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  1. pagandaddy.exe added a post in a topic What purpose does life being unfair serve?   

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  2. pagandaddy.exe added a post in a topic AltTubers   

    I feel like this is the same with hot topic. They used to be an underground store that catered to alternative/ goth teens (or anyone who didn't fit in with the 'normal' kids), and now it caters to edgy teens who like fandoms/pop culture and that somehow makes them quirky. I feel like Killstar will eventually become the same way over time.
    Also regarding Altubers, a lot of them are vegan, like Drac Makens or yungbish0p. I don't necessarily have a problem with vegans, but a lot of them act 'holier than thou' and try to shove veganism down your throats and shame you for not being vegan. It's fucking ridiculous. Sorry, but you pushing something onto someone isn't gonna make them do it, newflash.
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  3. pagandaddy.exe added a post in a topic Plaaastic/GG   

    I just checked and it's not there anymore. Maybe the link did expire so idk
    And also not to sound rude, but this whole thing seems like an ARG to me.

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  4. pagandaddy.exe added a post in a topic @annxhy / @asianult   

    I saw that. That one is more recent and active tho. I think a mod should get on this??
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  5. pagandaddy.exe added a post in a topic Cristali/Valdroxx Studios   

    Imagine attempting to call the police on someone for a comment that exposes you. Scared of the truth much lol??
    Ah, Cristali, you never cease to amaze me 
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  6. pagandaddy.exe added a post in a topic George "Joji" Miller (@sushitrash)   

    He looks like he's trying to spread the word of God.
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  7. pagandaddy.exe added a post in a topic George "Joji" Miller (@sushitrash)   

    Ok well, good news. They took everything down. The guy left the video up & changed the title. (I heard he was going to court for it??). Anyway, here's the video if you wanna watch it.
    Surprisingly, he doesn't talk about Joji that much, just himself.
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  8. pagandaddy.exe added a post in a topic Miles Jai   

    I'm still subscribed to Miles because I found his content funny and his beauty videos satisfying to watch. His older stuff..... Also full offense, but that wig looks fucking trash

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  9. pagandaddy.exe added a post in a topic Spechie   

    Lmao imagine being this dense
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  10. pagandaddy.exe added a post in a topic George "Joji" Miller (@sushitrash)   

    I wonder what he is going to fall back on if this whole music thing doesn't work out. 
    I would kill to go to school in New York, I'm gonna have to pay for that out of pocket because no one can afford it.
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  11. pagandaddy.exe added a post in a topic George "Joji" Miller (@sushitrash)   

    Wealthy???????? Who said his family was wealthy???? Am I missing something lol
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  12. pagandaddy.exe added a post in a topic Stop Peaches!!   

    Iirc someone said she has schizophrenia???
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  13. pagandaddy.exe added a post in a topic Spechie   

    So I sat down and watched her latest video and,,, jfc. She thinks she's funny and quirky but she's not. It's just annoying.
    Also, she was sponsered by AppBounty, which is one of those apps where you "get money just from dowloading and using apps", which I don't entirely know if their shams or not (I've never used them just because they seem sketchy and fake to me) but I hope she's not trying to promote getting her fans scammed.
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  14. pagandaddy.exe added a post in a topic Thoughts on insults involving death or harm? (“kys”)   

    It's disguting, rude, and extremely uncalled for imo. I get hating someone with a white hot burning passion to the point you want them dead,I've been there, but saying it out loud usually comes across as edgy to me . I'd prefer keeping stuff like that to yourself, but you do you fam.
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  15. pagandaddy.exe added a post in a topic lilmixedhunny / ceilidh joy   

    Im sorry, but what does she do exactly? And what happened to that strip club job she had?
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