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  1. wonder9934 added a post in a topic Cosplay personalities   

    sorry i didnt even realize! Fixed it now
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  2. wonder9934 added a post in a topic Cosplay personalities   

    I can not stand this girl. I didn't think id ever have to log back in to this site but time and time again Katie keeps popping up being a bitch. How she still has 40k+ followers when shes such a shitty person blows my mind
    In context this is on concrunch's post about people telling you about another cosplayer whos costume of the same character as yours is better.
    Regardless of the post context to outright assume a "high ratio" of people at cons are on the spectrum, to call them Aspies and just act like an overall ableist is incredible. This hot take of hers should have stayed in her underdeveloped brain.

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  3. wonder9934 added a post in a topic Cosplay personalities   

    She was on that trash show Heros of Cosplay so that probably has something to do with why shes verified over people with 6 digit followers.
    Heres a more well crafted story from her to try and justify her actions. Of course shes had time to think up details to make herself seem less garbage and shes tried her best to justify and brush off her actions that she was- just tired, it wasnt that much tea, the tea wasnt hot, omg if you followed me youd know blah blah. 
    Also, these other caps are really old but someone shared them in the thread from the recent drama. In them its basically brought to light that while she was judging at a European convention(?) she later held a panel and told all the people in there why a specific contestant (using his name) didnt win. In her mind making intricate armor isnt a skill and only sewing counts to her (and she can totally tell when its your 1st cosplay just by seeing a picture bcuz shes amazing). So clearly shes always been the type of person to put down others and act "above" them in some way. To add, in her stint on Heros of Cosplay she couldnt finish a single costume in time so her appearance on the show was absolutely pointless.
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  4. wonder9934 added a post in a topic Cosplay personalities   

    Posting this new cringe fest here. Cosplayer Katie George aka KatieCosplays on Insta decided sharing this story was a good idea.
    She has since deleted all of the story but luckily a twitter user got caps before she could. Post is image heavy!
    I love how her story changes from "so i threw my matcha tea on him" to "half a cup of water (with a tiny bit of matcha in it)" after getting backlash.
    I unfollowed her a long time ago after she posted this gross yellowfever gem and luckily someone else had a cap of it to remind me it actually happened so I can share it here lol
    I mean literally, my brother is dating a japanese girl i cant wait to be an aunt to a halfu?? what the f is that  
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  5. wonder9934 added a post in a topic Cosplay personalities   

    Oh yes I should have specified above the photo, thats the cosplayer that the comments were left on.
    Edit: I forgot to add, the OP of that tweet made a further tweet saying honestsama called her a 'penny' because of her brown skin. So not only did they slut-shame they were racist about it as well all in one small comment.
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  6. wonder9934 added a post in a topic Cosplay personalities   

    Some new things that unfolded. Honestsama went private almost immediately, does anyone know more about this cosplayer? The original poster's comment was on this cosplayer who was called out today for brownfacing and swore up and down it was her natural skintone but yet still deleted the photo and made a story about 'dont like dont follow!'

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  7. wonder9934 added a post in a topic Cosplay personalities   

    In regards to Alyson its just my opinion as a fellow cosplayer. I find that someone who gets the kind of recognition she gets and does tutorials and stuff that people pay for via patreon donations she could teach and share better methods. I mentioned coloring her wigs with acrylic paint (as seen in her Lightning Wig video) and this makes wigs crunchy and gross when there are better and equally inexpensive ways to do things. She made her wonder woman torso out of what i can only assume is a sponsored material called Treeflex then covered it all in resin and stuff. Her methods just arent good or updated, she ends up with results that work well enough that no one questions them but even Kamui has moved to using more foam and offering proper tutorials with good technique and stuff. Again, its just personal nitpicks of mine but there are plenty of cosplayers with higher #s that do lackluster jobs and are only getting attention due to looks or a viral post here or there, but i also didnt really mention anything outside of my opinion that would have 'dirt' to provide to you so im not sure what youre looking for.
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  8. wonder9934 added a post in a topic Cosplay personalities   

    New member but long time lurker! I posted in this thread a while back but it never actually showed up so heres a 2nd try!
    There are tons of cosplayers that are so incredibly fake or blown out of proportion. Alyson Tabbitha is one of my big pet peeves. This girl makes money cosplaying but uses some of the worst techniques and materials to make her cosplays. Acrylic paint to color wigs? I mean thats just bad and gross advice. She could do better. Also she very clearly photoshops JUST enough to change her features up without being too noticeable and passes it all off as the power of makeup. Im not buying it.
    Another I absolutely cant stand is Mango Sirene / Fawnina. I was a long time fan but after reading her LC thread I was disgusted by the things that came to light about her. Her and her friends that did nothing but push positivity and friendly community were bullies and harassed other cosplayers. Then after some half assed apology on the thread she disappeared a few months and came back under a different name without ever telling her fans/followers why she ran away. It was clever to disguise it as just taking a break but I think its because once you google her username that thread and the pics in it were the first things to show up. Her cosplay buddies like Byndo Ghek (sp?) also chimmed in and bullied but no one seemed to really atone for those actions and I feel bad for the people who were on the receiving end.
    I could go on about so many other things and cosplayers, the community has just gone down hill with the bigger name/following ones being the biggest jerks 
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