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  1. PuddingPudding added a post in a topic Pokimane   

    I don't really get why they use incel as an insult in this case/there's no reason to be really offended by it to begin with. I just find it kind of interesting that men get called incels when they're bashing women, but for some reason women get called incels when they talk about women as well? Incels literally hate women because they can't get laid by those said women, so they're saying we dont like poki cause we don't get laid by... Men? How is that relevant. 
    Regardless, the minute females say anything critical about another female, guys are quick to jump to wow jealous bitches. That's why this "omg I'm not like other girls I love all girls #empowerment you're prettier, no you, no you" is so common in egirl circles. Cause they're so scared of being called jealous by boys(their $$$ source) that they fake all this female positivity for show. It doesn't matter what people say on this forum, at the end of the day some guys/wk are going to pick the most extreme comments and group everyone as a blanket statement to ignore valid criticism.
    I've said this before but if she's gonna make half her career based off her looks, you bet I'm going to criticize her appearance when she Photoshops the hell out of herself and looks like a different person irl. If a popular fitness male Instagrammer did that with his muscles I'd criticize him too, I'm not jealous of his muscles, it's just annoying when public figures are liars and fakes and propogate impossible standards.
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  2. PuddingPudding added a post in a topic Aikuros / Hyoon / Sockgyu / Floaromaa   

    Holy moly it looks like a completely different person... It looks crazy edited too, not just her legs but her face looks like a flat copy paste onto a body 
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  3. PuddingPudding added a post in a topic Cosplay personalities   

    I don't know I feel like it's still really entitled to be so unappreciative. Follows give exposure and support, which for an online personality is the crux of their "growth". Not sure what she means by nosy but how can they also be nosy if they aren't commenting... By just following? Like what does she mean then? She doesn't owe anyone anything but nobody owes her money either yet she calls them useless. It's just a shitty attitude to have while posting shit on social media for attention... 
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  4. PuddingPudding added a post in a topic sacheu/Sarah Cheung   

    Could not agree more, although I definitely feel like some of the stuff she's been posting is immature and kinda annoying, just because one side is quiet doesn't mean they're the innocent victim! We don't know any details about why they broke up, I feel like it's unfair to assume shes a shitty cheater just cus she's talking about sex and rebounded fast. No need to slutshame her over enjoying a new relationship. 
    A lot of times it's hard to even leave abusive or emotionally manipulative relationships until someone helps you "snap out of it", this doesn't mean they need to have cheated to move on, it's not always so black and white. Not saying it was actually abusive but we have no facts so why jump to conclusions about Sarah being the awful one based off assumptions? 
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  5. PuddingPudding added a post in a topic Pokimane   

    It's pretty much impossible to complete the degree in under 3 years unless you have previous credits or degrees from elsewhere and we have no such thing as an associates degree so even if she hustled her ass off in those two years she still wouldn't be able to have anything to show for it lol
    Regardless, like you said the first two years are for rudimentary knowledge so she wasn't even doing anything harder than first/second year math which literally every stem major in every university does, and without the degree she could've been failing every class for all anyone knows so its hilarious she brings it up as some sort of testiment to her intelligence and accomplishment. 
    If that's her go-to rebuttal it really goes to show she has nothing to show for herself other than her looks (which isnt even real most of the time) 
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  6. PuddingPudding added a post in a topic Pokimane   

    OK not to wk cus I'm just as sick and tired of her shit as the next person but these kinds of comparisons literally make us look like crazy haters.
    I mean, she is hypocritical, deceptive, a liar, pander-er, swindler,  egotistical, vain, and generally a shitty person that can't admit to their own faults, sure, we can all agree on. But comparing her literally to Hitler --someone who committed mass genocide-- r. Kelly --a literal child molester and pedophile-- and Chris brown --a convicted abuser who committed serious domestic  violence-- are we actually trying to pass this off as a serious argument and fair comparison?? 
    Look, I get it, we're all tired of her shit and the fact that she's not being held accountable for it, it's frustrating to say the least, but we're just hurting our case by trying to literally compare her to Hitler, etc. She's a piece of shit but the world's not black and white. On the grey scale of shittiness she hasn't gone around trying to commit ethnic cleansing, so let's just chill on the comparisons.
    Like someone said above this isn't a hitler/rkelly/chris brown thread, can we focus back on why poki is shit in her own spectrum? You're free to believe she's evil or whatever but let's not stretch this to unnecessary lengths, she's already been proven to be shitty in her own sense, no need to exaggerate it by adding genocide and child molestation to the table... 
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  7. PuddingPudding added a post in a topic Emiru (Dyrus' GF/"Not Another Gamer Girl!")   

    What's the point of no makeup selfies if they're filtered and shooped to hell anyway. We wouldn't need foundation to smooth out skin when there's a blur tool, or eyeliner/mascara to make the eyes look bigger if you can just enlarge them, or lipstick when you can just add color to the lips using an app. Such a pointless attempt for validation.
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  8. PuddingPudding added a post in a topic Sakimichan   

    YIKES. Sorry if this was done already but this is the first time I've seen that MESS of a mercy drawing.

    How is this person being paid to give ANATOMY TUTORIALS???
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  9. PuddingPudding added a post in a topic Aria Rose / Pixel Poyo   

    As much as I agree with some of the arguments against her, (aka some of the shit she's said I passionately disagree with) this whole kinda string of call out videos seems really overly dramatic. Did she say some problematic shit? Definitely, but those were also all statements made expressing her own opinion from what seems like her own discord. It's not like she tried to spread some message via her videos advocating to use the n-word freely or that everyone should be putting white people problems over others. This person is making a call out video and includes parts that condescends her with a laughing tone for expressing her opinion and sharing her experience about reverse racism, which is the exact kind of behavior POC have been facing for ages from others.
    I think it was well expressed in the post I quoted, that in no way am I trying to say white people have it worse (I'm also speaking as a POC) but come on, there's no need to be petty towards each other and mock people's struggles and have to call them stupid in order to have a productive conversation. If the arguments were properly presented I'd personally feel much more valid about looking at her problematic statements. This video just makes me feel like I'm watching a video trying to call out Aria Rose but it's using the same condescending holier-than-thou tone that everyone has issues with Aria using to call out ethots lol
    In general I just feel like people are still allowed to have and express their own opinions that may happen to offend me, because everyone is different and has unique experiences, but is it really necessary to make call out videos calling them stupid etc? I may not agree with Aria but she was expressing her opinion in a kinda lowkey way towards her own "audience" and "fans" in her discord, if we wanna call her a drama seeker for making exposed videos on ethots, these videos are just exhibiting the same behaviour.  
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  10. PuddingPudding added a post in a topic Aria Rose / Pixel Poyo   

    No comment on the overwatch stuff, I honest don't know enough about it to say much, but was having issues with the e-girl community really that problematic? I feel like a lot of people on this forum expressed the same thoughts she had in her videos about Poki and Belle, I mean she's on this forum and everything, so it was actually refreshing to see someone make videos about it and summarize it to a YouTube audience who might not be aware of the shit/drama that goes on with the egirls they worship.
    I don't follow/know about her other than from her comments on PULL and those few drama vids but I was pretty glad someone had the balls to publically call out the egirl shit on behalf of some people on the forum who would much rather stay anonymous. She's definitely already getting shit from wks about talking shit publically, it would feel hypocritical (for me at least) to also shit on her on the same forum for voicing the opinions of a lot of us publically. Since I wouldn't want to get flak for talking about it, I feel like I don't mind her making vids about it even if it's for the exchange of some "clout" I guess, since at least the messages are getting out there? At least that's my opinion as far as the egirl vids go, I personally kinda appreciated them. 
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  11. PuddingPudding added a post in a topic Pokimane   

    Awareness is really important but I feel like there's other ways to address it more delicately than she did... She could have made a tweet, so she has time to process and can omit details of the situation? Or maybe included a donation link there to encourage people to donate when they see it without having to go through her stream? Just the way she went out of her way to make such a spectacle of it and crying on stream seemed all too convenient and disingenuous on her part.
    Just to add on also, if it was really about awareness and not a sob story for her, tweeting would have made way more sense. Wouldn't she be bound to have a wider reach/spread and alert a bigger audience from a tweet in comparison to people available at the time who tuned in to her stream? Just doesn't make sense if her goals were truly to garner awareness about drug abuse with her available influence.
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  12. PuddingPudding added a post in a topic Berry Tsukasa   

    It's probably cause the eye with hair over it is harder to enlarge while editing without warping the hair so she just enlarged the one eye... 
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  13. PuddingPudding added a post in a topic Sakimichan   

    Did this just to satisfy my own curiosity and didn't even notice the left eye melting off the face in the original until I started fiddling around with the proportions. I had to blur out Ahri cause of how messed up her face was after all the liquify to lift Sona's boobs lol I swear if she just took a step back and looked at her work critically for a few seconds she could easily correct some of the glaring anatomical issues but she doesn't bother... or sorry "its just her style"
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  14. PuddingPudding added a post in a topic Belle Delphine (Mary-Belle Kirschner)   

    Yeah, definitely not buying all this backpedaling and playing the victim either. Was she younger and more impressionable? Sure. I totally understand there is a pressure sometimes when you're immature and easily convinced. But like other people have pointed out, she was under no threat to go through with the plan, she did it purely for greed and for her own benefit. Who doesn't want easy money? But not every teen is out there scamming people for that money, even if they are immature. Saying, "oh btw I'm uncomfortable with this" after the fact is just a way for her to justify her actions to herself for being shitty, she knew what she was doing was clearly wrong. Just because a murderer says "yeah I dont know if killing people is the best thing tbh" at some point doesn't excuse them from their crime if they do it anyway. 
    Pushing the blame on to the other guy as if she was being used when she chose to be a part of his plan for monetary gain is just a shitty excuse. If nobody found out would she have come out and admitted to everyone she was "manipulated" into being a part of a scam? Hell no, she's only being front about it now because she was exposed and has to do damage control. I don't agree with the method that these "exposers" are using to try to vilify her but lets not kid ourselves and minimize her responsibility in this situation, which instead of owning up for, she's trying to conveniently push onto someone else. To me, that doesn't seem like a honest apology nor a realization of what she did wrong, just a shitty "oh but it was mostly that guy's fault" excuse. 
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  15. PuddingPudding added a post in a topic Aikuros / Hyoon / Sockgyu / Floaromaa   

    I mean, she's still a pretty girl without filters, just seems nothing like she edits herself to be.  I think having followed her for a while, she's starting to slowly be more comfortable with her own face (which is great) and posting some less edited selfies compared to before, although obviously still not as realistic as her candids.
    It's moreso a shame that girls like her feel the need to distort their face so much to fit unrealistic standards and the public begin believing those standards to the point that these fake fantasy perfect images become the societal norm when they aren't even real. Of course, she's by no means the only one guilty of this but definitely a contributor to the problem.
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