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  1. gman456 added a post in a topic SSSniperWolf / Lia Shelesh   

    Every dig at you he made in that post id say more applies to him than you as seen by the many many posts hes made on here even after being banned 10+ times.(even some to me in dms since it seems for some reason if he can't post on here he comes to me in dm's bitching about how unfair this forum is and bitching about how awful it is then how even lolcow sites think this forum is a joke as some means to make me realize how BS this forum is or something lol.) Also think id rather contribute nothing to this forum than just going on about how great sss is and how we are all evil boogeymen who are trying to ruin her by saying her hair might be receding. That's worse than nothing that's just the equivalent of spam lol. Love it how he gets triggered by such trivial stuff like this yet leaves people alone on this forum who just make posts saying shes a shitty person etc.
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  2. gman456 added a post in a topic SSSniperWolf / Lia Shelesh   

    yep ashe can't have people thinking sss might be losing hair that's so awful of a thing to spread around lol. Also strangeman talking about maturity with what he does on this forum HAHAHAHAHA. More lack of self awareness on his part just like his precious love sss lol.
    "people request it all the time on gaming channels." shes not been a gaming channel in years though so this doesn't really apply in her case. It's usually either paid sponsored mobile game video or popular trendy game when it comes to her little amount of gaming content she puts out nowadays.
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  3. gman456 added a post in a topic SSSniperWolf / Lia Shelesh   

    Strangeman: Yeah ashe stop being a deluded jealous hater like everyone on this forum and realize girls don't lose hair ever you are clearly so wrong about that and as always im right if i say sss didn't do something then she never did it you understand?. Also she didn't get carried on overwatch shes an actual legit top 500 player nex didn't boost her at all hes just a really really close friend who gets more shoutouts/plugging on his channel from her than her own sister does for no other reason than because they're great friends because he makes her laugh in videos. She also hardly does gaming videos because of her bestest ever friend digital having a crippled hand and never being able to play videogames again she would be doing them nearly everyday otherwise that's incredibly obvious as much as her loving fortnite so much shes done two videos on it this whole year that's some genuine passion for the game right there.
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  4. gman456 added a post in a topic SSSniperWolf / Lia Shelesh   

    Nah seems if you ignore him he posts more. I made an extra effort to ignore him just to prove that point(that and even im getting really tired of him.) only real thing you can do is just blacklist him from the whole forum at this point.
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  5. gman456 added a post in a topic SSSniperWolf / Lia Shelesh   

    Ok but shes never gone to the bother with doing the original game before playing the sequel she just plays it and that's it so yeah its still odd lol. And no i don't think she thought kindergarten was a trending game also yes it takes a second for her to check sure doesn't mean she cares enough to do it since once again she barely uploads games to her channel these days. The vlogs are even much more frequent.
    Now bringing up her doing livestreams on the game when it was popular which also conveniently shortly stopped afterwards once fortnite was losing its popularity so once again proves my point. Also the fortnite dance videos were just her using the fortnite name for money and an excuse to use her body for views. Which once again only did when the game was popular. Oh and saying she uploaded that fortnite video as fan service when she has uploaded like two fortnite videos this year yeah really doing it for the fans there LOL. Now your saying she can't upload overwatch or fortnite because of digitals hand injury? LOL wow really fishing there huh strangeman.
    lol still buying she wasn't carried on overwatch hence why your saying shes one of the best players on it? Also now apparently she likes fortnite because she makes a reference to it randomly sometimes in a reaction video? Lol she sometimes puts all sorts of gaming references in videos it doesn't mean anything and cosplays? you mean the ones she did when once again fortnite was at its peak in popularity in view$? Seriously show me anything from 2019 this year that shows she really likes fortnite you won't be able to too besides odd few sec references in like a couple of reaction videos in the hundreds she uploads. All the stuff your bringing up is when the game was still monetary viable lol. Ok fine forgot about the toxic bit but tbh that applies in general not to just videogames she plays and the dead game part still validates its because it will get hardly any views that's why she calls it dead lol. Then making up some weak out there excuse that its because of his hand injury which you really are over exaggerating.
    Not really her kiddie audience is pretty guilable and mindless. Even saw a few comments on the video saying they genuinely thought she went back to school.
    Nah and yeah i think pewds once the minecraft buzz wears off for him will probably go back to being a reaction channel most likely.(Also yes your right people don't mock him as much because overall hes a nicer person than sss.) Difference is pewds is atleast putting in the effort to change up his content and put more effort into following a trend. While we have sss half assedly hopping on the bandwagon for extra views for a game she clearly doesn't care about much but too afraid to fully commit and actually do some content that might take more effort . Hell if sss uploaded as much minecraft content as pewds is now for aslong as he is id actually give her props a little since shes atleast now doing something thats not just super easy to make reaction videos and maybe even change some of my thoughts about her when it comes to how into gaming she is. But i already know it won't happen if she won't do it for fortnite she ain't gonna do it for minecraft lol.
    Nah not a big difference but yeah ok there's a lil difference even though really it applies to her gaming videos more back when she was an actual gaming channel. She in her gaming videos now does alot of the same kiddie pandering crap she does in her reaction videos now. i suppose its a little more tolerable but not by much. "its not sssniperwolfs fault" she clearly was aiming for that audience and heavily pandering to that audience so yeah kinda is lol. Also how adult are her jokes? random innuendo humor/sex reference isn't that adult also when i say pander to kids i mean 12-16 year olds so im sure it doesn't really ruin the pg13 image shes clearly going for lol.
    "sssniperwolfs focus has been fortnite for a long time" not really wasn't even her "focus" for a whole year and the bulk of it was mainly because of those weekly streams that were about an hour or so long.(also seems an easy thing to stream its just her playing regular fortnite matches mainly talking to digital doesn't require much of her.) Take away those and compared to the hundreds of reactions and probably even a fair few vlogs nah fortnite really wasn't her focus even in 2018 when she started uploading it. Don't even try and tell me its her focus this year when shes done like 2 videos on it and one stream unless you want to make yourself look even more foolish lol.
    "you were more using it as a nasty insult" how? i've just said pretty much same thing you did i just think its stupid and OTT which is basically what you said about it lol. Once again trying to justify your double standards i see strangeman? lol.
    "I always try to remain neutral" HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA that's already been proven many times to be wrong and alot of the forum don't buy that either. Nearly anything bad she does you just either make weak justifications for it or just deny it happening yep totally neutral there lol. Also im pretty sure since you came back with this account you've done nothing but be overly negative about her too now up until this point i know its just you trying to pander to the forum in fear of getting banned and i think i've proven that now since your now doing exactly what you did before on here before getting banned trying to whiteknight her and getting triggered over your precious sss being made fun of lol.
    Also guess what most people on here don't really praise her infact out of most people on here id say i've stuck up for her the most so if your gonna make me out to be a delusional "hater"(which is rich from the really stupid stuff you've said on here many many times.) then most of the forum is worse than me so your basically insulting the whole forum lol. But alas more of that saying one thing to me in dms and another publicly on here. I know you absolutely despise this forum since you literally talked shit about it to me to no end in dms so i already know your just fake pandering so you don't get banned lol. You even asked me to make a case for you to come back on this forum under the promise of you stop whiteknighting her of course i refused because as you have proven now you can't keep it up even when i ignore you lol.
    If you just view it for the info but despise us as people( you clearly do and have told me nearly as much in dm's. Had to block him too btw otherwise id get spammed which is why i think he came back to here) just go on here without an account and look at the info you like on here and ignore anything you dislike you don't need to make an account to go on butthurt rants about it which is clearly what you want to do or atleast want to do when i show up for some reason saying something which even if you think is wrong is fairly harmless.
    Yeah jenny ignoring him don't work infact it just makes him post more now hes actually been alright up until me posting about her bandwaging on minecraft like she did fortnite but hes just been putting on an act and the real strangeman has slipped out again.
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  6. gman456 added a post in a topic SSSniperWolf / Lia Shelesh   

    Well yes i say that because its so out of her normal mo of bandwagoning on trendy games(basically last year her gaming content was bandwagoning on fortnite and playing other games because she got paid by the people who made it to do so.) regardless of if shes interested and clearly why she only uploads gaming that's why its weird. "plenty of youtubers have played it" yep a few did about over 2 years ago so way too late on that front and yes it is pretty obscure compared to something like fortnite etc. lol and i doubt very much she plays that flash game off stream/videos. "shes played alot of flash games" years ago sure back when her gamur gurl image was more important to her growth on YT.(also remember them being sexual in some way too so that might've been part of it back then.) "sssniperwolf knows all of the trends"  Yep for reaction videos sure since she hasn't been a gaming channel in ages so shes going to not care as much about keeping up with it since that's really what her channel is about anymore with her with uploading gaming videos on YT it's just some side thing she hardly puts out and has been that way for years now. "she obviously enjoys fortnite i promise you" lol shes literally admitted to not being interested in the game and playing overwatch again as soon as fortnite was beginning to decline in overall viewership on YT about late last year in 2018. There's literally been nothing since then to show me that's changed she still seems more interested in overwatch than fortnite which she most likely enjoyed somewhat for 2-3 months then got tired of it but kept uploading it because it was the hot thing still like alot of youtubers did with the game.
    Hell i actually buy her being interested and liking overwatch(granted pretty obvious she just started playing it because it was popular at the time but it seems in this case she actually grew to like the game.) since that games been irrelevant in YT terms for years now but she still somewhat keeps up with it and talks about it unlike fortnite really where she barely mentions it now. Granted recently about a month or so ago someone asked her on twitter to upload some overwatch gameplay and she responded with something along the lines of "No one wanna see gameplay of that dead game"(nevermind more of her fans clearly wanted that than some random flash game that a bunch of youtubers played years ago. im thinking it was either for a better chance of winning the gaming award like others have said here or because after about 5 months of no gaming content she could clickbait people with a video called "I went back to school(kindergarten) with a thumbnail that didn't give any kinda hint its a gaming video that it would trick people into thinking it was some sort of vlog etc. Then just milked it dry like she does with alot of her content.) aka it won't get enough view$ so that's literally her indirectly admitting to just only uploading games if they get her enough view$.
    Think her refusing to upload gameplay of a game shes clearly more interested in than fortnite or some flash game because it won't get enough view$ is enough to prove what i say fairly accurate about her mo being bandwagoning off popular games regardless of giving a shit about them or not lol. Im even debating if it was the same with cod tbh since im sure getting caught faking gameplay put her off uploading it and started the slow decline in the amount of gaming videos she put out she sure seems to stop giving a shit about cod once she realized the franchise is in a decline which it has been. Hell she admits in the minecraft video to only playing the game before for like 5 mins then never again until now when minecraft's conveniently popular right now. I mean doesn't sound like she enjoyed the game that much if she stopped after like 5 mins what's magically changed now? Oh right its popular and beneficial views wise to her that's what lol.
    "all i can say is lol" well i dunno why since if its because you disagree didn't you just not long ago describe sss gaming career on this forum as her playing casual shooters for young kids?(i mean besides some easy to play flash games anyone can play really and shooter/fps games what else has she played besides that?) Its basically what im saying besides the joke about nex carrying her again. Guess like the blowjob face thing you get mad when i say it about alot of her thumbnails and how stupid they're but its cool when you say it about her pulling the same similar OTT expression face in a video she does for alot of her thumbnails lol.
    But yeah i have been ignoring you for awhile now to prove a point to this forum who most of them clearly don't want you here (but alas you're so hell bent on talking on here you keep coming back like a cockroach. Even to the point you put on some fake pandering act talking smack about sss somewhat to fit in like some desperate school boy trying to hang around with the cool kids.) that ignoring you and leaving you be doesn't make you go away infact you have been on here more than ever. Anyway its nice to see you dropped the act and have gone back into sss whiteknight mode i knew you would eventually lol. Seems i have a habit of bringing out the real you.
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  7. gman456 added a post in a topic SSSniperWolf / Lia Shelesh   

    Yeah surprised it took her that long to hop on the minecraft bandwagon(instead she was doing random videos on some obscure flash game and a fortnite video? the flash game videos were just an odd choice and her doing fortnite is lack of awareness of whats the new trendy games to upload on yt.) but i suppose keeping up with reaction video trends is more important to her(aka life riddle videos). minecraft's been getting an increase in popularity again as of late its why pewds has turned into a gaming channel again(btw he won the teen choice award apparently instead of sss and he definitely deserves it more than sss but still not the best pick tbh.) and people like sss are hoping on the minecraft bandwagon. Can't wait for her to act super addicted to the game like she acted like she was with fortnite then conveniently lose interest when the game declines in popularity on youtube lol.
    Oh and nex basically carrying her in this game too i see. Then again this is "i dunno what godmode is" girl so anything that's not some casual online multiplayer shooter she would need to have her hand held in lol.
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  8. gman456 added a post in a topic SSSniperWolf / Lia Shelesh   

    The area 51 thing is a meme/joke about the apparent planned raid that was gonna happen at area 51 where loads of people would all go raid area 51 to find all the alien stuff etc. sss is really late on hopping on that bandwagon since the memes been pretty much done with for awhile now. I think i heard nex talking about going there and doing a video on it awhile ago when the meme was more relevant so most likely it was his idea and she just tagged along to give him another sub/view boost for him to leech from. Im sure she would rather be doing more of her weekly life riddle reaction video things and showing off some clothes/accessories she bought on her 2nd channel its kinda all she really does nowadays. Well that and complain about getting a wrong fast food order on instagram lol.
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  9. gman456 added a post in a topic SSSniperWolf / Lia Shelesh   

    lol 3:35 in the video sss says "fendi scammed me and sold me a broken bag" as a joke in response to mar thinking she broke the bag. Funny thing is its just the same stupid OTT dramamatic nonsense shes been saying non ironically on instagram quite recently alot about petty things so once again seems like a huge lack of self awareness on her part. She hasn't done it for a little awhile though mind you granted its pretty hard to top the extreme pettyness of complaining on instagram to your fanbase about getting the wrong fast food order in super OTT rage mode lol.
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  10. gman456 added a post in a topic SSSniperWolf / Lia Shelesh   

    Eh should just bring up the fact she didn't even know what god mode is to people i think that alone is enough reason to have those gaming awards taken from her now. Fact shes only really known in the gaming community for faking gameplay, getting into drama with girlgonegamer and hasn't been seen as a gaming channel in years is so irrelevant now lol. This just proves to me even more shes just a casual gamer and the hardcore gamur gurl persona she tried to pull off early in the lifespan of her current channel was BS.
    This is sort of the huge fuck up i could imagine sss heavily mocking some other similar gamur gurl types for saying as a response lol.
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  11. gman456 added a post in a topic SSSniperWolf / Lia Shelesh   

    Yeah watched a little bit of it yesterday there's a part in this where her sister makes some joke about dying even with godmode and sss looks confused and asks "I dunno what that is" and then when her sister explains its a cheat she says "for what game" like its some exclusive feature for a certain game when you can do it in any either by putting a code into the menu screen or by modding lol.But yeah she wins a gaming award for best gamur yet doesn't even know what god mode is and has to get her sister to do a detailed explanation of what it is lol.(for non gamers here its a cheat code/mod that makes to where you can't die in a videogame which nearly any sort of gamer knows what the term godmode means even if they have never used cheat codes/mods especially if they played video games alot back in the old days pre ps3/xbox 360 which sss has mentioned doing so many many times.) Really embarrassing herself there shes normally atleast competent enough to avoid looking as stupid as this when it comes to gaming but this really is just damn awkward lol. It's almost as bad as not even knowing who pacman is lol.
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  12. gman456 added a post in a topic SSSniperWolf / Lia Shelesh   

    digitals got the fact he carried her on overwatch to top 500(basically that whole drama about her getting carried to top 500 on overwatch hes apparently the guy who helped boost her.) its literally the only explanation why shes done the ridiculous amount of shoutouts/plugs for his YT only for him and no one else since about a week after her top 500 video. Hell even her own sisters only gotten one real shout out for her channel compared to like a month or two before that where she was doing videos with nex plugging him for nearly a whole week then more after that lol.(btw he who has been banned many times for being a ridiculous whiteknight and said to me privately that sss accusing a company of scamming her out of money never happened when there's screenshot proof of her doing exactly that on here. Says its for an unknown reason because "oh they've known each other for 2 years and that he can't even get to top 500 anymore so shes clearly just doing it out of the kindness of her heart" lol evan hasn't faked cod gameplay for her in years and really hasn't been needed by her for years and years now and yet she clearly keeps him around living with her for mainly that reason which happened years back yet apparently to him its impossible to understand that shes in a similar situation with nex but instead of having to give him a cut of her YT money and having to live with her like with evan she just gives him ridiculous amounts of YT plugging lol. But yes strangeman here would have us believe shes plugging him way more than her own sister(Who far as i can see gets along with pretty well from videos which strangemans just taking how her and nex act in videos as to how they're in real life.) just because "they're just such good friends because she makes him laugh" get out of here lol. Way she acts with nex isn't much different to how she acts with her other friends like mar so only reason to believe their somehow so much closer is because she plugs his YT channel alot which is just really stupid logic. You can have a close friend on YT without having to constantly give them shoutouts and free subs to a ridiculous extent not really how it works.)
    Also im not so sure about her doing gaming videos for the gaming award since last time she won one she didn't bother posting gaming content then. But then again its just bizarre she said to people on twitter recently asking for overwatch content that she won't do overwatch videos because its a dead game(aka won't get her loads of view$) yet does 2 videos and a stream on some random obscure flash game that most lets play gaming channels played about 2 years ago and shes only just started making videos on.(il admit this is really an odd choice of gaming content for her since its usually either some popular game like fortnite she bandwagons on or her doing a paid ad for some game.) If it's the case shes doing it to help her win the award shes still not trying very hard lol took her 3 weeks to make a part 3 and she couldn't even be bothered to do a video instead it's a stream. Even pewdiepie pre minecraft binge uploading was kinda an odd choice for this award since while he still put out gaming content much more frequently than her he still was more of a reaction channel than a gaming channel. Granted hes now been putting out minecraft content nearly everyday now for over a month so hes now 100% more of a gaming channel right now than her lol.
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  13. gman456 added a post in a topic SSSniperWolf / Lia Shelesh   

    But that order cost her about 10-20 dollars probably which she clearly so desperately needs and can only be refunded by sending her online following after the company. It's very very important lol.
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  14. gman456 added a post in a topic SSSniperWolf / Lia Shelesh   

    This is getting into parody now shes now complaining/raging about getting the wrong food at a fast food place tagging the company.(Because its so worth getting her fans to spam a fast food company because they got your food order wrong.) il be honest shes sounds more angry about this from the tone of her voice than the mishaped cushions or the wrong sofa she got which is even more funny lol. It's annoying to get a wrong fast food order(also sadly fairly normal sometimes but what do you expect? People who work at those places get paid very little so are hardly going to care as much.) but to get this sort of reaction out of it? It's just ridiculous lol. What next shes gonna get shoes that are slightly too big/small then go on another mad angry instagram rant about it?

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  15. gman456 added a post in a topic SSSniperWolf / Lia Shelesh   

    Yeah her near constant insta rants/whining really goes against the whole happy chill carefree persona she tries to put on in her videos/twitter etc. Most of these insta rants really are much more genuine examples of what shes like off camera.(I consider her insta videos more genuine than her YT/twitter because they auto delete themselves afterawhile and not as many people keep an eye on it as her YT channel/twitter so shes more free to act like herself which clearly is almost the opposite of what she tries to present herself as online. Usually only acting fake in them if its some ad or sponsorship.) Just some whiny spoiled basic bitch girl who whines about nearly any petty thing lol. Bet evan has to put up with this alot off camera since he lives with her 24/7.
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