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  1. namachoco added a post in a topic Bubzbeauty / Lindy   

    ^lol yeah, bubz was my favorite YTer back in my teens but years have passed and obviously i got older too.
    looking at her now feels to me like watching a teenage trainwreck of a person 

    though i personally think she hasn't aged mentally for like....at least 10 years.
    i don't think she's smart nor wise or someone you could learn from and i'm way younger than her. i think her "positive" attitude she likes to portrait is just easily blinding people :v (i was no exception lel)
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  2. namachoco added a post in a topic Yumi King Videos   

    It's even worse 
    She isn't even spending a single penny on those costumes and cosplays just for the sake of an advertisement video.
    For an obviously stupid sponsor.
    ...Lowkey wondering, and somehow not, who's more stupid. The con staff or her sponsors. Why is nobody doing their fricking research 
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  3. namachoco added a post in a topic Yumi King Videos   

    She isn't only not qualified to be a judge because she barely achieved anything, bitch doesn't even have any honest and/or thoughtful opinion about ANYTHING 
    Like all she will deliver is going to be ~Oh it look good/kawaii~ because she has damn much trouble with being "not so nice" to people lol...She has real struggles to criticize human beings (incl herself lel)
    And IN CASE she has something to complain about, she ultimately would fail at expressing her thoughts. Nice judge they chose 
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  4. namachoco added a post in a topic WANTED: Artist for 2019 banner   

    Ehr...I'm animu trash but I also do realism/semi-realism if I have to |'D
    But maybe I'm good for color correction and/or graphics stuff etc? Photo editing is my passion

    Gonna leave some examples of my animu art asfhnfjgvj
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  5. namachoco added a post in a topic Yumi King's Instagram   

    Bitch you're 165cm.
    if that's smol does it mean i'm very close to smol with my 169cm?! ommmg i feel like a cute elegant fairy now (ugh dem kenna vibes) 
    Ehrrr...anyway, wasn't she all like I WAS SOOOO FAT PEOPLE BULLY ME I HAD ELEPHANT LEG not toooo~ long ago ?_? 
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  6. namachoco added a post in a topic DigitalxDoll   

    ^there are unedited pictures of her in this thread if you're curious
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  7. namachoco added a post in a topic Yumi King Videos   

    just adding that it hasn't even been a week since she uploaded this video on patreon  
    at least that's what her tier 1 is claiming (that you have one week early access to her newest videos)

    Uumi at least get that shit right...?
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  8. namachoco added a post in a topic Yumi King Videos   

    aaaand yet another patreon video lol

    ok now i'm wondering why they decided to make a patreon in the first place...shit is landing on YT anyways except for these alleged "private" shit moments which aren't even really surprising nor interesting 
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  9. namachoco added a post in a topic Yumi King Videos   

    Patreon video ^

    Uumi stop it, your stupid Yummy King channel is DYING.
    Also someone please punch Splenda already he's so damn annoying. Fucking HATE his 6 years old's humor
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  10. namachoco added a post in a topic Yumi King Videos   

    Adding to the above:
    ✧✧ you can PM me as well ✧✧

    @Flappysiren has let me join the GRING BING brigade aka the mods of this server lel
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  11. namachoco added a post in a topic Yumi King Videos   


    Bringing him up again from the depths of my attachments on PULL

    LOL and I was about to post a random post about how I miss she doesn't react to PULL anymore.
    This is so fun lololol She really thought her patreon will be free from trolls.

    Just adding that I really hate her goal on patreon (the first one). Does she really still think an expensive camera
    will improve the quality of her videos (not to mention the content ugh)? Jesus holy Christ gurrl, you're doing YT for so long now.
    This is children's mindset lol (I always have to think of those "artists" who kinda suck at drawing but think their
    artworks will drastically improve when they spend tons of money on the most expensive shit out there loool)
    There's a saying in my country, it goes like "Only a bad craftsman will blame his equipment for a bad outcome of his work"
    Bitch you already got all you need. 
    You're just too dumb to use your stuff correctly.

    I mean...best example: Her fucking Blue Yeti micophone. It's actually a great product.
    But she really manages to REALLY fuck up the quality of the audio in her videos, starting by simply using the wrong settings of this mic
    ...But there's another user on here who can tell you more about it loool. Gonna ask them if they're willing to make a post about it  
    Because it just shows yet again how fucking insanely incompetent she is looool)

    Also Yuhan, just saying again. You're not safe from the trolls. But don't disappoint your real "fans" just because you're scared of us haha 

    Guys, I'm also willing to join a funding for her patreon tiers. Together we can do this lol! Just hit me up.
    We can also create a "safe space" maybe so she can't do shit. Like using some service where you need a PW to
    enter/download stuff or something. Shouldn't be a problem 
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  12. namachoco added a post in a topic invadernoodles   

    plus does that mean she has to look clean and especially NEAT for once?

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  13. namachoco added a post in a topic I'm having a hard time loading PULL's page.   

    just wanted to add that these server issues occur quite often (mostly for a few minutes though) 
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  14. namachoco added a post in a topic Yumi Gifs   

    something very seductive for y'all 

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  15. namachoco added a post in a topic Yumi King General Thread #2   

    Lol this is a random thought but everyone's like "If Uumi gets pregnant, please let it be a boy". I mean I'm feeling the same way but actually when you think about it...a girl could be great too! 
    Because I hope she'd become a real BITCH so Uumi gets really frustrated with her, especially when she's a teenager.

    Like, you know, one of these chicks that only want to wear brands, love glamour and get real excited over expensive shit.
    I want her to be a real brat, let her develop HATE for anything kawaii, overly girly or frilly because she's exposed to that crap so freaking much - to an extent that it's only getting on her last nerves as soon as her mom only mentions anything in that direction.

    ...I can imagine her yelling at her mom constantly, complaining about all the piles of cheap plastic crap flying around all over the house, why her clothes are all so itchy (and so girly LOL) and why she never is allowed to own shoes that are more than 10$. 

    Am I the only one who'd celebrate that LOL
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