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  1. kyuutobani added a post in a topic Plaaastic/GG   

    i was pretty dissappointed in her, and thought relating to her was a healthy way of talking about mental ilness but in the end realized it was only serving me, and put too much pressure on nhi was severely struggling; the nature of social media i guess. l've never dealt with anyone who faked a suicide before, but in hindsight, with the way nhi explicitly wrote about her suicide in the past, i think we all underestimated how not right in the head she was. it shouldve been concerning when she did that.
    idk why it never clicked how badly meth fucks you up, and nhi's mental and finanical situation compounded with struggling alcoholism made it worse. 
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  2. kyuutobani added a post in a topic Wylona Social Media Updates   

    "sharing the love"
    No dear, you keep spamming other insta-hoes because youre high-key envious of their body and their lifestyle, and really really think theyll notice your desperate attempts for followers and hook you up with a rich guy or some shit.

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  3. kyuutobani added a post in a topic Wylona Social Media Updates   

    @Dollywood Wylona still has the same account, she is still retaining her account information. 
    She did not make a new account, she simply switched the account username from 'wyschwifty' to 'wylonarin'. This is why her follower count is the same. she didn't buy followers.
    'wyschwifty' was in my recent searches, and when i typed 'wy', 'wylonarin' popped up. 
    its the same account. i can also tell because someone i follow is still following after the name change. 
    she probably got over her rick and morty phase or something. 
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  4. kyuutobani added a post in a topic Wylona Social Media Updates   

    Whylow seems to think no one notices her 2950603721 reposts and shops, and cannot handle the slightest bit of criticism. Her replies are so childish, just like her outlook on life. 
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  5. kyuutobani added a post in a topic Kooter's IG (koti.rose)   

    ugh this acute leukemia bullshit again, this was already debunked as Koots lying for the umpteeth time because anyone with eyes can see she looks different irl than her alien shopped photos and wanted to play the sympathy card
    kinda hate its mentioned in her wikipedia article as that gives more credence to her bullshit
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  6. kyuutobani added a post in a topic Wylona Social Media Updates   

    right now for me its private. wylow loves attention, its her only claim to fame and its the only reason guys are attracted to her. she won't keep her account private for long
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  7. kyuutobani added a post in a topic Wylona Social Media Updates   

    Whylow's current fuckboy has two accounts that i know of, @desheng, and @gnehsed. 
    gnehsed seems to be his real account, as its currently private with 667 followers. 
    @desheng seems to be his newer account that wylona uses, as its public with 368 followers and 5 of the 9 photos are with Whylow, 2 taken by her. 
    So yeah. if you ever see comments on Whylow page from desheng, its probably her. 

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  8. kyuutobani added a post in a topic Wylona Social Media Updates   

    god her antics are fucking embarrassing and boring. it sounds harsh but its kinda sad whylow is too old for her aunt to send her off to boarding school or something and seems to only keep her around as an obligation to her sister because we all know whylow's dumbass would end up homeless otherwise. its just pathetically clear she wont change unless something severely drastic happened to her. 
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  9. kyuutobani added a post in a topic Plaaastic/GG   

    i think its time people stop getting defensive over these type of scathing comments under the guise of claiming we cant police feelings and emotions about Nhi because shes dead, its over, and its been over a month since her suicide. 
    i will never believe anyone, especially a druggie alcoholic with massive suicidal tendacies owes anyone anything. thats just a fact of life, and if thats news for you, you have a lot of growing up to do. I'm pretty sure everyone has encountered a druggie at least once, whether its a friend, family or a random stranger. they can barely manage their own mental capabilites, so in retrospect it seems weird how everyone wanted Nhi to care anout their triggers because she faked her suicide. we instead chose to believe Nhi was manipulating us when she barely had the smarts to do that. she gained nothing at all from her little psychotic breakdown. her pathological lying and hiding n shit shouldve been a red flag. but i guess we all need to understand just how fargone mental illness can take someone.
    its annoying how everything makes sense in retrospect anout her, when its too late. her degrading quality of art, begging shiedlina and nirvana to stay quiet aboit the whole thing. Faking her suicide, coming back as nitenite who chooses to be mute, and on top of all of that, it was an extremely short project...nitenite was from May to December. 
    i keep thinking how i may have contributed to her suicide. i know in the end it was her choice shes been steiggling for years, but i can help but feel like demanding more from her may have played a part in her suicide. she clearly cared what people thought about her, and it all went downhill back in Oct. 2017. i felt she crippled under the weight of being instagram (in)famous and didn't have enough positive going on in her life to balance it out.
    im not even sure what I'm saying anymore. i really wish she didn't kill herself, but i knew it was only a matter of time ever since the fallout with her ex husband. i just still feel like pretending like i care what she did to "her fans" is crap, when people need to be honest and admit they felt personally slighted by her actions. 
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  10. kyuutobani added a post in a topic Plaaastic/GG   

    I find it creepy people want to see the damn obituary. Janet already posted screenshots of her family confirming Nhi's suicide and that a funeral took place. Sheidlina has said in the video she was told Nhi committed suicide by her family. 
    Just admit it. "waiting for confirmation" = being in denial that Nhi finally killed herself. We all knew it would happen. She already had so many attempts before, the last one thwarted because she fucked up her attempt and her friends intervened. No one raitional would fake their suicide, to escape harrassers. She was a ticking time bomb.
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  11. kyuutobani added a post in a topic Plaaastic/GG   

    stop. would you her rather video tape herself the moment she heard the news, ugly cry and barely speak, review the footage, then post it on youtube. shes never given that reality show worthy emotion, because she trying to keep her image in mind. you said it yourself people react differerently. 
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  12. kyuutobani added a post in a topic Plaaastic/GG   

    if we have any Russian PULL memebers who can translate that would greatly appreciated. 
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  13. kyuutobani added a post in a topic Plaaastic/GG   

    I think theres a general ignorance of schizoaffective disorder with psychosis, how life in vietnam is even though other vietnamese PULL members have spoken about it, (especially the lack of mental healthcare), but i feel theyve been ignored to make hasty judgements. we've been talking a lot about how her actions have affected us, but need to understand that pales in comparison to what she went though. I'm not poor. I make minimum wage and work full time. I own house now. My depression and anxiety are manageable. I'm not a drug addict. I simply will never know how brutal her life was behind the comfort of my screen.
    In retrospect Nhi is a rather extreme example of untreated schizoaffective disorder with compounding illnessess, but not a unique case; she wasn't the only drug addict struggling, she just had social media as her platform. I'm at a point in life where I'm done pretending there will ever be a perfect spokesperson for mental illness, its just like wanting the perfect role model 2.0. Sometimes drug addicts/the mentally ill make fun of themselves to cope, so I feel people were overrecting with her "sad sells" tattoo and black humor, like have you never shat on yourself or crack inappropriate jokes to cope? There will never be a perfect spokesperson for something as complex as the human mind, just people at different stages in life. Sometimes its a train-wreck that you can only look at and can't do anything about it. You can only speak about your own illness, and hope others relate.
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  14. kyuutobani added a post in a topic Plaaastic/GG   

    tbh thoughout this entire thing l've been really really annoyed with her because of how vague and cryptic she was to the point i want her to shut up. but now i dont care anymore, and have no ill will towards her. it was never on her to tell her fans everything, especially when she herself was trying to figure shit out. i get that she was trying, and in all honesty i cant think of a more...orderly way of addressing the complete chaos that was Nhi's life. 
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  15. kyuutobani added a post in a topic Wylona Social Media Updates   

    man i wish i knew how old this guy this, her damn shops make him look like a child
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