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  1. Puma5112 added a post in a topic Pokimane   

    lmao, what are they gonna do buy it for their little sister, cuz we know that most of her guy audience(besides the 12 year olds) are probably neck beard WK virgins. And i mean most girls that know about make up probably would want brand named not a pokis shitty ass make up.
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  2. Puma5112 added a post in a topic Pokimane   

    Damn, whoever called that it was her make up palette, y'all hit the nail right in the head. Good shit. GG
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  3. Puma5112 added a post in a topic Pokimane   

    Tell me about it, the only times she goes to his chat is to stay relevant to the viewers she got from him lol. And to get an ego boost, cuz a good amount of cizzorz viewers are girls and teenage boys. So you'll see the occasional "hi queen" or shit like that towards her. Which is pretty shitty, if you supposedly "liked" the guy.
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  4. Puma5112 added a post in a topic Pokimane   

    After hearing all this stuff about valentines day, i got 2 theories. 1) Her and Hassan had plans all along and just straight up lied. Or 2) She didnt have plans but when she mentioned in her stream, Hassan was probably lurking. Now before anybody says something like "Hassan was streaming at the same time", there have been multiple times when streamers are streaming and on another monitor have someone stream open. Anyways if Hassan was lurking on her stream when she said that, thats fucking weird. How thirsty do you have to be to lurk in someones stream and wait for her to say something like that. If the second one was what happened thats fucking creepy and disturbing. Im sorry y'all but i dislike Hassan he is a tool and thinks he knows more than everybody else in his group of "friends", but he is just ignorant and talks out of his ass.
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  5. Puma5112 added a post in a topic Pokimane   

    I seriously hope that she doesnt get nominated to streamer awards this year. She literally doesnt do shit on her stream. Its the same bullshit always. She fucking "just chats" (watching youtube content) for like 1hr to 1hr and a half, then she proceeds to play videos and be horrible in them. Thats not a gaming twitch channel. Its just fucking annoying how all these people put her on a fucking pedestal, when she is just an average egirl, who manipulates all these teenagers and fucking lonely ass neckbeard white knights. For example she retweeted a picture of someone supposedly having a dinner for 2 people and a picture of her was taped to a chair across from him. Like what? Some people are fucking weird.
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  6. Puma5112 added a post in a topic Pokimane   

    Lol the way she took that 12 hour stream thing down lol. On a side note, Cizzorz is doing a 12 hour charity stream tomorrow. Im pretty sure poki is gonna sneak in the stream and try to look like a good person after all the drama and shit.
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  7. Puma5112 added a post in a topic Pokimane   

    Dude, literally went in her stream and it was so fucking cringey. Not only was she eating but had fed there eating with her filling her hour of watching other peoples content quota that she has every stream. She is so fucking bad at minecraft too, she literally killed fed at one point while fighting enemies. Made him lose his diamond chest armor and of course he forgave her like nothing. Everytime she dances and lip syncs the music fucking makes me cringey.
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  8. Puma5112 added a post in a topic Pokimane   

    Lol this girl literally gets carried in all the games she plays 😆, league of legends by moe, aphro, her other talented "friends". Fortnite by myth, courage, cizzorz, other pros. And what does she do to thank them, she takes their viewers and makes them believe she is this amazing fucking being that everybody likes. I just want to see a podcast of all the guys she has friendzoned after they were no longer good for content. Have someone like keemstar interview them in a podcast. Im pretty sure all the guys that she "gets in bed with" business/content wise have to sign some sort of nda, right? Cuz i mean none of the guys she has been linked to in the past have said anything negative about her. I dont know i guess i just want any of the guys that have been linked to her to come out and say "poki just used me for content"
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  9. Puma5112 added a post in a topic Pokimane   

  10. Puma5112 added a post in a topic Pokimane   

    Lol so yesterday she popped into CourageJD's stream (popular streamer who is really great friends with cizzorz for those who dont know) and cizzorz was in there. He commented on the stream and you just see poki send him a "hey @cizzorz" and im pretty sure he completely ignored it, cuz i didnt see a response back.
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  11. Puma5112 added a post in a topic Pokimane   

    Here is my two cents for anyone who wants to listen. There are 3 theories here: 1) Her and cizzorz are currently dating and they just want to keep it private, especially with the fanbase they have. You know like asking stupid unwanted questions. So thats why they may have toned it down on playing(another reason for this is that they ended things or someone got friendzoned the other). 2) They never officially dated, but went out on dates. There is an example, like when cizzorz was going back to minnesota for the first time since moving to cali. And 3) They never were in a relationship, they were always just friends and maybe liked one another, but poki most likely friendzoned him like she does every guy. Cizz got tired of trying to get out of the friendzone and just let things be, so that might why neither of them visit each others streams that often anymore. Oh and the whole moki and foki things is to probably keep the fanbase of those ships interested in her and her relationships. I mean maybe she dated or they tried it out with Fed but with Myth supposedly nothing ever happened. She stated that they never even went out on an official date, did they maybe go to LUNCH  together and talk about business and shit sure. I want to point out the word lunch because most of us know that unless we are dating someone official going out to lunch with someone is just a friends thing. They arent going out, beacause why would poki be so careless to go out in such a public place in the middle of the day, if she wants to keep relationships private. I honestly feel bad for the twitch chat because there are always people who spam moki and foki and coki/joki/cizzoki(other shit), just waiting for poki to say that she is dating so and so person. And a lot of the viewers get attached to the new guy poki is interested in and after a few months she moves on to another one. Oh well, lets see who it is in 2019.
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