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  1. gman456 added a post in a topic SSSniperWolf / Lia Shelesh   

    I know hes said hes her manager before but until that video he never went into detail of what he does as her manager before this i just thought he handled brand deals etc and didn't do very much but from what he says in the video it seems to be more than that.
    I see no big reason/motive for what he said in that video to be a lie on his part either considering for the most part sssniperwolf tries to make it seem like she does alot of the work and its her channel until that video seemingly out of nowhere evan hasn't done anything previous to argue against that narrative for years besides saying hes her manager without really going into detail everything he manages until that video.
    But yes you could say hes lying to make himself seem more important but it just comes so seemingly out of nowhere it doesn't seem planned and calculated.(aka an accidental slip.) Most of the time i've seen evan lie(from the little we see of him on twitter and videos.) is usually just parroting sniperwolf(which this video im talking about where he goes into detail about what he does goes against the narrative they've set up for years.) and backing her up or to protect the brand image quote on quote.
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  2. gman456 added a post in a topic SSSniperWolf / Lia Shelesh   

    Nah don't be fooled the sssniperwolf channel is more his than hers hes indirectly admitted it himself with the latest video on his channel he put out about 9 months ago where he mentions everything he does as her manager. With everything he mentioned doing(honestly see little reason for him to lie about this im shocked he even admitted it so casually in a public video.) only real thing left for sss to do is making thumbnails/titles and recording videos.(which since its pretty much nothing but reaction videos isn't much to do in comparison.) Granted he said he does editing too but i imagine that was more before they got paid editors probably was more to give him a break than her.
    il be honest til he made that video basically confirming it i was a lil skeptical to say he was basically running everything on the channel now not so much.
    But anyway yeah it could be him but sss seems like the fragile egotistical type to search out anything bad about her constantly aswell.
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  3. gman456 added a post in a topic SSSniperWolf / Lia Shelesh   

    I checked and its there still but i posted some tweets sssniperwolf made back in 2012 and jan 2013 last year but i go to find them again this year and nearly all the ones i showed on here are gone so she might see your post on here and eventually might do the same. Not 100% confirmed she watches this forum like a hawk but not out of the realms of possibility.
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  4. gman456 added a post in a topic SSSniperWolf / Lia Shelesh   

    Eh nex did streaming on twitch a few months ago and still might do it regularly just get rid of the VOD's(don't really keep an eye on his twitter much when he announces them.) so dunno if his hand injury is that bad which im guessing is a side effect from the jaw surgery which he had.(saw some posts and a video too i think of him talking about it.) Don't think hes probably too interested in playing overwatch now and carrying people for money since he got boosted on youtube by sssniperwolf to probably making a decent income now.
    Also nah she doesn't need to speak up about george floyd shes not known for her political opinions/take on real life events shes a reaction youtuber who reacts to random generic vids for teens. She shouldn't feel the need to virtue signal just to show how not racist she is(because apparently to some people you're a racist if you don't blindly support everything black matters does or everything caused by it which is ridiculous. It may have a noble cause behind it but its also giving idiots like jake paul the excuse to riot and loot things.) which is what really these e celebs and even game publishers/companies making these posts about black lives matter comes off as. Even in some cases kinda hypocritical like with activision blizzard in the case of supporting black lives matter yet when it came to the hong kong protests last year they didn't stand up for injustice then and had a "we don't involve ourselves in politics" stance and kicked a guy out from their tournaments for supporting the hong kong protests. Yet when it comes to this situation they conveniently change their stance and acting like they're against injustice.
    Nah hes gained weight again since the latest weight loss video in one of her insta videos ages ago it showed evans belly in it briefly and hes definitely gained alot of weight back since then.
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  5. gman456 added a post in a topic SSSniperWolf / Lia Shelesh   

    Well sure the rage is part of it(granted she could always do videos instead of streams with the rage cut out which is probably what she did back when she did overwatch videos but shes literally admitted now its just about not getting enough view$) its also because you would clearly see shes not top 500 material like she keeps trying to say she is.
    Does she still have the sssniperwolf_tk name on ps4? thought she changed it to something else since they added the feature to change your psn id about a year or two ago. Most recent gaming video showing her psn ID(fortnite video i believe so 2018-2019) just shows it as notsniperwolf i looked it up on my ps4 and the profile pic and other info looks similar to back when her psn was called sssniperwolf_TK. Most info on the profiles hidden like it was before such as trophies etc but there's some posts there(screenshots she posted on the media secton of her psn profile as early as 2016 where you couldn't change your psn id back then.) to somewhat show its most likely the same account as the sssniperwolf_TK one just with a new name.
    I've seen overwatch videos of people playing with her back when she used to play it/stream it on YT(People didn't really do any videos on her after that probably because she stopped being apart of the community.) where she would use smurf accounts that don't even have the sssniperwolf name on it so she could easily be playing with an account that has nothing to do with the sssniperwolf name.
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  6. gman456 added a post in a topic SSSniperWolf / Lia Shelesh   

    Eh even if you could get her stats and she was silver she would probably just say "i don't play overwatch much on that account im top 500 on my alt" or something like that.
    I see sss also has been shilling stadia some more they must be paying her alot shes even got a link to it on her instagram bio now. Tbf unlike most of her other sponsorships which probably pay about 10-20k which is nothing to her atleast with this one since its google id imagine its atleast worth her while a little more. She's not whoring out her brand for nickels like she normally does lol.

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  7. gman456 added a post in a topic SSSniperWolf / Lia Shelesh   

    Meh its just like that cute goth girl thing she posted trying to act sexy/flirty suggestive whatever you wanna call it to get attention from horny dudes so they inflate her ego nothing more nothing less.
    Eh i doubt she plays overwatch nearly every day(maybe abit more now since shes quarantined) but she probably plays it regularly. Only game she probably does.
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  8. gman456 added a post in a topic SSSniperWolf / Lia Shelesh   

    Right now? Not that i know of honestly though im starting to think its because shes already lied about so much about herself, also hard to lie about anything when your content and social media has been nothing but mostly fluff its like saying someone's not a compulsive liar anymore because they barely talk or interact with anyone now. Also i just said she still sexualizes herself on her twitter/instagram so thats not anything anywhere just not on her YT channel much.
    "she hasn't been posting sexual or thotty pics" define this because sure shes not posting amouranth level pics of "look at my near naked body guys in a swimsuit"(granted though i do remember her posting a few bikini pics kinda like that about a year ago.) but shes definitely still posting somewhat flirty suggestive pics on her social media every so often to get horny guys/teens to drool over and praise her on.(which really there's barely any difference one's just more pg-13 than the other its still the same end goal to get money/attention off horny dudes and teens.) Shes like pokimane its more thot behavior/mind games than dressing like an actual thot granted pokimane dresses less like an egirl than sss does. "barely any cleavage" honestly sss has never shown her cleavage much mostly because its not that big she mostly shows off her ass more than her cleavage. If she shows off her cleavage its mostly made to look bigger than it is with padded bra's if she probably did have more cleavage to show though i bet she would show it more. The way sss dresses now sss from 2013-14 would call her a hoe lol.
    "most of the things you attack her for are from years ago" mostly to compare to how she is now to show how shes slowly become the very thing she used to mock and just laugh about it atleast that's what i do for the most part. Like how in 2014 she never said she would promote anything she didn't like or her fans wouldn't be interested in and yet here she is shilling for stuff she clearly doesn't care about nearly every week on youtube/instagram for chump change.
    Hmm remember her saying in the recent Q&A she did saying she was only in one relationship in highschool that lasted a day before getting with evan. Suppose she could say "Oh i don't count those because they were only online" even though her version of meeting evan involves meeting him online. Granted though this video was clearly made in the period where she was pretending to be single still when she was with evan most likely to create less suspicion of evan getting her gameplay for her because she can just lie and say "i was getting 100+ kill gameplays before i even got with evan" which she actually used as a defense once on twitter. Still dunno when her and evan exactly got together and married though just know it was before her sssniperwolf channel.
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  9. gman456 added a post in a topic SSSniperWolf / Lia Shelesh   

    "She could be posting loads of bikini pics" lol if she did that to her easily mislead fanbase even they would start calling her out for her hypocrisy of now becoming exactly like the sort of girls she talked loads of crap about in the past. It's the only reason she doesn't do it more, she used to use her body/sex appeal more in her videos back in 2015-16 and even a little in 2017 but only most likely started doing it less in her videos and more on instagram/twitter due to fear of demonetization for sexual content etc.
    Also i don't know of many 10+ mil sub youtubers who are close to being millionaires taking sponsorship deals nearly every week from different companies for like 10-20 grand at most. Pretty sure those people are called sellouts or money hungry lol. Granted if what you mean by most youtubers is all youtubers with about 10mil+ subs id agree with you there usually moneyhungry, dishonest or hypocritical sometimes even all 3.
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  10. gman456 added a post in a topic SSSniperWolf / Lia Shelesh   

    She has played PUBG before but only because shes was paid back in 2018. But yeah i doubt she plays it outside of getting paid. It's funny i always see these posts of her saying she doesn't really play anything else besides overwatch but whenever she does one of these ads on YT or instagram aka nearly every other week shes acting like shes been playing these games shes flogging non stop lol. Nearly halfway into 2020 and shes done 4 gaming videos 3 paid advertisements and i dare you to try and find the non paid gaming video it literally looks like a reaction video in the thumbnail i just stumbled across it.
    Whenever she does these ads though im reminded of this video she did years ago where she says she won't promote anything her fans or she doesn't like oh the irony and back when she said this her channel was still pretty small so doing constant sponsors is more understandable. Now i doubt most of these sponsors except maybe google for google stadia paid her anymore than 10k-20k a promotion which is alot for us but for her is nothing. Shes selling out her brand for what is chump change to her lol. she probably makes 10-20k dollars from a handful of her reaction videos maybe less if one does really well.
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  11. gman456 added a post in a topic SSSniperWolf / Lia Shelesh   

    The three mins later and there friendly again thing is usually reserved for people that are friends there was nothing to show they were or even are tbh(also arguing implies some sort of debate when it was a one sided slinging match nigri didn't reply its like me going from what im saying about sss now to doing nothing but kissing sssniperwolfs ass in 3 months it's a 180.) also when sss shit talked her this was in 2012 when she was still sexysexysniper and when she was acting like a fangirl of nigri this was in january 2013 aka when she first started her new sssniperwolf persona/channel so it looks suspiciously two faced. I posted a better full context of this about a year ago on this forum im just saying the cliffnotes version since its alot of info. It's not that important it's just an instance of where it clearly looks like shes being two faced and its hard to see it as anything but.
    Her ragging on azzyland (which she also did in one of her reaction videos too for a couple of seconds.) i give her a slight pass for since shes not really saying anything untrue and while sssniperwolfs pretty unoriginal and copies stuff from a bunch of people she doesn't just copy one persons content mainly.(im sure in some cases azzyland just copies the same played out reaction video trend like those animated storytime videos that sss also does not because sss is doing it but just because all the other generic reaction channels are doing it.) Needs a reality check though to realize it really doesn't matter if shes copying her reaction videos since her contents barely transformative as it is besides the "humor". Hell reaction content in general your skirting at the borderline of fair use anyway its junk food content. It's like mcdonalds acting like their foods 5 star restaurant standard lol.
    Also she might be ragging on chicks in reaction videos this year too i don't watch too many of them to fully know since its just the same old repetitive thing il only watch aka skim through a video usually if its not a reaction video since it usually has something of significance to talk about. Can't really get much out of FUNNIEST KID TEST ANSWERS no.34 or TRY NOT TO SAY WOW CHALLENGE (HARD) no.15.
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  12. gman456 added a post in a topic SSSniperWolf / Lia Shelesh   

    Wasn't really hate though the tweet she was responding too was hardly insulting her just saying she maybe should've been picked for a more suitable award fair criticism really but since sss thinks all criticism is hate you get tweets like that one from her which reekz of ego and butthurt because you can't dare question her getting a gaming award when she left the gaming community years ago. It's why she deleted it in less than an hour of posting it and also because she knew her point of trying to justify winning a gamer of the year award was stupid lol.
    Some of them started it some didn't hard to 100% tell though since alot of the tweets she responded too don't exist now i found one instance where optic jewel shit talked her first. I about a year ago on here even showed old tweets of sss bashing jessica nigri(nigri didn't say anything to her she just responded to one of nigri's and shit talked her.) then about 3 months after doing a 180 acting like a nigri fangirl talking a pic with her. Tried looking for them again this year and the main two i highlighted compared to the others i showed mysteriously vanished so im not 100% sure on this but it seems like shes still trying to delete and hide anything that makes her look bad to this day. Considering this fairly recent tweet i found that lasted for about an hour before sss covered it up and wouldn't have been known about unless i found it im more inclined to believe it was intentional.
    Last time i remember her bashing other chicks publicly where people could see and usually quite hypocritically was that twitch stream fails compilation where she bashed stpeach for well being a typical twitch hoe(and doing basically nothing worse than what sss did to get views off horny dudes) and some chick in a dr phil video for selling feet pics. which was about 2017-2018 so not that long ago. Hard to tell 100% if shes changed since she just posts fluff content not just with her reaction videos but alot of her social media aka twitter/instagram doesn't really show anything meaningful to show if shes changed or not.
    But since she still seems to have retained the habit of hiding things that make her look bad in the slightest and pretending they never happened im doubtful she has changed much if at all since its the same thing she used to do back then too.
    lol another company that doesn't do research and lacks awareness made an article about pro female gamers on sssniperwolf. It has articles on 2 other chicks the one tweeting this who seems to be an actual pro player in a team and streams on twitch then this other chick who i dunno if they're a pro player too or not but they stream games on twitch too. Granted you would think its mainly about sssniperwolf considering shes what you see when you click on it.
    This tweet responding to the post sums up well why she shouldn't have been picked for this lol.

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  13. gman456 added a post in a topic SSSniperWolf / Lia Shelesh   

    hmm first Q&A shes done since late 2018 where in that one she basically lied and said she didn't do anything YT wise before 2013(only real thing i remember about it.). Anyway usually something to comment on in these mainly at what BS she says in them. First question asks do you plan on having a gaming channel? perfectly valid question to ask tbh she just ignores it and does some lame joke about how her main channels a gaming channel because she won a gamer of the year award. Sure it comes off like a joke but considering her fairly recent egotistical quickly deleted tweet about it im starting to believe she actually thinks that way lol.
    "why did you stop streaming fortnite?" Honest answer: no longer super popular so she no longer cares about it also why she stopped weekly streaming.(said shes been playing cod but im doubtful she might of meant tried out the free to play battle royale cod put out called warzone when it was getting alot of attention on twitch.) but she gives a bunch of BS excuses cmon sss you admit you won't put overwatch content out because it doesn't get views its clear the same applies with fortnite oh and minecraft too. It's may you have only put out some paid mobile game video and another weird horror flash game thing about a week or so ago.
    "what's your setup look like" basically says it's crappy and embarrassing well don't worry sss you only make reaction videos hardly need a great setup for that.
    "are you going to do ask wolf again" god knows but i wouldn't expect it too much since apparently Q&A's are too hard.
    "did you think you would be as successful when you first started YT?" Define when you started YT? Do you mean when she actually started or when she says she started? If option 2 yeah she definitely wanted to try and get big alongside her manager evan shes definitely succeded in that with mostly alot less effort than she thought it would take. Shes gotten way more subs reacting to generic things than pretending to get 100+ kill games on COD.
    "what anime do you watch" you know for as much shit i give sss for acting way more into videogames than she is il admit she seems to have a genuine enjoyment of anime that's actually stayed consistent over the years doesn't come across as attention hungry or money hungry.
    "are you going to have kids in the future" Oh dear lord no lol shes actually saying shes considering it if you have one break up with evan atleast i can't imagine how dysfunctional it must be behind the scenes with those two a kid in the mix would be a shit show.
    "will you go on omegle again" Replace omegle with any content that's not reaction videos and you have your answer maybe but not much.
    "who is your favourite youtuber" *insert digitalnex plug* aka the guy who copies me as much as azzyland does( who i have been talking bad about recently.) but its cool for him to do it since he carried me on overwatch and i gotta keep him sweet. Boy she sure gets stuck with a lot of fat guys huh?
    "How would you change evan" Make him look like an anime character she says.
    "What do you look like without makeup?" shows tik tok skit yeah im doubtful she looks like that just seems to me its more abit less makeup to full makeup.
    "how many ex do you have" says she hasn't had a bf before evan(besides some guy she dated in school for half a day.) yep and you probably won't have an actual bf til evan chooses to leave the money behind since your stuck with him.
    "Do you post tiktoks?" of course she does the websites either teenagers posting on it to teenage friends or adults aka a 27 year old women(thanks leafy) posting on it to appeal to teenagers.
    Anyway that's about it skipped a few questions since it just leads to "OMEGA LUL FUNNY SKIT LOOK AT MY TIGHT BOOTY SHORTS" or just nothing really to say.
    Update: most eventful day in ages on here shes won the favorite gamer award again im just lost for words shes uploaded 2 gaming videos what next shes gonna win next year by uploading zero gaming videos? lol.

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  14. gman456 added a post in a topic SSSniperWolf / Lia Shelesh   

    Eh most of these e celebs have this mentality as if them replying to people is worth so damn much. funny enough the chick she was originally responding too aka pokimane also responded this way to people too lol. From what i looked up about pokimane she is basically the twitch equivalent of sssniperwolf they have an awful lot in common. Both about as disingenuous and fake as each other so i could actually see them being friends tbh.
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  15. gman456 added a post in a topic SSSniperWolf / Lia Shelesh   

    lol "you worms" sounds like something you would hear a Saturday morning cartoon villain say. Reminds me of that tweet response she made about someone saying she got boosted to top 500 and her calling them scum lol. Also they don't deserve a reply but gives one anyway because anyone who says anything bad about her lives rent free inside her head. Not sure i totally believe she didn't ask since like i pointed out before on here there was a thing found with a similar award ceremony(from a different company but similar format) that tana mongeau won where you could buy in to get a nomination i could see sss buying into the award just for a slight ego boost i mean the first sentence in this tweet sure shows how humble she is lol.
    "guess my years of streaming and gaming don't count" Well yes they don't when you haven't done it in ages for a gamer of the YEAR award. i mean ksi used to be a fifa  gaming youtuber for years then stopped doing it years ago you don't see him getting picked for these gamer of the year awards to my knowledge so why should you? Even ignoring this her rep in the gaming community is nothing but negative with scandals of her faking cod gameplay and getting boosted on overwatch. Shes taken about as seriously as most e girls who use games to get the attention of horny gamer guys/nerds.
    Edit: lol she deleted the tweet i think gotta get anything that makes you look stupid and not appear kind and humble i suppose.

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