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  1. CheesyBirdMess added a post in a topic Pewdiepie   

    wow you really don't get it.

    See, you're doing exactly what I said you would. Deny, justify, defend, downplay and make out I'm the enemy with a political agenda, and he and you are all just innocent bystanders and I'm the meanie for not laughing along with you.

      I love it when in trying to undermine me, you actually highlight EXACTLY what I was saying about him and his problematic stans, an why it's so dangerous that they get away with shit like this.  So Thanks.
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  2. CheesyBirdMess added a post in a topic Buzzfeed   

    New 'Worth It' series just started - about the only thing I enjoy watching anymore:
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  3. CheesyBirdMess added a post in a topic Safiya Nygaard   

    18 days without a vid.

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  4. CheesyBirdMess added a post in a topic Simply Nailogical   

    The outtakes video on her Not Logical channel were funnier than the actual video. But her boss is still a total stick who was far too careful with her words and the constant re-framing of things was lawyer-like and irritating... and Cristine herself seemed very uncomfortable and like she wasn't having much fun, because she was constantly being chastised. It just felt awkward all around.  But I agree it was much better than her salty-Granny vid. But it still had similar elements with the cringe-factor IMHO.
    I do appreciate her emphasis on education and that she treats youtube as casually as it should be.
    The fact she puts out more content that is more original than someone like Safiya and Tyler who are supposed to be 'full time' youtubers now (Still no more vids in 18 days!) while maintaining a full time job and doesn't have a crew to edit for her, says a lot.
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  5. CheesyBirdMess added a post in a topic Pewdiepie   

    You can't go around having alt-right influences that you clearly support and flirt with like Pewdiepie does (such as recommending their videos, their books, and having those people on your shows) and then go around saying racist and anti-Semitic shit - only to shrug and say people can't have opinions on that repeated behavior and act as if it's unrelated when it absolutely is related. 

    I don't know how anyone excuses the shit he says and does under the guise of him being dumb or naive... he is NEITHER of those things. The fact that he puts on that persona is absolutely intentional with him - to make you second guess the problematic things he says, to try and alleviate the tension of otherwise clearly controversial opinions, and hoping they get a pass...which they do! Which is also pretty fucked up.
    At some point you have to look at the actual facts as they are, and stop giving someone the benefit of the doubt.  Many of his followers don't have the brain-power to discern between satire or social commentary which Felix and his followers keep trying to excuse his actions as - which in itself is clearly just a excuse, done to muddy the waters of his own responsibility and innocence. And again, so many people fall for it.

    To get others to attack anyone who does second-guess his motives, and actually believe and continually defend him to be 'joking' or 'innocent' only to put the person calling out his clearly troublesome behavior as an 'enemy' for daring to call him out. THAT'S Very fucking dangerous.  I don't give a shit if he's just a youtuber, he has influence and this is what his followers do (as seen in some comments here) and that shit needs to be taken seriously. While people continue to defend him and dismiss anyone pointing out the absolutely serious issues raised with him - this shit will continue to fester and cause division. That''s entirely on his fans and supporters.  So own up to your own roles and responsibilities in it and realize the serious nature of supporting and defending this kind of bigotry.

    I have no respect for Pewds and even less in his fanbase and anyone who keeps letting him off the hook and use their fanbase in such a vile manner.
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  6. CheesyBirdMess added a post in a topic Simply Nailogical   

    Her boss wasn't funny, and didn't spill anything more than what we could already assume. You could definitely tell she is a 'manager' with all her buzzwords and continually re-qualifying the questions. It was a total snooze-fest and I think Cristine was disappointed and found her to be not as 'fun' out of work as she was expecting her to be.
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  7. CheesyBirdMess added a post in a topic Incels / MGTOW   

    HOLY HELL... Has anyone read the synopsis on the film A.I. Rising... It's clearly an incels wet dream and makes me feel disgust.
    The fact that this type of shit is becoming more main steam really fucking disturbs me.
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  8. CheesyBirdMess added a post in a topic Safiya Nygaard   

    I know if I had to constantly hear her fake theater transatlantic voice and weird eye-cheek-camera-posturing coupled with the dance moves - I'd want to stab myself in the head.
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  9. CheesyBirdMess added a post in a topic Safiya Nygaard   

    Yeah considering Cristine/Simply has a full time job but still does vids on weekends with a regular upload schedule and even edits and films them herself just with Beyns help. Why the heck can't Safiya and Tyler get their shit together with a "team" of workers?  It's been 15 days since her last upload, despite her and Tyler saying they were filming a heap of vids in January to get ahead... so WTF???

    Something is definitely fishy where she was probably expecting way too much from her editors for little pay and no perks and they told them to shove it. The fact she is floundering so badly lately also says a lot, and the fact she keeps playing this "woe is me and my life!" act online about anyone daring to criticize her as she tries to cosy up to bigger Youtubers and their problematic struggles and trying to relate - is just really telling about their own attitudes.

    Girl needs a reality check if she insists on making this youtube thing her life and livelihood.
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  10. CheesyBirdMess added a post in a topic Safiya Nygaard   

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  11. CheesyBirdMess added a post in a topic Incels / MGTOW   

    Why don't they just go to a prostitute? FFS. That seems like far less time and money.  They really are mentally ill and deranged. It's almost pityful, but then you realize how dangerous it is.
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  12. CheesyBirdMess added a post in a topic Random Chat Thread   

    Tried watching "The Good Wife" on netflix. It really irritated me, I don't know how it got so many seasons and won so many awards!
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  13. CheesyBirdMess added a post in a topic Eugene Lee Yang   

    Totally agree... I'm surprised they haven't utilized the 'join now' feature TBH.  They are definitely not struggling financially, and don't need that kind of extra help... and it's a real bug-bear I am having with larger youtubers utilizing all this crap and playing the 'I'm broke and need support from you, so I can do moar content!' as they jet off around the world and buy up stuff for their huge houses and fancy cars. 
    I've also wondered if the illustrators of the designs for their merch are getting any payment. I can't even see a designer named. I half wonder if it's just some teen or college kid fan who let them use their art for free, under the guise of 'exposure'.
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  14. CheesyBirdMess added a post in a topic About Insecurities   

    I relate to all of that. I almost had to check whether it was me who posted it. 

    I can't stand being played by either side and each side making out I'm not good enough etc. But say anything negative and they make out your ashamed? Like damn right I am if THAT is how you want to act and play me. I don't play those games anymore and as such I'm considered the black sheep who is now 'too good' for them and up myself and all those trite sayings - when they are the ones who made me feel ashamed to begin with. The irony is completely lost on them.
    I have the same nose! I used to hate it, because people would call me PollyAnna, but I've grown to like it, and I've had a few people tell me it's cute and honestly I do think it's a cute nose!  When you start looking at noses and how odd they are and how they can go wrong you start to appreciate what you have! LOL!
    I'm the same with exercise though. I find walking and hiking to be the best exercise for me, something where I'm distracted by what I'm doing with scenery and not realizing it's exercise.
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  15. CheesyBirdMess added a post in a topic Random Chat Thread   

    I need to vent to say that Mummy blogger Constance Hall (who is currently on Dancing With The Stars Australia) and calls herself and her bogan white trash followers "Queens" is the most sanctimonious hypocrite I've ever heard of. I can't stand her, and the fact that she has leagues of followers just like her nasty trashy ass.
    She seriously thinks the hate and constructive criticism she gets is not valid, and wants to pull the "I'M BEING BULLIED!" card, when she and her league do the same, if not far worse to others! HYPOCRITE!
    It makes me weep for humanity and mostly for the children of these vapid vacuous cows - of which she has 5 plus 2 step kids, to at least 3 men. I can't stand people that think dropping crotch fruit means you're somehow a 'great' person who shouldn't be questioned. Especially when they are actively fucking over their kids with poor relationships and lifestyles. Bitch, Please.
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