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  1. needsmorelensflare added a post in a topic KennieJD   

    Woah lol really? I thought I made it clear that I am mixed as well. My point is that plenty of black people are mixed. If I'm confused, you're in another world. Have you never been asked "what are you?"...? Have you never been told you can't be black because you're too fair skinned? I'm not saying what she said was problematic so much as the language around it, which is limited. That is all I can say.
    The gifs are cute, guys.
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  2. needsmorelensflare added a post in a topic KennieJD   

    In her latest video in responding to the assumption that she is mixed, she says she is "black". How innocent is that? Who gets to answer that question with "no I'm not mixed race, I'm white/black/brown"? Someone that may have a diverse ethnic background but not a diverse racial background? Someone that has NO racial diversity in their family? How many generations do you count?
    There may not be a right way to answer that besides "no", but maybe say 'just -race-' to avoid using a mixed vs pure/not mixed binary way of identifying? I don't think it's a reach to think the language can easily get problematic, but growing up I never felt comfortable putting words to my racial identity (i.e. mulatto, half black/white, part black/white ...etc). Common language makes it easy to make it about purity vs impurity. Thoughts?
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  3. needsmorelensflare added a post in a topic Eugenia Cooney aka Skeleton Queen   


    He owes her an apology, goddammit...
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  4. needsmorelensflare added a post in a topic Eugenia Cooney aka Skeleton Queen   

    Oh lawd, here's another friend.
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  5. needsmorelensflare added a post in a topic Eugenia Cooney aka Skeleton Queen   

    Dirty Dan posted another video saying that he spoke to her.
    I hope he is right, that EC admits she has a problem now. I really want to believe it. At first I thought the tweet was strange too and then even worried she was only in the hospital to deal with heart complications, that they might have to let her go after she stabilizes. We'll just have to wait and see...

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  6. needsmorelensflare added a post in a topic Eugenia Cooney aka Skeleton Queen   

    This youtuber also made a video and says he's worked with EC personally. It feels pretty unscripted and most of the beginning is about his struggles with being in the closet.
    On reddit someone also mentioned her youtube account is no longer verified.
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  7. needsmorelensflare added a post in a topic Eugenia Cooney aka Skeleton Queen   

    So then it would be reasonable to say Trump is pro-democracy? Nationalism is just super~democracy~? We won't know until they confirm it, right?
    I think how she lies about it is telling herself that there is no way she could be responsible for negative influence when she is over-the-top non-confrontational, because ~any~youtuber~ can negatively influence viewers. But as a youtuber, her actions say she is pro-ana in almost the same way Trump as a politician is pro-fascist. Deep down she knows what anorexia is, but she lies to herself about it. Deep down she knows she is lying, but she tells herself it will keep her safe. She cannot willingly let go of that feeling, but getting attention that will demand she either change her content or admit to lying is something that can set a precedent for how the next youtuber lying about their ED or other addiction while celebrating it in small ways (body checks, giving praise to those that make excuses for her, wearing skimpy outfits that she knows look ~big~ on her [and don't even try with its~her~sttyyyyllle~] and etc ...really? do I have to list it?) will be handled by platforms that won't be able to ignore the growing wave of controversy that can come with EC's death. If she started blocking anyone that brought it up, she would have been taken down a long time ago. The best thing for her and her young 'fans' is to go private for as long as she's allowed or get offline completely. Looking at Ashley Isaacs and others, EC stands apart because she manages to avoid getting her accounts banned. She has this 'air' of professionalism the others don't.
    I also still say that embarrassment is a shallow excuse for her lying which is very obviously just a symptom of the disorder and therefore has no reason or function outside of avoiding treatment. She is not recovering and trying to shy away from talking about it. She is drowning in water and calling it goddamn cotton candy. I refuse to believe she should be regarded as an ordinary victim of this disease with the platform she has managed to maintain. If she wants to die slowly, she should pick her poison and do it in the shadows. She only has her accounts because she easily and deliberately lies and no one with clout seems to want to get involved.
    'but' counter: 4
    edit: oh shit, the comment above me....am watching it now...
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  8. needsmorelensflare added a post in a topic Eugenia Cooney aka Skeleton Queen   

    Not on the biggest platforms on the internet. 1. She is pro-ana in how she willfully and purposefully lies. 2. She is not EMBARASSED, that is hilarious. This is self-harm. 3. For comfort? Did certain movies getting cancelled or delayed after 9/11 for the public's comfort? Think about what will happen when she dies. Have you thought about what kind of precedent that will set? Just because someone has a number of the signs of an ED doesn't mean they look malnourished, and there is no size or shape someone can be in to PROVE they aren't malnourished. A large percent of women/young girls will have a poor relationship with food at some point and it may take something as common as bullying at school to contribute to the development of more symptoms.
    This comment is blissfully foolish at best, if not apologetic.
    Not she herself, of course. I think if there is a chance of there being an intervention, it has to come from people on the web with clout as long as the platforms refuse to take a stand. And by intervention, I mean simply taking a stand and encouraging commentors to be kind and sensitive towards her while also rebuking the narrative that she is a healthy youtuber being victimized by the majority of comments that show concern and grief.
    In the sort-of-not news, people were on reddit saying she died, but someone else made claims that the website with a paywall that is being used for proof is not accurate and can have a 'file' on anyone. It looks like a lot more people are discussing it on reddit and youtube now (aside from 'just ler her die lol' and 'ohwel, jus giv up lol') and I agree with some people saying that her friends might have given up on her.
    I kind of wish EC would answer the question, whether or not she want strangers to give up trying to help her with a simple yes or no. It would probably pain her too much to even try answering.
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  9. needsmorelensflare added a post in a topic Eugenia Cooney aka Skeleton Queen   

    I think she is a special case. It is reasonable that everyone is surprised by her current states because at her stage in the illness she would be expected to look much sicker if not simply have died already. She thinks herself to be a model, which is very problematic. I can see young girls look at her and think "what if I could get 'that far'", because how many women can refuse help to this extent and still work, let alone be seen as professional? She is making money on her image and looks that are the result of self-harm. Even more importantly, she LIES saying that she is HEALTHY.
    So what do they learn by coming across this 'youtuber'? She's 'made it this far' without dying, she's a ~model~ and she will NEVER admit she is sick, dying or struggling from an eating disorder because that would take her a small step towards recovery. She is not only proudly getting this 'collateral satisfaction' out of self-harm that only feels more satisfying when people focus on her image and ignore her suffering, but she is also proud of refusing help to such a degree that she will lie with ease til the day she dies.

    Anyone can air grievances in a public forum for attention, so the question is are you getting or seeking professional help? Even on public forums created for people to air grievances about their disabilities or illness have to consider the chance of getting very negative or hostile responses sometimes. Don't assume people have sympathy to give. If you aren't actively seeking professional help, you need to seek people that will encourage you to do that and public forums aren't often the place for that.
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  10. needsmorelensflare added a post in a topic Eugenia Cooney aka Skeleton Queen   

    Dunno what response you expect. Are you defending her refusal to get help?

    I think without the conflict avoidance, she is not really functional. It's like she uses social skills to isolate herself and do the bare minimum for her relationships while faking her enthusiasm. She must suffer a lot of anxiety, but I haven't seen her admit something like that. She doesn't want to lose her connections, but maybe she doesn't think she deserves them?
    I just looked at another study on EDs and I think this will give another perspective.
    This paragraph is vague, but of course intervention is going to be tricky...
    50% sounds about right to me...
    Instead of seeing self-acceptance and self-esteem as important defenses, I think EC sees having them as a privilege she has to "earn".
    I think the 'collateral satisfaction' is like a high and gives the sufferer excitement that they become inevitably dependent on to ignore the chaos they feel around them. At the point where EC's life is saved and that emergency care leads to some kind of intervention, she needs to feel a sense of control amidst the inevitable chaos.
    Maybe she blames her relationships for the chaos she is trying to ignore?
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  11. needsmorelensflare added a post in a topic Eugenia Cooney aka Skeleton Queen   

    I agree with your point, but do you think she just tried proving her "hair is real" by sloppily fitting the wig on her head? I could NOT decide while watching the video whether she struggled to put the wig on because :+:*~she has such a thick head of hair omg magic~*:+: or because she is a huge fuckin liar...But I want to believe that she would have stopped when her hair started falling out. She acts so proud of her :+:glamorous and NaTuRaL hair:+:, it would not make her look good to lie with such ease
    I also read some of the comments from EC's last video and noticed the top one is from a youtuber with 400k subscribers, saying "Eugenia. It's time to get help now."
    There is still the question of whether or not the channel only makes her isolation and self-harm more comfortable than it would be without this alternate reality where she is the center of attention to hundreds - if not thousands - of strangers at one time.
    I'm really realizing now how MANY people pewdiepie sent to give her positive words and show concern for her. When I checked 5 minutes ago the video had a total of 24,123 comments and now it is at 24,372 and seems to be growing in hundreds by the minute...
    I dunno how to feel about this lol
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  12. needsmorelensflare added a post in a topic Eugenia Cooney aka Skeleton Queen   

    She did say that in the recent video in response to comments ( or even pull? ), though she's also talked about using extensions (maybe just not a lot of the time?). If that is her real hair, losing it won't motivate her to change as it will probably be too late for her to have the choice once it happens... so I guess it doesn't matter much in the end.  What worries me most is seeing this happen again, with another youtuber or 'influencer' losing their battle to an ED, addiction or some other form of self-destruction when they have so many young fans that are naive and easily influenced.
    ~Speaking of self-destruction~ I've been thinking that maybe MAYBE deep down people continue this self-harm simply for the feeling of excitement they get? Instead of getting excitement from social situations or normal and healthy activities, they only get it from self-harm (in extreme cases like with EDs and Addiction) . Some people struggling with addiction and other problems seem to do a good job at appearing measured, in-control and conscientious knowing that their weaknesses give them a sense of suspense and engagement they don't get with anything else. I had this thought while watching this video...
    Of course trigger warning, she very much has an eating disorder and the hosts can act at times (as per the culture?) as if "~you're skinny~' should always be taken as a compliment *cccrriiinngggeee* (which I personally have always hated about American culture alternatively).
    https://youtu.be/XAhHZG6q71M?t=275 (<-- starts at 4:35, skips the "omg so skinny uwu" stuff)
    The treatment she endured from family and others is seriously wrong.
    And like EC, she is ~kind and gentle~ but it works as a tool for avoiding conflicts. Her responses are pretty telling too, like "I just want time to pass by quickly". Ugh... It hurts cuz I can kinda relate to that.
    [note: the ending is also a little cringe with the audience giving 'concern points' for the friend]
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  13. needsmorelensflare added a post in a topic mikan.mandarin   

    WOW. So much of the same thing happened to me (sans the middle-eastern culture/ethnic background).
    But the truth was, I was NOT "too skinny". Just like with people that struggle with being overweight, you're often just ASSUMED to be sick or someone who's satisfied with being sick. Even if someone's weight loss or gain is a symptom of an underlying condition, it's only fair to try recognizing someone's struggle before deciding they are just making bad decisions for themselves.
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  14. needsmorelensflare added a post in a topic Violet Verdandi   

    I'm dead. "LESS" "CRACKERISH"? Honey needs some very real fucking therapy.
    Just another fraud, nothing to see here.
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  15. needsmorelensflare added a post in a topic Taylor R - videos #2   

    Oh no, I'm dumb. She said...
    "I want to make them look super big, like I just got lip injections" and  ugh... MYBAD. I must have missed the first part, but somehow I thought they were separate sentences. Wishful thinking...
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