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  1. gman456 added a post in a topic SSSniperWolf / Lia Shelesh   

    Eh barely heard anything out of her for ages now when it comes to her actual thoughts/opinions on anything really. Seems to have started since she started doing reaction videos full time since she usually says so little in them besides just some random jokes there's nothing really to work with.(even the vlogs are just her doing dumb challenge videos and are mainly regulated to the 2nd channel.) Why i can't really gauge if she has changed her thoughts on girls who use their body for views(im doubtful though since she seemed to have persisted with it for years not that she actually has a real problem with it since its obvious she doesn't by all the pg13 softcore porn shes done on her past and current channel she just likes to act superior to other girls who do it.) since all she posts is generic reaction videos reacting to stuff like life riddles etc. She uses twitter less now and stopped streaming so only real thing left where you somewhat see the real her is instagram videos which even now shes now beginning to post alot more fluff on just like her YT channel.
    I mean it says alot when the most interesting thing posted on here in months is to do with her sister and not her lol.
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  2. gman456 added a post in a topic SSSniperWolf / Lia Shelesh   

    lol where was this info the past few months? been pretty boring around here. Anyway this is meant to be her apparently i found it on some forum had to make an account on the forum to see it though. Even more interesting considering sniper in the past has talked shit about that camgirl she got into drama with in 2016 about what she does for money as a camgirl. Then again maybe sniper didn't know her sister was doing this but once again makes her look pretty stupid now considering how she likes to shit on people who use their body for money and one of her own family members was doing it.
    Put a screenshot with some of the few snapshots on there that show her face does look like her.

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  3. gman456 added a post in a topic SSSniperWolf / Lia Shelesh   

    Yeah thought the thumbnail on the first video was kinda misleading considering the videos called "baby sssniperwolf talks about her crush" makes you think shes referring to the persons face in the thumbnail that's blocked by an emoji aka nex which i doubt is the case so just looks misleading. Doubt she blocked his face to avoid giving him exposure since shes given him that on a near weekly basis minimum for ages now because he has something on h....because they're just such great friends. Think sss might just be doing the usual though and bandwagoning on a dumb trend kiddies would be interested in(kinda like the visco girl thing tbh.) since I've seen azzyland and gloom do videos like these too. Harder to search this more since it seems to be baby *insert youtube name here* does this thing so its awkward to do a search on to see if loads of other youtubers have done it.
    Also yeah no doubt digitals bored hes just there to get his subs and views from appearing in alot of sexysexysnipers videos and yet since her sister started her new channel her sisters gotten like one shoutout on sss main channel and two collab videos on her sisters channel. Nex in that same time period has had way more than that from sss. Doubt digital enjoys posting the same sort of stupid reaction videos on his channel that sss does either he just does it because hes aware his audience and subs are just sssniperwolfs audience so instead of doing content he would enjoy doing he just copies sssniperwolfs content for that ad money(so much now hes now even pulling the stupid blowjob thumbnail faces sss makes so his journey to being a sss copycat is complete.) since hes at the point now where he can make some and if he can leech off sss more most likely will get in a position where he can make alot more merely being associated with sssniperwolf. It's even more funny though how much of a copycat digital is of sss now because not long ago he made a video about azzyland making subtle digs about how much she copies sss yet here he is being just as bad as her lol.
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  4. gman456 added a post in a topic SSSniperWolf / Lia Shelesh   

    lol doing a similar thing to what she did when fortnite was popular now posting stuff like this making it seem like shes super into the game because its the popular game right now.(think its even more obvious than with fortnite that shes playing minecraft just because its popular she admitted in her first minecraft video she played it years ago for 5mins then never played it until now aka when its popular. That alone is enough proof she really is only interested in the game to milk it for its current popularity since when it wasn't popular she couldn't be bothered to play it for more than 5 mins. Hell she can't even be bothered to learn the game on her own nex is just doing everything for her and talking her through it.) Expected her to start doing this abit later on tbh and can't wait for her to act like shes playing it for anything but the obvious reason that because the games getting alot of views right now. Probably gonna start making a tiny few minecraft references too until like fortnite a more popular game comes along lol.

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  5. gman456 added a post in a topic SSSniperWolf / Lia Shelesh   

    Most of her sponsored videos normally don't do very well i mean sure you can't properly tell if it is one or not til you click on the video but considering shes done alot of shilling out like this on instagram, twitter and youtube i imagine her viewers can probably tell from a mile off its basically her shilling out some product without having to click on the video. Hell best way you can near 100% tell if its sponsored is if the videos are under 10mins that's the only time she seems to make videos under 10+mins these days(she seems to have a fear of making videos under 10 mins i wonder why lol.) and even sometimes like with this video she still feels the need to drag it out for more ad $$$$ on top of getting paid to shill stuff she clearly doesn't give a crap about lol.
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  6. gman456 added a post in a topic SSSniperWolf / Lia Shelesh   

    Knew this was coming since sss said this video was coming in advance on her twitter and shock surprise its her getting paid to play a mobile game she clearly doesn't give a crap about.(the tweet she made about it in advance didn't say ad on it or anything at the time its obvious it was going to be but shes 100% confirmed it now with the video.) Even when i say play she only plays it for like 2 mins in a 11min YT video rest of it is her dressing up as a character from the game and just going around shops dressed as the character doing a "challenge of being a xianxia character" whatever that means aka an excuse to stretch the video to 10+mins without having to actually play it for that long for a game which according to her older tweet she was so excited to play lol.
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  7. gman456 added a post in a topic SSSniperWolf / Lia Shelesh   

    Never really was from her ever tbh just with her doing reactions as her main content it's become more obvious now. I will say the thumbnail face isn't as stupid looking as the normal OTT blowjob face thumbnails she does though lol.
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  8. gman456 added a post in a topic SSSniperWolf / Lia Shelesh   

    Yeah seen alot of youtubers using the same sort of face distorting effect in their videos especially commentary channels. Alot of them also like to mix it with a black and white filter too its why sss editing really isn't anything too special its not bad its just pretty average since its just alot of the similar editing effects/cuts alot of channels use.
    The face distorting effect in comedy value is the editing equivalent of pulling a silly face at the camera without actually having to change your expression. Also il be honest sss makes a good fool out of herself loads she doesn't need to make funny faces in videos to do that lol.
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  9. gman456 added a post in a topic SSSniperWolf / Lia Shelesh   

    The beginning skit in this video(besides the stupid water drinking gag) is actually real life on how she "gets her own ideas" for her videos in general not just this one lol. Bizarrely honest about her blatantly copying an idea from someone this time around. Also abit surprised that shes done a third minecraft video so soon guess she really wants to milk the minecraft craze before it dries up.
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  10. gman456 added a post in a topic SSSniperWolf / Lia Shelesh   

    lol this just proves my point about you basically having the mentality of a young teen. But yes you loved how she dragged out a video with random rambling in a car that has nothing to do with the video need i say more? lol. Typical response from a deluded lil kid who enjoys clickbait content lol. No wonder you are dumb enough to say reaction content takes more effort than gaming videos lol. I mean tbf the time in editing is about the same(which if sss did entirely herself ok thats a lil bit more effort sure to where id say its about as time consuming as a 9 to 5 job but mainly just from the tedium of doing it for daily videos if it was like 3 a week it would be pretty easy.) but im pretty sure regardless of if your gaming content is just high kill/decent gameplay over you talking about something(which even talking about something for the entire video just off your heard takes more effort than reacting since have to actually think about what to say alot more while with reacting alot of it's done for you or its alot easier to think about what to say.) or some funny/entertaining interaction(not saying daisys "11 year old wants to smash in fortnite" content is funny or entertaining its just that is what the content would be deemed under.) it takes more effort mainly because it can take longer to record unless your either god tier elite at the game your playing and can get a great gameplay in like 20mins of playing(im sure even evan had to play longer than that on cod to get gameplay for her lol.) or get funny/interesting interactions from random people as soon as you start playing which i know is harder nowadays atleast on consoles because people don't use their mics as much.
    Both sniperwolfs and daisys content is pretty dumb and stupid just one takes longer to record than the other so therefore it takes more effort to make. sssniperwolf doing silly voices reading stuff or pointing out what's happening in the picture with maybe the odd few low common demominator jokes designed to easily cater to teens isn't much better than daisys content just talking about sexual stuff and acting horny if we treat them as taking about as much time as each other to make.
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  11. gman456 added a post in a topic SSSniperWolf / Lia Shelesh   

    GGG actually did start playing them again for awhile but for a very short period of time but stopped around the time pokemon go was popular. Also no that only dating someone thing if they're better at videogames thing is bs it's just more she dates if they benefit her money/fame wise considering shes only with evan because he faked gameplay for her which techically falls into him being better at games than her but she only cares about that because it benefited her little fake gameplay scheme outside of that its likely she doesn't give a crap lol.
    lol azzyland has alot of talent? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA "azzyland gives a bad impression by her behavior" most likely saying this because of the whole thing about azzyland calling out sss for copying which was stupid but not entirely untrue just failing to bring up she copies her back. "daisy tried reacting" most likely didn't clickbait it enough since sss reaction videos didn't really hit off either until she upped the clickbait.
    Ok fine but pretty meaningless point anyway.
    It's not hugely respectable just takes more effort than reaction videos but that's not saying much. Also pretty sure daisy has to atleast get somewhat decent gameplay/interactions from people(unless she stages the interactions i suppose but no real proof of that.) to upload which can take atleast an hour if not more of playing the game recording it verses a reaction video which can be done in like 20-30mins(which even that's just because she want's it over the 10+min mark for more YT $$$.) regardless "reaction content is harder because you have to make interesting points and/or be funny" lol nope plenty of reaction channels have proven this to be wrong and its why there's so many of them(only people who will find what people like sss say funny/interesting are young teens who are easy to amuse/interest.) including sss and azzyland(whole point people do reaction videos is to leech off the thing they're reacting too because they have no personality or talents or don't want to use them to get big anyway.) that's another really stupid thing for you to add to the list of stupid things you've said strangeman lol. Most of sss reaction videos alot of the time is just filled with her reading stuff that's on the screen in a random silly voice or stating what's happening in the picture yeah real interesting funny content there LOL.
    With vlogs depends what you are doing filming yourself in a car rambling for ten mins(more where snipers vlog content fell into alot of the time and still does..) then no its not since its just gaming commentary without having to get gameplay just turning on a camera. Btw the pool video im mentioning was done at her house so she didn't even go out to do it and no its really not its literally just going outside and getting someone to film you fucking around in a pool in a skimpy bikini for about 10mins lol. Also pretty sure nigri doesn't give a shit about YT at all shes busy raking it in on her patreon so dunno why you are bringing her up lol. Also you talking about that stupid bandwagony mysterybox video which was about 12 mins long and about the first 6mins was actually to do with the title of the video and the other 6mins was just her and her sister rambling in the car about nothing pretty much? LOL laughable you try to pass that off as high effort.(you are either on about that or the unboxing videos which i doubt is the one you are on about lol.) But yeah daisy couldn't possibly find someone to put in a box and throw in a pool for about 6 mins then ramble in a car with for another 6mins to get the 10+ min watch time lol.
    Oh and more ass kissing of your precious love sexysexysniper acting like shes got a personality again when its clear she hasn't LOL. Unless having a personality is talking in a baby voice with a weird ghetto accent lol.
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  12. gman456 added a post in a topic SSSniperWolf / Lia Shelesh   

    Nah sss just wears alot of padded bras lol they ain't that big in reality.(know the forum thinks so but that pic of her wearing that fairly see through dress with a big padded black bra on basically proves this is the case lol.) Also with horny kids any kinda cleavage works really bigger the better sure but its not 100% necessary to get them to click on the video. SSS seems to focus on using her ass for views though more than her boobs i've noticed probably because its the only part thats being padded out very little if at all and i suppose since egirl booby streamers usually show off their cleavage more than their ass.
    Also sss games variety isn't much better than daisys lol its about the same(believe daisy has played overwatch too.) but just recently add minecraft, some flash games and sponsored gaming content which are mainly mobile games.
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  13. gman456 added a post in a topic SSSniperWolf / Lia Shelesh   

    "It's doubtful would play them if they weren't getting her views" so basically like sssniperwolf now then? lol."Sss is really good" Not really confirmed and getting 60 kills at best on a stream on cod which is clearly how good she actually is at the game isn't bad sure but if its really good is debatable lol. Can sort of get assuming that ggg didnt like games(even though you only really assume it because she faked gameplay which is funny since so did sss even if it wasn't every bit of cod gameplay it was clearly alot of it.) but why daisy exactly? If you're going to say because she sexualizes herself sss has done alot of the same stuff shes done and more(only thing she maybe hasn't done is the flirting with kids thing that's it.) so by your logic it would be fair for me to also say that about sss too just based on that. Daisy hasn't faked high kill gameplay or lied about being carried on anything as far as i know so i've got less reason to doubt her enjoyment of games than sssniperwolf. Hell nowadays i doubt more and more how into videogames sss actually is especially with her minecraft videos shes been putting out its literally like playing a game with a very casual egirl lol.
    "daisy doesn't have it in her to be anywhere near the level of sniperwolf" you mean making generic clickbait reaction content? lol its not very hard to do you just have to lack alot of self respect and diginity.(it's what sss has gained the huge majority of her subs/views from that and her looks/sex appeal but that's not really to do with content.)  Hell azzyland gets nearly about the same amount of views and is nearing 10mil subs by making very similar content so its clearly not very hard to do lol. "over a million views every day and good content" Now one of these statements is fairly accurate and another is just you whiteknighting sss again lol. "even sssniperwolfs haters agree she can make good or funny content" Either them talking in past tense or most likely pandering by not just completely crapping on her so whiteknights like you don't get so mad and triggered at them.(even though you do anyway lol.) Would like to know who these people are btw since i don't remember any negative videos about sss saying that or are you just not going to explain like how you can't seem to explain how me pointing out sss blowjob faces is nasty yet when you do it then its ok lol.
    "Otherwise i agree with your post" aka i agree with everything shitting on daisy because she made negative videos about my precious love sexysexysniper who i clearly have double standards for lol.

    Yeah no offense you sound like strangeman defending sss clearly doing sexual stuff to get horny boys to click on her video. She used to rag on chicks wearing alot of outfits to show cleavage etc to appeal to horny boys she clearly knows what shes doing by wearing outfits like that alot and having it in the thumbnail so its not just accidental.(don't remember her dressing like that either back when she was making videos on sssniperwolf.) If you wanna have your face in the thumbnail fine just don't get why she has to shove the cleavage in there aswell besides the reason i've been saying lol.
    But yeah shes definitely focused on uploading gameplay more for now sure(shes not made the mistake of acting like some hardcore pro gamur gurl and getting exposed for it like sniperwolf lol. shortly after sss got exposed faking high kill cod gameplay she ditched the gaming scene and distanced herself from the gaming community more and more until we are at this point where shes done 11 pieces of gaming content so far this year counting streams and 100+ reaction videos.) and i dunno why strangemans making out shes super desperately low on ideas so is doing this. If she was that desperate she would just do generic reaction content like ssniperwolf does its literally some of the most low effort content you can make on the platform you can get much more low effort and out of ideas than that which is why sss does it since its such easy money lol. Also he calls its formulaic and repetitive(basically what hes getting at) yet the same can easily be said of sssniperwolfs content since she repeats the same tired bland stuff so much and milks it dry for view$. Daisys content isn't exactly great either but shes definitely putting more effort/time into it especially if shes editing it all herself which i can't say even sss does for her own content which by her own admission is mostly done by her female editor.(dunno how much her male editor does though.)
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  14. gman456 added a post in a topic SSSniperWolf / Lia Shelesh   

    seen one of her videos titled something like "11 year old who wants to smash on fortnite" seems pretty sexual sounding to me and the sorta video i could see sss making earlier on in her time on yt(sss mainly now just does the odd thumbnail now where it looks like shes groping her boobs or where shes in some skimpy outfit showing off her ass cause she knows it will get horny boys to click thinking its apart of the video.) id say daisys stuff right now is what sss content was like in 2015-16 when it came to gaming slowly becoming more sexual with titles/thumbnails shes not quite at the stage though of just blatantly wearing stuff like skimpy bikinis/cosplays for views yet and focusing more on vlogs which most of the time were just an excuse to show off her body in some skimpy outfit. Also alot of relationship based stuff like "helping guy get girl in fortnite" etc which is alot like those relationship advice videos sss did which at this point its obvious was to appeal to her horny gamer fanbase. The thumbnails admittedly don't have anything sexual in them so much its just the fact shes getting cleavage high shots of her body and wearing alot of outfits in the thumbnails that show alot of it clearly to get horny guys to click on the video. Its exactly the sort of stuff she shits on for chicks like sss doing.
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  15. gman456 added a post in a topic SSSniperWolf / Lia Shelesh   

    Yeah strangeman is right in the sense daisymichelle is becoming a hypocrite now even if he most likely is only bringing it up and shitting on her for it because she made negative videos on his precious love sexysexysniper. ( he shits on me for typing alot yet takes huge paragraphs just to make the point of daisy being a hypocrite.) she seems to be taking the same path that sss took of becoming the thing you mocked and exposed others for being just for some reason for him sss gets a free pass as always lol. daisymichelle makes an exposed video and videos shitting on girls like sss for using their body/sex appeal then now is kinda doing that herself not so much in doing videos of her in skimpy outfits, bikinis, cosplays etc like sss but definitely in the same way of talking about sexual stuff and putting sexual stuff in titles kinda like those videos sss made about her neighbors doing it and being caught with porn in the 6th grade etc. Also daisy seems to also put herself in thumbnails alot with shirts/tops that show a fair bit of cleavage. Nearly as much as your typical twitch booby streamer which is clearly intentional and she knows what shes doing.
    Seeing daisy make this change of basically becoming the thing she used to mock makes me wonder if she was trying to do a similar thing sss did with girlgonegamer where she calls out sss in a video for being fake/egirl pretty much and makes herself look like the real legit gurl gamur so her horny boy audience will then just sub/watch her instead. Granted while sss was trying to expose GGG for faking gameplay she was faking alot of it herself at the same time and doing alot of the stuff she mocked other chicks for doing herself on the downlow. Daisy on the other hand atleast only seems to have resorted to this stuff recently in 2018 or maybe a little earlier most likely since thanks to chicks like sss its the only real way female gamers on YT can get a big following besides being the GF of a really big youtuber.  Daisy's still putting out alot more gaming content than sss though that's for sure so shes not fully tranformed into sss just yet but i can imagine in a year or two her doing skimpy cosplays and doing "pool day" vlogs of her splashing in a pool in skimpy bikini's with the thumbnails being full body shots of her in the skimpy bikinis lol.
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