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  1. Plastic added a post in a topic Belle Kirschtein/Belle Delphine   

    All her photos are the same, what the hell. 9 pictures in that set are her sitting in the same position with the same outfit, the only difference is the caption. Her ass shots are the same too, we've seen it before in her others sets. The only difference in her content are her poorly put together outfits and "cosplays". Incels are seriously worshipping THAT and paying big bucks for it??? Don't even get me started on the filters. Belle and her fans are a sad bunch, lmao.
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  2. Plastic added a post in a topic Simply_Kenna/cozykitsune [Thread 5]   

    Because Kenna doesn't deserve the views nor $$$.
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  3. Plastic added a post in a topic Sarah McDaniel   

    Her fanboys are as hopeless as she is.

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  4. Plastic added a post in a topic Simply_Kenna/cozykitsune [Thread 5]   

    I genuinely don't understand why other (relatively) big influencers want to associate with Kenna. She has a bad reputation which is deserved, there's always some drama in Kenna's comment section or with whoever she collaborated with and her "relevancy" and "clout" has been dying at a steady pace for over a year now. Kenna isn't one of those cases where "Bad publicity is still publicity", i.e there are enough of celebs who have bad publicity all the time but their numbers keep and fame keep growing. Kenna's online presence is just... Negative. It's really not worth it to collaborate with her. The people who do are only doing a disservice to themselves imo.
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  5. Plastic added a post in a topic Simply_Kenna/cozykitsune [Thread 5]   

    Like the others already mentioned I highly doubt Disney will ever sponsor her. Kenna's  reputation is too damaged already and she's doing a very poor job at bettering it. Also I remember this one time Kenna and Bree went to Disneyland and took similair pictures and both tagged Disneystyle, but Disneystyle reached out to Bree instead asking if they could feature her picture. Mind you Bree only has 50% of Kenna's followers and Kenna had been tagging Disneystyle for ages but nothing.
    I wonder if Kenna realises this is actually all her fault and not because of her "antis". Back in her boho days it looked like she was going to have it all but she reacted so badly and poisonuous to any sort of criticism and that's when everything started crumbling down for her. People on the internet are quite forgiving when you own up to your mistakes right then and there. Miss McKenna even turned her own fans against herself by being extremely rude at every given chance. She could've kept her very first thread dead if she just said "My bad! I'll try to do better in the future and I'm sorry for upsetting people!" regarding her very first 'controversy'. That's it. One simple line and people would've moved on but instead she kept on pushing people's buttons and insulting them and boy oh boy! Karma came for her hard. She's now in a foreign country where she doesn't know the language and her only real "career" as a social media influencer is a dead end at this point. She loses subs and followers each time no matter if she posts or not. She wasted her money going to Tokyo and attending a Japanese language school. She's in one of the most vibrant cities in the world and all she can create is a dull makeup look and boring lookbooks. She should've invested her money in her education (not a slow-paced Japanese language course... Like come on) instead of Japan because her channel was already dying before she moved. Idfk why her friends or family didn't stop her because I really can't see a future for Kenna in Japan, on social media or even in the States because she has no degree and no work experience. I know Kenna is a full-grown woman but what the fuck are her parents thinking? They're just okay with her doing dumb shit and providing for her for the rest of her life? 
    TLDR; Kenna is dumb and her future doesn't look too good for her.
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  6. Plastic added a post in a topic The Got7 Twins (Ana and Alex)   

    Few things: 
    1. Get in line with the other flakes who tried to "sue" PULL or take the site/their own thread down. You're wasting your money if you actually did hire a lawyer. 
    2. "Assumptions"? Everything we posted on here is blatantly obvious and came straight from the twins themselves. 
    3. "Not really hurting the boys" and "speaking about my experiences". Posting lies about nearly fucking the members is quite honestly gross and could damage their reputation. Remember how the twins kept hammering down about actually HANGING OUT with BTS and nearly fucking Namjoon? They really tried to put that out as a truth to the world, only when they got backlash they said it was a joke and they only met them.
    4. How are we going against the law? Everything on here is public record, it has all been posted somewhere on the internet before and now it's just compiled. That includes your lies and delusions.
    5. Neither of you will ever date an idol. The measures y'all go through to get clout from them is desperate as hell 'cause you're whoring yourself out at this point. Going half naked to concerts and only talking about them in a sexual way. You really think any respectable idol wants any of that shit? You're just delusional groupies at this point.
    6. Go to court and embarrass yourselves more after the judge has to read your gross fanfictions. 

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  7. Plastic added a post in a topic Simply_Kenna/cozykitsune [Thread 5]   

    Why does she ALWAYS ask what her followers want to see? Can't she just post the 'Would you rather' video this week and the 'Assumptions' video next week? Literally everybody has given Kenna tons of (good) video suggestions over and over again but yet she goes for the ones that are extremely simple with minimum effort. Her attempt at "engaging" with her followers is just so disingenuous and useless at this point because she doesn't care what they want, only what she wants. Such a trash """""social media influencer""""".
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  8. Plastic added a post in a topic The Got7 Twins (Ana and Alex)   

    Let me know if you need any help.
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  9. Plastic added a post in a topic The Got7 Twins (Ana and Alex)   

    Does anyone still have their GOT7 experience video saved? I swear I thought someone reuploaded in the beginning of the thread but I can't find it.
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  10. Plastic added a post in a topic The Got7 Twins (Ana and Alex)   

    Ah yes, no melanin in sight. Amazing. 

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  11. Plastic added a post in a topic The Got7 Twins (Ana and Alex)   

    How the hell did this turn into "y'all racist and hate poc"????? If anything the twins have internalized racism because they can't accept their NATURAL skin colour and their NATURAL nose. Instead they try to emulate the Korean beauty standard of being pale with a small and narrow nose. These kboos have actually lost it, Christ. 
    Also Salma, just shut the fuck up. You're a hypocrite with your fake deep wokeness.
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  12. Plastic added a post in a topic The Got7 Twins (Ana and Alex)   

    I'm screaming. They really came on here for what? Nobody said anything about reporting your kboo asses. Just one person on here mentioned you and you went into full panic-mode. Learn to read next time. The second-hand embarrassment is real with this one.
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  13. Plastic added a post in a topic The Got7 Twins (Ana and Alex)   

    Proof that it was Celia's account that downvoted the post.
    They made a new account and downvoted again? Lol. Subtle name.
    All the posts from spicysmolbean (Celia).
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  14. Plastic added a post in a topic The Got7 Twins (Ana and Alex)   

    I just saw someone downvoted you and wanted to check out who it was and behold! It's Celia herself. In the past Celia came on her own thread and tried to "troll" but she just embarrassed herself more. She then went on Twitter to whine about it so we knew it wasn't someone pretending to be her. You can still see the messages she posted from back then if you go to spicysmolbean's profile.
    Celia, honey... What are you doing on PULL? And not even on your own thread but on the GOT7 thots? Go back to begging for money and wasting it on your k-pop oppars who will never date you or remember you for longer than an hour (same goes for the other delusional twins).
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  15. Plastic added a post in a topic Violet Verdandi   

    How old is she again? From my experience only edgy 16-17 year old girls with no sense of identity say shit like "I will fuck your dad" over and over again because in their mind it's sOoOoO savage and outrageous. I remember being that age and seeing girls say that stuff and thought they were a cool, badass bitch for it. But now that I've grown older it's literally... So stupid and embarrassing. Like grow up and stop making a fool out of yourself. Idek how this trend of "fucking dads" (literally or figuratively) became popular in the first place. It's lame as hell and not to mention gross. But you do you, booboo.
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