller/shorter it doesn't work. I don't think she's had anything done personally, other than some youth enhancing stuff because she has less wrinkles.
    ETA: Saw the botox photos, didn't realize you guys meant you though she made her face smaller in width. It's possible...more power to her if she did. I already have no width so nothing to work with, lol.
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  10. daydreamcarnival added a post in a topic Taylor R - videos #2   

    I figured they'd made a collab when Blair mentioned Taylor....I have no idea why, though.
    It's not just you, mashedpotatoes, Blair is annoying and her content is pretty shit. She does "I eat like..." videos but only does it for 1 day and doesn't really speak about the pros and cons (not that she would know after ONE DAY) and basically always half asses it. She did a whole month of eating like Erika Costell but then admits she only did it for two weeks. All her titles are clickbait. She slurs all her words together. But the biggest kicker for me is the huge to-do her and her boyfriend (who is far more likeable but people don't seem to agree) made about "moving to England" and "getting visas" when it's 100% obvious they do not have visas and went to England on a tourist waiver. Pretty sure the Asia trip was a visa run to get another 3 months. They are living out of air b&b's and hotels and clearly are not working there, so no reason/qualifications to get visas whatsoever and they were bitching about the application process...it was just WEIRD. Blair has her own thread on Guru Gossip and she is just shady, like owning a company then making a video pretending said company waas "sponsoring her" in order to advertise it, etc etc.
    I think Taylor should be more picky about who she collabs with.
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  11. daydreamcarnival added a post in a topic Taylor R - videos #2   

    I have not lived in France lately, as I stated I've been in Japan for a very long time. However I do go back from time to time and get outright made fun of for my "weird accent" being told I'm "not really French", mocked for my "Americanized mannerisms" etc and when in Paris I very often overheard garcons acting extremely rude towards tourists struggling with French. As for the pretending to not know English when they do....I've had a lot of French people tell me this, so it's their words not mine.
    And yes, I know French people add English words to their sentence...just like the Japanese and really any other country does. That doesn't mean they like tourists. Your mileage is different from mine, yes, and I'm not saying mine is more right than yours, but French people are pretty well-known for their lack of friendliness to foreigners. Russia, too, I was there last summer and not only do they not speak English, they will berate you in Russian if you even try. This is person experience in 4 major cities over a 2 month period, but I bet if you asked a bunch of Russians if they hate English speakers they'd say no.
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  12. daydreamcarnival added a post in a topic Taylor R - videos #2   

    As a native Frenchie I don't think Taylor would fare well there because French people hate people who don't speak French in France. I hear it's gotten better but most people will just pretend not to speak English even if they do just to be assholes because they don't like tourists. Taylor MAY have to learn a second language....
    Honestly I think she should go back to Canada for a while, I mean they have a house there and she seems so upset about her grandpa you'd think she'd want to enjoy the time with her grandma. I'm surprised she's staying in HK I assume it's because of ew-san but I mean he doesn't have to go with her. >.>
    Wow, that's exactly how I feel! I have lived in Japan for a long time and I don't really watch foreign jvloggers but Taylor was recommended to me some time ago....less than a year ago really. But, I watched her old content and I REALLY enjoyed it. It was very much about nothing and she is very bland and talks very monotone, but it was relaxing and enjoyable to me. However, ever since she got married especially, and then ever since she moved back to Hong Kong she seems SO depressed and lifeless, like a Stepford Wife, that watching her content seriously puts me down in the dumps. The fact that she TRIES to act like she's enjoying her self makes it even more sad. She had so much hope and optimism before...I feel like ew-san sucked the life out of her. I know she says he's her support system etc etc and she may not even realize how much she has given up on her dreams, her life and her self since leaving Japan behind and marrying this dude, but it's extremely obvious in the videos. IDK how much of is is the pressure he appears to put on her to get knocked up, but honestly even though it's not my business, I wish she'd go back to Japan by herself and start over or at the very least go home. No matter what she SAYS there's no way he isn't at least partly to blame for the lifeless mannequin she has become.
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  13. daydreamcarnival added a post in a topic Taylor R - videos #2   

    I can understand why she collabed with Saf  (whom I really enjoy), but WHY would Taylor hang out with Blair Walnuts? She's so annoying. Will Taylor just hang with any Youtuber who comes to HK now? Blair name drops her several times in the video, with Taylor appearing briefly at 13:10.

    IMHO Taylor is the definition of boring right down to the way she speaks. Like, I don't think I've ever seen her get excited. Her stuff was better in Japan because she was sitll motivated about her channel and life in general but now that she lives in this dark cocoon in a country I don't think she likes, isolated with really nothing to do....
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  14. daydreamcarnival added a post in a topic General Venus Angelic Thread #3   

    I understand you probably don't live in Japan and don't understand the difficulty of renting apartments even for Japanese but especially for foreigners. I have had the PLEASURE of apartment hunting twice, including once very recently this year. I'm paying 155,000 yen (which is considered EXHORBITANT here, normal rents are like 90,000-100,000 for a 1K) to be in a rather isolated, inconvenient area when I could have easily gotten a WAY nicer place right in the middle of Shinjuku for only 90,000 with a nicer room, nicer bathroom, nicer building etc. So.....why would I spend $600 more per month for something that is not as nice and not at all where I want to live?....Because it's all I could get. Not financially, financially I could obviously afford more than 90,000 a month....I mean that's the only place that would accept me and also the only place that wasn't asking for like 4 month's rent as deposit for move in.
    In Japan what you live in really hardly reflects your living situation. You do have to prove that you earn at least three times the rent, that's a minimum. But many places straight up refuse foreigners. Some refuse foreigners but only certain countries. Some accept foreigners but only if you have a local, BLOOD RELATIVE who is Japanese willing to co-sign. Most apartments will not accept freelancers or people who run their own  businesses (like myself but also like Venus as Youtube is considered kojingyou aka self-employed) because the work is considered unstable and will only accept company employees. Some will only accept company employees who have been working at the same company for 3-5+ years. Some won't accept you if you are pregnant or already have a child (cause they don't want your neighbors to bitch about the noise of a kid). You also have to get a guarantor company and many nice places want to use credit card based guarantors who won't accept you if you, for example, have ever been late on a phone bill (because that shit gets recorded and stays on the record for 7 years after clearing whatever debt you have). There are a TON of reasons why people live in shitty places and most of them have zero to do with their income. Most of the time you will end up paying more money and more deposit for older, shittier, more off the beaten path places than you would for a new place. If you are a young, single Japanese person who's been working at the same company for over three years, have a young-ish, healthy, working Japanese parent willing to co-sign for you who isn't already co-signing any of their other children, and if you have zero debt then you can live wherever. Otherwise....I mean, there's a reason SOOOO many Japanese live in Net Cafes. Those SERIOUSLY cost, per month, almost as much as a cheap apartment outside the city. But they can't turn you down, unlike apartments.
    Just thought i'd clear that up. It's possible she and Manaki lived in a great place because HE got the lease. She had to get her own and she got gaijin-level digs, now. Also even if she did pay for all of Manaki's bills and living expenses it could have been part of their arrangment/agreement in exchage for getting married and her getting a visa. I mean people buy marriage visas all the time. Of course she wouldn't say that part, though. As well, in Japan it's SO common for women to pay for their boyfriends nowadays! It's called "Himo" (what the guy is) which basically means gigolo, but yeah.....pay for their rent, their clothes, their phone bill....I know SOO many guys who are 100% paid for. Because Japanese girls are super lonely and want someone they KNOW can't leave them and if (when) the guy cheats they can control them and hold over their heads that they can kick them out whenever so they feel more in control than when they get cheat on (I've never, EVER met a Japanese guy who doesnt cheat nor have I ever met a woman in Japan of any nationality who hasn't been cheated on by a Japanese man) by men who aren't financially dependent on them. The current generation is nothing like what people think they know of Japanese society. Young people these days rent each other very frequently. My ex boyfriend broke up with me cause some other chick gave him 50,000 dollars (she was a hooker), lol.
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  15. daydreamcarnival added a post in a topic Taylor R - videos #2   

    I totally agree with you but she'd actually have to learn to be respectful to the country she chose to live in and bother to learn the language. I can't stand people who move to a country and YEARS after being there, still can't speak the language. I speak 3 languages on a daily basis without thinking about it and it's honestly not that hard when you live somewhere and surround yourself with people who speak that language. I hated the fortune teller video or any other time she goes out in HK (like when she got her brows) because she's speaking English so fast and you see these people struggle and try to understand her....it's a bother.
    Her bangs are NOT it, either. I used to want to look like her, her features were so delicate and they were very doll like. Back when she was in Japan, her cute little face and big bouncy hair was everything. But now...her face is gigantic, she's aged 10 years in the span of two, I liked the bleach hair but putting ash on it over bleached hair never looks good and I don't like the darker hair with the huge puffy face and the bangs made that even worse. Like she's all face.....and while she could sag a bit, most of it is reversible so IDK why she keeps going.
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