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  1. limbobimbo added a post in a topic Jasmine Blu   

    What's wholesome, the "you're gonna do great!" or that cringe worthy ex comment "Thank you :'("? haha 
    I can understand if he simply said "Thank you" and just left it at that, but to add the sad cry facey to an ex, that's awkward..
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  2. limbobimbo added a post in a topic Jasmine Blu   

    Thank you :'(

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  3. limbobimbo added a post in a topic Jasmine Blu   

    I could be wrong, but I believe someone here had said that after the April/Christian breakup, something along the lines of the name Just Peachy would change or any of Christian's designs would not be sold anymore.
    Who ever you are.....show yourself because I think we all owe you $20 

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  4. limbobimbo added a post in a topic Kelly Eden   

    Does Kelly have juggolo fans?

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  5. limbobimbo added a post in a topic Jasmine Blu   

    Omg, I am so sorry to hear that had happened to you from people who you thought were your friends. 

    Amanda/Kotobukii does have her own thread, nonetheless I appreciate you letting us know considering she's April's closest friend and this incident did involve April and Just Peachy,but hopefully people speak up about her and her thread won't stay boring for long. 

    Brian seems like such a sweet, shy, and reserved bf who probably doesn't have a backbone. He must really trust her after fling and still maintaining a long distance relationship with her.

    Ok, this is the part that ticks me off....April likes to consider herself as the "mom friend" as she's always tweeting "wash your makeup before going to bed" or "drink water bitch" or some stupid shit, but the fact that April invited ONLY Amanda to sleep over would mean to leave you driving from Anaheim to San Diego almost a 2 hr drive/ 95 miles ALONE AT NIGHT?? Wth happened to the mom friend April? Thankfully you didn't, just sucks if had to boil down to no space rather than one's consideration.

    Amanda pretty much ditched you, used you as a taxi driver and a mutual friend to get closer to April, and that sucks, but you do not need any of them. Sis, you got balls for coming on this thread and they know who you are.....MAJOR RESPECT. And you shouldn't be sorry, THEY SHOULD BE SORRY FOR THE WAY THEY TREATED YOU. One day, you will be surrounded by kind, loyal, appreciative, patient, and smart friends who will be caring and considerate in your safety and well-being 

    As for the parties and group hangouts post.......

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  6. limbobimbo added a post in a topic Kelly Eden   

    "sHeS aMeRiCaN fREe spEeCh" 
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  7. limbobimbo added a post in a topic Jasmine Blu   

    Out of all the places in the world at this time Christian could've taken Dayna- New York, Texas, Walt Disney World Florida, Canada, Mexico, England, Italy, Disneyland Paris, Hong Kong Disneyland, Shanghai Disney,  northern California, nope..........he takes her specifically to Tokyo, Japan around the time his ex is there. 
    I don't have receipts but somewhere on Twitter a year ago, April was planning this springtime Tokyo trip since last year and I remember kotobukii being excited about it. So Christian knew for a while now.
    I don't know why Dayna isn't taking this as a major red flag. It feels like we're all kinda watching Forgetting Sarah Marshall 
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  8. limbobimbo added a post in a topic Jasmine Blu   

     Lmao ok pendeja, I tried to be nice, I gave you the benefit of the doubt, I respected you being fan, I sat and read your part.......but this ^^^ nah, I ain't tolerating this bs...
    First of all, if you REALLY thought coming into this website was going to be butterflies and rainbows, then you must be new. Newsflash: this "bullying" and "shit talking" is marshmallow compared to other forums here in PULL. We aren't intimidating or seeking harm on April, you're just a stan trying to gain April's attention and approval.
    "If you’d like for me to pull up receipts I’d be more than happy to but I do have a job, and other things to do other than sit around and criticize someone I don’t even know." 
    Erios0218, that is the most IDIOTIC thing I have read in this forum, sorry not sorry ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ 
    Hear me out, there's a verb called "multitasking", it's when a person deals with more than one task at the same time, you should look it up haha.
    I'm confident enough that the people who spend time in this forum also go to school and/or work because they multitask, something you should take note at instead of trying to fool us with your hypocrisy or that you have your life together, it's quite pitiful really.
    Now do us all a favor and enlighten yourself: Gtfo or shut your pipe and bring us some iced coffees molly the maid 

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  9. limbobimbo added a post in a topic Jasmine Blu   

    Hi Erios0218
    I gotta give you props for going into a forum with an unpopular opinion knowingly you'll thumbs down. I know many of us appear to be jumping down her throat a lot but from what it seems, most of us are/were once supporters of April. I adored her when I followed her blogspot/ig when it came to Lush, ebay finds, makeup, positive advice, her aesthetically cute fashion style, and was one of the first to support JustPeachy.

    People who have been following her since her tumblr days have posted receipts of April problematic but excused it for her BPD or simply by saying "I'm not perfect" instead of owning up and apologizing, dressed as a native american for Halloween, posted/bullied a classmate, and would block followers for "copying her" and as a matter of fact, people DO have plenty evidence presented throughout here regarding April's tumblr days. However, that was in the past and I really do believe she has grown up and learned. She also has different phases that become difficult to keeping up from scene, to indie, to kawaii, to indie flower hipster which is nothing bad, just annoying. April has claimed that other businesses have been copying her berets/pins styles but anytime she's being accused of stealing ideas, she's calls it "inspiration". Lastly, April has a bad rep when it comes to relationships from Nickasaur rumors that she used him for e-fame, to Sloth who he claimed April never broke up with him when April was seeing Christian but in her defense Sloth was abusing her, and now Christian with their "peaceful breakup" and left him for Andre. 
    I do believe she has changed throughout the years and learned, or maybe she's more careful, but if it does get proven that her mindset has not changed, I wouldn't be surprised.

    I've been reading up and down this forum and I don't understand which select few users are making you believe that they're wishing bad upon her or who is claiming to 100% sure of things? Assuming yes, but with all due respect, this is prettyuglylittleliars, all we do is observe and report, like you said yourself above in February, this is all speculation. Remember that.
    What we've found to be true is not pretty, otherwise she wouldn't have a forum here in the first place.
    I'm sorry that you don't believe or agree with what's been said, but if the assumptions really bother you that much, then it'd probably be best if you don't hang around this forum. You're more welcome to browse around and like who you want and I apologize for coming off crass but if you admire April, this forum isn't the place for you.

    Welcome to PrettyUglyLittleLiars 
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  10. limbobimbo added a post in a topic Jasmine Blu   

    Either he's staying on the low thanks to us or the honeymoon faze already fizzled out. Bonus points if he posts a cringey story all of a sudden after this comment, just proves that he continues reading these comments. Hehe.
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  11. limbobimbo added a post in a topic Jasmine Blu   

    Based on the latest post, it could be that April dumped Christian just to be with Andre or may have physically cheated and/or emotionally cheated. It wouldn't be a surprise since her past relationships with nickasaur and sloth didn't end peacefully.
    If Christian decides to confess that April cheated, that would be it for me. 
    And shame on Andre too, going out with your friends ex is shady af 
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  12. limbobimbo added a post in a topic Jasmine Blu   

    Personally, I've seen there have been occasional times they would like a post regarding exes/infidelity here and there, but these past few weeks ever since their relationship ended, they have been liking those kinds of post numerous amount of times. 
    April does look happy with Andre and has moved on, I give it that, but I feel like Christian is still hurt and is faking his happiness on social media.
    At the end of the day, social media can be very deceiving.
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  13. limbobimbo added a post in a topic Jasmine Blu   

    Hopefully not, he doesn't seem like that kinda guy, otherwise that's way too low and petty.
    But from the way they're going back and forth with retweets/likes, I'll only post this just in case we need a receipt in the future 💲
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  14. limbobimbo added a post in a topic Jasmine Blu   


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  15. limbobimbo added a post in a topic Kelly Eden   

    Personally, I don't think it's Phi or Stephanie, but I do think it was Dre. 

    I can't wait to watching their traditional Easter friends party and checking who was the one that didn't make it hehe 
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