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  1. ozark added a post in a topic Pokimane   

    I'll just say this, for her to destroy any chances of winning over LSF by staging a fake fight/falling out with Hasan. Just so she can go on dates and deter people from thinking they were ever in a relationship is laughable. The girl lead on Hasan, that's it. The man wanted something with her for sure and she didnt or maybe she did want something but that changed.. she got bored of him (The man is boring as fuck, good looking but hes a fucking robot) and she cut ties. I lean to the leading on bit way more. She had her fun, now shes moving on.. Hasan called her weird because she admitted useing shipping culture in the past. He also questioned her motives, which is a shot to her image. So no they arent faking..the fact he went on a date and screwed someone is probably him moving on from her. You'll get em' next time buddy...
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  2. ozark added a post in a topic Pokimane   

    Yeah, re following is so damaging right now. But its evidence from her tweet that they had a thing and she ended it. But that's going far, she never unfollowed any of the other guys she had a thing with. Crazy.. Hasan must of fucked up, pretty bad with her.
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  3. ozark added a post in a topic Pokimane   

    lol, Hana stayed in LA. Poki and Fed are on Vacation in Cannes, France. Heres her latest IG story posted today. https://streamable.com/6jbf2 
    EDIT: My program fucked up the upload to stream lab.. but it's just a still picture on her Instagram story. Sorry again.
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  4. ozark added a post in a topic Pokimane   

      First. Im pretty sure his friends commenting on what was going on during their time in a club, alone makes Hasan uneasy. Seeing as..
    1) Just him talking to girls, or even trying to take a girl home would lead to people speculating on his personal life hence why he could see it as drama.
    2) He might not want Poki to hear hes hanging out with girls at clubs, though she goes to parties without Hasan all the time, so dunno about that. But that might be why he told his friend to be chill and not start drama.
    Someone mentioned her being in his chat after he went clubbing a day or so later, and thats a indicator that they are seeing each other. Which isnt always the case. Either Hasan and her are being more careful. With sitting or visiting each others chat (Hasan hasnt been in her chat for about a week) and she on occation sits in his chat but rarely speaks. 
    If you guys remember how she started off with Cizzorz, she was super engaged in his chat. Gifted his community tons of subs and then after the months passed on she just sat in his chat and spoke on occasion.
    I feel its going to be the same here again. Look at how much she chatted in January till march. Now once in a while she will say something in half hour to hour intervals, or she will be absent from his chat all together, thats not to say shes not texting him. Just saying when he Flipped out and got triggerd the other day at his chat. Many people were begging Poki to calm Hasan down, yet she didnt utter a word to him in his chat. But in reality, she leaves her twitch open while doing things around the house or hanging out with room mates. there is chat logs of her saying that shes playing fortnite or doing her hair. So when she is in his chat, shes not really there all the time. Take that as you will. Makes it seem, like she lost some interest in the man. (shrug) 
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  5. ozark added a post in a topic Pokimane   

    I like how poki doesn't like it when people get nosy and in her business, yet there she is trying to look at whose texting Fed when he checks his phone. https://www.twitch.tv/videos/431443546?t=00h59m29s
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  6. ozark added a post in a topic Pokimane   

    People are so naive.. Believeing her of all people.. She can give you any story she wants to keep secret her personal life. lol.
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  7. ozark added a post in a topic Pokimane   

    I dont know about you guys. but i watched a bit of her stream the other day. Fed was sleeping in her bed and she was messing with  him. Needless to say, I got a vibe from him that he was getting sick of her. Especially when you make a Mii of him and go nuts laughing and making these cringy jokes, the guy at one point tried to leave to get some food and she started going off on him because he didnt want to stay and make a "Mii" of Poki. She was trying to make the guy feel bad by saying, "Chat, Hes picking food over Me.. and not only me.. but also all of us.." Like wtf does that mean? he left kinda annoyed with her. He said other choice things during that around the 1 hour mark if anyone wants to check it out. 
    Thats what she gets for leading on Fed. The guy does so much for her, hes put up with alot of Pokis shit. And I want to think was one of her closes friends till she started playing with him. Now the guy is probably thinking twice about hanging out with her, seeing how toxic she is and him finding that out for himself (Hope he's losing interest in her by now). You could tell she was trying very hard to get him to laugh and enjoy her company, but all he wanted to do is lay in bed, until he got hungry and left, probably couldnt take anymore of her annoying self.
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  8. ozark added a post in a topic Pokimane   

    I agree with this. I wished Fed knew his own worth. The guy isnt a saint, no one is. But the man is taken for granted everyday especially seeing how personable and well liked he is by every. Tells you hes an awesome guy and a great friend. Poki really relies on the man too much and for the most part the focal point of her life. Her streams almost always has a mention of Fed or him showing up to hangout or her calling him. The guy needs to understand that he is way more important to her, than she is to him in their day to day. And he can move on. Im confident in saying the minute Fed finnally starts dating a girl, she will act up with Fed and be unhappy, just because his attention isnt hers anymore.
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  9. ozark added a post in a topic Pokimane   

    People cant be too harsh on  Casa, were in the game of speculation. wondering what a subtweet means, if people are upset with her, or what are her motives. We're always going to speculate and interpret. The fact is shes gain from doing shady things, thats it. I myself have gotten somethings wrong in the past, but ive gotten alot right too.
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  10. ozark added a post in a topic Pokimane   

    Well seeing as Fed and like 75% of his friends left for EDC ahead of Pokis flight landing. While Janet, Toast, Lily, Yvonne, Sean and Celine stayed behind. Im assuming to wait for Poki. Just look at kittyplays IG story.. lol
    Poki just dosent like Fed getting close to any other girl. Theres a few Screenshots of her sitting in his chat, watching his interactions with other girls on stream. Leena Xu, Quarterjade to name a few. Not to mention she has to get jealous seeing Lily and Yvonne have this genuine friendship with him. I guess she expected the man to fall in line and continue to give her affection and attention. While still being friendzoned. And watch her get comfortable with being with Hasan and having him on the back burner for emotional support. Guess thats not working out too well. The man has relapses, but thats when hes tipsy or drunk he gets into his feels and wants to get witg Poki. But other than that.. 
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  11. ozark added a post in a topic Pokimane   

    Im pretty sure ive gotten my facts straight many times. my track record is pretty good. I guess you watch way more of her streams than i do. 
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  12. ozark added a post in a topic Pokimane   

    Anymore proof that Poki is fake, Janet wished her a Happy Birthday. And Poki responded that she loved her so much, and "MISSED" her so much. And couldn't wait to see her again. oh look Poki flaked out on going to EDC and hanging out with her friends yet again. Even when Fed planned the trip and bought his close friends tickets. He even said back on one of the offlinetv podcast that for sure everyone in the house was going, except Albert. But Poki is now planning things because shes not going anymore. Surprised.
    The biggest chance to see her BEST friend and she flaked out. She really didn't care to see Janet. Thats laughable to even think she was being sincere. What a great friend.
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  13. ozark added a post in a topic Pokimane   

    Dont think so. She made that comment about being sad, like 5 to 10mins before Her dono came up in Sodapoppins stream and him roasting her.
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  14. ozark added a post in a topic Pokimane   

    You ask.. you shall recieve. Pokimane getting roasted by Sodapoppin infront of 50k viewers. http://www.twitch.tv/sodapoppin/v/425223460?sr=a&t=21190s
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  15. ozark added a post in a topic Pokimane   

    I was watching his whole stream. He said "Well not yet, there's a time for that" because someone in his chat said "Ah getting those Boy Friend points, huh Fed?" he reads out the message. But yeah, this guy is betting on Hasan being boring or he knows something we don't for him to keep this notion and hope. That he will get with Pokimane. Or hes playing everyone. making it seem hes madly in love with her. but in truth is sleeping around and dosen't want his business out there. And this is a good cover for that. which is big brain if you ask me.
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