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  1. TooFaced added a post in a topic Belle Kirschtein/Belle Delphine   

    Imagine being proud of having daddy issues lmao
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  2. TooFaced added a post in a topic Belle Kirschtein/Belle Delphine   

    Ok are these facts true, though? I'm starting to get some doubts because they're all starting to seem outlandish. It could all be made up to make her seem uwu super unique and snowflakey and rich~!!! uguu uwuw uwuwuwu
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  3. TooFaced added a post in a topic Belle Kirschtein/Belle Delphine   

    I'M CRYING IS THIS REAL? THIS IS REAL. Oh my god. Oh my GOD. She is literally a living stereotype for a sex worker: didn't finish high school, her dad left, etc. I have to be honest ... this is really fucking funny to me. How are these facts in any shape or way benefiting her? How are these ~*~*~interesting~*~*~ in any which way? Are these satirical or...? Are these serious. Like, my daddy abused me, where's my fucking money?!!? God ... at least I can say I have a higher education than Belle Delphine.

    It's really unfortunate that these young women can be disowned for something like that, but I guess that just shows that I'am from a place where that's not even necessarily a reality! But girl, I agree with you overall, I just don't think that her life is as difficult as some other women. I honestly feel like she's in a luxurious position right now. Slap on shitty cosplays, take some pictures, whatever, her life goes on. Meanwhile, day to day people are busting their asses to pay rent. She's also already making bad choices by doing what she's doing. If she did something different and not as obscene, she'd probably be in a better position.

    Belle, overall, just got lucky. She won the lottery. She can live lavishly - but it will be limited and it will cost her. She is still a child and has not learned a damn thing about the real world. She's delusional, probably narcissistic, and has zero sense of consequences and repercussions. Belle will learn, more than likely, that she fucked up really bad. It'll hit her like a brick in her braces. She won't take criticism or tips, but she'll wish that she did.
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  4. TooFaced added a post in a topic Belle Kirschtein/Belle Delphine   

    Oh, 100%. Victoria Secret models are also of the highest fucking caliber. They train, eat healthy, and take care of themselves in every which way possible since they have to be at their peak almost 24/7. It's very difficult to become one. Now these ethots ... anybody can do it. I think it's great that people are accepting of all ethnicities, body shapes, and sizes, but as I said: anybody can do it. I don't care what your race or weight is, but if you're being like Belle or Invadernoodles, it's gonna be bad lol.

    Belle is nowhere near a VS model, whether it's for the catalog or runway, she'd be declined immediately. She could've ventured into some tasteful erotic or boudoir photography! I've seen plenty of women doing that in cosplay, and when done right, it's beautiful and engaging. You also get an audience that is appreciative of your art, not your cookie cutter lewds. She's being just, ugh, trashy? I guess? She thinks she's going to stay popular and relevant for years to come because her head is so far up her own ass. Belle throws on something she got from PocketTokyo or Spreepicky, puts on the same cheap wig, sits on the same rug with the same background and the same poses, and takes 30 pictures. She's so self-absorbed and I see no real personality other than her trying to be Teh Funniez, ranDUM, Yeet Yeet i love Old Memes shit. Belle is decently attractive without the filters and without dressing terribly. She really could've done some tasteful photography but  oh well.
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  5. TooFaced added a post in a topic Belle Kirschtein/Belle Delphine   

    Ahhh, I don't think I'd go as far as to say she's going to die alone and that her parents disowned her lol. For all we know, she could very well end up in a meaningful relationship down the road, but as of right now, you are correct that guys would want to date her solely for her being The Belle Delphine™. She has quickly become a sexual figure for social media, so I can definitely see her having a rough time for relationships at this point in her life, and even some odd years down the road. I don't think people would even bother taking snapshots of her if she's walking down the road, because she probably has some sense to not wear a bright pink wig, fishnet bralettes, mini-skirts, and elf ears. It's not exciting enough for her audience. They want to see her naked, not fully clothed. There's a documentary on pornstars and their lives today. They have families and are married and have actual jobs! There's a little bit of hope left for Belle, but she needs to cut the shit and get control of her life. The difference I could see between her and the pornstars is that she probably has more popularity then they had.

    In regards to her parents disowning her, I think that's a little harsh? This costhot I used to know was doxxed and had her parents information blasted everywhere, but her parents didn't disown her. Do we also know if she still lives at home? If she does, then her parents work and since she's more than likely out of high school, not going to college or university, she has all the time in the world to get photoshoots and videos done in the house. I could see her parents kicking her out of their place and she having to get her own, but she should have enough funds for that. 

    Unfortunately, she's really influencing a lot of girls and women. Hell, she was influenced by this lewd cosplay bullshit. You see people doing shitty ahegao faces with wigs on acting like everybody's waifu and making MONEY off of it??? Uh, yeah? Sign me the fuck up please? It's just so simple. The downside is that costhots are a dime a dozen, and as I have mentioned, Belle really kicked off on it. I do have to praise her for taking advantage of it, but there's so many things I have previously mentioned that criticizes what poor life choices she is making. All in all, I don't think she's completely ruined relationships or the relationship with her parents, but she is slowly causing irreversible damage to everything. She's got some hope, just not a lot left.
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  6. TooFaced added a post in a topic Belle Kirschtein/Belle Delphine   

    See, a LOT of costhots lie about having a boyfriend, being engaged, or being married. Like. An astronomical amount. It helps them keep the source of their income and it gives their audience a glimmer of hope that she's single and would date them. It's like how people think that they themselves could win the lottery. But once her audience finds out that she's not single, they'll either stay or go, but I think a lot of them leave when the girls announce that they're in a relationship of some kind. To the guys, it feels like they're lying bitches or whatever. It's really dumb, but I wouldn't doubt she has a boyfriend, in all honesty. I know a costhot right now that's lying to her massive audience about being engaged. Her "being single" is what's helping her make money 

    But yeah, she's just gonna die out real fast and get replaced! Costhots have a very short career span unless they've invested their time and work into something else. Yaya Han was smart and made her own fabric line and patterns. If Jessica Nigri was smart she would start a fucking skincare line cuz ya'll know she needs it lmaooo but Belle? Yeah, she's got nothing.

    I think it's incredibly embarrassing that paid content is on PornHub and the like, and I'm sure her 18 year old brain is taking it as a compliment. She sees no consequences to her actions at all. I'm waiting for the day when she'll be making a trash video and go "Oh fuck ... I can't take back what I've done" and realize that her fleeting moment of fame has potentially fucked up the rest of her life. I mean, think about it. A decision you made at 18/19 haunting you, what, 10 years down the road? Maybe even 20? That's ... really sad lol.
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  7. TooFaced added a post in a topic Belle Kirschtein/Belle Delphine   

    Her pictures are so easy to find on Google, you'd be dumber than a box of rocks to not find them lmao and yeah, the money being given to her isn't going towards makeup, backdrops, outfits, cosplays, builds, anything. It's just going straight into her pocket as she buys a $20 lingerie set on Amazon, slaps on five mismatching layers of fishnets underneath, and puts on her $40 pink lace front wig. There is nothing unique or original about her, other than she's a massive try hard and a cringy edgelord. Beyond that? Idk, maybe just a shallow, self-centered little girl with nothing to offer.

    I dislike Nigri, but at least she can counterbalance her garbage qUiRkY attitude with semi-decent cosplays and builds. There's nothing to counterbalance Belle's annoying and obnoxious "personality" and "quirks". She's just another e-thot; the only difference is that she was able to make a living off of it while probably still living at home, so she more than likely has ZERO bills to worry about. This is just easy money for her to spend on stupid shit. I just hope she makes a video on what she's purchased with the cuckbux so they can see their Nymphet Pwincess is doing nothing substantial with their money. Dumbasses.

    I know someone said that she probably wouldn't go into porn, but she's already got a foot in the door. It is such a steep, steep drop, and it is so easy to fall into it. People are going to demand it loud enough that she might consider it. She's 18. She's young and impressionable. I did stupid shit at her age, the only difference is that I didn't have thousands of people watching me do it (and saving pics or recordings).
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  8. TooFaced added a post in a topic Belle Kirschtein/Belle Delphine   

    Did she photoshop her ass?? It looks like the fur underneath her butt and sweater is warping outwards? There's also a slight blur on the edge of her ass, too. And I can't tell if her legs are a little photoshopped as well because of the shadows, but I can see a slight blur on the underside of her thigh. Probably did that so her thigh would match where her liquified ass would be 
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  9. TooFaced added a post in a topic invadernoodles   

    Oh, no, definitely. In all honesty, she just doesn't classify as either. She said "chubs" and "thick" in a picture where she's ... sitting down and is in a strange position so, yeah, of course her body is going to look chubby if she is sitting down, isn't toned, and is trying to manipulate the angle to "appear" thick or chubby lol. I would want to go as far as to say she's skinny fat, because she really isn't overweight but she 100% is not toned and does not exercise.
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  10. TooFaced added a post in a topic invadernoodles   

    There is currently a societal difference in being chubby and, what she is probably alluding to, "thicc". Yes, there are always different body types, of course, but she's jumping around and claiming she's chubby and thick. Chubby is what chubby is, but thicc is completely different. It's when someone has a tiny waist (usually toned) with a big ass and big hips. It's difficult to attain and maintain and usually includes intense fitness. I know this because, fuck, I'm struggling for that too. Natasha is just ... average? I wouldn't say she's chubby but I also wouldn't say she's thick. She's just average.
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  11. TooFaced added a post in a topic Belle Kirschtein/Belle Delphine   

    It really seems like she lost weight through a means that isn't fitness or healthy eating?? I can definitively say that she does not have the body of someone who exercises or goes to the gym, and she would probably be more lean if she was eating healthy. I'm with everybody else in also thinking that she starves herself. Yeah, she's kinda of average, but she'd be fairly pretty if she took care of herself through eating properly and exercising. Can't imagine depriving myself of what my body needs for fucking Instagram and Patreon clout. F.
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  12. TooFaced added a post in a topic invadernoodles   

    See, I .... Ugh. Like, I get what she's trying to do with the first picture, with that entire set of fucking bAaA-cHaN (which I read as a goat or a sheep, btw) being degraded or whatever. I get she's wanting to be your ~*Real Life Hentai Waifu*~, but it doesn't translate well to real life. Like. At all. It doesn't help that the trope of women being written on, degraded, and humiliated in hentai is primarily used for rape. "Ooh, TooFaced, but she looks happy! It's not rape!" Okay, that's nice and all, but she got that idea from hentai that promotes the idea of rape and humiliation. I think that is what makes me so mad about that entire set. I'm not surprised, since she's done this before with previous characters, but it's just frustrating since she keeps doing photosets that have heavy rape elements when there are so many other creative things she could do.
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  13. TooFaced added a post in a topic Belle Kirschtein/Belle Delphine   

    God, I just ... wish that she wasn't so fucking cringy. The video of her dumping the cereal on her and the inside of the bowl saying "ligma" made me have a visceral reaction. I was never really fond of her, but this ... this weird 13 year old and incel pandering is getting way out of hand imo. She is so desperate for attention that she'll take it from anybody, whether it ends up being purely negative or not. She doesn't care what obnoxious and cringy trend she needs to hop on for a like and a view (even if it's over a year old, like, girl, memes die within in a month, if that). Like Momokun, she's going to attract the wrong audience, and it's going to bite her in her ~~*uwu super smol lolita*~~ ass.

    Belle also seems like she's teetering onto being a camgirl or selling nude photography???  Being a sw isn't a problem, but fucking hoo boy she popped off once she turned 18 that she has truly no where else to go. She didn't bring in an audience for her cosplay or makeup, but purely for extremely lewd content of herself stripping and just barely covering her tits n bits. She's kind of stuck. She can't branch out or she'll completely lose her following because nobody will stick through anything that's not her itty bitty titties, and that's when the betabux will deplete and she'll be at a loss. 

    It's impressive that she's able to make money off of ... whatever it is she's actually doing, but she's gonna die out fast. She's not Jessica "Queen of Cosplay" Nigri, who's been in the game since forever, so Belle will probably very easily get replaced by the next young and hot costhot that looks 15. She has no skin in the game other than her borderline nudes circulating around the internet for eternity, which is far scarier, honestly.
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  14. TooFaced added a post in a topic invadernoodles   

    I wish Natasha was better at posing. Her poses are so fucking awkward and it does her body no favors?? Modeling, even for nudes and pornography, can be really difficult, so you have to practice posing and facial expressions at home and in front of mirrors. She very obviously doesn't do that, and does whatever so people can get "the best" view of her ass, tits, and genitals, and those poses always end up looking forced, uncomfortable, and unnatural. She can't even find her good side or angles that work best with her body; she just spreads it all because she thinks it'll make her more money and, in actuality, it does not. Natasha does nothing to accentuate and focus on what features and assets she has. She truly thinks that the men who view her work enjoy her poses, what she does, and what she wears.
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  15. TooFaced added a post in a topic invadernoodles   

    Holy fiungskjniksg I cannot with Natasha anymore. She is so delusional and has no self-awareness it makes me choke. I can only imagine her going "I hope Picasso papi daddy reads this and takes my sage advice as I am perfect (and not trans) and have no reason to change and he's the toxic horrible one send TWEET, hunty #tea". She's ... such a strange creature. I know people who have no self-awareness, but she takes the cake on that one. She bitches about other people acting entitled and crazy and being the problem but ... she acts entitled as well? She acts crazy? She just might be the problem? God, big yikes.
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