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  1. Van ghostly added a post in a topic Fegalvao/Fe Galvão/Fer-Cosplay   

    In this photo she clearly editted the flannel shirt (look at her hands) the shirt under and her jeans. Her wig and makeup are also editted.

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  2. Van ghostly added a post in a topic Jenna Lynn Meowri- Cosplayer   

    It appears jenna is still lerking on this thread lol. 
    I mean if you're going to lie about being 1000% natural, lying about your age isn't much of a stretch.

    So shes not wearing her breast piece but she shooped them along with her body and ass. She keeps taking pics at an angle and smooshing her breasts to make them look big (if you're going to do that why photoshop them then??)
    In the last pic you see how much smaller they are naturally so she hasn't gotten her breasts done yet. Anyone who believes shes a DD cup is a dunce.
    (Sorry for double posts, i got bored so i did some lerking.)

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  3. Van ghostly added a post in a topic Unpopular opinions   

    -Fujoshi's are literally the worst people (koreaboo's are right behind them) ever. They have the most increasingly bizarre fetish for gay men and gay relationships and i find the fact that they'd call guys disgusting if they saw them doing the same things (cross dressing, kissing, writing hardcore fanfics for 2 women and saying how much they love yuri etc) they do incredibly ironic.
    -Metal, screamo and soundcloud rapper fans give me the same type of vibes that k-pop fans do (if you think they're less obnoxious, you couldn't be anymore wrong)
    -Seems like some people on this forum vendetta post about certain snowflakes bc on some level they're jelaous that someone with a gross attitude/problematic tendencies still managed to become popular online and is doing what they dream of. Literally get that impression from some of them.
    -A lot of snowflakes do what they do/are how they are bc they have some serious wish fulfillment issues. Its especially evident when you know one irl and their personality/mannerisms are vastly diffrent from their online persona.
    -Argumenative people are just weird. Like how do you go threw your day, being so tense and trying to find a reason to go back and forth over the most insignificant things?? Lighten up.

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  4. Van ghostly added a post in a topic Fegalvao/Fe Galvão/Fer-Cosplay   

    its very ironic. She's by far the laziest cosplayer ive ever come across. Its one thing to just buy cheap costumes but she won't even do it. Just edits regular clothing and buys cheap ratty wigs (that she just edits over time to time) slaps them on and calls it a day. Thats beyond lazy and low effort, it also shows how little she cares for the craft itself.
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  5. Van ghostly added a post in a topic Unpopular opinions   

    If you guys are going to disagree, please do it in the pms or just downvote and quote them a concise reason as to why you disagree...not trying to be rude but please don't clog the thread up..
    My unpopular opinion: shane dawson is gross. Not even bc he "joked" about fucking his cat, that's not even half of it. From doing black face to calling a 6 year old sexy...he's just gross. 
    -i'm against cancle culture 1000% but I'm fully aware that behaviors have no expiration dates and a brief apology means very little if they arent trying to be better.
    -Being a sex addict/homewrecker isn't a personality trait. 
    -Hot cocoa made with steamed milk or vanilla almond milk >>>>>>>>> hot cocoa made with water

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  6. Van ghostly added a post in a topic Wylona Social Media Updates   

    Is she just trolling at this point or is she being legit? Like how do you look at these pics and think "yeah these look good and natural enough to post" the blurry skin, horrendous back and ass shoop. 
    The secondhand embarrassment is real 
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  7. Van ghostly added a post in a topic Unpopular opinions   

    Strongly agree. I'm pretty sure we all agree that lying about your looks, deciving/scamming people, treating supporters like trash and just being a shitty person in general is why they're discussed but we discuss their crappy actions bc thats what is the issue. People with personal vendettas don't even go out of their way to hide it either and use the fact that this is a gossip forum as some type of excuse and justification for it. Yeah...this is a gossip forum not a hate site or a bullying forum. 
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  8. Van ghostly added a post in a topic Fegalvao/Fe Galvão/Fer-Cosplay   

    Thank you for making this. Its about time shes been properly discussed here. Shes gotten away with lying to her followers for far too long.
    An example of her "closet cosplay" photoshop.
    You clearly see that she is wearing the same swimsuit but photoshooped it in the second picture as well as the sunglasses to be black and photoshopped the purple circle on as well. Also notice the photoshop on her stomach hips and curves.

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  9. Van ghostly added a post in a topic Jenna Lynn Meowri- Cosplayer   

    Screenshots from a video she uploaded today. Per usual video is clearly editted over (her hair and eyes look almost cartoonish, her face and skin are blurry, you see light warping on her hips/waist when she lifts up and turns around.)
    Despite her efforts to make her butt look big, it looks a lot smaller compared to most of her shooped pics and the way she kept grabbing it, yanking her socks up and lightly jumping to make it look big and jiggly just brought more attention to it.
    She's literally embarrassing herself at this point but i bet shes greatful for how foolish her neckbearded obiters are.

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  10. Van ghostly added a post in a topic Cosplay personalities   

    Please do, I've known of her for a while. Even her recent(?) Cosplays are. She photoshops the clothing hair and accessories constantly. In videos you can see the warping around her waist bc she uses one of those apps that edit your body (as long as you don't move around too much) in a vain effort to prove thats how her body is naturally.
    also in her candids, this may sound very petty but i really wish she would just style her wigs. Its like she just takes em out and slaps them on her head. They're almost as bad as momo-kuns 
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  11. Van ghostly added a post in a topic Cosplay personalities   

    I'm surprised fegalvao doesn't have her own thread here yet. 
    Aside from over editting/photoshoping the hell out of her body (it seems like she doesn't even bother trying to make it look natural anymore) about 90% of her cosplays are photoshopped too and its very noticable.
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  12. Van ghostly added a post in a topic Jenna Lynn Meowri- Cosplayer   

    Found some more old pics of jenna (majority are from late 2014 to 2015) 
    In the rouge and todoroki cosplays you can see the outline of her buttpads lol

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  13. Van ghostly added a post in a topic Unpopular opinions   

    -I really miss the days where shocking content was accepted and pretty much used for fun and humor. I'm proper sick of cancle culture and people with their self righteous virtue signaling. Acting as if they're morally superior but really just feeding their own ego's. 
    -I said this before but birth control does a lot more harm to the female body than good and its not talked about enough. Especially the depo shot, it was rejected multiple times before actually being approved bc of the severe side effects and even now it still fucks the female body up in multiple ways.
    [email protected]/koreaboos your bizarre obsession and fetishization of asian culture, men and women is why they will not befriend or date you. Its actually really creepy and gross, but your general lack of self awareness is pretty alarming.
    -People who become egotistical tyrannical bullies after letting online popularity go to their heads deserve to suffer the most when their relevancy drops.
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  14. Van ghostly added a post in a topic Jenna Lynn Meowri- Cosplayer   

    Unshooped photo's of jenna, for those who are lerking and still wondering if her butt and boobs are real or not.

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  15. Van ghostly added a post in a topic Rant Thread   

    yesss. Mine are trying to pick one for me despite me saying tthat's just not something i can see myself doing or enjoying. Its either government work, law or medical work. My interests are more into art, fashion and music composition but they regularly tell me i won't get far or make enough money doing those things.
    heck even when i started freelance modeling (i was really passionate about doing it for years) they spoke poorly about it and insisted i do a desk job. Now its like they're trying to control my future partly for a better life but also so i can take care of them (they LOVE throwing how much they did for me growing up in my face).
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