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  1. daydreamcarnival added a post in a topic Taylor R - videos #2   

    I think he's pressuring her to get pregnant but I really don't think he's pressuring her with her body at all. Also, a lot of skinny girls like fat dudes...IDK why but it's true. I wouldn't call his body an "Asian dad" body though..granddad maybe but Asian guys age pretty well....you don't see a stomach until 50s-60s at the earliest unless they were just fat from when they were young. I also don't think he makes her feel like an idiot. I mean, he might run companies etc but every time he talks he sounds like he's seriously mentally retarded. His English is so poor and he doesn't know how to communicate at all. He actually strikes me as rather supportive of Taylor's aimless life tbh.
    Sure, now. But before they got married, I remember the video for Tom's birthday, it's him with his hands in a prayer in the thumbnail, and the whole jist was that he asked Taylor for a baby for his birthday. At the time she was talking quite a bit about how much HE wants a baby. It's only shortly after all of that, that she constantly started talking about it and me thinks it's because Taylor is rather controlling of herself and not being able to get pregnant immediately and not being able to control it must drive her insane. I've said this before but she's NEVER looking at baby clothes, nursery furniture, talking about baby names, what she wants to do with her kids, etc etc. It's only I WANT A BABY BUT I CAN'T GET ONE, LET ME DRINK WEIRD TEAS, TAKE HORMONES, GO SEE DOCTORS!!!! It doesn't seem genuine nor organic. It's one thing saying you want a baby but if she really did she'd talk about the actual concept of the kid, not just the actual act of getting knocked up and "winning" at this challenge. Their aparment is not the type of place you get if you want children.
    Oh, here's the video BTW, titled "HE WANTS A BABY  NOW!":
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  2. daydreamcarnival added a post in a topic Edward Avila   

    A) The fact that Edward blabs everything about everyone is more likely to ruin their careers than homophobia, and even though many are "feminine", very few idols are actually gay. Even after they're done with their careers most end up with women...I don't see anything wrong with his legs at all, but his face...I wouldn't even know where the start the list of problems.
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  3. daydreamcarnival added a post in a topic Simply_Kenna/cozykitsune [Thread 5]   

    It's not Freewave, Freeway does not sponsor visas. I was registered with them back when I was a student and could do talent work and they didn't offer visas then either. Their FAQ hasn't changed:
    Registration Details * Those who wish to register, please start by filling out our web registration form.
    * Registration time: Mon to Fri, between 1pm and 5pm.
    * Registration procedure will take approx. 1 hour.
    * Registration fee: Free
    * If you are a foreign citizen, you must hold a valid work visa/permit.
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  4. daydreamcarnival added a post in a topic Simply_Kenna/cozykitsune [Thread 5]   

    We haven't had a fall in like three years. It's 80-90 until November and then it's ok for a week and then it's fucking cold. ENJOY Kenna.
    Unfortunately there are a lot of REALLY bad doctors in Japan. They make the best medicines, and they have the best tools, but most doctors here do not keep up with their studies, they have very old and outdated ways of thinking/doing things. They do not let you ask questions and gaijin doctors are 100% predatory in that many will game the system to charge WAY more than they are allowed to. They're also usually THE WORST doctors of the lot. There are some good doctors they are just hard to find and they usually don't speak English. Mental health here is also hardly spoken about and very very underserved. For example "therapy" is almost completely unheard of. There are only mental hopsitals to get drugs, but very very little to no talk therapy or non-drug treatments. I've never even heard the word Autism in 5+ years here, it's not really "a thing". So I would absolutely not be shocked if she were misdiagnosed. It's pretty serious so I think she should plan a trip home for a second opinion.
    I worked at a Maid Cafe for over a year and I could only do that on a student visa (and it was technically a VERY grey area, the lights can't be dim, it cannot be counter style (tables only) alcohol can't be the main thing you serve, you have to be off by 10pm, etc etc) and it's treated just like working at Denny's or something; even though some maid cafes like mine have a stage and feature us dancing and singing, it's still a server position. It 100% cannot be considered an entertainment position so there's no way she'd ever get a visa for that and if she's off her student visa she will never get to legally work at one because when you are on a work visa you can only work in the type of job stated on your visa; theme cafes are restauration and service, not entertainment.
    The only way to get a visa for entertainment is to have a company sponsor you and for you to make over 3 grand a month in talent jobs. People are talking about modeling and an agency etc but it's obvious her visa is for Youtube from the sponsorship thing. So she has to earn 3k a month in Youtube money, basically. I'm assuming the people who sponsored her are the same people who sponsor every single Youtuber (including Sharla when she came back)? I'm seriously not trying to hate, but I personally worked so hard to get to a stable place in Japan myself and create a real company that works and now you have half-assed Youtubers getting "entertainment visas" all over the place and it just seems like a farce. All they do is violate rules and make everyone hate foreigners by taking their cameras in stores that have explicit NO PHOTOGRAPHY signs, they don't blur out people in the background's faces even though it's considered basic courtesy here and they just piss everyone off. I will never understand how you can get a visa for Youtube when Youtube can be done anywhere, ESPECIALLY in Kenna's case. It isn't like her channel relies on travel vlogs or Japanese culture or anything like that. I just think it's complete fuckery. I respect Mikan for going the respectable and honest route...seems like she's one of the only ones.
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  5. daydreamcarnival added a post in a topic Taylor R - videos #2   

    But she's not a make up chemist. Or even a make up artist. Or even good at make up. She does the exact same make up every single day and it's extremely bare. I already have issues with make up "gurus" coming out with make up because they have zero qualifications to formulate it and it's just their name slapped on someone else's products (only exception is Jeffree Star who seems to REALLY get it right), but in Taylor's case she is so unqualified to come out with make up, I hope that isn't it. She would probably just slap her name on something private label from China anyway. Honestly for her sake she should get a real job for a while...it would get her out of the house and give her a schedule. Even working at a coffee shop or something. She never finishes what she starts.
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  6. daydreamcarnival added a post in a topic Simply_Kenna/cozykitsune [Thread 5]   

    You need to be signed to a company and prove monthly earnings of at least 300,000 yen a month to have an entertainer's visa...I have a really hard time believing Kenna, with her look, is able to pull in constant magazine or TV appearances to warrant that kind of visa and Youtube wouldn't count as there's no reason to be in Japan for that....would be curious to see if she pulled a Sharla and basically conned immigration but this Youtuber abusing visas to stay here when they don't belong really needs to stop.
    Regardless if she is no longer in school then it ended in May, that's when the terms end. So her student visa is long over and she'd have to have applied for a new visa about 3 months after arriving since most work visas take up to three months and entertainment ones (long term) can take even longer.
    But why are you pulling prices for an 85 square foot FURNISHED place? Dude, everyone lives in a 1K (that's one room plus kitchen) around 19 to 25 square meters. You can find apts for $800 a month in the most central places in Tokyo. That chart is clearly made by people who've never lived here and are looking at serviced apartment prices which nobody would live in long term. I've also never seen a 45 square meter studio....lol. This chart is clearly made by someone who has never stepped foot in a Japanese apt.
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  7. daydreamcarnival added a post in a topic Pretty Pastel Please   

    I wish she would stop talking about how much she loves Japan and yet breaks one of the most common, basic manners here which is not to take photos and videos inside of shops as well as to blur out the faces of anybody who is in the video in the background. Japanese staff hate stupid foreign Youtubers so much. I mean it says "NO PHOTO" in English with a huge camera drawing..also Pastel stuff doesn't suit her. She looks good in black and k-pop inspired stuff.
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  8. daydreamcarnival added a post in a topic Taylor R - videos #2   

    Taylor looked young until all of the terrible fillers and she doesn't look particularly OLD now (just deformed), however in Asia it doesn't really matter if you look 25...she's 30. Being a 30  year old model in Asia...I mean unless you're already a very famous model that's not going to happen, even if you are white. She's done it before sure, but she's not exactly well-known as a model. Even if she hadn't botched her face I don't see too many people working with her due to her age on paper alone. Asia is very very much agist especially against women. 30? Why aren't you in the kitchen with 2 kids, is the attitude. The botched face would, even at 25, make it impossible IMHO- especially for photos since she doesn't do runway. There are so many gorgeous 5 foot 10 eastern european 18-21 year old models in Asia, I'm sorry but nobody needs a 30 year old botched ex wanabee model, even if she was pretty before the fillers. Why would they pay to fix all that on post when they can just get a dozen gorgeous young unaltered girls. I know people got mad about my comments over Taylor's legs and this is NOT bashing her appearance- if she got rid of the fillers she'd be gorgeous, but she's too old to model (probably too old for outside of Asia too). The acne too is kind of a dealbreaker...again, as an agency why bother with that when you can get someone who has perfect skin. Her skin wasn't that bad when she was modeling.
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  9. daydreamcarnival added a post in a topic Taylor R - videos #2   

    That is when I watched her, now I just click on her videos because they get recommended to me despite not being subscribed. But Taylor making good content a few years ago has little to do with now. She seems like someone replaced her with a bot right around the time she left Japan. She seems like she would be a nice person but she is terribly boring. Her Japan persona might have been fake but that's what everyone liked and subbed for, myself included. When you get in a rut of never doing anything you're just so low energy and never interested in anything which I think is Taylor's main problem. She should just get a regular job to make friends and have a reason to get out of the house- I bet her content would get way better if she had a life outside of Youtube and her living room. As for Saf....she's bigger than life and sarcastic and clever, the energies just don't mesh IMO. Never watched a Saf video I couldn't finish before this one.
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  10. daydreamcarnival added a post in a topic Taylor R - videos #2   

    I grew up as a fat kid. People used to steal my backpack to make me run around behind the school away from teachers, where they would physically push me down into the ground and made to eat dirt while calling me a pig and assortment of other names. This happened almost daily until I dropped out and was forced to homeschool- we spoke to the principal and he said it was "my fault for not losing weight" and that if "everyone is doing it, the problem must be me". I know what bullying over your body is. I, unlike most people on the internet these days whining about bullies, actually was bullied- badly. The things people call "shaming" today make me burst out laughing, I am sorry. She has ugly legs. I'm not SHAMING her ffs. Her legs are not a nice shape, it's not even a weight issue- she's rail thin. But when you have stick legs like that, if you want to show them off then you have to wear heels, knee highs etc to give them shape. She's a model I'm sure she has heard worse. After I lost weight I worked in acting for a long time and everyone will tell you what is wrong with you very matter of fact. Most normal people can handle hearing that not everything about them is perfect. I doubt Taylor is going to go into a tailspin because some random on the internet said she has chicken legs. I could name 50 things about my body that are ugly and it wouldn't be "putting myself down" it would just be facts.
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  11. daydreamcarnival added a post in a topic Taylor R - videos #2   

    Those outfits look so incredibly terrible. Taylor has never had good style, it seems she spends 90% of her time in sweats. The only reason she doesn't look revolting is because she's so skinny, but she has really ugly chicken legs that she should learn to improve with heels, tights etc rather that flat shoes....that shoulder pad 80s jacket is the worst thing I have ever seen and those huge pearl earrings look like they came from Sears. The eyebrows still look retarded. IDK why she thinks she's in the position on making a lookbook but this is a disaster.
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  12. daydreamcarnival added a post in a topic Taylor R - videos #2   

    I have no idea which one of us is "right", it might fall somewhere in the middle. But, I think you underestimate Taylor's not liking to "lose" or be told "no". I'm pretty sure she is used to getting absolutely everything she wants without having to do any work for it. She decides to go for a baby and it doesn't happen right away....something that isn't normal for her. I could see her feeling like some sort of failure over it and just wanting to prove everyone wrong and obsessing over it just for the principle of it.
    As for the reason I personally don't think she wants one, it's because she always says she wants to get pregnant but never that she wants a baby. When that talk started she really made it out that Tom was begging her for one "as a birthday present" before they got married, and there's a difference between saying "I want to get pregnant" and "I want a BABY". One is kind of like an ideal, one is more reality. I don't see her talk about baby names, looking at baby stuff...anything. As someone who doesn't want a baby myself I just feel like I can sniff my own kind. Good for her if I'm wrong though!
    Regardless, she should really work on herself first. She has time to have a baby. She has nothing going on in her life...a lot of women who have absolutely nothing going on in their life make their kid their life and with Taylor's personality she could get really smothering and controlling and it might not be the best thing for the kid. Plus when the kid leaves Taylor will have absolutely nothing. She needs her own thing. She has no example to show any growing child as anything to aspire to.
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  13. daydreamcarnival added a post in a topic Taylor R - videos #2   

    I might be wrong but since I'm in the camp "she's getting pressured by Tom" I think it's Tom putting a lot of pressure on her to get pregnant and that's why she's so frustrated with it. I don't see her in any hurry to get huge and welcome stretch marks into her new normal. As for the video above...I'm not watching that.
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  14. daydreamcarnival added a post in a topic Taylor R - Social Media Updates   

    She'd have to lose Ew-san for that. Personally I think her going back to the exact hair she had before is at Ew-san's begging...he was SO upset when she cut and dyed her hair and looked older. As for the cheeks...at this point she looks like a clown. She was so gorgeous but it's like her cheek droops when she smiles. So sad.
    That's what a lot of celebrities think but if you look at them, they all look hideous. They think that because they have money they can reverse aging but you just can't. It's better to just do a few tiny things when you're old enough to really need them than get face lifts and fillers and all this freaky shit that never looks natural, never looks good and like it or not- can't be reversed. You think Michael Jackson wouldn't have wanted to have that NOSE thing reversed? Money can't stop aging.....it's one of the things everybody is equally powerless over. TBH most poor people who can't afford look that shit look approx. 20 years younger than all those rich people and their terrible procedures. The only one who's managed to look good is Demi Moore.
    So do you feel like you owe your boss nothing and that if you don't feel like coming into work for a week they should just understand and let you be yourself? Without viewers a youtube is nothing and these days very few people post for just the joy of making videos. It's a large part of their income. Without a certain amount of subscribers and views you can't even monetize your channel. She actually owes absolutely EVERYTHING to her viewers. Not to mention, she already doesn't have much going on, can you imagine if on top of that she had zero viewers and wasn't able to have a semi-successful Youtube channel? What would she be then? 30 and unemployed?
    What's ironic is that all of those make trends in Asia are specifically done to make people look more Western. They aim for the "half girl" type. They envy the larger eyes, the double eyelids, the sharp jaw, the tall nose, etc. The nose shading is specifically to make their nose look caucasian. The eyetape for the double eyelid. The eyebag shading and filling. It's all to look more caucasian, they are the first to admit it. That's why when Western girls do it, it looks weird. Like, I've tried to draw eyebags on myself but I can't because I already have a crevace there....but it sucks because with their eyetape they can choose the placement and size of their eyelids so it looks better. With the false lashes and contacts their eyes look bigger than ours but if white girls do it they look like trannies. Their nose shading gives a way nicer nose shape but if a white girl shades her nose...just no. Basically what they do to look like us make their features BETTER than the ones they envy from us and I think that's why we feel the need to try those same tricks they do but clearly it can't work.
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  15. daydreamcarnival added a post in a topic Simply_Kenna/cozykitsune [Thread 5]   

    It does.
    Personally, when I first moved to Japan I thought my nose was too big. I wanted a nose job (but wouldn't have the balls for that). I didn't dislike anything else about my face. That is until people started to tell me that my laugh lines were too deep and that my face was "long". NEVER did I think my face was long (it's normal by white people standards) but the more I kept getting told that, the more I saw it and the more I saw it the more I couldn't unsee it. On the flip side everyone complimented my "tall" nose so that stopped being a complex. I don't mind my nose anymore. I now VERY VERY VERY much hate my laugh lines and "long" face and am considering fillers for the laugh lines and I can't do jaw surgery because I have terrible TMJ issues but I would love to be able to have it because I hate my face now.
    Different standards of beauty will affect someone living somewhere long term IMHO. The long face thing, for example...if I go back to the states for a while I look like everyone else so I don't notice it as much anymore, but here most girls have round little heart shaped faces so it's hard not to have envy. Most girls who move to Japan go for the whole "doll" look with the undereye bags and shorter jaws etc because it's soooooo glorified and prevalent here and you just get conditioned to think you have to look like that. I used to think undereye bags were hideous. Now I draw and put shimmer on mine just like every other retard. I like it though, looks "normal" to me now. It is what it is!
    Unfortunately I can guarantee you that 99% of Japanese guys would think she's a guy in drag. Faces like her are considered very masculine here and guys don't like that at all. Even gaijin chasers don't go for her face because it's very ethnic, not caucasian. Mikan has an ethnic face too but she has a tiny little body, cute clothes, a bubbly attitude so I can see guys not even noticing it. Plus she doesn't have a manly face.
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