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  1. PurinPrincess added a post in a topic Jasmine Blu   

    tbh don't see anything wrong with it other than the fact that the designer isn't credited but like neither did the person tweeting about it 
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  2. PurinPrincess added a post in a topic Jeffree Star   

    Jeffree apparently also lied about the age range he was during the lipstick nazi and confederate flag photos. He said he was 17 to minimize the blow but he was well in his 20s and the flag pic I believe was from 8 years ago 
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  3. PurinPrincess added a post in a topic What does your skincare routine consist of?   

    After watching a bunch of skincare youtube (specialists and estheticians - not beauty gurus) I'm doing a huge overhaul on my skincare routine. Currently testing out a new cleanser, toner and moisturizer (all ELF) for a week though but this was my general skincare routine and I'm looking to swap certain stuff out and add new stuff. 
    I have pretty decent normal (neither dry or oily) non-sensitive skin with breakouts only occurring typically before and during period. 
    Cleanser (daily) - Aveeno Clear Complexion Foaming Cleanser with 0.5% salicylic acid. (might be swapping out)
    Exfoliants - Wishful (Huda Beauty) Yo Glow Enzyme Scrub (with AHAs and BHAs (once a week). I got it for free and as much as I liked it, I won't be purchasing this for $40. Neutrogena Rapid Clear Cleansing Pads with 2% salicylic acid (every other day). I got it originally for KP on my butt lol but I thought I'd try it for my face - would not recommend. It has so much alcohol and even though it didn't dry my normal skin out I can tell with continued use it'll fuck me up. 
    Masks (2-3 times a week depending on the mask) - Shea Moisture African Black Soap Clarifying Mud Mask and New York Biology Dead Sea Mud Mask. I won't be repurchasing the Shea Moisture one (because I think there's a reformulated one now and it has bad reviews) but it does leave my skin feeling moisturized. I just got the Dead Sea Mud Mask and it seems to be treating my skin well
    Sheet Masks (1-2 times a week) - Any sheet masks I can find, typically from Daiso lol but I typically gravitate towards stuff with hyaluronic acid, aloe, and green tea. 
    Moisturizer - Clean & Clear Dual Action Moisturizer (daily). May or may not repurchase. Leaves my skin feeling moisturized but matte. Garnier Clearly Brighter SPF 15 Moisturizer (daily morning). Will probably repurchase until I find another affordable effective SPF product. Leaves my skin soooo dewy and soft. 
    As for the new skincare additions, I'm currently trying out the ELF Cosmetics Jelly Pop Cleanser (night 1 review- doesn't feel super cleansing but I've been using cleansers with stripping agents for a while soo I might have to get used to it), SuperTone Toner (night 1- this is more of chemical exfoliant and did leave my skin feeling pretty stripped after) and Holy Hydration Cream (night 1- left my skin feeling suuuper soft this morning. will probably use it as my night cream in the future). 
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  4. PurinPrincess added a post in a topic Dahvie Vanity (and BOTDF in general)   

    Ash Costello is going to be coming forward again soon. 
    Rehashing of the NYD stuff below for those who aren't aware, as most of this has been talked about in past pages 
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  5. PurinPrincess added a post in a topic Jeffree Star   

    i got my info from babybatbeauty but never any screenshots,  but funnily enough packaging  for the liquid lipsticks is the main reason why he went around bullying smaller businesses. That component was very popular to use 
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  6. PurinPrincess added a post in a topic Jeffree Star   

    I think what's even funnier about the comment is the fact he's painting $500 in his bank account as a small amount.  i mean it can be if you insist on living in high cost areas. but like... congrats on the $500 that you can still survive off of? you can sniffle or blink in his direction and he'll screech about how poor he was years ago 
    also is it really self made if you had to bully a bunch of other small cosmetic companies about packaging before your brand was big to get to the top? but i digress because I was told this directly by said brands with no screenshots. is it really self made when you had to sell your soul to ride on the coattail of a pedophile a little longer and leech off their fame ? 
    regardless, it's insane what he can get away with. doesn't help that people are looking at it from the perspective of "heeehee it's a Kardashian kid fuck em 🤪🤪" and not "gee wow imagine if a grown ass man patronized and scolded my child over the internet" 
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  7. PurinPrincess added a post in a topic Jeffree Star   

    Even though the comment wasn't completely the kid, I still can't believe a grown ass man is getting this pressed over a literal 10 year old child's comments.  
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  8. PurinPrincess added a post in a topic Dahvie Vanity (and BOTDF in general)   

    ... Damien is a real abuse victim?? even if there's the possibilty it's not sexual abuse by Dahvie. I truly understand what you're saying in regards to the repercussions of them lying about sexual assault , but again, the main takeaway is that they were a child. If Damien's in the limelight again, I blame it more on the bandwagoners who are new to the Dahvie Vanity shit for zeroing in on the Jessi Slaughter story and their main takeaway being "they claimed they were sexually abuse" and not "if there's a possibility that this bratty, dumb child lied about everything, there's still solid proof that these grown men harassed and abused her." 
    Edit: Just to reiterate, I'm not in a huge disagreement with you. I just disagree with the original sentiment that we should invalidate anything Damien says when they are just as much of a victim.
    Also, the Chris Hansen interview happened:
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  9. PurinPrincess added a post in a topic Jeffree Star   

    So Dahvie Vanity is trying to make a comeback which sparked a bunch of old advocates, ex fans and new bandwagoners to make new videos on his past sexual assault allegations. I notice a trend in these videos is that they'll bring up J*'s tweets calling Dahvie out for being a pedo, but conveniently leave out that J* rmade up and publicly remained friends with BOTDF. Luckily there's a few people that are  finally calling this out,  such as CreepShow Art 
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  10. PurinPrincess added a post in a topic Dahvie Vanity (and BOTDF in general)   

    Okay but the main takeaway from this is, even if Damien's account of their sexual assault is unbelievable, they were still an eleven year old child getting bullied by grown ass nearly 30 yr olds and their rabid cult-like fanbase. 
    I wish recent videos - basically people new to the drama and just jumping in for views - weren't using Damien's story of sexual assault as their "proof" because it invalidates a good chunk of the argument but the main focus should be is even if Damien grew up as a cringey child and came to be a cringey person - at the end of the day, they were still harassed by adults who never got punished. If anything, BOTDF were rewarded as heroes for bullying them because the "dun goof" meme extended outside the botdf fanbase. =/ 
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  11. PurinPrincess added a post in a topic Dahvie Vanity (and BOTDF in general)   

    Just weird that now this is happening. But I guess it makes sense since he's been on the low and he's fans have since aged up and realized how stupid they (both botdf and their fans) were being + the me too movement.
    Also what in god's name gave Dahvie the bright idea to try to make a comeback shortly after Me Too's prime
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  12. PurinPrincess added a post in a topic Dahvie Vanity (and BOTDF in general)   

    What's suddenly triggered the focus onto Dahvie lately? I've seen so many youtube videos on him pop up on my feed, but they seem to be rehashing a lot of the old evidence and drama.
    Side note: I love how they bring up Jeffree Star's old tweet calling Dahvie out for being a pedo and put him on a pedestal but conveniently leave out his apology and being friends with BOTDF months later lmao 
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  13. PurinPrincess added a post in a topic Aria Rose / Pixel Poyo   

    this is very old news and depending on how much she's made she's not required to report it. she's an idiot but i'm going to give her the benefit of a doubt and say i don't think it's far enough to completely dodge the IRS knowing this story from years ago lol
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  14. PurinPrincess added a post in a topic Pretty Pastel Please   

    Update to the charity funds distribution:
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  15. PurinPrincess added a post in a topic Aria Rose / Pixel Poyo   

    it's an originally unintended movement ability therefore it's a bug and by extension an exploit. but I don't agree that's a harmful bug or bannable offense considering it's been in the game for... what? a year? Kinda seems like Blizzard thinks it's fine or might make it easier to execute like they did with extended GA
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