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  1. Creamhead added a post in a topic Cyome_ (Alexandra Anton)   

    Came across this while digging around lol.
    Her reply tho, like okay sis sure.

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  2. Creamhead added a post in a topic Cyome_ (Alexandra Anton)   

    All she needs to do is clean it and put a bandaid on both of the areas. I don't know why she needs to share everything and besides who wants a 27$ sketch anyway.
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  3. Creamhead added a post in a topic Cyome_ (Alexandra Anton)   

    She is incredibly sensitive and over dramatic definitely.
    I remember being in one of her lives last year and this was after the scam incident. Someone ( a supporter ) in her live told her to chill because she was swearing up a storm and you know what she did, instead of just ignoring it like an adult. It upset her to the point she decided to block them altogether which had some people saying it was a bit much, which she then responded back saying "then get out I don't care". I ended up just sitting there in absolute disbelief that this 24 year old woman got triggered over the word chill..  So now I'm honestly not surprised if she takes literal innocent comments to the next level which she's probably doing in her daily story rants anyway.
    And the problem situating the cat and her roommate annoyed me. I wanted to send to her "don't you dare confide that poor cat to one room,,,, you've already thrown it into a new environment that isn't healthy" may I add. But I figured it'll only lead to the famous block button or passive aggressive responses since she can't be an adult about anything. Now if she cannot look after Minou the way he should be treated than I advise her to give him up for adoption whether it be at a shelter, craigslist or whatever they have there, I don't know. Since I rather someone who isn't as selfish as she shows, mistreat and abuse an innocent animal just for her own gain of not being alone. The fact she chooses not to sell "emotional valued" things to support herself for a bit even in desperate times, is stupid. I only hope she doesn't starve her cat the way she claims to be starving herself since she can't afford food and such.
    And her lack for respect towards other people's religions is appalling, instead of repeatedly disrespecting there kindness in her story. She should be grateful, that these people are actually being nice. I'm no god believer but my family is and I don't push there prayers of kindness away just because I'm an atheist. No one cares that she doesn't believe in god, yet she has to make it clear constantly. Like Cyome, honey they're just being nice to you and they obviously care which you're too dumb and entitled to clearly notice. lol.
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  4. Creamhead added a post in a topic Cyome_ (Alexandra Anton)   

    Throughout her live, she was unnecessarily rude and inconsiderate for her young viewers. Yes we get it your mad that people are having there doubts but can you blame them? And the fact she responds in a passive aggressive manner god I honestly don't get it, wouldn't you be nicer acting shitty will get you nowhere. But screw that right? Geez most of the time all I can think about is how sorry I feel for the cat. And question where did that donated money go to? But the conclusion always rounds up to cute clothes, trips to see boyfriends, technology you don't need and gel nails.
    No one homeless and in desperate need of food would spend it on a manicure. Once you have sustainability is the correct time you "treat yourself". It blows my mind that snow or whatever is so easily manipulated or just lacks intelligence or maybe she's just in it for the clout. Who knows.
    Is always there to justify that every action or reaction cyome does is correct and it pisses me whether it be right or wrong this girl and many of cyome's supporters allow her to think that her selfishness and negligence is right. Like no. And the fact you can't have a proper conversation with cyome about her situation because she'll take it as rude or what not just shows how sensitive and how easily she can jump to assumptions but lol we can't do that to her because that's a nono. If I were that person giving money I wouldn't dare after that conversation. She's pathetically rude. Hard life as your excuse? Honey you're not the only one.
    but I digress..
    Not to mention here is this recent piece she posted which was finished within a week or so. So the fact that she takes a year or months to complete a couple has me slightly confused.
    So you're capable of finishing commissions but you choose not to..hm okay. And when people ask you about if there dissuasion was right to spend money on you, you get mad? Well you see this and how long it took yeah cyome so I'm like getting it that you're just lazy and It proves me and probably many others you're just lazy. And people do have a right to get upset with you by the way.


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  5. Creamhead added a post in a topic Cyome_ (Alexandra Anton)   

    I don't understand why she would take up new commissions when she isn't even capable of finishing her existing ones. Like honey what the f are you doing. No wonder why people don't trust you. The fact that she gets annoyed when they ask her about it, that I honestly don't understand like sorrrry there starting to doubt you. But I've seen other artists that commission things, that put so much more detail than her yet they don't take a year. What's her logic, I have no idea? 
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