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  1. FreshSalad added a post in a topic James Charles   

    Oh look. see that dumpster fire. That's the beauty guru community. Well done.  *slow clap*  

    But really, is it really a beauty guru anymore? More like drama community. 

    James vs. Jeffrey. *grabs popcorn* This is gonna be good.  
    The happy ending is if they cancel each other.  

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  2. FreshSalad added a post in a topic James Charles   

    As long as it sticks to how it relates to James Charles.

    From what I understand the waiter did not out his name or where he works. He could also be in real legal trouble if James sued for recording their phone conversation without James' knowledge. 

    It seems like the James Charles tea is dying down really fast now. I think in a day or two it will be old news. His sub count has already stabilized. 

    Tati sounded shocked by what happened. She definitely wasn't after revenge. She just wanted to defend her character from him. I don't think it would have happened like it did if so many people didn't already dislike James Charles. I don't care what Tati said, if he was well liked it would have been shrugged off as a dispute between Beauty Gurus. 

    I hope this is a wake up call to James that he need to rethink how he treats others. He had burned bridges long before Tati's videos. This was everyone's chance to let out their real feelings about James.  
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  3. FreshSalad added a post in a topic Vic Mignogna (Temporary Thread)   

    Hey everyone. The Vic Subforum is having a few problems (because of the security measures we are putting in place to deal with the trolls), but those will be fixed soon. Unfortunately, the comments aren't working on the old thread at the moment.
    Feel free to discuss Vic here in the meantime. When the bugs are worked out in the old one, I'll move this into the subforum.  
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  4. FreshSalad added a post in a topic James Charles   

    No refunds? I sense a lawsuit coming on. Is his reaction to scandal to throw gasoline on it? You absolutely make sure to refund things or the bleeding will get a lot worse. His subscribe loss seems to have leveled off, but it'll start going down if the Drama Mama is fed again. 
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  5. FreshSalad added a topic in Little Snowflakes   

    Vic Mignogna (Temporary Thread)
    Twitter // Website // IMDB // Wikipedia 

    Risembool Rangers Website // Facebook // Twitter
    Vic Mignogna known for his voice-acting roles in English anime dubs (such as Edward Elric in Full Metal Alchemist & Tamaki Suou in Ouran Highschool Host Club) and his acting role as Kirk in Star Trek Continues. He was engaged/married to Michelle Specht through the timeframe of sexual misconduct allegations.

    He remains popular for his starring roles in several classic anime and his charismatic personality at anime conventions. 
    Vic is a devout Christian and has worked with some Christian companies (this might be related to Funimation having Christian side business Echolight). He also briefly worked as a cop.
    The Risembool Rangers is one of the longest running English VA fanclubs ever. Members are of a range of ages and genders, with a notable number of young female fans during the peak of his dub career. Vic and his mother "The Matriarch" run his fanclub with fan volunteers.
    Long Standing Internet Rumors
    Forums and blogs have been talking about Vic's behavior for many years. Some complaints or discussions date back to the 2000's and have continued since.
    Common accusations include being a con diva, being flirtatious/inappropriate with minors, shoving his religion down people's throats, and being homophobic.
    Examples: /cgl, ANN comments (2007-2019),  GaiaOnline (2008), Vic Horror Stories Tumblr (May 2011 - March 2015), Vic Mignogna : The Visual Misconduct
    documented list of Vic allegations/articles (mostly recent + updated)
    It is common for female congoers to warn each other of staying away from Vic, and for people to have "a Vic story". Vic is referred to as a "missing stair", aka a problem well-known and warned out, but never fixed. Although some VA peers and con staff addressed things to him in private, he continued with his behavior. He is rumored to have been "shadow banned" at several cons for his behavior. This means that the con decided privately to never re-invite Vic as a guest, but did not announce it publicly.
    Risembool Rangers
    General Con Panel Content/Diva Behavior
    Behaviour with Fans/Minors/People
    #KickVick, #IStandWithVic, Vic's Apologies
    Jessie Pridemore/Todd Haberkorn
    ANN + Other News Articles
    Industry Pros Stand Up
    Dropping Vic (Roosterteeth, Funimation, and Con Appearances)
    Detailed Sexual Misconduct Allegations
    "Fake Evidence" Arguments / Misinformation
    Rikieta Law, Kickstarter
    Supergirl Twitter and PULL, Alt-Right, Youtube
    #IStandWithVic / White Knight FAQ
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  6. FreshSalad added a post in a topic Vic Mignogna   

    More WKs banned. If you receive any PMs threatening you, report them. Don't click on any links they send you. Also, no they can't drag you into court or out you.  Their latest tactic is to scare users from posting here with threats. 

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  7. FreshSalad added a post in a topic Vic Mignogna   

    Sigh. Just when I thought the WKs had finally given up this garbage happens. It had been peaceful. Guess they got bored. 

    Two things don't quote the whole comment by a troll because then I have to take down your comment with theirs to clean up the thread. Which might suck for the user.  A few partial snippets should be okay. It's better not engage a troll anyway. Just report them. 

    Also never click shady links that trolls leave on PULL, especially not directly from PULL. It's a bad idea in general. You don't know where they're trying to send you. 
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  8. FreshSalad added a post in a topic Jvloggers general discussion thread   

    If the James Charles stuff is anything to go by, it seems like it's a common problem of the You Tube community in general. Fame and fortune just go to people's heads.  The industry attracts narcissists like flies to honey. Many are very good at appearing adorable on camera. It's hard to know if they're really a good person or not. 

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  9. FreshSalad added a post in a topic James Charles   

    Yeah the ones that came out after the tea go big should be handled with some skepticism. There are probably a lot jumping on board trying to exploit the drama.  I trust the gage video because that came out weeks before the Tati. Before the drama. The stories before Tati's seem legit. Except for the waiter's video and a couple others, I'm more suspicious of the recent ones unless they have receipts.
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  10. FreshSalad added a post in a topic James Charles   

    No thanks for clearing things up. I had only watched a few things with him and heard the bragging. But I didn't realize... it sounds even more messed up somehow.  

    Hopefully this experience straightens him out and he stops with the games and learns to look for a partner who actually wants to be with him. I think he needs a few slaps of reality to put some sense into him. People are not toys.
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  11. FreshSalad added a post in a topic James Charles   

    Wait, so he says he's a virgin, but he bragged in other places about doing stuff with straight men. I guess it was just first base stuff. 
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  12. FreshSalad added a post in a topic James Charles   

    I agree. 

    When you disregard someone's opinion on their own sexuality and dismiss it as a "joke", then you're saying you know their sexual needs better than they do. And their sexual needs happen to be, "what I want from them sexually". It's one thing if a person wants to experiment and they contact you and you're open to that. However, James tries to bully, coerce, and shame them into fulfilling his sexual desires on the grounds of, "You're gay deep down and you should experiment with ME".  

    When they say no and "can we just be friends?" he pitches a fit and refuses to accept their answer. He continues to push the idea that they are denying their real desires. This is a shaming tactic. 

    Even worse a lot of his targets are young people who are still dealing with finishing puberty and aren't sure of what they are sexually. They are more open to manipulation and suggestion than they realize. 

    As for the fetish, I wonder if another reason he likes going for young straight men is that they are probably virgins in a way, at least when it comes to homosexual acts. People might forget their 7th or 8th lover, but they always remember their first. No one forgets their first time. Maybe to James he wants to "deflower" them. Of course, he doesn't date them. He's mentioned that he's gotten several straight guys to do what he wanted, yet he never mentions dating any of them. So he got these straight guys to experiment and let him be their first guy, then discarded them like last night's leftovers and moved on to the next target.  

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  13. FreshSalad added a post in a topic James Charles   

    ^ So true ^ 

    I mean look at her video. It's a call out video, yet it's well-litt. The background is beautiful. She looks fantastic. She is very concise and sincere. Then look at his where within the first minute he admits he had just rolled out of bed. Dude, be serious. Put some thought into your lighting, your appearance, and what you will say. 

    Apology videos have to sound sincere or they'll blow up in your face. You can't just be *yawn* so "Like, sorry, not sorry." 

    Plus there were ways he could have countered her arguments if he had been smart. Instead he legitimized everything Tati said by being so half-assed about his response. I mean, he films with an off-white background, thick glasses that reflect what looks like a computer screen, wears a black hoodie, and he looks about to fall asleep through most of it. What a total amateur. 
    Without Tati and her network,he's gonna have to pay high dollar for that kind of expert advice. 
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  14. FreshSalad added a post in a topic James Charles   

    I thought so too, but I didn't know much about him until the Tati video. I realize now from the screenshots and his behavior that it's not "The guys I like always end up being straight", but he actually goes for straight guys to try and "bring out the gay" in them. From what Tati and others have mentioned James often said "All straight guys are gay deep down".  

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  15. FreshSalad added a post in a topic James Charles   

    I don't have a screen shot, but it's on twitter. Did you see those old tweets of James where he shared a DM of a user named Debbie asking him to stop hitting on her brother? He wrote "Debbie doesn't like it" and then showed the screenshots. 

    I don't think this will end James career, just a lot of contracts. He will lose millions in deals he might have made, but he's young and has time to rebrand. More than anything I hope this teaches him a hard lesson. I doubt it will, but I can hope. 

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