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  1. emiilli added a post in a topic Husbandos   

    all my husbandos have white hair 
    -garou from one punch man
    - shin ah from yona of dawn
    -undertaker from kuroshitsuji
    -gojo satoru from jujutsu kaisen
    -bokuto from haikyuu
    -eishi tsukasa from food wars 
    and maybe more 
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  2. emiilli added a post in a topic Unpopular opinions   

    alexandra daddario eyes is rather creepy 
    hamburger sucks 
    not a vegan or vegetarian but seriously meat taste horrible
    when girls calls their bfs daddy makes me uncomfortable
    nude lips is boring
    body positivity is starts to getting really annoying (plz don't call me fat shamer because iam chubby myself )
    i hate when someone draws a cannonly thin character chubby or makes thier skin color different
    i don't ship cannonly straight character in gay ships or versa visa
    the term "gamer girl" makes me cring
    i perfer small butts
    theres 2 genders and  4 sexualities
    gays jokes is no more funny. yes we got it you gay af can we move on ?
    alcohol is dengerous like druges 
    the party culture(drinking until you pass out,begin sexually promiscuous ect) is no fun 
    kissing on lips in public places is rude
    yes i'am ready for downvotes
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  3. emiilli added a post in a topic Gangnam Unnie