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  1. NurseValentine added a post in a topic PULL Is Closing.   

    Since this place is closing and no one ever caught on to what I did, I guess now's a good time as ever to confess that I changed my post about Melanie Martinez from 2015 to Nicki Minaj's Monster verse because I was tired of logging on here and getting notifs and comments on it. Have a good one, everyone!~
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  2. NurseValentine added a post in a topic Unpopular Opinions (K-POP Edition)   

    Damn this thread was the only place where I could've ranted about kpop without getting harassed lmfao RIP PULL
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  3. NurseValentine added a post in a topic BTS / ARMY General Discussion   

    The sad part is that its not just kids in the fandom who are acting like this, there are grown ass adults with kids who act crazy and defensive of bts as well. God and don't even get me started on company stans, I've never been in a fandom so brainwashed into thinking that a company cares for them on a personal level that they would go as far to take down anyone who reposts paid content for free because it hurts the company's profits lmaoo
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  4. NurseValentine added a post in a topic BTS / ARMY General Discussion   

    Does anyone else remember how after becoming UN ambassadors and endorsing an entire charity campaign to help Yemeni youths, BTS accepted an invitation from the Saudi regime to hold a concert in Saudi Arabia, the country responsible for the ongoing genocide of the Yemenis? And when they were rightly criticised for accepting an invite from an authoritarian regime with a poor human rights record despite their actions and beliefs being practically everything bts supposedly stands against, they decide to backtrack and say that they dont make their music political in their Time Magazine interview? When there's easy to find proof that they did? And Armys, instead of calling out the lie, just started acting as if they didnt spend the past 4 years making thinkpieces about how socially and politically conscious their oppas are? And when other armys tried to call out bts for their hypocrisy, the rabid fans would call them islamophobic and they would do free PR work for Saudi Arabia by peddling pro-saudi proproganda all across twitter and tumblr? 
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  5. NurseValentine added a post in a topic General e-Artist thread   

    She posted an apology tweet stating that she didnt intend to hurt anyone when the first line of her condescending tweet literally says that she knows that it's gonna piss people off lmfaoo
    Anyway I'm glad to see that most people aren't agreeing with her cold take and are calling her out. I cant fathom being at the top of the industry game and being so bothered by small creators' business that you need to "vent" about it lol
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  6. NurseValentine added a post in a topic General e-Artist thread   

    Nah this is rude and wrong as fuck lol getting commissions and recognition has very little to do with skill level and a lot to do with how you market your art and general luck. I follow artists who only draw mediocre anime art yet have thousands of followers because they network and post stuff that appeals to their audience and I follow artists who do stunning anatomical figures and have a great grasp on the fundamentals yet barely have 100 followers because they barely post or interact with other artists for whatever reasons. 
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  7. NurseValentine added a post in a topic BTS / ARMY General Discussion   

    Wings was their peak imo. The beautifully shot short films showcasing their solos that dropped every day leading up to the teaser, the excellent execution of the concept that was present throughout the album and the music video, the styling, hell even the concert announcements were well thought out and filmed. Then the quality of their mvs took a deep nosedive as soon as the ly era started and their concept integration became borderline non-existent. Like how did they go from themes involving learning to resist temptation from evil and self destruction to some disney channel ass theme like "oh i got into a relationship and pretended to be perfect and then they dumped me because i wasnt being authentic so now i must learn to love myself uwu" Not saying that the love yourself theme is a bad message to send but its so squeaky clean compared to wings and even hyyh and it makes me speculate that BH/ whatever american label they signed to at the time convinced them to switch it up to appeal to teenyboppers lol
    Also to answer your question, when I was a big army I swore everyone and their grannys were listening to bts and that they were HUGE but now that I've been out of the fandom space for over a year I realized that most people outside of the army circle jerk dont know or care about them or only know them as the group with the batshit fans LOL
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  8. NurseValentine added a post in a topic Unpopular opinions   

    You cant seriously think that the wayfair selling children through their public website by disguising them as overpriced cupboards conspiracy that was made by some teenager is true. It makes literally no sense. No multimillion dollar company is going to traffick children using their public furniture website instead of the dark web and word of mouth. How on earth will they be able to figure out who's trying to purchase actual overpriced furniture from who's trying to purchase a child? Send an email for clarification? This is just like the time some twitter rando 'exposed' Hilary Duff for trafficking her son because she took a picture of him goofily wrapped up with tape and had wrapping paper that contained "pedophiliac symbols" or whatever.
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  9. NurseValentine added a post in a topic BTS / ARMY General Discussion   

    It's still beyond irritating tome to see news media praising ARMYs for matching BTS' BLM donation in a short space of time and heralding them as a fandom that deeply cares about social issues when they're out there harassing, doxxing and being extremely racist to a young black girl for making a bad joke about jungkook 4 years ago that she apologised for several times. They're apparently constantly in her mentions calling her slurs and threatening to lynch her. Over some fucking kpop. 

    But yeah this is the fandom that's supposedly so woke! So socially conscious! 
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  10. NurseValentine added a post in a topic BTS / ARMY General Discussion   

    Spoilered for nsfw

    And like skyai said, if Joon enjoyed the book thats fine, it's just really weird to imply that he got off from it, given how graphic and disturbing it is. Also it's absolutely crazy to see how quick armys would lie just to save their faves because the first tweet is so incredibly untrue. There are several black men and women in the book who are basically just written as sexual beasts and fetishised and are called racial slurs.
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  11. NurseValentine added a post in a topic Anyone else sick of tumblr?   

    whoops wrong thread lmfaoooo
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  12. NurseValentine added a post in a topic BTS / ARMY General Discussion   

    RE: This thread being dead I think it mostly has to do with the fact that a good portion of PULL users don't really come into the off-topic board so they don't know this thread exists. I honestly think it should be moved to Online Personalities and have the name changed to BTS/Army general discussion because there are lots of snowflakey armys out there too. Having the thread moved there might also kill the current problem of BTS/ARMY critics derailing the Kpop scandals thread with their hot takes whenever BTS does something instead of discussing actual scandals lol 
    Don't know if you've ever heard of this one but there was a time where people were disgusted by namjoon saying he had gained "secondhand satisfaction" from reading the sex scenes in almost transparent blue, which are full of violent misogyny, female-on-male rape, and are just extremely graphic lol. IIRC, Armys didn't really care about him getting off to disturbing sex scenes as much as they cared about the part where there were also gay sex scenes because "oppa fapping to gay sex means he gaayy omg our ships might be real!1!!!" There's more problematic stuff that bts did in general on the account I linked but some of them are reaches to me honestly.
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  13. NurseValentine added a post in a topic Unpopular Opinions (K-POP Edition)   

    I mean it is weird to take a day off of work for a boygroups debut anniversary but its not a big deal to not have a 'legit' reason to skip a day of work lol I've seen people take days off to go to parties or special events or even album releases.
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  14. NurseValentine added a post in a topic Confessional   

    When i was a young teen I used to spend all of my free time on this weeb forum where you could have your own avatar similar to those gacha life sprites that are around now. There was a shop where you could buy items for your avatar with coins that you could earn by just being active on the site and earning points to exchange for coins. Some of the best looking items were 'rares', where they would only be available during an event or holiday and there was a whole thing on the site where you could send each other items and whatnot and users would host contests/giveaways with rares as the main prizes. With that context, I have 2 confessions:
    1) Whenever there was an event coming up I would be one of the users who would make multiple fake accounts, spam the forums and review sections with utter bullshit to rack up enough points for coins, buy every rare and then send it to my main account. Sometimes I'd give the fake account a similar username of my forum friends for shits and giggles. It gave lil loser teen me a power trip
    2) There was a new user that got popular quickly because she used to draw a lot of cutesy moe weeb art and basically had that fake kawaii nice girl persona. She managed to befriend a bunch of other users including my friends and some mods and got them to lend her their rare items. She then cut off all of them and ran to her deviantart site and opened commissions. Whenever someone posted a comment or sent a message asking about getting their items back she would block them and she blocked all of our mutual friends on skype when they messaged her out of pure concern. So, I made a fake deviantart account, screenshot proof that her dA and forum account were the same and that she scammed people out of their rares and submitted it to the artist confessions tumblr saying that if she couldnt be trusted with a kid to teen forum items, there's no way she could be trusted with people's commission money either. I then dmed her on the fake dA account basically threatening her to return the items or else I wouldnt stop exposing her. She blocked the account and got the artist confessions page to blacklist her so my post never got published, but she did silently return the items to everyone so it was a win in the end.  Afaik no one except for me knew why she suddenly returned their shit after weeks of blocking and ignoring everyone lmfaoooo
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  15. NurseValentine added a post in a topic Unpopular opinions   

    Neither Cody nor Noel are funny or at least entertaining when they do solo videos imo. Theyre wayy more entertaining when they do videos together.
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