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  1. sugartrip added a post in a topic Nitpicking Thread   

    I'm mixed on the lip injections. I agree that her lips have been looking unnaturally puffy. Her lips look like little sausages flapping around in the cottagecore tag. I decided to kill my time and make a timeline on her lips. We have others on her ever-changing aesthetics and noses, so I wanted to make a mini timeline to help people make their conclusions!

    From what I can see, her lips appear more full when she's talking to the camera. In lookbooks, you often see the lipstick line over her cupid's bow in an attempt to over-line her lips. She also seems to pout and weirdly stretch her lips whenever she's talking to the camera which could be to have them appear fuller? Things that have led me to believe she might've got them done are how her upper lip appears slightly fuller and, in her recent makeup video, looks like she has a lip injury which could be a result of injections. The fullness might be from the weird angling, though, and maybe she injured herself on her own.
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  2. sugartrip added a post in a topic Simply_Kenna/Cozykitsune [Thread 7]   

    It's honestly baffling how Kenna has responded to everything that's happening. First, she posts the artwork of George Floyd. She didn't say anything, but the story alone wasn't bad. Then finally she has something to say about the riots, and what is it??? "Don't use BLM as an excuse to loot and be violent." Which was gross and, as many of you said, really shows her priorities in a movement against police brutality. Then she retracts and was like "oh sorry you guys misunderstood me! i meant white suprematists being violent uwu~!" She then posts the brick post that's been going around. Finally, she's like "guys someone said there would be violence this year :(:(:( if only we listened to this one white guy instead of all the BLM activists who have been crying out about this for years."
    It's even more annoying because it is SOOO easy for Kenna to make up for her bullshit. Right now she could EASILY copy and paste all the petitions and donation links to the memorial for Floyd, etc. She could say "sorry for any confusion i've been causing. please go support these people." Instead, she's detracting and doing absolutely nothing productive for anyone except for the white Karens who are sad some rioters against police brutality broke into some Target.
    Kenna really should've just stopped at the Floyd art to pay respect to him. That would at least lead people to search his name and educate themselves more than Kenna ever could for herself.
    I wanna quote this because this is really the first thing Kenna had to say on her platform since the murder of George Floyd and the protests. Essentially, "to all the peaceful protestors, you're okay in my white, complacent eyes," but to those who may become violent because of years of repressed anger and sadness you feel over the social condition and the targeted police brutality toward the black community??? Go fuck yourself I guess.
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  3. sugartrip added a post in a topic Simply_Kenna/Cozykitsune [Thread 7]   

    I also feel like the whole "he really tried to warn us 🥺" is kind of off-putting to me??? It seems like she's just upset SHE wasn't prepared and detracts from the importance of the current riots. 
    If Kanker ever took a step outside of her pale, bug-eyed, #AllLivesMatter, disgustingly narcissistic echo chamber, she would know about the blatant racial and bias continuous racial discrimination faced by the black community. These protests would be no surprise to her. The tragic murder of George Floyd was only ONE of the things that set off the current protests.
    And honestly?? She could've used the article for good if she wasn't so focused on how the riots are affecting HER. Like how about talking about how we could've done better to fight the obvious racism in the US or how better measures could have been taken throughout history to promote greater equal opportunity and the reduction of overall racial prejudice.
    Hi, Kenna. I know that you face so much discrimination as a white woman , but how about educating yourself on the racial minorities who are targeted by prejudice officers and killed on a day-to-day basis. Wake the fuck up, Kenna. The world doesn't revolve around you.
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  4. sugartrip added a post in a topic Simply_Kenna/Cozykitsune [Thread 7]   

    Idk why her nose keeps coming into question  our kween has always had a super obvious button nose.

    But I agree that she probably just heavily shoops herself. Blurring her nose bridge, warping it inconsistently in every other photo, etc. I always have to look at her candids and collab videos to remember what her face even looks like lol
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  5. sugartrip added a post in a topic Simply_Kenna/Cozykitsune [Thread 7]   

    Hi! I've been a super long time lurker, so sorry in advance if any of the formatting is off! 
    I remember a few times that people have taken notice of Kenna applying filters to her videos on older posts. I was looking around for one of them and I found an older post where someone catches a filter accidentally blurring parts of her background? I have no doubt she's still using filters on her videos since the only thing she ever really puts any effort into is editing and filtering her photos and videos to upkeep her physical appearance on social media. 
    Also, I decided to skim through another more recent video (the yarn video) for a comparison of her nose and I didn't even notice how painfully obvious it is that she's using a filter over her video! She really goes out of her way to get people to believe she has naturally large eyes and blurry, perfect skin uwu~! I'm not too sure about her nose editing, but since she barely records her face in her newer videos, I wouldn't doubt she made the time to edit her nose through filters and video editing.

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