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  1. FreshSalad added a post in a topic Jvloggers general discussion thread   

    I feel like there must be a benefit for the jvloggers in Tokyo creative. Tokyo Creative doesn't seem like a sound business model, but we'll see. 
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  2. FreshSalad added a post in a topic Sharla in Japan   

    Very interesting. Without proof though, this is only speculation.

    However, I am very curious about the points you raised. I didn't know you couldn't keep your other income sources if you are on a work visa. Even if those sources are from outside Japan? It seems like there would be a workaround for that. What if the money went to a foreign back account instead of a Japanese one? 

    It does make one wonder how which country your Patreon earnings get taxed in. The country you live in or the country you designate. 

    What a confusing system. It seems like you could break the rules without even meaning too.  
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  3. FreshSalad added a post in a topic Jvloggers general discussion thread   

    I think Sharla got sucked in because of her friendship with Chris Broad. And I think Chris is there more out a friendship with Chris Okano than whether it's a good business move. I think they all got pulled in by the Odigo thing a couple years back. That was pushed by Chris Okano, if I understand. 
    As for the age of consent thing, I hope they made it clear that it's never practiced. As @redbowkiki said, each prefecture has their own. No, it is not legally going to be okay to do stuff with a 13 year old. Ask a certain recent Japan celebrity about that. He got busted going to a karaoke place with (I believe) a sixteen year old. He was in his 40s at the time. He's in huge trouble for it and likely to lose his job if his apology tour fails.  

    He's one of several in the past couple years who got caught going out with minors and lost their jobs for it. So yeah even if you might legally be okay you'll still lose your job and face severe censure if one dates below the age of eighteen in Japan.  And again if the parents aren't okay with it, you will face legal problems as well.
    Hint: most aren't okay with it.
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  4. FreshSalad added a post in a topic Mimei and Duncan (PDR-san)   

    That's so sad. Is there anyway that Suga could have infected the other cats? I hope they are okay.  
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  5. FreshSalad added a post in a topic Sharla in Japan   

    I felt the same way. It never seemed like "it" was there. I think they wanted it to be. I think they tried hard to make it happen, but it didn't work. Sometimes you have to know when to walk away.  People give up too soon and others not soon enough. 
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  6. FreshSalad added a post in a topic ASK AND YOU SHALL RECEIVE   

    Excellent work, Nyx!  
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  7. FreshSalad added a post in a topic Sharla in Japan   

    I feel very sad for Sharla. What an awful situation. But I am sure she'll find happiness in the future. She's already taking the right steps in dealing with it now. 
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  8. FreshSalad added a post in a topic Vic Mignogna   

    Okay I think we got this thread under control again. Most of the troublemakers have been banned. If any others are still here, report them. Don't engage. 
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  9. FreshSalad added a post in a topic Jvloggers general discussion thread   

    But claiming you're a CEO looks so much better on a resume. And his apartment felt kind of empty. He didn't really show it. It was mostly him showing a few of his things and then making them a smoothie while they tried to be funny in front of the camera. How is that really an apartment tour?  
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  10. FreshSalad added a post in a topic Taylor R - videos #2   

    Do not contact the snowflakes, their friends, or their family. It's a rule on PULL for a reason.  This is a big thread and we miss things if they are not reported to us, but that doesn't mean you can break the rules just because you weren't noticed.

    Also read PULL  rule #19 carefully:  
    19. Do not intentionally lie about people you are posting about.
    Don’t fake screenshots, quotes, or other evidence.
    If you are unsure whether or not something is true, don’t claim it as absolute fact.
    Don’t accuse people of anything serious without evidence to back it up.
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  11. FreshSalad added a post in a topic Jvloggers general discussion thread   

    Their latest video is "What does the Tokyo Creative office look like?"  And it is such a snooze. They don't go into anything informative like renting the space or starting a small business in Japan. It's just them acting goofy in what is clearly an apartment they rented and use as an office.  

    I'd be more interested in videos about how to prepare for an interview in Japanese. How to fill out a resume or get your VISA forms. Things that could a be resource to rely on.  All they want to do is the usual jvlogger stuff that anyone with a camera can do in their apartment. 

    Heck if they're going to build themselves around the jvloggers, why not do some biographies like, "E! The True Emma Story".  

    TC is nothing but "A bunch of jvloggers get together and do what jvloggers usually do... but together!" 

    The biggest problem is that viewers are only going to be interested in the videos that have a jvlogger they like, not the video themselves. If you like Emma, you watch only the ones with Emma. Same with Chris. 

    They need to bring in an outsider, not just some more jvloggers, to get a fresh angle on things and shake things up. 

    Or heck they could bring in aspiring artists and musicians in Japan or have people who talk about drawing in the manga industry. 
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  12. FreshSalad added a post in a topic General Kanadajin3 thread   

    I took them down. That user has been posting as a surrogate for K3's messages. 

    It's quite a grey area on PULL's rule about not contacting snowflakes. What if you claim the snowflake contacted you and asked YOU to post her messages on all the gossip forums to trash a perceived enemy?  PULL becomes K3's tool to trash her "haters" without actually having to come and post here herself. 

    She can claim, "Wuuut? Did my messages leak? Oh my! I never meant for that to happen." Of course she did. That's why K3 had another user leak them. K3 claims innocents while turning her threads into places to trash her HATERZZZ.  

    Screenshots from K3 are fine to post here, but the "she sent me these messages and I don't know why" gets shady af. 

    We are here to discuss K3's behavior, not become a another platform for her to attack others.  

    It's a tricky issue and I'm trying to figure out a way to deal with it.

    Feel free to share the screenshots by PM if you want to read them that way.  

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  13. FreshSalad added a post in a topic General Kanadajin3 thread   

    Now you're just trying to derail and make this thread about you. 

    No, you don't need to "spill" anything because you don't have anything. You are here to WKing for K3, but are trying to pretend you aren't.   

    Do not derail this thread anymore.

    If others are interested in the "tea" you claim to have, I'm sure they'll PM you. 

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  14. FreshSalad added a post in a topic General Kanadajin3 thread   

    What a very White Knight thing to say. There are tons of proof of how Mira blocks people, but then you rush in to say, "She hasn't done that to me so that can't be true".  

    And if you ask her "non aggressive questions". Bwahahaha.
    Are you kidding me? What is a "non-aggressive" question? Anything she'd rather not answer?

    You're constant posts of "on behalf of K3" are bizarre.  And really? She keeps sending you things to post "on her behalf". 

    You keep saying "Mira was naive and fell into the hands of". Oh please. She is anything but naive. She hurts people and doesn't give a damn. 

    You don't need to speak on her behalf anymore on PULL.  

    You're like the 52nd user who's tried the, "I swear I was such a victim of Mira. I'm not trying to defend her because I was so, SO hurt by her, but she's a victim too in all this. Let me just post all these messages on her behalf because I want to overcome how much she hurt me."  

    You can drop the act. It's obvious what you're doing. 

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  15. FreshSalad added a post in a topic General Kanadajin3 thread   

    It's funny how Mira is like, "Why don't you expose who you are by directly asking me questions about this stuff?"  

    People have. She blocks them. When anyone directly asks, she doesn't answer. Her response is to block them and post, "I blocked another hater today!"  

    The reason people discuss toxic flakes on forums is because you can't confront these people. They will always go into attack mode by screaming, "HAAAATTTTEEER" and wailing that they were attacked.

    They don't want to clear the air or have an honest discussion. All they want is to destroy any and everyone who calls them out and reveals that they are toxic flakes. 
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