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  1. gman456 added a post in a topic SSSniperWolf / Lia Shelesh   

    Dunno she might've got paid in advance who knows depends how desperate they were to get her to shill it.
    Also yeah she did have noise complaints. Granted i listened to the clip again where shes saying "see how loud this is" with full volume on this time and i did very faintly hear music but its literally nothing shes probably been much louder when shes had it off with evan lol.
    She most likely doesn't want to be filmed incase she gets caught being a bitch in public and ruining that fake happy basic girl image she has going on and also probably so more people don't notice how she looks different in real life compared to her instagram pics.
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  2. gman456 added a post in a topic SSSniperWolf / Lia Shelesh   

    Well if you look at her YT channel now shes not exactly known for being very original so seems even back then she was like this lol.
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  3. gman456 added a post in a topic SSSniperWolf / Lia Shelesh   

    You are right she did lol guess that game company got screwed over in terms of paid advertisement since it was only up there for about an hour. It was just like all those other paid ads she did where she acts like shes super into and addicted into the game when she clearly isn't with loads of fake enthusiasm. Granted she also made this statement about being sad with game of thrones ending and if your sad about it you should play this game? Don't think its a tie in mobile game to game of thrones it was just some random dragon mobile game so that was weird lol.
    Oh now we got a recent post of her complaining about her neighbors making too much noise "those pesky kids and their music" and how they're blasting it. She even makes a video straight after saying "see how loud this is" followed by silence.(i can't seem to hear anything anyway maybe im going deaf.) Way she moans about it is as if they're making her house vibrate with the noise like they're having a house party. Is she trying to make herself look stupid? lol.

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  4. gman456 added a post in a topic SSSniperWolf / Lia Shelesh   

    lol one of the fakest mobile game ads i've seen from her. Remember her back before she became a reaction channel constantly doing these paid ads for mobile games she clearly doesn't give a crap about as YT videos. Guess she can't even be asked to make it an actual gaming video this time and instead just shills it on instagram. Does she even watch game of thrones? lol.

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  5. gman456 added a post in a topic SSSniperWolf / Lia Shelesh   

    Yep i know which is odd since im sure they would've messaged her or notified her in some way guess she hasn't read it?
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  6. gman456 added a post in a topic SSSniperWolf / Lia Shelesh   

    Not even sure you can call it a theory lol it seems to be what will happen once the YT gravy train runs out for them. il be honest when shes older and super irrelevant i imagine her turning into that truthfully trisha chick from that dr phil video aka a crazy attention seeking woman who does/says anything to get attention from anyone because she will be so starved of attention when she gets older.
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  7. gman456 added a post in a topic SSSniperWolf / Lia Shelesh   

    4 months you mean(nearly 5 months too actually since its her latest gaming video.) and yes it did but unlike most of her reaction videos that get that or near that within a month(looking at her videos for the past 2 weeks and plenty of them have about 1-2mil views unlike those fortnite videos which took ages just to get as many views as her reaction videos do. There's one reaction video now from a lil over 2 weeks ago right now that has gotten 4.8mil views which i've never seen one of her fortnite videos hit anywhere near that in the same time.) it took that video and those other videos months to slowly build up to that. For the first month(which after the videos out for a month thats pretty much all the money you can make off the video gone so i doubt sss would care if that fortnite video from 4 months ago eventually equaled the same views her reaction videos get after months of being out.) Also some of them don't get a million views(streams mainly) and stay stuck at under that so its not even consistent in how they slowly crawl to getting what most of her reaction videos get or getting a tiny bit above that it just got her about a million views in a month unlike her doing overwatch content which eventually at a point got to where no overwatch video of hers could get a million views on it so she ditched that game because it weren't getting any good money and because she got exposed being boosted on it so she decided to hop on the fortnite view wagon. Also fortnites still a very popular game btw but viewership overall for the game is beginning to decline now and began near the end of last year so sss saw that and decided she suddenly wasn't interested in the game anymore at that point until now where she doesn't even really talk about it anymore just overwatch mainly.
    Also the fortnite dance video i don't really count since its not an actual gaming video and alot of the clicks can be contributed to just horny guys clicking on it to see her dance aka jiggling her ass/boobs. Id probably say also that 3 reaction videos possibly more is about as much work as doing one gaming video since it can take awhile sometimes to find decent gameplay to record( i believe all her fornite gameplay is hers i've seen her streams and the gameplay seems about her skill level on the game unlike with overwatch or cod.) vs reaction videos that can just be recorded in about the same consistent time which takes much less longer to record and at average get about 1mil-1.8mil views normally with a handful of videos getting about the same as some of those 2mil view fornite videos or more views than that in much less time of being uploaded so therefore more money.
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  8. gman456 added a post in a topic SSSniperWolf / Lia Shelesh   

    Well that and shes magically not interested in fortnite anymore now the view$ for it are dying down lol. Safe to say if it weren't for fortnite being popular as it was she would have played it for like a month or two and stopped probably uploading hardly any videos on it compared to how many vids she did on it and streams. Infact that and giving nex easy shoutouts weekly is probably why she kept on streaming after she most likely stopped getting paid to stream on liveme about a year ago otherwise she would have probably stopped much earlier. (Got no proof she got paid by them but i've found if big youtubers are streaming on a platform that isn't twitch/youtube its either because they've been banned/shunned off those platforms which she clearly hasn't or they're being paid by the streaming platform to stream on there and give them new people to go on the site.)
    Tbh all the non casual gamers even before her winning the award probably saw her as no different than the twitch hoes she used to make fun of.(granted sad part is alot of twitch hoes probably put out more gaming content than her now lol.) I doubt their pissed she won it either just confused why she got nominated in the first place lol. Still find it funny though we are halfway into 2019 and shes only done 1 gaming video totally a passionate hardcore gamur gurl.

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  9. gman456 added a post in a topic SSSniperWolf / Lia Shelesh   

    Eh alot of people believed ninja would win the kids choice award and she won. Mainly though i think because of the vote begging she did prior to winning on her instagram/social media etc.
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  10. gman456 added a post in a topic SSSniperWolf / Lia Shelesh   

    lol found a tweet from someone saying sss got nominated for favorite esports star on the kids sports choice awards then looked it up myself and its true. She's being nominated for an even more unsuitable category than favorite gamer. she will most likely will beg for votes on it too like she did before and win. Still find it funny even after her fans helping her win that last award she still couldn't be bothered to make a gaming video or stream to thank her fans for voting for her lol. Shes never been in the esports scene only person who i think is 100% an esports player is myth. Still sad though ricegum hasn't been nominated again when hes been putting out more gaming content more frequently than sssniperwolf on his twitch just nominate him already nickelodeon you know you want too.

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  11. gman456 added a post in a topic SSSniperWolf / Lia Shelesh   

    Think you meant to say "It gets cloudy every time i wanna show my ass off in a bikini to my horny boy instagram followers for attention." sexysexysniper.

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  12. gman456 added a post in a topic SSSniperWolf / Lia Shelesh   

    Hmm sss using her sex appeal in a thumbnail haven't seen that in awhile on her main channel dunno what other reason she has to have a thumbnail of her groping her tits like that. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M17sZb5o1iI
    Oh evan also appears in the video for abit suppose it was done as a sad attempt for them to seem like a legit couple still.
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  13. gman456 added a post in a topic SSSniperWolf / Lia Shelesh   

    Yeah sexysexysniper its kinda expected when a channel of your size aka 10+mil subs endlessly shoehorns(seriously shes been doing so many videos of him it just really enforces the fact nex has something on her it might be understandable if she did this as much with her other pals or other people but she doesn't just nex for some reason.) and shouts out a nobody pretty much(yes im aware im a nobody too just its clear hes known because of who he hangs around in videos with verses his actual content) they basically get 100k subs handed to them because they're all her followers pretty much. Even nex knows this its why hes switched up from a gaming commentary channel to a reaction channel like her. Which makes him making fun of azzyland for copying her quite funny in a video he made about her since he copies sss too by doing very similar types of reaction videos to sss minus the blowjob face thumbnails only difference is sss enables you copying her because of the dirt you got on her lol.
    Shes been plugging him near endlessly in videos after a month or two of her no longer streaming(one week she did like 5 or 6 videos with him on her main and 2nd channel there's helping a friend out and then there's "give me my shoutouts sniper or im spilling the beans") to where i have even more reason to doubt its nothing more than just sss giving him a friendly boost helping him stand on his own. Id say at this point in time right now hes got a 50% chance of being in one of her videos with him getting free subs pretty much.
    Its clear when you look at his content he doesn't want to stand out or be known for anything but being the guy who hangs around with sss and leeching her subs off her. The guy should rename his channel to digital leech since its clear he inspires to be nothing more than that when it comes to YT.

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  14. gman456 added a post in a topic SSSniperWolf / Lia Shelesh   

    This point sss made ages ago about putting her face in the thumbnail as brand recognition or so her fans know its her videos when clicking on it has shown to be complete BS and pointless to do since pewdiepie now has shown how easy it is to replicate it for his thumbnails. Found this out because sss tweeted it out btw. You know she would be pissed though and demand the thumbnail be changed if it was anyone else doing it but shes not gonna risk him making a video on her back so shes putting up with it.
    Also bragged on twitter about getting on trending 3 times after she trashed talked the content on it about 2 months ago oh but excuse me YT have totally changed the stuff on the trending page in 2 months and sss reacting to vending machines is totally edgy content and not the same safe garbage she insulted on the trending page lol.

    Also a guy on twitter here defending how much effort sss puts in her reaction videos that by her own admission is mostly edited by someone else lol. Don't really agree with the other guy though saying pewdiepies a hard worker though far as i can tell hes a reaction channel too and he most likely pays people to edit his videos too but he atleast seems to be able to somewhat appeal to an age group above 12-16 year olds unlike sss and does do some more slightly edgier content than her. While sss just does safe content like reacting to vending machines lol. But yeah if its true about pewdiepie dealing with all the bs copyright claims he definitely doesn't deserve to deal with that while sss probably has hardly any of that to deal with in comparison. Oh and sss is not quirky in her videos shes just an obnoxious womanchild with a baby voice in her videos.

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  15. gman456 added a post in a topic SSSniperWolf / Lia Shelesh   

    lol im the stalker and obsessed with her from the guy who is so mindlessly loyal to her he can't help but whiteknight her on a site hes been banned from many many times now? Your almost as unself aware as sss at this point strangeman. All because notice a change of title/thumbnail on her channel page in her most popular tab of videos?(takes like a second to check i don't go through all her past videos.) I check her most popular videos every now and then because i noticed in the past she does these weird thumbnail/title changes on videos(even this forum has pointed out old videos shes changed or taken down) i don't think its a big deal i just find it odd. Also the pron video is hardly some random obscure video either its what started that drama she had with that camgirl so its quite easy to remember it.
    You say she changed it so people who don't know her would get the wrong impression? bit pointless to do after 9 months if this was the case dumb dumb since the damage was long done lol. Also titling a video pron in the first place and leaving it like that for so long was clearly intended to trick people aka give the wrong impression in the first place she knew what she was doing lol. "maybe it was demonetized" um doubt she would care about the pennies she would get after a month oo the video enough to change it after 9 months and then again 2 years later for that reason. Also i doubt they would take down the video because it had the word pron in it(especially since shes getting on trending so much YT tend to take a blind eye to the people who get on trending alot for the most part.) and if youtube were cracking down that much on sexual words/thumbnails she would have to do it for a ton of her videos now and back then. Also red arrow thing is pointless as i've said since it was added 2 years after the video was out so why would she care about getting extra views on a video shes made her money on pretty much?
    Also would you prefer me to be more like you ignoring her falsely accusing people of scamming to focusing on trying to out some random guy on here claiming sss blocked them on twitter over the truth and nothing else? lol. Or go on negatively about azzyland on a sssniperwolf forum. Or even better asking people what their favorite sss videos are on a forum that clearly doesn't like her or her content? I mean that takes a special kind of dumb to think that's a good idea lol. Which also makes you saying i don't say anything interesting even more funny and hypocritical lol.
    But yeah its pretty funny seeing the guy who straight up said sss has never tried to deceive anyone calling me dumb lol. Btw don't you have a stupid claim to make about sss inventing putting your face in a thumbnail for reaction videos when you admit you only know of two reaction channels her and pewdiepie? LOL.

    lol you insult someone aka me perfectly ok to do it seems by your own standards yet someone does it to you "oh im being bullied on a forum leave me alone" you remind me of sssniperwolf when you play the BS victim card like this. "if you don't like my comments you can just ignore" you clearly don't like what this forum says not just me yet keep coming back to read the comments and get butthurt by them oh the irony lol. Hell the same can be applied to my post you just responded too but you clearly got super triggered over it for some reason(plenty of forum posts i find boring on here but i don't respond to them whining at them like you do lol.) instead of taking your own advice and ignoring it. Also pretty obvious you just made this post to insult me instead of talk about sssniperwolf so another hypocrisy point gained by you lol.
    Btw you say my posts aren't interesting but you sure like to respond to them alot lol. Also yes i do find your posts entertaining just more for the ridiculous stuff you say and the blatant hypocrisy you display. il be honest this almost feels like what sss would be like if she actually responded to people in this forum but to your credit you do a better job of whiteknighting/making excuses for her than she does for herself lol.
    Someone on here told me they have tried to ban his IP already but he finds a way around it dunno how you would get rid of him because at this point its not really for us but more for his own health since he seems to get very triggered by this forum especially me just making harmless observations at her changing her thumbnails in odd ways which he says who cares yet cares enough to call me dumb, creepy(ironic from the creepy stuff i've seen him tweet about her) and a stalker when i think he claimed to me he knew sss fathers phone number i believe lol. He will probably say its just me but I've seen him get as triggered with others on here as he does with me.
    Also like i said many times before im very sure hes a grown man older than sss i think but im not sure by how much.
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