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  1. PurinPrincess added a post in a topic Jeffree Star   

    He's a cis (androgynous) male, but doesn't really care for pronouns. there was some GWRM video he did with someone a while back where he goes into it but I don't have the link source 
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  2. PurinPrincess added a post in a topic Bretman Rock   

    part of the reason why people say he's anti-black, on top of him using the n word in the past, is that there was a outfit bretman did that people considered blackface because he wore an afro. he didn't darken his skin or anything as far as i can tell

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  3. PurinPrincess added a post in a topic Pastel Cutie   

    b r o w s 
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  4. PurinPrincess added a post in a topic Pewdiepie   

    Yeah I believe it's true because Ken tweeted about it 
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  5. PurinPrincess added a post in a topic "Edgy"/Popular Stores   

    oops I guess I didn't clarify. Their site is usually an eyesore, not so much their clothing. At the moment their site theme is a lil tamed compared to the obnoxious graphics they've previously had as their theme. 
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  6. PurinPrincess added a post in a topic Giveaways   

    I looove giveaways. I'm like, slightly lucky because I've won a good amount of giveaways but about two of them I didn't get the stuff for. One of them was because I assumed it was lost in the mail and I didn't wanna bother the giveaway host about it anymore (the giveaway was just for X-Men First Class fanart buttons). And the other giveaway for Pierce the Veil shirts I'm p sure was a scam for more followers because I won it off of IG and she (the user was piisss but someone else took that name since then) was one of those typical scene/edgy constantly posting then deleting posts to fit a theme accounts with thousands of followers but with only hundreds of likes and constantly holding giveaways
    In other giveaways I won a shirt from plus cutie/spreepicky, a handmade rainbow beanie, $15 to use anywhere (I ended up getting a wig from ebay with that lol), SNK notebook + handmade erwin and levi felt hair clips, cute blood splatter bat wing hair clips from kawaiipowerup, a lil ghost plushie from claireyloucreations, stickers of an artist's logo, and almost exactly a year later I won a drawing of myself by that same amazing artist.  
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  7. PurinPrincess added a post in a topic ElaineMokk   

    She vaguely answers it in this video around 9:04
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  8. PurinPrincess added a post in a topic Jeffree Star   

    I think John's JS liquid lipstick might be real and john just has really big hands/long fingers. if not, the bottle is really on point for being a fake. but I just got my sugarpill liquid lipstick today and I believe the bottle is exactly the same as JSC's and the SP one feels kinda small in my hand too despite me not having large hands and it's not much longer than my short fingers 
    I used this guide on how to spot fake JSC liquid lipsticks. Just like the real ones from what I see, John's applicator has a fuzzy slanted tip, has a clear wand and base and the sticker on the bottom has the shade name in bold letters. 
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  9. PurinPrincess added a post in a topic Pewdiepie   

    Unless they had someone help them set up their fiverr page, I kinda doubt they didn't know any English whatsoever so I don't see how Felix's message didn't raise any red flags when the words "death to all" are included. You can tell Felix felt genuinely bad though based on his expression
    ngl despite the really bad ending circumstances, that's one of pewds' best videos.
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  10. PurinPrincess added a post in a topic Jeffree Star   

    it's the real palette.
    the more i look at it the more i do think everybody's theory that it's supposed to be a play on pastels, the art medium, rather than pastel colors is correct. Even if that isn't what KVD was going for, Jeffree's "there's no pastels" argument is dimissed, because based on that review it looks like you can lightly apply the shadows for a pastel look or you can build them up to be more vivid. 
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  11. PurinPrincess added a post in a topic Lonbon Lonlon (Kawaii Cannabis Queen)   

    All manic panic dyes are vegan as well, so I'm unsure if what you described was possible. Unless their hair thinning and falling out was a result of bleaching it in the first place 
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  12. PurinPrincess added a post in a topic Your favourite/signature perfume?   

    As cheap and possibly tacky as this sounds, I really enjoy Love's Baby Soft by Dana. Both in bottle and body mist form. 

    While it does spray on like a cheap perfume with that initial "alcohol" scent, after it dries down it's this nice soft baby powder scent and it lasts for days sometimes.
    And on special occasions, I use Fortune Cookie Soap's perfume oil in Liquid Courage. It's a nice sweet candy scent, not too overwhelming imo unless you find peach rings an overwhelming scent and it's long wearing. It's a shame that it was only limited edition back in 2015 but the 1dram vial has lasted me since then (to be fair I had a small sample size with it that just ran out a couple months ago), since you don't need much product and can use it sparingly 

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  13. PurinPrincess added a post in a topic Jeffree Star   

    he sounds like a bratty rich entitled teenager 
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  14. PurinPrincess added a post in a topic Jeffree Star   

    "I am as humble as they come" - Jeffree Star, 2016 
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  15. PurinPrincess added a post in a topic Jeffree Star   

    Oh my god. did that all just happen as of yesterday?? I totally missed it and I was keeping up with that customer. She's handled that entire situation so beautifully. 
    why do people stan for jeffree at this point he's so disgusting 
    I feel bad for her because she's tweeting things like she feels bad and that maybe she should've shut her mouth and it's like ??? no boo??? that's what he wants. all u did was give a valid complaint on the quality of his products and business practices. he wants to come for KVD for her palette under the guise of "it's muh onion!!!" when he isn't even one of her consumers anymore, but you, an actual customer, can't say shit??? wow.
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