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  1. Sasuke Uchiha added a post in a topic Michelle Moé   

    I took a break from my hiatus just to respond to this nonsense
    Coming from a black person transitioning to natural  hair herself, it's hilarious that you're here going off on her trying to look blasian and using black features as aesthetic when you lowkey don't seem to know what black features look like lmao. A short curly wig =/= afro my friend, 3A/3B fros are shaped way differently that whatever the hell is on her head in that video and she doesn't look remotely Blasian at all. Also, just because your hair doesn't look like that, doesn't mean it's gonna be the same for everyone else. 
    Sorry if I'm coming across as a bitch, but nonblack people crying cultural appropriation for black features when they don't have a bloody clue on what they're talking about gets me pressed.
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  2. Sasuke Uchiha added a post in a topic Unpopular opinions   

    ay congrats fam, then what I said doesn't apply to you, thanks for letting me know 
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  3. Sasuke Uchiha added a post in a topic Unpopular opinions   

    Anyway some more unpopular opinions from this rogue ninja:
    kpop twitter is cancerous bruh there are people out there making tasteless edgy jokes about someone's death i hate it manAlthough y'all see me in the akidearest thread a lot, I actually don't mind her that much and she seems like an okay albeit cringey person. And some of ya'll give me the impression from your posts there that the only reason you don't like the girl is because she's fuckin around with Joey, who's cute lolHonestly A LOT of y'all give me the impression that the main reason you're hating on certain 'snowflakes' is because you're jealous/bitter about some aspect of them. It shows in the level of pettiness in your posts lol. Cut that out kids, it's not healthy to be extremely jealous over random ass people on the internet, especially the ones discussed here of all places.Speaking of, I saw someone describe this place as being girly Kiwifarms, and while they're not 100% wrong, they aren't right either. There's a difference in how KF and PULL treat their lolcow discussions. KF plays everything for laughs, snowflake behaviour is just a source of comedy for them, PULL on the other hand, has a chunk of users who take things snowflakes a tad bit too personally. For the sake of your mentalities, lighten up a littleOh how I wish people would stop making fun of others for how they dress, wear makeup, style hair etc etc. It's one thing to dislike something, it's another to bash people and have negative opinions of a person just because they like ripped jeans lol, that's kinda shallowWhat is Taeyang trying to doWhy are people obsessed with shipping kpop idols together man like yeah I think Jungkook and Eunha would be a cute couple but ya don't see me making 1000+ photoshop edits of couple photos and AMVs come on kids go outside for a bitthat's it for now luv u guys
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  4. Sasuke Uchiha added a post in a topic RiceGum   

    His content consists of him making fun of little kids and causing drama and he seriously expected Youtube to want to be associated with him?
    Talk about a lack of self-awareness.
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  5. Sasuke Uchiha added a post in a topic Akidearest and The Anime Man   

    I did it since I've never watched one of her unboxing videos before and after that I don't think I'll watch another one.
    Over the top cutesy intro with sweater paws"Japanzz" (Why is she pronouncing it like that)Renaming the box "Akibentoven" courtesy Joey? It's not a funny joke at all but homegirl forcing laughter as if Joey's holding a gun behind her camera mouthing "Laugh at my joke or die"She's asks Joey to open the box and then sneezes loudly in the camera and i don't know whyShe rips the plastic off the plush with her teeth and spits it at Joey for comedy? I'm guessing she plays the role of wacky quirky gf and he's playing the role of boyfriend who puts up with the bs?The part where she's having a hard time squishing the stress ball is relatable honestly I can't squeeze those fuckers either it gives me more stressWhy did she balance the box on her boobI stopped paying attention when she started promoting Reina Scully sorry 
    Overall I don't think it was a bad unboxing video, but I can sense that she's making an over-the-top effort to seem quirky and funny and it comes off as very try hard. I also think it won't kill her to comb her hair out properly before filming. She has a nice ombre colour but combined with the messiness of her hairstyle is distracting...
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  6. Sasuke Uchiha added a post in a topic DOWN WITH MATTE LIPS! BRING BACK GLOSS!   

    I like your thinking kid, you're the future
    I've always worn gloss, but matte is nice when you prep your lips properly. Can't stand the dryness tho
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  7. Sasuke Uchiha added a post in a topic Berry Tsukasa   

    It's nice to know that it's been a lil over a year since I made this thread and Berry is still trying too hard to be every Weeaboo Neckbeard's IRL anime waifu.
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  8. Sasuke Uchiha added a post in a topic Akidearest and The Anime Man   

    I'd bet a whole dollar it's to ride on the waves of the kpop reaction video craze going on Youtube these days. It's a ridiculously easy way to boost views if your channel content is lacking, and it's a popular tactic for washed up viners. All you gotta do is set up your tripod, load up a video from the "What's Trending/ Kpop" section and pretend to be astounded that these Korean singers can sing and make music videos and upload it.  I gotta say as annoying as it is to see people act so ridiculous over music videos, it's twice as annoying to see someone make a Kpop video and act as if they know everything about it and try to 'educate' viewers with headassery, that's a really pretentious route to go lol
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  9. Sasuke Uchiha added a post in a topic How did you come up with your username?   

    I decided it was time to stop hiding my true self behind the mask of SuperUguu. It was time for the salty emo sharingan shinobi to rise.
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  10. Sasuke Uchiha added a post in a topic Unpopular opinions   

    Your emo ninja boi is back bebz (I wrote a lot RIP)
    The kpop community is always whining on how ARMYs are the worst fandom to ever exist ever, but for what exactly? Hyping up BTS too much? Isn't that what fans are supposed to be doing? Posting irrelevant comments about BTS on Youtube? When 99% of YT comments is irrelevant bs anyway? Having the opinion (read: opinion) that Bangtan's music is better than your faves? Don't y'all think the same thing with your faves? I mean I'm not saying all ARMYs are perfect lil unproblematic angels,Lord knows how many disgusting ones I've come across on Twitter, but y'all seem to come at them for the tamest shit, and I'm pretty sure there are other fandoms out there that have done worse stuff, like idk sneak into a dorm of a boygroup and steal urine from their toilet to sell on Ebay? -eye emoji-Just because I like boy groups more than most girl groups doesn't mean I'm sort of misogynistic, anti-feminist, horny loser lol. It just means I like the music more fam, it ain't that deep, it was never that deep.Winner> iKonBLACKPINK and Red Velvet>>Twicetwenty one pilots is shit and 90% of their fanbase is shitDan and Phil are really boring to me sorryPeople who feel the need to constantly mention that they don't want kids/ think kids are gross/ don't want to be a housewife/ are some of the most boring people I've ever encountered lol. Not because of their choices no, I'm not interested in having kids either but because they feel the need to brag about said choices as if they're something special for not wanting to follow the 'traditional'(for lack of a better word) route. Listen, y'all ain't special, lots of people don't want kids/ marriage and nobody cares. Pick up a hobby. Get over yourselves.The same thing can apply to vegans^ Y'all ain't special for not eating meat.God I hate that I can't find good fanfic that not's romantic/shippy or smut. Let me read about silly slice of life comedy adventures aus please.change.org petitions do absolutely nothing 99% of the time lollolcow is full of the most vapid, insecure, disgusting people everCan people shut up about 'morbidly obese' people being comfortable in their skin? It's their body and their lives which they are allowed to live in whatever way they please and if they wanna die earlier for the sake of a Big Mac, let them. Mind your own damn business.On that note, fat people, stop with the whole 'thin privilege' rhetoric and demanding more obese representation in the media. Representation in the media isn't important to feel loved/ validated, that shit comes from within yourselves. Stop relying on the media to decide on how you should feel about yourselves.^Applicable to other minorities/chronic complainers too. If 13-17 yr olds could stop trying to sound educated on politics, that would nice. Y'all are doing a really good job being living examples as to why under 18 yr olds shouldn't be eligible to vote tho. Keep it up 
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  11. Sasuke Uchiha added a post in a topic Akidearest and The Anime Man   

    Yikes she's going after kpop now? How long do we have to wait for her to do a kpop reaction video and act surprised that people from another country can make music? Although judging on her content 'style' and the direction she's headed already, she's probably going to go the down "Fun facts about Kpop" road and either just use allkpop and koreaboo.com for sources or pull stuff out of her ass like with the "Inuyasha practically kickstarting the Hallyu wave" nonsense she spewed in that one.
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  12. Sasuke Uchiha added a post in a topic Pancaketae/Taellama/BecauseBTS   

    Ah she's basically the creepy Jimin stan on instagram but Taehyung flavoured lol
    No shade here or anything but how exactly can the boys put a stop to saesangs? Stop being nice to fans which lead on the crazies? It wouldn't make sense imo. The sad universal truth is the nicer,  more good-looking, and more popular a boy group/celebrities in gen are, the higher the chance of a couple hundred cray crays mixing in the fandom, bts is no exception, especially since they seem to be marketed as boyfriend material bros more than just artists( but a lot of boy groups are marketed like that too).  That being said, I fear for the day any one of them announce that they're dating someone. ARMYs like becausebts will fucking lose it.
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  13. Sasuke Uchiha added a post in a topic Fencer-X   

    I used to follow her back when I was really into Free! and RinHaru.  Not gonna say she was the main reason the fandom was so divisive in regards to shipping, but she definitely was a prominent factor with her ship war baiting posts and 1000s of followers. I also found her a bit too intense and serious when it came to free! and anime in general and there were several times when I wanted to reblog one of her condescending pro-RH/anti-MH posts and say "Chill the fuck out it's just a fucking cartoon go outside"
    My thoughts on sports anime fandoms:
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  14. Sasuke Uchiha added a post in a topic Unpopular opinions   

    Some unpopular opinions from your local emo shinobi boy:
    At least 75% of the shit people do that get them branded as a koreaboo/weaboo/ Asian fetishizer is not remotely koreaboo-sh/weebish/ fetishist in the least. Dying your hair a pastel colour and trying an asian skincare routine because you felt inspired by your 'unnies' isn't yellowface, wanting to learn Japanese because of your interest in anime/manga doesn't mean you wanna be Japanese, and posting dance/vocal covers for fun sure af don't mean you making plans to fly to Seoul and audition to be the new lead dancer of 2ne1.  As long as they aren't claiming they're asian now or being creepy, let em live.Why tf do people debate on the internet?? Like what is there to gain from spending 6+ hours in the comment section of a post arguing about anything? Nothing but a "ha u might be right, thanks for changing this stranger's view" or "fuck u man", which both amount to a grand total of nothing. Turn off the wiFi and go outside kiddiesI LOVE PINEAPPLE ON PIZZAthe PPAP meme is the most stupid, unfunny thing I have ever seen, right next to the "Damn Daniel" memeI didn't read the entire thread so I'm pretty sure my opinions have already been stated before oops
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  15. Sasuke Uchiha added a post in a topic Jaida Payne AKA @All.hail.satin/Red face queen   

    What is with certain White Americans and trying to become other races and then subsequently try to become an Internet Ambassador for said race they switched to? Are they pretending to be another race for the sake of competing in the Internet Oppression Olympics(tm)?  Is that a thing now?
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