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  1. Phaedra added a post in a topic Dove Cameron   

    If I were him, the timeline alone would be enough to tip me off. Anyone who has cheated or been cheated on while in a serious relationship knows that it's really hard to hide cheating. You may not have concrete proof but you just know cause their behavior changes. And then to break up with someone you were *engaged* to and immediately start dating someone else? It's suspicious. 
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  2. Phaedra added a post in a topic Dove Cameron   

    Same about the filler. I've always said when I get old and my boobs start sagging, I'd look into getting those hiked back up where they belong lol, but I wouldn't ever mess with my face or get anything inserted, be it filler, or implants, just for cosmetic reasons. The thought of artificial stuff just hanging out in my body creeps me out and I feel like my face is nice enough that even if I think some things *could* be tweaked, it's not worth risking the possibility of getting botched. Dove is a walking advertisement against too much PS and it's a shame nobody on her team is telling her how bad it is for her career, let alone her self image.
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  3. Phaedra added a post in a topic Dove Cameron   

    It's sad that the magazine already edited her photo, I'm sure, and she STILL felt the need to tweak it and make it better.and her edits don't look any better than the magazine's version so her doing that does nothing except point out how insecure she is. I'm kind of surprised she hasn't stooped to editing other people in photos with her to look worse, considering how much she seems to want to always be the prettiest
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  4. Phaedra added a post in a topic Dove Cameron   

    I remember watching, I think a Try Guys video, where they visited a plastic surgeon who said business has gone WAAAAY up since Instagram models and Kylie Jenner in particular became big and they have to explain some of it is cosmetic enhancement but a lot of it is digital filter and realistically unachievable. I really do think that despite all the body positivity stuff us millennial and gen-Zers preach, we've made the pressure for physical perfection worse than it's ever been through our social media. The sad thing is, I think its generally above average looking, very pretty girls and women who are affected most and they end up ruining their self esteem and beauty by trying to achieve such an unnatural look.
    I know for me personally, I occasionally visit the Instagram reality sub on reddit and look up old pictures of classically beautiful women like Marilyn Monroe with her cellulite and belly fat on display to remind myself that beautiful women have "flaws" because it's too easy to get brainwashed into thinking instagram beauty is possible. I imagine for women like Dove in the entertainment industry, it must be exponentially more difficult. But then as you said, when they choose to also perpetuate it AS something natural and attainable, how sorry can we really feel for them? This is why, like them or not, I appreciate celebs like Kathy griffin and Cardi B being honest about their PS
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  5. Phaedra added a post in a topic Dove Cameron   

    🤦🏻‍♀️ wow this just gets worse and worse lol! PG13 is doable but whoever heard of a PG horror movie in this decade? I googled it and the results were older 70s and 80s movies like Jaws and Gremlins, or else they were kids comedies with ghost elements like Paranorman, Goosebumps, and Ghostbusters. Which, I'm not saying they're bad movies but if you want to make a horror movie in 2020 that will actually scare people, a PG cut out of an original R-rated film will be severely lacking and it's probably going to undermine any integrity this movie is trying to have, especially for Dove who is trying to be all grown and sexy now 
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  6. Phaedra added a post in a topic Dove Cameron   

    That's true. I just thought filming a movie *about* a pandemic quarantine during a pandemic quarantine sounded suspiciously like a quick cash grab project. I'm curious about how long the movie has been in the works.
    I agree. I looked at Sofia's one IG post (for now) for her movie and there were quite a few blue check marks by people wishing her good luck and saying congrats, including Sarah Jeffery. Compared to Dove's Issac IG posts and she only has a handful of peer support and most of them just looked like makeup artists and social media influencers anyways, 
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  7. Phaedra added a post in a topic Dove Cameron   

    Well...as for the Issac movie, RJ Mitte's acting looks worse than Dove's so when it flops, I guess she can take comfort in that. Idk, it looks like the movie is trying too hard to be a campy, over-the-top kind of movie and instead it's just plain bad. And Dove is just not believable as a femme fatale  type of character because her fillers make her look like a 40 yr old who should be in Real Housewives of Beverly Hills or something.
    Granted, Sofia's project with Michael Bay also sounds terrible and like its a rushed money grab during the pandemic, but at the very least, she's doing something that's getting actual publicity outside of IG without begging for it. The latest post on the Issac IG is saying they'll share exclusive footage if they can get 3k comments which is...sad. most of the posts are struggling to even get 100 comments 
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  8. Phaedra added a post in a topic Dove Cameron   

    wtf? Why is the interviewer talking about oil, first of all, and second of all, why did Dove connect that to a monologs about mental health, and third, what editor read that and decided to keep that section for print? If Thomas interviewed her...why? What's the point and who cares? 
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  9. Phaedra added a post in a topic Dove Cameron   

    Her lips bother me as well. They look enormous on her small face. But yes, she does look like a somewhat more natural version of Dove. They could almost be twins
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  10. Phaedra added a post in a topic Dove Cameron   

    Yep, exactly this. If anything though, her father's actual full lips just accentuate how fake hers are
    Sofia released a new song recently last month and I liked it enough to add to my music library lol. But one thing I noticed is that considering how few her social media followers are compared to Dove, her spotify page has something like a million more monthly listeners than Dove's spotify page even though dove has been putting out more music and teases future songs all the time. And they basically have the same fan base who only want to listen to descendants music. 
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  11. Phaedra added a post in a topic Dove Cameron   

    I have a C cup like Dove naturally, and mine don't cleave without a good bra. Marilyn Monroe's former dresser said she was easy to dress because her breasts sat far apart too, so she could get away with plunging necklines and not look slutty. Some women are just built like that lol. But I do think Dove got implants because her breasts without a bra look kinda hard and too round - like shes always wearing a bra even when she isnt. Maybe she just has great tits but for me, the shape is the giveaway.
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  12. Phaedra added a post in a topic Dove Cameron   

    That's just Yahoo though. When I used to read their articles it felt like all the commenters were Trump-voting baby boomers and older who always comment "Who?" on any article about a celeb under 40 yrs old lol. The really sad comments are the ones on YouTube who basically say the same thing cause that's when you actually have gen Z calling her out on her bullshit when they should be her target demographic.
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  13. Phaedra added a post in a topic Dove Cameron   

    There is a 1960s movie for Lolita that isnt as close to the book as I'd personally like, mainly because censorship laws back then really held back the director and what they could do. This is the movie most people prefer, however, probably because it came first and it was directed by Stanley Kubrick, who is considered a top tier director. I think this version of Lolita is the one Dove tries to emulate and it's super cringey.
    The 1990's movie is (in my opinion) far superior. It pretty much stays true to the novel and depicts their relationship for what it is instead of romanticizing it. Humbert is played by Jeremy Irons (Scar from the Lion King lol). And the girl who plays Lolita is very much a young, immature, often bratty, typical girl given her situation. Of course Humbert sees her differently through his infatuation but the movie doesnt try to make us as viewers also see her as someone to be lusted after, which I really appreciated.
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  14. Phaedra added a post in a topic Dove Cameron   

    Slightly off topic but I think it's disgusting how much the george floyd situation has been mishandled by celebrities and influencers. I've lost count of the number of times I've seen celebrities using the protests for clout, using them to promote their products, putting up social media posts because their PR people told them it would make them look good, turning his funeral into personal concerts for themselves and meanwhile his family couldnt even get access, exploiting his youngest daughter for sympathy and martyr votes, etc.
    They've made Dove and some of her bullshit antics look like a saint in comparison, and we all know how self-serving she is. I wish everyone could regroup and get their freaking priorities straight.
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  15. Phaedra added a post in a topic Dove Cameron   

    I'm pretty sure this video has been posted in this thread already but this is probably the closest we'll get to knowing what her real face would look like, and even then, the photoshopper kept her slimmed down nose bridge: https://youtu.be/1xiHSlXjxtk
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