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  1. Cringeworthy added a post in a topic Rinsa婷   

    LOL I didn't know she got the same font as me that's just gross I don't want to have the same phone font with a liar . But then again it is not that uncommon .
    Anyways ,I DO have proof that she was rude to her fans and her claiming she make her costumes.
    In the pic on the top left, see the caption?
    She is literally acting famous asking who she is cosplaying like what all famous cosplayers do.
    And she said ' almost complete with my AFAA Costume!' Meaning she is saying she made it.
    And the 2 on the right is of a conversation from one of her instagram posts , this @/sorrow.xz guy/girl is obviously being sarcastic in the comments with the emoticons and stuff.
    Apparently that @/sorrow.xz is a friend of hers as you can see the picture on the left bottom, he/she was tagged in that photo posted by her and we all know you can't self tag on instagram. She probably asked him/her to post those comments because she didn't want to ruin her reputation by doing it with her own account. She also had drama with a bunch of cosplayer online I dont have proof on this one because I cannot find it probably cause she deleted them or something. But she commented on people's photos saying their makeup suck or the costumes are ugly when she isn't even that good. And btw don't need to be suspicious that Im her because I take it as an insult that you guys are comparing me to her. You can check my IP if you want.

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  2. Cringeworthy added a post in a topic Rinsa婷   

    First image are photos from her instagram feed of costumes that she Claimed to make but look at the picture at the left bottom end.
    The same costume but posted by Singapore cosplayer Kirisaki.
    First image on the right is pictures of stuff that she claimed she bought. Platforms from YRU are like atleast $150 and those heels dont look cheap either. Where did she get all that money?
    2nd image you can see how her face shape looks very different in all 5 images.(2 on the left end is pictures that she was tagged in while the rest is posted by herself)
    She also looks much more fatter or chubbier as I might say compared to the image beside it. Maybe she lost weight, sure. But if it was this easy to lose this much weight in such a short time nobody will be over weight anymore(that looks like a 10kg difference atleast)

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  3. Cringeworthy added a topic in Little Snowflakes   

    Haven't seen Anyone talk about her but I'm not surprised since she is not that famous.
    There is this girl with about 7K followers on instagram ,apparently a cosplayer from singapore.
    Heard she is pretty rude to her followers and she acts all famous when she only has 7K Followers. Her facebook page is not even half of that too.
    She sucks up to famous cosplayer in her country like AOIGEKI , Kirisaki , Lawliet Cos etcetc. And especially to this famous blogger and cosplayer from Malaysia Ying Tze also known as Cheryl Lo.
    She claims that she makes her own costume and stuff but I heard from people she actually gets them tailored or commissioned. Apparently she is doing this to make her look more 'High-End' and senpai material and to look more like Ying tze which is a fashion student and makes her own costumes.
    She also buys her followers and likes from what I heard from people that were friends with her LOL
    She also photoshops her photos ALOT, she doesn't even look like how she does on her pictures. She even edits her selfies. Her face shape looks different in every photo and so does her figure. Looks like she has been doing alot of 'cleavage showing' and 'skin showing' cosplays as of lately to get more followers too . TALK ABOUT TRY HARD.
    She also isn't as goody goody as she looks.
    She treated her ex-boyfriends really bad making them treat her like a princess buying her stuff and dumping them after like 1-2months. She also was a 3rd party in a few relationships , after getting the guy she does the same thing then dump them.
    There was a period of time she seemed pretty rich, buying new phones and alot of new shoes and bags that ARE NOT CHEAP and basically a student should not be able to afford, I've heard she got herself a sugar daddy or something? (Not actually sure on this part maybe her parents are just rich )
    She have quite a bad reputation in the cosplay community and she doesn't even know LOLOL  

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