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  1. Runner added a post in a topic Stop Peaches!!   

    i believe it's because the only people who catch her early posts are her fans & supporters, those who get a kick out of all the terrible things she's doing, while people who are willing to act don't catch it until later.
    there needs to be a lot more action involved in this, if she'll do anything for the camera there's no telling what she'll do off-screen
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  2. Runner added a post in a topic HANDSOME MEN   

    i've noticed a lack of melanin so i'm bringing this thread black excellency in the form of popular artists
    frank ocean: overall amazing w a lovely voice & popular songs from everyone's childhood + he reps the LGBT+ community
    kevin abstract: fellow LGBT+ community member made popular for his "weirdness" & never not advocating & representing the gay community
    jaden smith: always a familiar face, released an album last year that was highly well-received & gained him even more fame as well as helping advertise brockhampton's recent album

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  3. Runner added a post in a topic LGBT+ problems and talk   

    i can't tell if it's just because i'm constantly belittled/just seen as less "smart" than i am aka everyone needs to baby me & act like i have no idea what they're talking about but
    it's SO annoying when girls, mostly cishet girls or the occassional "i call girls pretty so i must be bi!"/doesn't really understand what gay means girls, find out that a guy is gay because they immediately "SIS!!!" "YESSS!" "WIG!" "TEA!" & i completely shut down.
    i try to add to a conversation just for my opinions or input to be tossed aside for some girl to say, "sorry to interrupt but i just LOVE the way you talk like you spill so much tea"
    & semi-related to what i just mentioned but there's such a common conception of "gay" & because i have the voice of a feminine gay, that's a huge sign to the ignorant—again, mostly cishet—that i automatically fit every single cliche placed upon gays/fem gays.
    i was in call with my friend (girl) & a guy joins & after a while he casually calls her a bitch & gets confused that she got offended. he then asked, "doesn't he call you bitch since he's gay?"
    overall: nuisance
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  4. Runner added a post in a topic Sexuality/Gender   

    i didn't know what i felt, i just felt it
    it's the same as asking "how did you know you were straight?" you just were. it was reflected by first time crushes, little things you were attracted to, the way you acted around the opposite gender
    my mind was so innocent & just in love before it was hit with all the stigma: "you need a girlfriend!" "are you gay or something?"
    & more or less, the same applies to being trans. you just act a certain way before you're made aware of the bias & hatred. almost always, homo- & transphobia go hand in hand. just a couple days ago my aunt told me, "i don't care if you're gay but you're a very handsome young man. you don't need to wear no pink headband" & again
    i was myself before all the stigma
    this happens everywhere & the opposite happens as well: when someone comes out as trans the counterargument is almost always, "are you sure you don't just like girls/boys?"
    but the invalidation of LGBT+ individuals isn't anything new, it's just upsetting
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  5. Runner added a post in a topic Unpopular Opinions (K-POP Edition)   

    if your only form of dancing is just watching kpop music videos & reenacting it, you're not a dancer & bonus points if you do them in public whenever you get the chance
    kpop isn't annoying? i get that it's weird for another language's music to be highly commercialized & successful in a country where that language isn't too prominent but to go & say "WHO ARE THESE PEOPLE WHY IS THIS POPULAR IN AMERICA" is really obnoxious & just ignorant
    liking kpop isn't a personality trait
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