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  1. cocacolaontherocks added a post in a topic The Got7 Twins (Ana and Alex)   

    If that’s a real person and not them, I didn’t know half of their followers were partially blind.
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  2. cocacolaontherocks added a post in a topic The Got7 Twins (Ana and Alex)   

    You can tell after Alex asked people “what’s up?” on her Instagram story and only two people answered. Also, lots of their followers are either bots, kids, or POC who also are unsatisfied with themselves and want to look different than what they are too. (Just look at some of their profiles and you’ll see what I mean) I’m just confused as to why Ana’s getting more asks than usual when this is the only site that has their tumblrs. Either people don’t care or she’s asking herself stuff. Also, about the wine posts, are they 21 or not. If not, they can’t wait a few more months until they turn so to post drinking related stuff?
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  3. cocacolaontherocks added a post in a topic The Got7 Twins (Ana and Alex)   

    Y’all know I can write an essay on the bs they do lol.
    So, other than her not even living that bs cliche she just told above, if you love yourself and know your worth, that makes you a great person and smart? Hmm. What does any of that have to do with intelligence? She does realize that people’s worth is different based on who they are and what they want in life, right? Not everyone has the same morals or goals. According to her logic, not being empathetic/sympathetic, inquisitive, a good listener, a note taker or anything practical to what she said will make me nicer and smarter. If I just realize that I’m dumb as rocks and don’t care about people or their feelings or constructive criticism to actually help me better myself, then I’ll automatically be considered smart and have the same morals as her?
    What if I can’t love myself right away or I still let people walk over me because they can? Am I not smart then? What if I need to fake it til I make it for the internet as a coping mechanism? Would I be a fake bitch then? Don’t say I blew it out of proportion. That’s what you typed and just because I can understand what you meant doesn’t mean everyone else does. A lot of people are impressionable and they take things literally. Say what you mean and mean what you say.
    Ana, you’re too old for this. Stop playing and pretending that your facebook job when you were 11 was a therapist or anything of the sort. You really sit here and say things as if they make sense and as if you live by it. You talk to yourself half the time and we all know so who are you really trying to make mad? If you think everyone’s out to get you then why do you keep throwing slick shots? Be the bigger person and ignore us, even though there’s nothing to be a bigger person about because we are legit talking about the things you know you’ve lied about and hope you see these things from other perspectives so you can be a better you. You can still edit but quit with all of the warping and major lightening and fake nose jobs. It gives the women you so call love unrealistic standards and that makes you part of the problem. You can even exaggerate your experiences, to a certain extent, if you’ve had any, but quit pandering to the kboos or your own thirst. You’re feeding off of people’s real emotions by doing that and it once again makes them think that they aren’t good enough to have these experiences and they’re stuck with an unrealistic reality. If you want to change yourself for the internet, don’t lie about it or at least don’t lie to the people who called out your bs before you could even post the picture. Keep abusing your power over these innocent kids/teens/young adults and to people who don’t understand what’s really going on.
    Still, you’re giving advice as if you are great at it and know all the right things to say. Go back to your internships or whatever you claim to have going on. It’s crazy how busy you claim you are but you still manage to answer asks and reblog grown men and women who don’t even know you exist 10+ hours a day. (I said that last part because it’s true and she thinks that these idols actually are familiar with her and if they actually saw her once or twice, she thinks they remember her face and what she did)
    If anyone sounds like a broken record, it’s because you do the same stupid stuff over and over again. Think about it. Once we’ve talked about everything and you become inactive- we CAN’T speak. You do normal stuff that’s non problematic- we DON’T speak. You do stuff that you know doesn’t reflect the person you are or do stuff to spite us(you know you have hate in your heart when you do that)- we WILL speak and have every right to. You actually have control over your thread and you give us permission to keep the thread going by doing whatever you want and thinking you wont have repercussions.
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  4. cocacolaontherocks added a post in a topic Celia Leslie / Sonia Leslie   

    It’s funny how she thinks she can go around talking about people for things she knows nothing about but whenever someone says something about her with proof, they’re bullies, haters, dumb, etc.
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  5. cocacolaontherocks added a post in a topic Celia Leslie / Sonia Leslie   

    I thought so. Also, how many times do they have to say it? If you don’t like the smell then why keep going back? Why do they think they’re better than Europe? There’s a lot of poverty and some people have to use old water systems. Not everyone is privileged like them.
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  6. cocacolaontherocks added a post in a topic The Got7 Twins (Ana and Alex)   

    Now, let’s go back to talking about Ana’s twitter. I’ll admit, I was scrolling through her likes to find something stupid she did (which is bad) and as I was like ‘wow, she may be clean for once. good job’, I found something from June 2nd. Celia tweeted that Europeans smelled bad (I already made a comment about it in their thread, if you would like to see). Ana liked it and I was confused but I think I know why. First, I just want to say that that was rude and unnecessary to tweet about. Secondly, I forgot that these self haters think that they’re better than white people because of the things white people have done in the past and are continuing to do. Anything negative about white people’s “motherland” is good in their eyes. What if Celia got a whiff of a Spanish or black person? Would Ana had liked it then? Who knows. What if the people she smelled were poor or females? Would these “caring feminists” tweet about it and like it then? If someone called them musty, they would get mad, call them a hater on the internet and take a 2 day break from whatever platform they talked about them on like they usually do.

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  7. cocacolaontherocks added a post in a topic Celia Leslie / Sonia Leslie   

    So, on the 2nd Celia commented on the smell of Europeans and a follower agreed and Sonia called her racist. Idk what is going on but that’s not racist as she didn’t talk about a racial group. It was just feeding into a common stereotype and just plain rude. If she felt that way she could’ve kept it to herself. How we she feel if said Europeans called her smelly because they weren’t used to her smell? I’m not even going to be mean and say what Celia looks like she smells like.
    *If you see screenshots with Ana in it, please ignore. Those are supposed to be for her thread and I can’t get rid of them.


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  8. cocacolaontherocks added a post in a topic The Got7 Twins (Ana and Alex)   

    Let’s say someone other than herself did ask her this. When was the last time somebody mentioned her twitter? Also, if you love Ana so much and don’t want to see her go down then why do y’all keep telling her about the thread? She knows and maybe she avoids the thread because she can’t accept the truth. If you love Ana, why are you all in her hate thread? It doesn’t make sense. You just come here for a good laugh and go to her just so she can say something. You’re an instigator at this point. You want her to make a fool of herself cause she slips up a lot and you want us to talk about it here so you can feel better about yourself and maybe gossip about the twins to your friends. How about you mind your business and read a book or something.
    For a minute Alex had almost 2k more but the last time I checked was like last week and they both had less than 25k. I think Alex was 25.2k and Ana was 22 or 23k. Weird. They’re not famous and they haven’t been active for days so where ARE the followers coming from?
    Yeah these numbers aren’t making sense. This is from their social blades. It hasn’t been updated since late March but you can tell they pay to get followers and they do it in random amounts so no one will get suspicious. Notice how one twin gets more than half followers than the other. Either she was trying to catch up or she wants to appear more popular. From their current follower amount, I think she was trying to catch up because it doesn’t make sense for one twin to be so far ahead of the other unless one twin is boring or they’re opposites and appeal to different people. In their case they’re both crazy so they should have a similar following amount.

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  9. cocacolaontherocks added a post in a topic The Got7 Twins (Ana and Alex)   

    It’s funny too, considering how Ana reblogs things on tumblr about some white people being racist and she’s so called pro black. Just because you show some black people on your feed and are related to black people doesn’t mean you like dark skin. You can love black people and not want to be anything close to their color. That may or may not make you colorist but it’s common. Also, showing black models doesn’t mean you like black people. Maybe you just like the concept of the photo or their clothes. People like Ana (and Alex) kill me. Why be so pro black but erase everything about you that makes you black (skin, facial features, hair)? It’s like she’s trying to convince us and/ or herself that she appreciates being black. She mentioned curly heads but you barely see black men or women with curly hair on her feed, just white people like harry styles. I’m going to need them to show their naturally curly hair SOMETIMES (you can still straighten your hair and love yourself) and not be afraid to show their true skin color when it tans. If they don’t want to then they should shut up about being pro black. Seems to me they treat black people as an aesthetic and a shield for when they want to say the n word or whatever. Once again, anybody can appreciate OTHER  black people and still not want to look like them- including self hating black people. Just stay away from race in general until y’all figure out what race and ethnicity y’all want to be because y’all said three different things so far. If you’re proud to be black and everyone should know, why are we guessing whether you’re black or not. Black people can go from looking very stereotypical to very ambiguous but you can still tell because they don’t mind letting people know when asked and they don’t say things like “but I’m 2/18th asian tho” especially if no one in their family that they know of isn’t another race. A lot of black people have a small percentage of white in them from what happened during slavery and they are aware but never knew any white people personally who were in their family and just say they’re black. They’re not not claiming to be anything other than white but it just makes life easier because they grew up as a black person and people assume darker skin means you’re black so you’re told by others that you’re black without even being asked. Finding out that you’re another race shouldn’t change your lifestyle or appearance. If you were supposed to have a small nose then you would’ve had one. I think people were born with certain features because God knew what you looked best as. That’s why when a lot of people try to change it, they look weird. Not all the time but sometimes.
    Anyway, I don’t think anybody had to tell me what race they were unless they were ambiguous. If beyonce or terry crews mentioned they were black everywhere they went for no reason, then I’d assume they’re trying to make themselves believe it because who wouldn’t not think that they weren’t. Just saying.
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  10. cocacolaontherocks added a post in a topic The Got7 Twins (Ana and Alex)   

    Is it me or do they seem to only respond to ig comments from people who are asian/ have asian in them and have some kind of following? I’ve seen Alex respond to a white girl and a black one before but I don’t think I ever saw Ana do so. Also, who are some of these asian influencers? Some seem so weird under their posts like this chauzzi girl.

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  11. cocacolaontherocks added a post in a topic The Got7 Twins (Ana and Alex)   

    I’m sure they are identical. However, Alex is shorter than Ana. Alex’s nose is more prominent almost like a cartoon’s imo while Ana’s is more soft looking. Also they both have tattoos on their shoulders. Alex has a letter on each one while Ana has a cat and a boy(?) facing each other on her right shoulder. Also Ana seems not to know how to do her hair other than have a middle part. The more you look at them on their ig, the easier it is to tell who’s who. With the pictures below, I’m assuming this is as close to their real noses we’re going to see. Ana’s wearing black and Alex has on yellow.

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  12. cocacolaontherocks added a post in a topic The Got7 Twins (Ana and Alex)   

    I always thought that they were brave for stating some of the stuff they did with idols. I feel like they think they have a higher chance of sounding truthful since their twin was their as well (which makes no sense because that’s your sister, of course she’s going to be biased and say whatever, especially if she thinks it’s going to make you guys get noticed). Instead of supporting each other like they think they’re doing, they’re actually just enabling each other to make bad decisions for attention. If they weren’t twins, I think each girl wouldn’t be as vocal about what happened to them at concerts. Not because people wouldn’t believe them, but because they don’t have someone automatically confirming what they said. Same thing goes for any two or more people who are really close and like to do things together.
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  13. cocacolaontherocks added a post in a topic Celia Leslie / Sonia Leslie   

    Don’t they sometimes go to concerts together? How come there’s some kind of evidence where idols may or may not be talking to the leslie twins but not ana or alex? Everyone’s phone died like ana likes to put it? Sonia if you’re reading this, next time you go to a concert with Ana and Alex, make sure their phone isn’t dead when they get some kind of interaction with the idols. If their phone dies, give them yours.
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  14. cocacolaontherocks added a post in a topic Celia Leslie / Sonia Leslie   

    I’m just going to hop in here as if I’ve been here this whole thread lol. Did V really talk to her? Also, I’m tired of Sonia calling herself ugly as if she doesn’t say it every other day and we don’t know. She kind of looks like her old self in that screenshot of her and Celia with the pink hair.

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  15. cocacolaontherocks added a post in a topic The Got7 Twins (Ana and Alex)   

    Where were all these armys when you were getting dragged for lying? How did you let them smell it but no one snatched it from you? You really stood there with some fans and y’all sniffed this man’s shirt? Weirdos. This is fake as heck but I’ll keep entertaining it. Did you ever let the girl take a pic with you? Why didn’t she tag you in the pic? Why would she want a pic of you and not sneak one of the sweater lol like who tf are you supposed to be? Why are these stans believing this? Even if you gave him the hand motions, how does that equivalent to him wanting you? I’m assuming y’all smashed this time instead of Alex and RM. I bet he doesn’t remember anything about you like your face or what city he saw you in.
    Ana wanted people to show the video of him throwing it in the crowd but when the video surfaced and people saw that she lied, all of a sudden she didn’t catch it and the security gave it to her. Why did she say this on tumblr but not address in on twitter? Her twitter followers/ lurkers are still being fed this narrative and it’s like they don’t care about being inconsistent. What they said is what they’re going to make true and they don’t care. When adults told kids they could do anything if they just believe, they took that literally.

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