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  1. Padfoot added a post in a topic Simply_Kenna/Cozykitsune [Thread 7]   

    Omfg, I can't believe she actually made up a story about feeling nauseated only to remind everyone how smol uwu she is. And she can't be a small 20 something woman, she needs to compare herself to a CHILD. 

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  2. Padfoot added a post in a topic Debora Cechetto #2   

    Damn, good find
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  3. Padfoot added a post in a topic Lindsay Woods   

    Also, I don't doubt she goes to therapy. But she wants to get enablers, not help. The professionals she has tagged or made videos with are the kind of people that have an instagram page to post cliche motivational quotes and good vibes shit. It's not enough for someone with a diagnosis of BPD. This is where the "I'm a being of light, I deserve love and appreciation always, and everyone who disagrees with me is toxic and deserves to eat shit " BS comes from lol. I don't think she does ACTUAL adequate therapy for her issues. And if I remember correctly, her ex friends said she lied about this (but I can't back this up right now). 
    And... I thought everyone agreed on this... You shouldn't name your meds when you are an influencer. But she tweets about taking pills (bordering on romanticizing) and says their names all the fucking time. It's irresponsible as fuck.
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  4. Padfoot added a post in a topic Lindsay Woods   

    I'm mentally ill too (in fact we have a very similar diagnosis lol I feel you)
    those bloggers thrive on asspats, attention (good or bad) and only bring out their diagnosis to deflect valid criticism, or to have a free pass to be generally awful human beings, and expect praise from their audience for doing something THEY decided to do (while being very tone-deaf and ignoring that a lot of their followers also deal with mental issues and probably don't even get to choose to take some time off work or wake up 9 am to go for a walk to clear their minds).
    If you do shitty stuff because of a mental illness, then you have to take responsibility for what you've done and try to use it to grow as a person. Lindsay once made a huge deal about a backpack that had something about border written on it (I think it didn't even have to do with borderline, but with frontiers), but she herself plays up the "psycho and crazyyy" persona whenever she can, as if mental illnesses were accessories or substitutes for a personality. 
    If you are an influencer, you have to take care because a lot of stuff you put out there can trigger members of your audience, or contribute to the stigma and stereotypes around mental illness (and not only that, we can talk about the quarantine stuff and how they can shape their audiences to think it's ok to go out because they were safe. Not everyone will be safe, and more people going out needlessly means more chances of infection, less hospital beds for people who actually tried their best etc). But these people live in a world where only their health matters, they don't actually take a second to think about the consequences of their words to their young audience.
    I don't feel sorry for people like this.
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  5. Padfoot added a post in a topic Lindsay Woods   

    I don't even know what is going on with her life, but is sure isn't that she is "sooo worried and sad" about everything that's happening in the world right now. But she keeps saying this whenever she appears disheveled and sad in her stories. And she always says how people tell her she is like an emotional sponge and that she feels the pain of others. I bet no one ever said this to her.
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  6. Padfoot added a post in a topic General Venus Angelic Thread #4   

    Even her simps are going to get tired of being constantly on edge because of her suicide-baiting, only to get a "teehee I wanted to die before, but now I'm doing better! Fighting uwu~" post. Those that don't give a fuck about her and only want to see her tits will get tired of the excuses she makes when she fails to deliver the promised content, and those who do care will get scared of following someone that could end up dead any minute. She needs to get off the internet and get help. Proper help, not whatever bullshit she is doing lately.
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  7. Padfoot added a post in a topic Lindsay Woods   

    "Look at you, boy, I invented you"
    says the woman who was recently with a 30-something who has years of work experience, studied a lot, was married once, has a daughter, travels the world and doesn't seem the type to feel the need to show off every single detail of his life on the internet. Meanwhile, she was begging for his attention when she did that awkward af livestream, it was visible he was uncomfortable and only wanted to chill (she was talking about his fucking penis to her underage audience ffs)
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  8. Padfoot added a post in a topic Simply_Kenna/Cozykitsune [Thread 7]   

    Lol @ her face being the same color and undertone as Grace's, but the rest of her body is olive toned 
    Oh my god, now I reached the part where Grace calls Kenna sooo artistic and creative. Yeah.
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  9. Padfoot added a post in a topic Kenna's personality and autism   

    I don't care if Kenna is on the spectrum or not. She is definitely not level 2, though. She lived her life with little support (apart from being financially privileged af), she was able to do stuff that even non autistic people can't do sometimes, and never once she or her family thought "hmm I wonder if there's something going on with Kenna", until she needed a new special identity.
    Since her "diagnosis" (more like quick assessment), she's been pushing her 3 quirks on everyone's faces everytime she has a chance to prove her autism: the fucking inside out socks, her super speshul sensitive neck and her goddamn cereal eating habits. Everything is easily disproven when we look through countless documented hours of Kenna either on youtube or interacting with her friends, her old ambitions (voice acting??)... Like, she didn't display ONE of her autistic traits all those years, and suddenly she is level 2 and can't look at a fucking camera, after years of making very intimate chatty videos by her own choice.
    The first thing she did after her assessment was using it as an excuse for her plagiarism, and tried to get back at her haturzz lol 
    If she is on the spectrum, it is not because of those forced as fuck traits she is displaying out of the blue. There's masking, and then there is making a stereotype of autistic people.
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  10. Padfoot added a post in a topic Sarah McDaniel   

    Hazel eyes can vary wildly according to the lighting, with the same eye ranging from medium brown to very light green/yellow. Some patterns and flecks are also more or less visible depending on the angle of the light, as is the sunburst thingy around the pupil, depending on how it contracts. I've seen people speculating she must have an implant on her hazel eye because it sometimes looks greener ou browner, but that's just how hazel eyes are (and I actually think hers are very pretty naturally!). Since she loves taking pictures of herself, and could probably learn to manipulate light and angles to favor them, hazel eyes would be more than enough to become kind of her "trademark", people tend to like them. But nooo, Sarah HAD to be even more unique. Probably has to do with jealousy for her blue eyed sister. 
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  11. Padfoot added a post in a topic Simply_Kenna/Cozykitsune [Thread 7]   

    Funny how Kenna feels drawn to a lot of characters who are either boys or the stereotype of tomboys* (not girly, tough, strong, unique, aloof and kinda cold), when Kenna herself is the opposite of what the characters portray. She is always wearing cute dresses and a face full of makeup and can't stand being in a field for too long because omg a *spider* appeared and scared her and Sierra, buys tons of clothes and made a "career" out of basically hauls and outfit videos, and no matter how much she tries to make free spirited cottage camping Kenna happen, we know she is a shut in that has no desire for outdoors activities (unless we are in the middle of a pandemic lol). But she needs people to read her as what she considers special. And since the whole autism fiasco she's been even more determined to associate herself with male (sorry, lil boys) characters, even when they have absolutely nothing in common with her. 
    *Being either a tomboy or a girly girl is absolutely fine, and most people are a mix of everything, people are not caricatures or stereotypes when they are healthy and confident and have genuine interests. Also you don't need to be a boy to be strong and skilled and whatever, obviously.
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  12. Padfoot added a post in a topic Lindsay Woods   

    Lindsay is currently throwing herself a pity party on insta stories, saying her therapist looked at her channel and said she looked very strong (lol what) and then started to talk about how she sometimes ends a relationship but keeps recording videos, creating content even though she is hurt, because she respects her job. Is2g, bloggers and instagrammers are SO detached from reality, they think working on bad days is out of this world, like... This is fucking real life. EVERYONE keeps working even if they have gone through a bad breakup, suffered a loss in their family, or are not mentally ok in any one way or another. But the thing is, most people DON'T have the option to postpone their work, because they have a boss and fixed work hours. It sucks, but no blogger is special because they recorded a shitty video when they are sad uwu. You are still more privileged than most of your audience in this area. These people live inside a bubble where they are sooo hard-working and dedicated and special.
    (I don't know how to spoiler on mobile, so I'm just going to warn you that the next paragraph is not only about Lindsay, but also another brazilian failed blogger that rubbed me the wrong way lately. Some may know the self claimed witch and "alt" blogger brunagadini. She became viral because of a meme from a video where she imitates a cat in a very weeby and cringy manner, like Venus' old videos lol. Anyway, she also uses her ~depression~ to justify her absolute lack of content, and appears from time to time on her instagram with millions of stories talking about how she is not feeling well, but is planning a lot of content, is writing up ideas for videos, planning outfits (???) to bring to her public. People like them think they are a gift to the earth, and that taking weeks to come up with a single video idea (that always ends up being a shitty old trend or a haul video, because "alt" people on social media have nothing else to talk about besides mass produced shitty clothing from, idk, dollskill) deserves 20 insta stories talking about hard work and what they are doing for their fans. No one fucking cares. You are not putting any effort, damn. As a bonus, brunagadini decided to make a LOT of insta stories about her weight gain due to anxiety attacks (?), how she misses her body from before the weight gain, basically glorifying thinness and being so fucking triggering, but still thinking it's super important to shove this on her followers' faces)
    Beauty bloggers live in another reality.
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  13. Padfoot added a post in a topic Simply_Kenna/Cozykitsune [Thread 7]   

    Seriously, what is it with snowflakes and wanting to be ~pail princesses uwu~? I follow another thread of a brazilian instagrammer (whiitedoll) who based her whole personality on being supposedly pale and thin. Like... Firstly, no one in their right mind gives a fuck about your skin color, it's not an achievement. And secondly, are they actually that dumb? It's the internet, people have seen your tagged pictures, you can insist all you want, but anyone with two functioning brain cells knows you don't have those naturally grey undertones. No one does lol. Most of the time they are not even actually pale, just slightly lighter than the people they live with, and NEETs. But they always make sure to write a whole sob story about how they used to haaate their perfect porcelain complexion because [insert family member here] wasn't like them!
    You can always count on Kenna to be THE most tone deaf influencer of all. Every other time and this much content flaunting her skin color would be an annoyance at most, but *right now*? That's just beyond stupid and privileged, I can't
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  14. Padfoot added a post in a topic mikan.mandarin   

    She kept using terms like "up and down", feeling highs and lows very intensely, talking about depression as an episode and alluding to a supposed cycle she goes through with her mental health. It sounded so forced to fit the bipolar diagnosis. She spent the whole video bringing attention to the fact that she is oh so depressed, but she doesn't know why! Don't worry, it will pass, but did I mention I'm depressed yet?
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  15. Padfoot added a post in a topic General Venus Angelic Thread #4   

    Her face is so edited it looks pasted on some random body. The color and texture are so different from the rest of her body, and the size is totally off. She always fucks up the size of her head, either making it big (like a child's) or making her face very small and floating in a sea of hair and forehead and 1km bangs. 
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  16. Padfoot added a post in a topic Simply_Kenna/Cozykitsune [Thread 7]   

    Little by little they all show their true colors. Bree, Sierra, whatever. The only way to be friends with Kenna is being shitty and privileged and not seeing anything wrong with what she does. 
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  17. Padfoot added a post in a topic mikan.mandarin   

    I wonder if we will see a lot of performative instastories emulating bipolar episodes from now on. Like she will suddenly appear manic, even though she has never showed anything like that before.
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  18. Padfoot added a post in a topic Simply_Kenna/Cozykitsune [Thread 7]   

    Like girl, calm down, she likes to travel and tan and you like to stay inside and use foundation 3 shades lighter.
    In their childhood pics they all had basically the same skin tone. Kenna is so obsessed with being perceived as lighter and turns it into a personality trait, it's bizarre.
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  19. Padfoot added a post in a topic Sarah McDaniel   

    She is surprisingly posting a lot of stuff about the protests and BLM since day one, without shoving her tits and crotch on her stories. Of course there is the occasional "look at me, I'm quirky and like mold teehee" story, but it's shocking to see she is not being obnoxious in a time like this. 
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  20. Padfoot added a post in a topic mikan.mandarin   

    The thing is, typical depression is not a linear stream of sadness and absolute low, there are times where a person with depression will appear "better" and maybe even getting out of a severe depression episode can leave the person feeling upbeat and accomplished, but this is not the same as mania or hypomania. It will still be under the normal range, just slightly higher than the person's average. But after a quick and possibly wrong severe diagnosis like bipolar*, the patient will probably try to fit every little (normal) variation of mood inside the symptoms, exaggerating their significance to make sense with the illness. Unless she perfectly described (hypo)manic episodes that happened in the past on a 40min appointment, it's very difficult to believe this diagnosis. Or if she was manic at the time (but she says she is depressed, so it can't be that).
    I would have never guessed she was manic or hypomanic at any time, but I also obviously have no right or training (honestly, the psychiatrists in Japan don't seem to have either lolol) to say anything, only speculate. I just hope she doesn't turn into Kenna, using her "diagnosis" as a shield for everything she does wrong
    *Not saying depression is not as severe as bipolar, it's just that bipolar is more... Misunderstood? And carries a lot of stigma (while depression seems to slowly be more accepted by society, and it is easier for the general public to understand how it works and what it does. Bipolar people tend to be portrayed as aggressive or dangerous, which is far from the truth)
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  21. Padfoot added a post in a topic mikan.mandarin   

    Oh my fucking god, so many wrong things at once
    First of all, I agree with everyone, quetiapine is NASTY. 
    Then there's the problem of Japan over-diagnosing bipolar (if you search on google, there are articles talking about it). Tbf, we've seen here on PULL that Japan sucks at diagnosing anything (cough Kenna cough)
    Bipolar (not to be confused with borderline, and it is possible to have both, eugh) has periods of highs and lows way more extended than what people believe. It is not "one day I'm sad, the other I'm happy", it can be weeks or even months on either side of the spectrum, like extreme. She didn't say which type she supposedly is, I think (or I didn't pay attention lol), but for sure she can't be type I, cause full blown mania would be very obvious. So assuming she would be a type II, hypomania can be tricky to identify as a symptom (sometimes it even looks "beneficial" but it certainly is not, both because of the stupid decisions you can make and because it means there is a crash coming soon), a lot of people actually have a depression diagnosis before the bipolar one, because it takes time (and a lot of appointments lol) to understand what is a person's "normal" and what goes lower or higher and if that actually constitutes a bipolar diagnosis.
    (Edit: when I say spectrum, I'm talking about mood/depression/(hypo)mania, not simply being happy or sad)
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  22. Padfoot added a post in a topic Lindsay Woods   

    Nope, she just wears colored contacts
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  23. Padfoot added a post in a topic Lindsay Woods   

    Aaaand they broke up already.
    I bet she is regretting the livestream she did where she was so lovey-dovey with him, trying to be all #relationshipgoals and quirky when he was clearly uncomfortable. It's always the same, she tries to rub her boyfriends on everyone's faces to make the haturzz jealous, but it always backfires because the relationships last so little. She should stop exposing her personal life so much (but she thrives on attention ), even her fans give her this advice. Lindsay is always saying how she is a very private person, but contradicts herself when she shows her boyfriends after like one week of dating and then also broadcasts fake mental breakdowns when it all ends. Very private person indeed.

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  24. Padfoot added a post in a topic General Venus Angelic Thread #4   

    So, assuming we ignore the video where she says she had sex (posted above), there are still so many wrong things with the text. Firstly, she alludes to someone other than her husband (that's not the story told until now). Then she dismisses lesbian experience (calling it "play" again, as if it was just some fetish, and then perpetuating the "lesbian sex isn't valid" thing because she is still a virgin). Then she goes on to expose someone's sexuality probably without their consent just to enhance her own story.
    Way to go, Venus. Anything for them coomerbux, rite?
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  25. Padfoot added a post in a topic General Venus Angelic Thread #4   

    "let's enjoy high school life"
    Fuck, that's so distasteful, specially when it's paired with the obviously sexual picture. The fans defending her saying she is not sexualizing underage girls are fucking morons.
    There are high school girls who end up being manipulated by older men (even their teachers) to have a sexual relationship. That is literally abuse. It's so gross. I don't care if this fetish exists, it doesn't make it alright. It's one more sign of how fucked up this world is to girls, and no one should be encouraging it.
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