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  1. cream added a post in a topic Kooter's IG (koti.rose)   

    everyone is all over that trend rn, so i think she's jumping on the hype train as well to keep herself *interesting*
    OT: btw i can't message you for some reason, i'd like to know which vlog screencap is your signature? i dont watch the jvlogers often so idk whose vlog it is 
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  2. cream added a post in a topic Your favourite/signature perfume?   

    the new Chanel No. 5, i love it so much i feel like the scent really represents me

    this one ^ Lazy Sunday Morning, the title explained itself and me
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  3. cream added a post in a topic One makeup product that you can't live without   

    lol  but seriously, i do use them (almost) everyday
    hmm... i can't live without moisturizer because i think its the base of your makeup, if your skin is nice and moisturized then your foundation and base makeup will look amazing, and everything will look good if you have a great canvas (skin)
    but if i have to choose strictly 1 makeup product...
    i can't just choose one  
    it's either concealer or eyebrow product (gel, pencil, powder, whatever..)
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  4. cream added a post in a topic Age Appropiate Fashion   

    eeh, age appropriate huh...
    i'm wondering about this as well tbh
    a year ago, i like to dress like Dakota used to, now i'm more into edgy/larme kei ish fashion
    What i realize is that your fashion style will change as you grow up, no one can predicts that
    i used to hate jeans/trousers and stick to short jeans, now i rarely wear shorts.
    All my friends dress very plainly, eg: tshirt with jeans and sneakers, sweatshirts and shorts... While i dress like Nakamura Risa lol
    Tbh, i don't really dress my age, but when i hang out with friends that don't really dress up like i do, i also dress plainly. 
    So, just pay attention to the T.P.O (time, place, occasion) imo 
    I believe that we can still look cute in our late 30s!! (if that's what you want  like Chiaki Ito or Misako Uno like daym they're in their 30s but they still dress very cutely as if they're still in their mid 20s imo)
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  5. cream added a post in a topic PULL haters   

    lol wow
    i just watched it, the person just screenshotted the list of threads at Kanadajin and Dakota's page. They don't even know what we're talking about in here. And the comments on those videos are just funny, typical butthurt snows/whiteknights 
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  6. cream added a post in a topic General Koreaboo Thread   

    *personal rant below*
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  7. cream added a post in a topic General Koreaboo Thread   

    a lot of Indonesian girls are kboo now, i get so tired of them 
    i used to like kpop but because of fans like them (that i interacted with before), i dont anymore
    i don't get why kboos think that everything korean is great
    ot: i once was chatting with a friend in a cafe about makeup and i told my friend i dont like korean makeup products, some of them are nice but it's not up to my standards. and the girl sitting in the next table is eyeing me "how dare you". << i get this kind of reaction whenever im voicing my opinion and thoughts about korea/kpop 
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  8. cream added a post in a topic Dakota's videos   

    koots is so pretty on that music video
    i think it's good for her, to accept that music video job, i'm happy for her 
    now we have something to compare her ig pics with since some of us may have forgotten what she actually looks like irl
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  9. cream added a post in a topic Kooter's IG (koti.rose)   

    ive been waiting for this
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  10. cream added a post in a topic Kooter's IG (koti.rose)   

    i agree!!
    she looks so much better with bangs 
    she should do something with her hair
    it looks so thin
    is she .. balding? i think her hair looks so much thicker before
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  11. cream added a post in a topic Giving Back to PULL   

    it said page not found 
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  12. cream added a post in a topic Joanna Kuchta   

    *cough* whiteknight/joanna *cough*
    They aren't considered porn stars. Why is she ?
    no one considered her a porn star, please don't make assumptions that we do compare her to porn stars smh. The OP mentioned the porn star, i think, not because of her revealing clothes but to 'warn' her of her actions that she might regret it in the future, she could've deleted a problematic/scandalous picture or comment but someone else must've screenshotted it and it might be a cause of a scandal or something bad. I think, the OP mentioned the porn star as an example because the porn star kinda admitted that she regrets her decision in the past because she gets discriminated now.
    This is a huge reach that just shows your insecurity
    w-wait, you're attacking us? i see this as an 'attack'  maybe i'm easily offended so..
    You want so desperately to think that it is purely sexual attraction that people like her for but its much more then that 
    (i think you mean than but w/e) please elaborate what "much more then that" means? but personally i don't find her attractive, and her posts are kinda boring imo but it's subjective/personal preference. 
    she will not do bad in life, it would be hard for her to do so. She has a college experience and endless connections in modeling and fashion.
    tbh it depends on her "fate", which path that she choose, butterfly effect, y'know  and it's good that she have a degree or diploma, at least she can find a decent job if her modeling career doesn't work out. There's a snow where she's a HS dropout and ended up marrying her bf and stay at home. It's not bad but looking at Joanna's current lifestyle, i don't think she wants that kind of life.
    how many jobs are there that requires intense background searches
    apparently, a lot (at least where i am). The employer would want to see and check what kind of person you/we -employees- are. I know a guy that got fired because of a facebook post
    wow these insults are low 
    the OP is just stating her opinion, its not even an insult. OP complimented her even though they pointed out certain things/features that they don't like about Joanna. Beauty is subjective.
    her nose fits her face. The slope of her nose is pretty much "perfect" in the grand scheme of her face.
    what you call "perfect" might not be the same as others. Once again, beauty is subjective. If i think she's 'ugly' then she is for me, if you think that she's pretty then she is for you. You can't push your opinion to someone else.  imo she's average
    This was pretty mean though and I'd be really hurt if someone wrote this about me.
    she's a 'public figure', she puts herself out there on the internet, she should be prepared for criticism and/or haters. WE are not haters, we just discuss and state our opinion about her. It's a different thing entirely if she gets bullied, because that's not cool, but i don't see/notice anyone bullying her here 
    i'm not touching the daddy thing because things like that should just stay in the bedroom 
    I noticed that you're easily 'offended' and jumped into conclusions, you sure you're not Joanna? or at least know her personally?
    You should change your perspective, at least re read what the OP that you quoted actually said/mean.
    is2g this girl is whiteknigthing so bad 
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  13. cream added a post in a topic Berry Tsukasa   

    does she ever get tired living like this? 
    no matter how deep you bury your past it will resurface again one day in the future  
    imo she's not that pretty (even after the ps) and it looks like she doesn't have a nose since its soo bright and white 
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  14. cream added a post in a topic leulahleaf / cleoleaf   

    I know I'm late to the party and I mean no harm
    but when I searched the first name, I saw lots of ppl have the same name with diff last name cant find aything with ther full name, so its good? i think..
    I also know a guy who has the same first name
    tbh it's not that unique like one of a kind name so... yeah 
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  15. cream added a post in a topic Dakota's videos   

    she's very pretty irl 
    Tbh i cant even remember what her real face looks like since she ps her face so much, its a shame
    Dakota, seriously, you look very pretty here you're beautiful 
    So just stop with the alien ps okay? (eventhoughitsfunnybutsrslyitskindacreepy)
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