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  1. SaltShaker added a post in a topic General "non Asians pretending to be Asian" thread   

    Fortunately for Jasmine, a lot of more "tourist" destinations like Seoul and Busan have a sizable English speaking community. English is such a big part of the Korean education system, that although some Koreans may not speak English fluently, many especially in the "big cities" have at least basic English skills. So even if Jasmine did not know Korean, she would be able to get by fine.

    Also, I am SO EXCITED to see Jasmine's poor attempt at a 100 day (백일) celebration. Need more things to laugh about.
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  2. SaltShaker added a post in a topic General "non Asians pretending to be Asian" thread   

    You are completely valid in using a Korean name in Korea, if that's what was necessary. I was commenting on the fact that if you give yourself a Korean name outside of Korea, then its dumb. I hope you had a great time in Korea.
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  3. SaltShaker added a post in a topic Coco Lee / Rilaccoco   

    It stand for coco, because on the Korean keyboard the placement is z=ㅋ and h=ㅗ, so if you type zhzh on the Korean keyboard, it writes 코코(Coco). But I agree this is a lazy way to name a store.
    How are people supposed to talk about her store IRL? "Oh, I shopped at zee-h-zee-h today"
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  4. SaltShaker added a post in a topic General "non Asians pretending to be Asian" thread   

    Somewhat OT about people giving themselves "Asian names"
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  5. SaltShaker added a post in a topic General "non Asians pretending to be Asian" thread   

    What really bothers me about these Instagram people is how little research they put into their descriptions and tags.
    For example, this person has the Japanese flag on their profile description, but uses Korean hashtags? While it is not rare to be a Korean-Japanese mixed race, especially given the history of both countries, why not either state you are both on your profile and have both flags, or just the Korean flag?
    A couple of tags aren't even relevant to him: 오늘의 훈녀 = Today's Good looking woman, 먹방/먹스타그램 = Eating channel/Instagram, 피팅모델 = fitting model (clearly isn't showing off the clothes), 한강/반포한강공원 = Hangang/ Banpo Hangang park (An Area in Korea, but it clearly shows that his location is in Trumbull, Connecticut)
    Tip to race fakers: I said it before  and I'll say it again. Do more research before you make false claims.
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  6. SaltShaker added a post in a topic Edward Avila   

    Especially considering that he is "so involved" with the kpop industry, it's surprising that his Korean is still at a such a low level. This is what pissed me off about Simon&Martina as well. After living for such a long time in Korea, I would expect you to learn more than basic words. I wound expect you to be able to carry a basic conversation without relying on English. Really sucks that most foreigners can count on the fact that English is widely known internationally, so they don't feel the need to learn another language.
    Also it's really hard to succeed in the Korean entertainment industry with knowing limited Korean. From what I know, most expat Korean kpop stars hang out with their English-speaking expat stars both for language and culture compatibility. HOWEVER, they still are able to speak basic Korean to be able to present themselves well on media. IDK how Edward is able to keep up the "kpop star uwu" aesthetic when he keeps exposing himself as lazy. How are his fans so delusion to think that he has any sort of meaningful fame and connections in the Korean entertainment industry?
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  7. SaltShaker added a post in a topic Rant Thread   

    I wish professors would just assign the groups for group projects based on interest. I hate having to initiate conversation, but I also dislike having to pry about what their technical interests are, whether they are comfortable with writing English papers, and whether they are competent and driven to finish assignments on time or better yet finish them earlier. I just want a good grade, and I don't want to be a victim of some lazy asshole's plagiarizing and fail my assignments. I just want to pass! 
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  8. SaltShaker added a post in a topic General "non Asians pretending to be Asian" thread   

    They changed the rules of obtaining dual citizenship since 2010, introducing multiple ways of obtaining dual citizenship.
    I thought Jasmine claimed to be born in Korea and had a Korean citizenship already and renounced it to become fully Canadian, in which the 65 years older rule would apply. If I was mistaken about that, I apologize.
    Jasmine can technically apply for citizenship by one way: marrying a Korean and living in Korea for 3 years before applying for dual citizenship. If we truly believe that she has not been legally living in Korea or living in Korea at all, then it would be harder to prove her case.
    Spoiler has translated scripts of ways you can obtain Korean dual citizenship. May contain translation errors.
    Lol I think that was my own typo and not Jasmine's.
    I'm not used to having to romanize Korean.
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  9. SaltShaker added a post in a topic General "non Asians pretending to be Asian" thread   

    In Jasmine's post with romanized Korean, "go map sseum ni da" (고맙습니다) means thank you. But I don't think that version of thank you is fitting for a thank you reply? 고맙습니다 is of unusually higher respect for a thank you to a nice comment. Usually 갑사합니다 (gam sa ham ni da) would be sufficient, but I guess a faker like her wouldn't know that?
    Also, on the topic of Korean double citizenship, as of right now it is impossible to obtain dual citizenship as a legal adult. You may claim dual citizenship after reaching age 65, but you CANNOT get a dual citizenship if you are an adult regardless of what country you live in. 
    Source: I am a native Korean who gave up their Korean citizenship in order to obtain American citizenship. I went through many pages of legal paperwork. Fight me, Jasmine, you faker.
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  10. SaltShaker added a post in a topic General "non Asians pretending to be Asian" thread   

    I know we moved on, but it's a non work day for me and I'm bored af. 
    Providing a translation below and explaining why it's improbable that their native language is Korean:

    To all you weaboos/koreaboos lurking here: actually sit down and learn the language or get a better translator. 
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  11. SaltShaker added a post in a topic Rant Thread   

    Honestly Christmas shopping is so stressful. I've been browsing through pages and pages on eBay trying to find the best deals. Being a broke ass uni student doesn't help. I don't know how people with 1000s of friends can manage to give presents to all their friends. All these youtubers flexing their wealth as I'm struggling to find a reasonable gift to give my friends and family without breaking my budget is rough. I wish I worked tougher hours during the school year to earn more money, but I'm one of those people who can't study&work at the same time. I just wish my life wasn't so revolved around money.
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  12. SaltShaker added a post in a topic General "non Asians pretending to be Asian" thread   

    native Korean here!
    you can also use 맞아 (마자마자 if you want it to sound cuter) in my personal experience it's a bit uncommon for people to respond with "응." I find that うん is more common with my Japanese friends
    there are so many koreaboos/weaboos pretending like they're fluent in korean/japanese that it makes actual hard working students look bad along with them
    Best of luck in your studies!
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  13. SaltShaker added a post in a topic Jvloggers general discussion thread   

    I remember watching a Rachel and Jun video where Rachel talked about buying vs adopting in Japan. I think she said something along the lines of "Japan makes it hard for foreigners to adopt." Is there any truth to this?
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  14. SaltShaker added a post in a topic Coco Lee / Rilaccoco   

    I'm not an official translator, but I tried my best!
    Personal thoughts below:
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