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  1. Minaho added a post in a topic Blackpink (formerly Jennie Kim thread)   

    i know but i thought it was already in english before publishing lol
    thanks for letting me know because I would never notice it alone
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  2. Minaho added a post in a topic Blackpink (formerly Jennie Kim thread)   

    Guys, do you believe I didn’t realize it’s not written in English? ignore it
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  3. Minaho added a post in a topic Blackpink (formerly Jennie Kim thread)   

    it is sad how all the achievements of bp are reduced to views (the blinks talk about 1b always / yg always posting an image congratulating another 50/100 M in some mv) or coachella. Even their sales didn't seem extraordinary compared to other ggs and i-blinks know that their Korean audience is small today
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  4. Minaho added a post in a topic Blackpink (formerly Jennie Kim thread)   

    I'm surprised that it didn't generate #respectjennie again. I think that blinks should have a limit of hashtags per month.
    almost as funny as the meme is the blinks saying it was 2 years ago. Didn't they watch the performances in Japan that year? lol
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  5. Minaho added a post in a topic General e-Artist thread   

    it is refreshing to read this because in my country's artistic community they treat tracers in such a bland way. They say it is only children and that it serves as learning, but I do not understand what is possible to learn if you are copying the same image and coloring in the same way (moreover, I don’t understand why they don’t say anything just because they are children, they will continue if they don’t learn that it’s wrong. The kpop fanart community - which is mostly just edits / photomanipulation- is pretty much it)
    (sorry if something sounds strange, i'm using google translator>: p. i don't have anywhere else to comment on this since the artistic community is passive-aggressive anywhere in the world)
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  6. Minaho added a post in a topic Blackpink (formerly Jennie Kim thread)   

    I'm sorry if I seemed to say that her vocal shouldn't be judged, I expressed it poorly. I just don't understand why she has so many vocals, I even saw some blinks are bothered by it.
    I just think that as she receives so many vocal lines, jisoo ends up appearing a little useless to the group, since she is part of the vocal line but only have the recycled rosé lines (I know that she has already been commented that she doesn 't have a good technique but blinks and kpop fans in general don't notice these things).
    (and what I said about her probably wouldn't stand out as much as a soloist if she were more vocal instead of rapper, as Solo was)
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  7. Minaho added a post in a topic Blackpink (formerly Jennie Kim thread)   

    Why are blinks (and yg) so obsessed with vocal jennie? She's MAIN RAPPER but she sings so many times that Lisa looks more like a main rapper than she does. And Solo should be where she shows it because she is the "best rapper of all kpop" (like hello bitchs and the baddest female since she is a cl 2.0) instead we have a generic song with 0% rap.
    Yg used bp to leverage jennie's solo career but why does he do it that way? There are already several popular kpop soloists (sunmi, somi, chung ha, park bom ..) and some with really spectacular vocals (taeyeon), it would be a lot of dispute for jennie. Now there are few female rapper soloists ... in the mainstream of kpop (? Does it make sense?) I think there are only Yezi, Jessi and Heize, it is less disputed and easier for her to be successful. I don't think Jennifer's rap is amazing but I don't understand why they try to force her into positions that are not hers (dancer, vocal ..)
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  8. Minaho added a post in a topic Blackpink (formerly Jennie Kim thread)   

    kkkkkk bro what the fuck is this? I've seen covers better than that. Wow, amen that she got better (at least they say) because I would be pissed if I were a group member and one of the members didn't seem to give a damn (or pay to see that too) it's no wonder that the group's energy was destroyed
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  9. Minaho added a post in a topic Blackpink (formerly Jennie Kim thread)   

    I understand what you mean by vibe, but I don't think she has it. Sometimes I notice the back dancers more when I get tired of looking at her. What I think happens to lisa is that she has a good body and wears very nice clothes, it is like watching a model dancing, apart from the camera movements that help to energize the video.
    Not disparaging her opinion but I just think she doesn't have the vibe because her movements are very hard (if it makes sense) and I don't feel her expressions very much. I would say that her fame is more blinks exaggerating what she is than real merit (I remember when an article by a well-respected choreographer in kpop came out saying who the 3 best dancers were and people were surprised that lisa was not there)
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  10. Minaho added a post in a topic Blackpink (formerly Jennie Kim thread)   

    jennie is not yg's princess, she only received a solo first, she already had 3 songs before her debut, she is the only one who wrote songs and was credited (stay and solo), and apparently is the only member who will collaborate with lady gaga
    But she is not the princess of yg.
    If that's true, I want to see the mental gymnastics that blinks will do on twitter to believe that Jennifer has no privileges and is the most abused member of BP. Blinks are right when they say that bp is not the new 2ne1 and the groups have nothing in common, bp is the new miss a
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  11. Minaho added a post in a topic Blackpink (formerly Jennie Kim thread)   

    If that happened it would be like when a student pretends to be doing the lesson in front of the teacher but in fact doesn't know anything and is just waiting for the class to end.
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  12. Minaho added a post in a topic Blackpink (formerly Jennie Kim thread)   

    so ... the blinks in my country are furious because the winner is getting a full album and the bp had their comeback canceled by the corona virus. It is not even in the trends of the world but I do not doubt that blinks from other countries raise a hashtag too.

    "five mvs in less than a year, two comebacks, Japanese promotions, solo work and now within a year they will have their third comeback

    blackpink in that same period won an mv, a mini, a recycled japanese album and zero solo works
    #BlackpinkFullAlbumNow "

    "bastard, son of a bitch, I hope you die with the corona virus, male asslicker, I HOPE THIS COMPANY EXPLODES #BlackpinkFullAlbumNow" (To yg)

    also, a few days ago i saw a blink who said that bp may not even have a comeback this year and i think it is a lucid thought. I think yg will kill all the bp hype for when their contract with the company runs out they have to sign with them again, because they would no longer have a fandom that would support their solo careers. They are only 3 years old, right? In 2020 they would not receive any content, 2021 a mini album, 2022 nothing. I don't know if I expressed myself well

    I really wanted to know how blinks know that pinks are songwriters. If yg doesn't credit them how will they know? They would never talk about live (they barely live)
    Songs that I saw blinks saying that bp did (actually Jennie and Lisa because they are just great composers): Stay, birthday by somi, the rap part of sure thing, solo, lisa's rap in aiily, the Korean part clarity (although I have also seen that it was the jisoo that wrote)
    a quick look at twitter and that was the only ... evidence? that I thought they wrote something

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  13. Minaho added a post in a topic Blackpink (formerly Jennie Kim thread)   

    This. Didn't Yg see when jyp promoted suzy more than miss a? It is a clear example of why you cannot promote a member more than the group (even if it is the face /visual). BP has more stans solos than real blinks (ot4) and they will not support their solo careers (maybe even send hate to the pinks considering that they fight all the time on twitter)
    The only way I see that yg thought this would work is because cl was the most popular of 2ne1 but it didn’t affect the dynamics of the group and fandom, and as bp is 2ne1 with another name he must have thought it would happen the same thing (ignoring that the other 2ne1 members were also charismatic and captivating and that they all had a real friendship, and the bp is just sad)
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  14. Minaho added a post in a topic Blackpink (formerly Jennie Kim thread)   

    I don't think these groups do the girlcrush concept better than bp, for me they are all on the same level. The problem is the discography, groups launched last year have already reached the amount of songs from bp. In 1 year they did work 4, or rather, YG needed 4 years to do what these companies did in 1. It was for BP to already have something unique (that would be built over years) that distinguished them of these new groups girlcrush, instead they remain as basic as they started. Itzy is closer to being unique than they are right now
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  15. Minaho added a post in a topic Blackpink (formerly Jennie Kim thread)   

    For a while the topic was speculating whether lisa could pursue a solo career, or better saying, if she would have the ability since she rarely sings. I found this video on youtube "lisa vocal line" and putz, she needs urgent vocal training. It may just be my impression but she seemed to be out of breath / forcing her throat when she needed to do more than talk-sing (and I don't consider the ktl excerpts because for me it's rap)
    (sorry if something sounds strange, i used google translator)
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