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  1. Orifiel added a post in a topic Kelly Eden   

    I'm wondering if Phi has also distanced herself from Kelly since the two haven't really mentioned each other in a while. They seem to be doing their own thing in recent months. I think Kelly lurks both here and on lolcow because she's been putting out painting and decor videos more frequently ever since it was pointed out that her art and design content is a lot more palatable than the other crap she's posted on her channel. And I'm guessing with the redecoration of her studio, she's the only one who uses it exclusively now.
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  2. Orifiel added a post in a topic Kelly Eden   

    This. This. THIS.
    I don't understand why she can't get it through her head that if she consistently focused on the aspects of her channel that most people subscribed to in the first place (DIYs, art, design, fashion), she wouldn't be floundering for video ideas. Even if she no longer has the Fellowship to film tea parties and conventions with, she still has her own talents and style that she could bring to the forefront. And even if her personality is shitty, if she would just shut the fuck up and put out videos on artistic, nerdy, and alt subculture activities without adding her annoying verbal input, people would be more inclined to stay and view her stuff. But no, she has this baffling need to perpetually demonstrate her crappy personality traits and lack of common sense in everything she does. Her videos where she just sits in front of the camera and whines babbles on about one topic or another just showcase how much of a narcissistic idiot she is--literally no one gets anything out of that content. Has she even looked at her own channel analytics? Her most popular videos are the ones I mentioned: the DIYs, home decor, etc. No one gives a shit about your husbandos or dumbass LARP story line, Kelly. And now this Nazi camp hike and "I'm sorry you're offended" apology? I would recommend that she use her brain from now on, but I have legitimate concerns that she hasn't got one.
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  3. Orifiel added a post in a topic PONY MUA (In general and recent)   

    I found her just last year, and even though I'm not much of a makeup fanatic, I was drawn to her particularly because we have very similar eyes--including having a triple crease on our left eyelids (I needed help on how to do my eye makeup to disguise it). Given her recent two-month break from makeup videos, however, I'm pretty sure she got her left eyelid surgically fixed, which she had previously mentioned wanting to do. I think it looks great and I myself may opt for that procedure to fix my eyelid, too, but I'm noticing that she got her nose done again as well. I thought it looked fine up to last year (probably only one or two nose procedures back then), but this time it has a very unnatural look to it, especially when she turns her face at a 45-degree angle and pulls her mouth downward. The nose tip is now too pointed and the nostrils have been reduced too far--at 5:09 it's very blatant. Not knocking plastic surgery in general, and great for her if she's happy with the results, but I'm just surprised she did more work on it when it looked so good before.
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  4. Orifiel added a post in a topic Kelly Eden   

    Looks like she's going to start inching her way into K-pop fandom 
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  5. Orifiel added a post in a topic Kelly Eden   

    Yeah, she's resorted to posting a photo shoot video from three years ago, which just comes off as her desperate to put out anything that doesn't require a substantial amount of thought or effort. Her most stalwart followers are still coddling her, telling her she works hard (lol, good one) and they'll always be there for her, but that number of people has been decreasing. Somehow she'll have to figure out that she's the reason for her own YT decline.
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  6. Orifiel added a post in a topic Kelly Eden   

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  7. Orifiel added a post in a topic Alexa Poletti   

    Alexa's over-the-top cutesy demeanor does put me off a little, but I love her pastel aesthetic and wig tutorials. Out of all the "kawaii princesses" on YouTube, she's the one I find most bearable. Kawaii isn't even my style--I'm more into rockabilly/pin-up fashion--but I tend to gravitate toward people the same age as me who are open about their subcultures so I don't feel so alone in the We-Don't-Act-Our-Age Club (Alexa and I are turning 31 this year). I used to follow Kelly Eden for the pastel aesthetic, but her attitude just grated so much that I had to leave, and so I'm glad I've found Alexa. Honestly, though, are there any pastel ladies that aren't overly childish, cutesy, or conceited? I'd much rather follow such a person!
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  8. Orifiel added a post in a topic Kelly Eden   

    I'm glad some of you have mentioned her new hair because I've found it hideous from the get-go. I don't know what she was thinking when she had her stylist leave her roots in during the video of the dye process. There is no ombre or fade aesthetic to it, it just looks sloppy and poorly blended. That shade of blue doesn't suit her at all, which makes me doubly annoyed about the video when she shot down the prospect of Phi getting that hair color. And that Twitter pic of her literally looks like a Barbie I had in the 90s whose hair I completely wrecked because I messed up the color application that was supposed to give it "cool blue highlights." I had no idea I was voodoo-foreshadowing a real life human 22 years later.
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  9. Orifiel added a post in a topic Mariah Mallad / Momokun Cosplay   

    Urgh... I just spent the past three days cringing reading through this entire thread from start to finish, and it was a rollercoaster of irritation, disgust, anger, and loathing for this Momo creature. I'm a video game armor cosplayer and weapon prop builder, the farthest thing from anime and lewd cosplay, but she's so infamous that her sexual assault fiasco spread like wildfire all the way to my corner of the cosplay community last summer. Some members of my social circle who are attending Katsucon brought her up again recently when they found out she would be there, so I looked into her history and found this thread (and kind of wish I hadn't because all those turkey/blow-up doll/dry heaving "ahegao"/ratty-wigged pictures of her will haunt me for the rest of my life).
    What's most infuriating is how she steadfastly insists on being a shitty person regardless of the feedback and criticism she's gotten, but I suppose that only makes sense considering she has a wall shield of pitiful, blind, desperate followers willing to defend her to the death for reasons I will never understand. And don't even get me started on the quality of her "cosplays." I've seen people wearing goofy cardboard face cutouts look more convincing as their characters than she does.
    All I can say is I hope everyone continuously brings up receipts of her history and what kind of person she is. Since she refuses to better herself or even improve on her cosplay "skills," she deserves to have reminders of her reputation thrown at her in everything she does. Let no one forget.
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  10. Orifiel added a post in a topic Who Do You Think Should Have A Thread On PULL That Doesn’t Already?   

    Divine Munchies.
    A vegan mukbanger who has a disproportionate number of haters versus fans. She started off all right in 2016 until mid-2017, but from late 2017 onwards her videos decreased in quality, and to be frank she looks like an unshowered wreck most of the time now. Viewers frequently speculate about her dubious relationship with her husband, her eating habits, her irresponsible tendencies, her health (she had/has an eating disorder and history of drug use as a teen), and her background. She's the kind of person who would try to get out of a speeding ticket in court after admitting that she got it for reckless driving and speeding 30 mph over the speed limit (true story).
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  11. Orifiel added a post in a topic Kelly Eden   

    I agree with this so much. Her aesthetic and creativity were the reason I started following her channel in the first place, and her most recent video of her bedroom transformation is the first in a long time that I could watch without rolling my eyes or cringing.

    I laughed at this more than I should have 
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  12. Orifiel added a post in a topic Kelly Eden   

    gumxdrop: I was getting all riled up reading about Kelly's nauseating LARP backstory, but then I saw your avatar pic (Hyungwon is my ult bias) and now I'm calm again, so thank you 
    Sycorax: I'm so glad you've come to spill the tea on Kelly's LARP character. I was honestly wondering what other players thought of her because from her videos talking about it, her character sounded cringey as hell (and it was!)
    pizzabagel: I haven't seen it, but do tell! 
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  13. Orifiel added a post in a topic Kelly Eden   

    I found this site a few months back and finally created an account because Kelly has just gotten so frustrating, obnoxious, and irritating, and I need to vent. I've been following her for four years now, having initially liked her fashion and interior decor style, but each year I've been getting more and more fed-up with her attitude and shallow content. The highlights for me have been her handling of the Angelic Pretty debacle last year, her constant victim mentality, her endless whining and self-centeredness, and now her treatment of Phi. I've adored Phi from the first time she appeared on Kelly's channel. She's so down to Earth, personable, sweet, and lovely. And then there's Kelly, who always seems to either downplay or control Phi's presence in her videos. I've subscribed to Phi's new channel and hope it outgrows Kelly's so she can eventually leave Kelly in the dust. The only reason I'm still subscribed to Kelly's channel is to watch the videos with Phi in them.
    And what is with Kelly's new video titled "Ask Kelly: Why is Dating so Hard?" I haven't watched it yet, but isn't Kelly the last person on Earth to be giving any kind of dating advice? 
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