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  1. L_ added a post in a topic WolfyChu   

    Ok just doin alittle recall of ALL her videos going to rate them based on animation, mistakes, commentary(if any at all),  and if there is a reference video (for the memes) if the origional was better or worse. So gather round with all your torches and lets melt these videos to their barren bones 
    1st video : marble soda
    Ok just from watching this, its alittle choppy, dont know if its ment to be this way, but at the end i guess it was breathing??? looked like it was just getting streached around, coulda done better
    Dosent suprize me that I loked this more, I see Wolfychu ment it to be like that but she coulda done alittle better job at the end, this one's ending was much much better in making it fluent rather than just photoshop stretching.
    Overall~ 6/10
    Reasoning~Im being generous with this soly because that was what the origional creator was going for in a way *im for now if a creator reason comes up will say CR*
    Video 2:baka [ meme
    1st impression, the shaky evee/whatever firepokemon that was was a literal coppy of it but changing the color, the ammount of work I could see made me puke, and if you look closly at the blushing one on the 3rd time arround it is alittle early and its just a coppy and paste the gif in at the right time...
    Ok :3 I didnt like either one, i liked the opening for this but after that...no, no mistakes tho that I could find
    Overall 2/10
    Reasoning~ this may just be me, I just find it a bad song to do it to, and the color combo for the back was not pleasant... I liked the origional better...
    Video 3 gimee gimee gimee (waluigi)
    Compared to the last video, 10/10 although it was alittle choppy, and coulda made the others alittle transparent.
    Compared to the other video, preatty much the same, the waluigi ear rapes made it more pleasant, and like I wanted the background images are transparent.
    Overall~4/ 10
    Reason~ear rape, no transparency, background dosent fit, or complement the character, but it was what the origional had in mind.
    Video 4 karma 
    So im starting to get the gist of how the memes go, she uses the origional as a reference coppying the expression and body almost exacally the same(or worse) and she may change the background. This one I kinda liked how the movement of each action flowed but didnt like how it went into the next one immediately, making it all flow coulda improved it.
    I honest to god never thought id say this, but.. It hurts to type this... I liked wolfychu's more than thisone, it flows better, it still matches with the beat,...I REALLLY didnt want to say this but... Wolfychu's mc is better. *Cougghs up blooblood* sosorry bobout that, even the raiting ima give hurts
    Reasoning~ she could of improved it more but didnt, it was ok in general tho... the rating I gave hurts... Like a punch to the stomach.
    *will continue later, going to my grandma's who has no wifi and or cell service fer a day.... WISH ME LUCK... Why why WHY am I leaving this off at a 7/10
    also tell me if you want meh to continue the list or naw plz
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  2. L_ added a post in a topic WolfyChu   

    But plot twist, what if wolfychu is really just a voice actor that was hired by sweetoons, now THERES somthin to think about ( I get it has alota holes in the theory, just throwin out some rando ideas that popped into my head) *also I love this llama*
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  3. L_ added a post in a topic WolfyChu   

    I havent heard it, that does sound like the spookiest thing she could do on Halloween. But rlly tho id like to see the vid. Got a link???
    The funny part is I read "have you seen her DUMB channel" I was thinking, yea ive seen it many o times
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  4. L_ added a post in a topic WolfyChu   

    Also seseing ththe art she COULD make, then looking at what she IS making, like let the people make your cartoons ;-; we could do so much better
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  5. L_ added a post in a topic How to make rly good GIF comparison   

    Sooooo you lost me half way through 😓
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  6. L_ added a post in a topic Any way to make signatures invisible?   

    Rlly its that easy??? I looked for ages.
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  7. L_ added a post in a topic Can we get an IP range ban or a new member verification system to deal with these spam bots?   

    Im so happy I didnt join in the age of spamm
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  8. L_ added a post in a topic How do you add Youtube vids?   

    So you paste the link before hand???
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  9. L_ added a post in a topic Photo comparisons   

    So this is about her photoshoping herself to much? If im wrong tell me, just wana get usto the servers overall hate for her I guess...
    ya know... I can see that...
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  10. L_ added a post in a topic invadernoodles   

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  11. L_ added a post in a topic WolfyChu   

    dont worry, its added to the new story
    dont worry, its added to the story
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  12. L_ added a post in a topic WolfyChu   

    GOSH DANGIT well actually I went for a row, just throwing in random ones from the sheet as i went, I also give you full permission to edit the story if u want, just gota make it juicer. Although that was only a rough draft 😎 Il be sure to add suggestions to it as time goes on
    And I just have 1 Q about wolfychu, she is 23... She makes videos and she trys to make herself out to be like, 17, and her art makes me cringe, how tf does she have over a million subs???
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  13. L_ added a post in a topic WolfyChu   

    *deleted post*
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  14. L_ added a topic in Introduce Yourself   

    Hedlo, 『L_』 here, the new runt in the family, all i really want to say is... that I havent been on this sight for to long, but I see a general family picture with all of you, and I hope I can join it,
                                             『L_』, signing out
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  15. L_ added a post in a topic WolfyChu   

    Ok story time, everyone gather round, dont forget ima hold it to the "wolfy chu video bingo" sheet. I am going for a line so let me know if you see tge line I went for 
    Hai everyone this is wolfychu and im going to be talking about my 4th grade storys. It all started in the beginning of the year where I started my day by putting on my cutest dress and went to school. My mom checked my face to see if there was any lipstick on my face *tee hee* and I went to school. At around an hour after school started we went to go to a 2nd grade classroom and we were paired up with reading buddies. My buddie was this really cute girl who was taller than I was and I was really shy at the time and didnt want a reading buddie.After a little while I started to feel more confident and we went in a corrner and instead of reading, she kept asking if I was really a 4th grader. I also told her that my voice was just really high pitched and she started saying how I was just like an anime person. We then had to go back to our class and I didnt hear them leave. I looked around the room and started to run to the door. I then tripped on my own feet falling flat on my face and the teacher, who for that day was a sub, asked if I was alright. I then jumped up saying yes and started to run to the door. The sub then stopped me and asked where I was going I said I was a 4th grader but he didnt believe me. He didn't take me seriously and called me a clumsy doll and sat me down infront of the class and everyone let out a awww <3. Even after I insisted I was a 4th grader he didnt let me leave to use the restroom because he said he didnt want me to run to another class. I ended up spending another hour there and as I stayed, they were all gathering around me as I read them a story. But there was this one kid who in the middle of my story yelled YOU LOOK LIKE THE DOLL MY MOM GOT ME and the class erouped in yea you do and thats so cute. I was then aproached by a boy, he gave me a macaroni ring and asked to marry me. I was just frozen in shock that I was asked to be married by a 2nd grader. Just then this girl who was about a foot taller and had a much deeper voice said "il protect you from "te pervert". He ran back to his seat with tears coming down his face.Just then the teacher come back to look for me and I yelled to her to help me and was confuzed why I stayed. I said ASK HIM pointing to the sub. I started to get up and all the kids tried to stop me from leaving saying that they want me to stay. As we walked back she wispered in my ear*you do look like a doll* then carried on walking. Ever since then I always made sure to leave with my class. And thats my story on how I got mixed up and called a 2nd grader by a teacher.
    Wolfychu, feal free to use this story if u want.
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