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  1. ozark added a post in a topic Pokimane   

    Thats some next level shit. But that convo, tells you outright that Poki cares what Fed thinks about her and really dosent want the guy to hate her. Even after all the shit hes been put through by her, could you blame him? He seems more indifferent to her, dosent really care to be around her as much. Which, Im sure fuels her suspicion and fear that he might infact not like being around her anymore.
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  2. ozark added a post in a topic Pokimane   

    This. You are right I am no better.
    I'm just giving my opinion. If I was snooping around worrying about peoples personal lives (lets be honest people are always commenting about that or what shes wearing/acting) I would of posted something to start up a circle jerk, but there I was replying to someone's comment. But its cool. lol.
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  3. ozark added a post in a topic Pokimane   

    Because I know people around PULL that are invested in this shit, I get into discord or PMs and ask them? I like to be informed before I look like a complete ass. You can also log shit to see whose a mod, whose sub. Again, being informed isn't bad. Why I comment on this shit, I haven't had a clue, at times this website bores me. I read some shit that is so superficial it isnt funny. But it is a gossip website so whatever. Is that good for you MN97?  
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  4. ozark added a post in a topic Pokimane   

    I hate to beat a dead horse here, and I can give two shits if Hasan and Poki are still fucking each others brains out or not. But Hasan and Poki are still Mods in each others chats, they stilll are subbed to each other. Shes starting to return to his chat, just saying a few things here and there. People have donated to her asking why she's not in Hasan's chat anymore. And she said people were rude to her at times. And in truth, there was a few people in there trying to expose her relationship with Hasan. Saying shit like, "Hasan Clapping Pokis Cheeks" stuff like that. I saw some of the spam. Was some grows shit talking about her dating an "Old Commie who fucked Pornstars" and how proud her parents must be. Sick shit, I can understand why she wouldn't show her face, one.. to see disgusting shit like that. And two, knowing people are noticing you hovering around Hasan.
    Hasan has been erratic now, sometimes streaming super late.. but starting around the same time. I'm not saying, Discord logins and people showing up on Discord and times they log off is a clear indicator if theyre seeing each other. But it was very weird to hear him say he had a party and club to go to at 8pm, I feel he did a "EU Friendly" Stream starting at 11am to make sure he could go with Poki to that show. Pokimane then logs off as he gets off stream to later come back on discord around midnight (I was told this buy some other PULL member) and see her IG story that she went to a comedy club just 15mins after Hasan himself IG storied at around the same time that he was at that party he needed to go to when he logged off at 8pm. For him to just log off discord a couple moments after Poki after midnight, which just dosent add up I feel he just showed up for a bit, made the story and then dipped. Makes you wonder, huh? Again This could mean nothing.  
    But if you were ghosted, you wouldnt only just leave the person discord. Poki left Hasan's discord, she had his VIP role so it was easy to see that she left. Which Hasan went on stream to bitch about.. funny.. (be very public to show a falling out). So he also left her discord.. again to play out this falling out. You would also stop subbing to her, and you would also take their mod privileges.. seeing as Emeraldust said "Hasan isnt like Fed" then he would be alpha and stop allowing her to mod.. but he has shown up in her chat to say things.. I dont think they are done.. in my opinion.
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  5. ozark added a post in a topic Pokimane   

    Wasnt she the girl Destiny was fooling around with? Saw her a few times on LSF, clips of her and Destinys GF (Destiny is in a open relationship) kinda weird for Fed to be interested in a girl his buddy was banging. Lol, I saw her playing DnD with Destiny too.. she even hosted him during the session. Also Hasan was throwing shade at him a few weeks before Twitchcon,  for questing the girl.. saying "hes just out fucking anything, being a real chad out here." Lol. Good one. 
    heres Destiny talking about his "friend" Katerino https://twitter.com/ModalSevenths/status/1184004488278863872?s=19
    I know its OT, but nothing against the girl.. Fed is easy to read, he likes a girl hes liking pics, tweeting at them. And hes basically said what he likes.. a "ambitious. Smart, and driven person" and while I dont know this person, it seems to me, he made another female friend. This time someone to play League or games with, seems like a Fuslie or Lily type friend he hangs out with alot, like Yvonne. But good for the man if he found someone to vibe with that isnt Poki, anyone is better than pokimane.
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  6. ozark added a post in a topic Pokimane   

    yeah it does look like she wrote that, also it looks like hr replied with "Babe.. -_-"  or Babe 😑 <-- that face after she said that. So the guy who dumped her came running back after almost 2 years. Damn. Makes sense Bjerg did joined Saint viscious when he visited the offline house back in september when he showed up in Scarras stream, saying he was there to barrow a piano from Albert. Funny that Poki was following around Bjerg like a puppy on stream in scarras room. So maybe they got back together. No wonder Hasan has been streaming super late and looking and tweeting all depressed. Lol. Poki loves to hop around dosent she? Now it might be back to Bjergsen.
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  7. ozark added a post in a topic Pokimane   

    Dude, you really like stearing everything back to Fed and Poki are dating, huh? 
    why would you want that for Fed? Shes a horrible person, even if you wanted Fed to be super happy, and maybe Fed thinks he would be happy with Poki. But You can see, thats furthest from the truth. She constantly belittles him and anyone around her, but especially him. Manipulating him and abusing the man, just because hes super in love with her and its easy for her to do so because of it. You need to stop Gamerbrat, and hope that Fed can stop and realize this, so he can walk away from Pokimane and her toxcicity.
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  8. ozark added a post in a topic Pokimane   

    I only liked ur comment, because you can hear someone else laughing on one of Feds Instagram story. Who knows if its Pokimane tho. But good ear.
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  9. ozark added a post in a topic Pokimane   

    She pretty much had 1 meet and greet, what shw did for the 6 to 8 hours, no one knows. You usually go to TC to meet people and do a panel or 2. Yet there was no such thing. She didnt say anything other than 1 meeting. So what other commitments did she have? Came to TwitchCon to do buisness? Unlikely.
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  10. ozark added a post in a topic Pokimane   

    Yeah I felt that tension man. Poki dosent like Jade at all, and for her to be sitting there in Fed's room hanging out, probably didn't sit well with her. But the mood changed when she came in that's for sure.
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  11. ozark added a post in a topic Pokimane   

    I found this kinda interesting. https://www.twitch.tv/videos/485081676?t=08h32m01s I can see Poki just ghosting people like Hasan. But then again, they could be trying to be more lowkey with being seen or talked about. Lol, this shit is funny. Karma if you ask me.
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  12. ozark added a post in a topic Pokimane   

    Man It sucks to see Poki around the Just Kidding crew. I watched them back when it was just Bart, and Joe with their buddies making dumb videos.. way before Geo and the rest of the girls. Miss David and Tommy.. sad to see Julia and Tommy end up like they did.. they seem like a good couple.. but that drove him to walk away from the crew. Anyways sorry, these people were my OfflineTV back before streaming was big. Sad to see Poki around some awesome people.
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  13. ozark added a post in a topic Pokimane   

    Its so funny to me how much these guys on twitch who grow to have almost 10k viewers, are always "dick in hand" to get pokis attention. I just saw Joker send his chat to ask poki to call him on discord. Then i see Fitz lurking, watching pokimane. Its like they run to get this chicks attention even though if you werent a big streamer or someone she can leech from. You wouldnt even be on her radar. Fitz is the latest to play up being ship with her, as she get his fans to follow her and sub. God these people are idiots. Greek was shit talking him and poki defends this dude she barely knows acting all fake nice. Lol, I remember Fitz saying he was looking forward to seeing her at Twitchcon. How you want to bet she curves him like she did Vader. And stay around Hasan and Offline? Poor idiots thinking shed be into them.
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  14. ozark added a post in a topic Pokimane   

    what does that suppose to mean? I mean, the girl isnt right in the head. She drives relationships to the ground and then acts like a victim. Bitch, maybe she should stop and think to better her self. Then dick hop to a guy every couple months. Either way id hoped these 2 would get to a point where one cheats, lets be honest.. poki would be the first. How much of a flirt she is.
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  15. ozark added a post in a topic Pokimane   

    I hope for his well being that he did sign up with 100Thieves as a content creator, and it wasn't a staged thing at the start of the Vod. "Oops mic is on for all that secret stuff guys.." BS. It will be great for him to get away from Poki and that house. The only thing those "Friends" ever do is bully the hell out of the guy, and don't stand up for him when Poki is being a total evil bitch towards him. I hope its true and he can move on from these people.
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