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  1. PurinPrincess added a post in a topic Urbandoll   

    Unfortunately I don't have screenshots, but she's recently been caught in some drama with lunarskies on Twitter. Apparently UD made a job offer with lunarskies, in which LS politely declined. UD apparently threw a fit and started repeatedly subtweeting about it, which led to LS doing the same and along the way she meantioned UD by her real name (which she soon deleted) but I think a bunch of people already knew UD's real name soooo dunno why people are so pressed about that. Here's some of the tweets I've gathered, since UD backtracked and deleted her side. 
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  2. PurinPrincess added a post in a topic Jeffree Star   

    So uh
    there's so much shit happening with him this can't all be a coincidence 
    he really attempted to call out Kylie Cosmetics for their similar packaging............. when he wasn't even the first to have it... 
    he also jumped in on the "kylie's brushes are too expensive!!!" train but like... he kinda didn't need to let's be honest we're all saying it and he's just trying to cater to the people who are constantly looking forward to him "dragging" Kylie. funnily enough, he also purchases unreasonably expensive products 
    then there's some drama with Here for the Tea. Jeffree's been backtracking hella hard and deleting everything so it's hard for me to find screenshots but this is what I got from gg and twitter



      ciera jewel, who was a previous J* customer that found a hair in her highlighter and was harassed and accused of having a fake product and lying had chimed in as welltbh i feel like HFTT was just saying what everybody else is saying but it was in a fit of rage and I don't agree with how she went about it. Jeffree's no saint when it comes to body shaming so I find it funny how he's trying rally people up and try to accuse her of making fun of EDs. It was a huge reach because if that was the case, Jeffree's no saint when it comes to ED imagery 
     and finally apparently a Sephora employee released "confidential" info on J*
     couldve sworn there was also some tweet about threatening a lawsuit but I couldn't find it. Sephora already addressed the issue and finally, i found this when searching through twitter for the tweets above. dunno how true or widespread this issue is.
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  3. PurinPrincess added a post in a topic Jackie Aina   

    I figured that was the case. 
    Like I'm not saying Laura never deserved it, I just found it out of character for Jackie to interject and stir drama on something she wasn't tagged in. On one hand I'm here for Jackie poking holes into beauty community and exposing its BS, on the other hand it's like "yiiiiikes" just on how she went about it. 
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  4. PurinPrincess added a post in a topic Jackie Aina   

    Honestly, those Laura Lee tweets seemed so out of character for her. Typically Jackie doesn't try to go out of her way to start the drama with other gurus. So Laura must have done some fucked up shit to her for her to randomly chime in and kick someone when they're already down. I love Jackie, but this is actually one of those times I really don't feel like stanning. It just seemed childish. 
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  5. PurinPrincess added a post in a topic Age   

    I am basically in the same spot tbh. at a young age i was suicidal so I didn't expect to make it to the current age of 20 therefore I didn't have any plans for the future. I still struggle with MI's so I also struggle with jobs or finding them. 
    My thoughts on getting older: I have the obvious anxieties about it. As Miuna put it, I'm still not mentally prepared for the responsibilities people my age have. But I do want to improve. I have some sort of game plan; get my GED, get a job, and go to cosmetology school. It's just a struggle to really push myself in that direction due to mental illnesses. 
    As for my ideal age, whatever age I'll be when I'm content and at least on the lower end of financial stability. Let's hope that's mid to late 20s tho ;;;
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  6. PurinPrincess added a post in a topic Momosweetcosplay / Ahripop / Himeahri   

    Yes and no, because it's a PVP game so the game itself isn't difficult, it's the players. Sometimes the other person/team is just better than you are. But based on what people are saying in past posts, she doesn't seem to be that good at games .-. 
    Does anyone know her rank on Overwatch?
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  7. PurinPrincess added a post in a topic Beckii Cruel   

    A lot of people use gay as an umbrella term for being lgbt+ or queer (and yea queer is considered a slur, some people are trying to reclaim it, others don't like using it). I personally use gay when I'm too lazy to describe my sexuality to people who seem like they're going to be dismissive of bisexuality or pansexuality. 
    So if you're saying she's bisexual, she isn't "wrong" for using gay in her title, but it does seem like she is using it as a form of clickbait.  
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  8. PurinPrincess added a post in a topic Jeffree Star   

    On his podcast he's constantly interviewing people like Jeffree who have had controversies and a history of lying. I enjoy his podcast and interviewing these people, as outside of their bad history you realize they're just people but at the same time if they've done some fucked up shit that they haven't apologized for we shouldn't normalize that. In the second Weird Side of Youtube video he interviews an age player  to get a better understanding of it before completely judging and normalizing it (but to be fair, it seems like he didn't know about the ddlg and age player communities in the first place). I think Shane is looking at these people's h bad istories and treating them like he wants to be treated with forgiveness?? But IMO Shane's situation is slightly different because after the blackface incident he's shown he's trying to change and properly apologize several times. These people, especially Jeffree, aren't changing. 
    On another note, the only good thing that's come out of these videos is that Shane was lowkey dissing Jeffree and Manny MUA the entire time 
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  9. PurinPrincess added a post in a topic Apps/sites that help you get money?   

    Swagbucks is the most reliable but it's soooo slow I find that you have to spend hours on it. even with the few referrals I got it's still pretty slow. 
    FeaturePoints is a decent app that gives you points for downloading free apps and having them open for a couple of minutes. it also gives you a couple of points for the sign up process like connecting your email. in exchange for these points you can get giftcards for Amazon, Xbox, PSN, WoW, LoL, etc.... or Paypal money. I find that it's one of the fastest money making app, some say otherwise. It helps a lot to have people join in using your code because if they download an app that's for an example 100 points you get 50 points. I also have a code so you can get your first 50 points otherwise you'll just start with 0 points so I'll have it in the read more in case cuz i'm not sure if it's appropriate or not to self promo ;;;
    Applike is similar to featurepoints except you'll constantly be gaining points the longer you have the app open so if you're doing stuff away from your phone you can just leave an app open and let it do its thing. there's a referral system to increase your points and you'll get ur first 50cents (4999 pts) real quick if you use someone's referral code/link which will give you 4444 pts.
    Ebates is not so much a free money making site but it's a site for you to get cash back for money you've spent online on sites like ebay, Amazon, walmart, target, ulta, etc.... it's pretty useful. but if you have swagbucks (which gives you swagbucks back for shopping with the extension on) you can't pair the extension with ebates so you might want to opt for just turning on ebates when you're shopping online. You can also get cashback from certain stores when shopping at their physical locations you just have to link the deal/cashback promo to the credit card you're going to be using I also have a sign up link for this too
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  10. PurinPrincess added a post in a topic Instagram Cosplayers?   

    dunno if i would label it a scam, as she's explaining her reasoning for having it that price, but she's definitely stretching out the truth to make the most $$$ - making it seem like it's this oh so tiring expensive process to get something from Japan sent to the US. 
    at that point it's kinda up to the buyer and how thought out their decision to purchase said plush is. there are other options like eBay (also protected by paypal), otakumode (also protected by paypal), and indie shops specifically meant to resell authentic Japanese goods (most are found on storenvy, so still protected by Paypal) so that way you don't have to go through the BS conversion fees, shipping fees and shipping time DCS is trying to bring up. 
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  11. PurinPrincess added a post in a topic Suzy Hanson/Mortem3r   

    the reddit post i linked earlier kinda goes into this. Arin stated Suzy has actually questioned whether or not she should continue appearing on Grumps because of the negativity/assumptions like these. Arin's actually the one that's pushed for her to promote herself/her shop. 
    also about the cop comment, Suzy's mom is or was a cop so of course she's really biased. 
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  12. PurinPrincess added a post in a topic Suzy Hanson/Mortem3r   

    iirc Jon had a gf at the time so it was more along the lines of the girls didn't get along, so Jon didn't get along with her and because Suzy was kinda... a manager?? of Grumps before or at least she was an anchor and would try to keep people in check, this would clash with Jon. The "yoko ono" comment and other vague comments was Nicole, the gf, being petty on a stream chat

    tbh im still irked till this day that ppl are still trying to pin the blame on Suzy. Like, Suzy has her faults (ex: iirc she was lying on her etsy store in the past) but based on the shit Jon has been saying these days and how easily he snaps or victimizes himself when he gets corrected or argued with, it wouldn't surprise me if it was solely a Jon thing. Grumps fanbase still think too highly of Jon and too low of Suzy lol 
    edit: here's the etsy scandal I was talking about
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  13. PurinPrincess added a post in a topic 13 Reasons Why Rant   

    well, a lot of the people i've seen share those memes and laugh (including me) have MI's or suffer from suicidal thoughts themselves and get a kick out of them. it's not really finding suicide funny per say, but it's almost like self deprecating humor. 
    i especially got a kick out of this one lol

    i can see how on the flip side people with these experiences not find it funny though. 
    but i've also seen neurotypical people/people without mental illnesses share these memes and laugh at it because they're laughing at her being over dramatic and, although i haven't seen the series for myself and just read thorough analysis and reviews, i believe it's due to the series not being able to convey and touch on mental illnesses and suicide very well and just made her look like a dramatic selfish teen. but that's kinda a 50/50 opinion I've seen from everybody, especially people with mental illnesses who've watched this show. 
    now this particular post is just kinda them patting their own ass so I understand why you don't like this one. i get where they're coming from and that's great for them, but imagine if they used a real person as an example in that post than a fictional character's
    "Robin Williams committed suicide for 13 reasons. I have 1300 reasons and I'm still here fighting on." 
    doesn't sound as empowering and just sounds dickish. people like this have to understand everyone's mental illnesses affect people differently. you can have thousands of reasons to kill yourself and don't but another person can have one particular reason and can't keep on fighting anymore. your experiences with MIs and suicidal thoughts don't dictate how others should react to MIs and suicidal thoughts. 
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  14. PurinPrincess added a post in a topic Jeffree Star   

    He's a cis (androgynous) male, but doesn't really care for pronouns. there was some GWRM video he did with someone a while back where he goes into it but I don't have the link source 
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  15. PurinPrincess added a post in a topic Bretman Rock   

    part of the reason why people say he's anti-black, on top of him using the n word in the past, is that there was a outfit bretman did that people considered blackface because he wore an afro. he didn't darken his skin or anything as far as i can tell

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