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  1. misstokki added a post in a topic BTS / ARMY General Discussion   

    as much i want to see how each of their solo work works out i’m honestly not looking forward to jimin/jk/kth mixtapes as they’re gonna make all the crazy solo stans come out 
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  2. misstokki added a post in a topic BTS / ARMY General Discussion   

    not trying to defend them but i don’t think bts are all to blame for the toxic fandom. i agree that them continuously pushing the underdog image is encouraging the toxic ones to come out but i don’t think any idol can control how their fandom runs (the underdog image is what made/keeps them famous and rich so i’m not surprised they’re still pushing it). tae has expressed his discomfort and told fans to stop being delusional and jimin/jk basically stopped using social media so for the fans to see that and still spread toxicity is on them
    i also feel bad that they’re un ambassadors bc that suddenly made them into some kpop group that apparently has a say in worldwide political issues. idk why anyone is taking them so seriously as if they’re there to change some important worldly agenda or even the KoREaN EcoNOMy. ik them donating to blm resulted in fans matching it which is great!! but look at how fans manipulated it and used it to silence black armys 🤡 basically all the fandom (and other idol fandoms) care about is numbers and maKiNg HIsTorY when it comes to their faves. these armchairs are so empty they make stanning bts their whole personality trait
    i’m also not speaking for all fans ofc but i’m pretty sure most of the toxic ones exhibit  such behavior bc they have really low self-esteem. having low self-esteem and then stanning the top kpop group in the world is the only thing giving them the ego boost, hence why when people attack bts they see it as an attack on themselves so they get rabid hiding behind a screen.. which is sad bc their whole thing is about loving themselves 
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  3. misstokki added a post in a topic BTS / ARMY General Discussion   

    he has the most toxic stans ever, some who like to control every aspect of his life. when he grew out his hair the fans waiting at the airport kept screaming at him to cut it. and the whole “scandal” involving him and the tattooist girl was a hot mess too. all in all there’s a solid reason why he uses twitter and weverse once a year lmao
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  4. misstokki added a post in a topic BTS / ARMY General Discussion   

    ok the girl who got “taekook” tattooed on her arm 🤡 one thing to use an idol’s name but a ship name??? 😭 
    also funnier bc taekook means thailand in korean 
    apparently bh originally wanted hoseok to be a vocalist and taehyung a rapper but tae wanted to train as a vocalist so jhope “gave away” the position? idk how true this is bc it doesn’t seem that simple to just switch positions but regardless i think hoseok is rightfully the most versatile out of all members in terms of rap, vocals, writing/composing, dance, and personality (ik jk is probably considered the most versatile as the golden maknae but this is my personal opinion after knowing them for a bit)
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  5. misstokki added a post in a topic BTS / ARMY General Discussion   

    taehyung posted a selfie holding a juul and instead of getting flak for “smoking” armys went and bought the same juul until it was sold out lol (i kinda hope he didn’t influence anyone to start smoking)
    i don’t think smoking should be big enough to be a scandal for anyone but i see groups who get caught (when they’re legal) get sort of a bad rep so bts def have double standards in everything 
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  6. misstokki added a post in a topic BTS / ARMY General Discussion   

    isn’t that it though? because when they collab with western artists they barely contribute? and when they barely do anything the collab seems super forced and just for mediaplay
    ik people give halsey a bad rep in general but objectively i really don’t think her voice meshed well in bwl. the only song i like was the one they did with juice wrld. i didn’t mind idol ft nicki but it just threw me off that she called herself chun li in the song lol
    i didn’t hate the collab w lauv either but the 27 remixes that came after made me shudder
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  7. misstokki added a post in a topic BTS / ARMY General Discussion   

    you’re definitely right. someone on twt tried to argue with me saying smth along the lines of “there are many world issues going on rn, why should bts only care about blm? you don’t see people spamming things about yemen on weverse” and i was just 🗿
    literally you can’t enjoy the fandom unless you
    1) stream 25 hours 8 days a week
    2) trend hashtags when a bts member escapes their crib
    3) do nothing but compliment and validate everything they do
    4) suck big hit’s d
    i wanna believe these armys are just toxic because they’re young but idk.. it’s not that hard to act and be a normal human being even when you’re 16
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  8. misstokki added a post in a topic BTS / ARMY General Discussion   

    maybe i have never been a big enough fan of any kpop group to be this loyal so i don’t understand it but it amazes me how fans organize/stream/purchase to this extent

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  9. misstokki added a post in a topic BTS / ARMY General Discussion   

    even as a fan i admit they don’t have overwhelming talent. if one really wanted to stan a group with vocal talent then they would stan exo or smth. i think bts have unique vocal colors? but i guess many groups do. i’m pretty sure they rose to fame bc all of their songs weren’t solely about love for another person (loving yourself, having fun etc) and the whole love yourself agenda appealed to many approachable young teens who are struggling.
    idk if this is true but someone in another thread mentioned before the ly era bh previously conducted a survey to fans asking what kind of music they wanted, what type of things they struggled with, etc. the person mentioned this to sort of make it seem like the era was a marketing ploy? whether it’s true or not i don’t doubt they were completely fake about it since some of the members admitted to having mh issues but i wouldn’t be surprised if the concept wasn’t 100% on them either bc that’s what fans always boast about lol
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  10. misstokki added a post in a topic BTS / ARMY General Discussion   

    ego is an absolute bop but to me jhope’s solos never really disappoints. black swan is way better than on, i honestly was kind of disappointed in on and the ft sia version was just 💀 i think i expected smth way better than bwl so with on it didn’t hit the bar 
    off topic but if they released two versions of on, they should have done so for bwl bc halsey’s contribution was just not it
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  11. misstokki added a post in a topic BTS / ARMY General Discussion   

    i honestly don’t understand how jin is not as or even more popular as the maknae line, pretty sure yoongi is more popular than him as well. maybe fans are put off by how he’s always talking about looks? but honestly to me, it shows confidence and i personally like it. it could also be how the others are more into musically honing their skills, like how every member is now writing and composing (even though jin does too he has the least)
    i saw a lot of fans using him as comedy relief and misunderstanding his interactions as being “savage” towards fans so that might be it too. all in all he’s a pretty real guy bc when a fan says “let’s get married” he literally tells them no lol and i prefer that than idols who pander to fans instead. but that’s just my 2 cents, i don’t expect mega talent from idols, i’d rather go for a likable personality 
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  12. misstokki added a post in a topic BTS / ARMY General Discussion   

    I feel so bad for Jungkook sometimes.. he’s now a grown man who’s still treated like a child. I feel like idols who debuted young and/or with the cutesy image tend to try really hard to break from that like how JK got a full sleeve and is dressing in eboy clothes. I might be wrong though and that that’s just something he always wanted to do. but similarly with Taemin he always had that baby image until he went solo and his entire aesthetic became v sexual lol
    Honestly I personally really liked JK’s long hair last year and just liked that he was experimenting with his style. i was so sad for him when fans who saw him at the airport were screaming at him to cut it and eventually, he actually did. fans think he cares so much about them just because he has army tattooed on his hand (i don’t doubt that he does ofc) but from the looks of it i bet he’s also frustrated with them as much (hence maybe why he barely does twitter or weverse)
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  13. misstokki added a post in a topic BTS / ARMY General Discussion   

    i really cannot stand armys on twitter that even as a BTS fan, i prefer to call myself a “fan” instead of associating myself with that term lol
    a few weeks ago Jin attended his friend’s wedding where he was also the host and when people (fans but mostly non-fans) uploaded photos and videos of him iarmys were so quick to try and doxx them for “invading his privacy.” the situation got so bad that a few of the big Jin accs temporarily closed their accounts for receiving death threats through DMs and being put on those public block list tweets. even when karmys educated them saying weddings in korea are very public and not like your more intimate ones in the west, iarmys didn’t care and still doxxed innocent people who did nothing but be in the same event with their fave lmao. those people even had to say they got permission from Jin to post it online ???
    it really irked me that these iarmys think they care so much about their faves then disregard the very culture they have but then blame kpop idols when they’re not aware of western culture? i’m all for educating one another about cultures but armys are just ignorant at this point and think bts are going to pander towards the west more just bc they got their fame here
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  14. misstokki added a post in a topic rin / gothfruits   

    Why are they using james palette for everything tho lmaoo 
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  15. misstokki added a post in a topic rin / gothfruits   

    They really cut their hair without knowing how to style it at all AND expected other people to do it for FREE. They really need to go back to the blue/green, pink isn't their color... And I believe they used the same dye as Lili since they both use overtone products. 
    Also I don't like making comments about what people wear but I feel like if they're going to be an influencer and have this crazy hair color, they need to get clothes to go along instead of buying from what it seems like the sale section of Target. I remember the clothes they got from mokuyobi were cute and fit their style without looking tacky and cheap. Like most of the time they wear neutral colored shirts and sweaters and ??? it doesn't seem to fit the look at all.
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