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  1. thesteward added a post in a topic bestdressed/ ashley   

    I also wanna add that relationships and sex are...well, not to be reductive but pretty much chemical addictions in your brain. Your brain gets used to that high of endorphins you get when you're around someone you like and esp when you're having sex. Ashley probably puts sex on such a pedestal, even tho it's apparently not that great, because it's the only time she gets that rush of excitement around David. It reestablishes whatever bond she feels to him, because why would you share such an intimate act with someone so often if you're not that into them? It convinces her he's still into her, and that she's validated in being into him. I'm pyschoanalyzing now but like likeisaid said, if your audience can pick up on that from what you're choosing to show.... :/ move on girl 
    Yeah she's got very gen z tumblr/twitter-based humor but even then it's starting to get stale. You can see it too with other youtubers like Dan Howell who're still dragging out this very 2015-2017-era internet humor even tho it's not as popular anymore
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  2. thesteward added a post in a topic Halsey   

    Looked this up and they dated for a bit about a year ago back, even got matching tattoos...or maybe they were just messing around, cause she was apparently dating Lido at the same time, causing beef between them two. "Sniffing Vicodin in Paris" is supposedly about her when they went to fashion week in Paris, and he wrote about her in "Playboy" but took her name out to avoid drama: "see you on the snapchat how my d*** taste, feeling real ballsy go and ask (Halsey)." He also said in 2017 that her album was about him, which her fans hated. 
    Then there's these screenshots she posted of her draft tweets last month. Note the first one on the right, the one about white guys writing about her. Also can we talk about how utterly cringy and narcissistic her drafts are?? 
    Apparently they're friends now (she went to his show in LA a few months back), but blackbear fans think that draft twt is still about him, so no one is sure. 

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  3. thesteward added a post in a topic Halsey   

    Yeah, agreed ^ I think they got on fine at first (handshake and all) but you can tell Namjoon was practically rolling his eyes at some of her later appearances. I doubt he hates her but as we talked about a few pages back, J-hope seems to be the only one who's actually into her. Also esp given that he's the only fluent English speaker you think they'd be the closest but it's pretty easy to see he caught onto her game. 
    Then there's the fact that Namjoon never tweeted when her new song out. Doesn't seem like a big deal until you realize he does that all the time for random artists, and esp for people they've collabed with (most recent shoutout was Zara Larsson). To me that's the biggest indicator that he's done with her. 
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  4. thesteward added a post in a topic Halsey   

    I have to say I'm glad one of the women seems okay with it, but I really hope Halsey asked for their permission before she did. Doubt she did, and if so that's weird and icky.
    I think this is a good microcosm of Halsey's social justice activism and why people get so frustrated with it tho. She does a thing, it gets headlines, stans praise her for being woke, but then you really think about it--where did she get the shirt? Did she pay for it and where's that money going to? Did she even ask the women before she did that? Did she think at all about the ethics of turning these real women's bloodied faces into a political rallying cry (even if that political point is a moral one) when they never asked to be?--then you realize her actions are tacky and showy at best, exploitative and damaging at worst.
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  5. thesteward added a post in a topic Halsey   

    Agreed, esp with how the fandom jumps to conclusions. When I commented that she sang background notes in Korean, that was the word on stan twitter. Ofc that wasn't true, but that's what I get for believing info on stan twitter (and my friends, who were convinced).
    There was some interview (I can't remember but I'll try to find it) where Namjoon says they made Boy with Luv and after most of the production was done, they were like "Oh Halsey would be good for this." The interview made it sound like they went into the album knowing they wanted their title track to have a collab and it just so worked out that Halsey's voice fits with BwL. From that perspective it's far more clearly a business/production/brand decision than it is a "we're such good friends we needed to have her on this!!" narrative that stan twt would have you believe. 
    Eh I don't think BTS really milks the friendship bit. I think Hobi is genuinely fond of her but the rest I think are pretty meh on the relationship. She's been the one gifting them friendship bracelets, bragging about them on twt, posting a shit ton of picture evidence every time she sees them. BTS didn't even congratulate her on her new music (that I saw, I've been off twitter lately so feel free to correct me if I'm wrong). 
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  6. thesteward added a post in a topic Halsey   

    I actually think the song is fine, and the aesthetics in the video are good. Like others have said it's less avocados and bananas than her usual stuff
    Agreed they have to smile and be nice. But I also don't think bts hates her, just that they're not as close as halsey wants desperately everyone to think...given the language barrier, RM not tweeting about her new song, etc etc
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  7. thesteward added a post in a topic Halsey   

    I still really can't believe how much she lucked out with army being in love with her. It so easily could've gone sour but she's currently their queen and savior
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  8. thesteward added a post in a topic Halsey   

    Wow...she really needs to take a step away from stan twitter. If they were actually close she could just make that joke in person, but she can't so she's gotta post it. This is so embarrassing. 
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  9. thesteward added a post in a topic Halsey   

    Kind of on a tangent here, and I know this is old, but does anyone else feel like her take is stretching? I say "I identify as queer/bisexual" sometimes; saying "I identify as..." to denote your sexuality or gender identity is pretty common. Esp when labels for queer folks can be clunky and don't always fit to size, you know? I know it's been meme-ified to an extent but I don't think the phrasing indicates whatever you're talking about is any less real or valid. Literally means it's part of your identity. 
    With race I guess I can see how it's a little weirder to say "identify" but esp for biracial/mixed people, you can say still identify? I know many people (including myself) who identify more with one side of their family's race/history/culture than the other. 
    Idk, I can see not personally using that wording for yourself but calling out NYT and saying it's a crude misquote feels readily over the top. I can't speak to the bipolar part of it, though.
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  10. thesteward added a post in a topic Halsey   

    This is a good point I hadn't considered, and I'm inclined to agree with you. But then I wonder if she was actually worried about being shipped with any of them, why she'd post pics of her wearing koya merch, her handshake with Namjoon, announcing he's her fave. She of course can and should be able to do these things without issue but if she's worried about shipping then it's an interesting choice to single Namjoon out as her member of choice on several occasions (instead of going the "they're all my friends! I can't choose!"route), since people have already begun shipping them. It was going to happen no matter what since Namjoon speaks English (and again, she can totally have a fave) but if she is using this greater strategy of pushing friendship so she's not being shipped with them, then....well, that's not working lol. It hasn't really turned sour or heated bc like you said ARMY likes her (and also she has a boyfriend rn??) but I'm still seeing it go around. 
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  11. thesteward added a post in a topic Halsey   

    This is what's so frustrating to me. I didn't really care about her (thought her music was meh at best but not terrible) but stan twt and the subreddit can't stop fawning over her like she's the second coming of pop jesus. I don't get it ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ I'm into bts so trying to keep up with their news and performances and interviews has become grating since halsey's in everything. Just waiting for it to be over and for her to fade out of the picture. 
    The bracelet things feels fake and forced to me. Maybe not, but that's the vibe I got when in an interview she was like "I gave them bracelets so they wouldn't forget me!" 
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  12. thesteward added a post in a topic Halsey   

    Apparently she sung in Korean for some of the background vocals on Boy With Luv....you can't really hear it without someone pulling out the audio tho 
    Just anecdotally, I live in Korea and even though I'm working my ass off to learn Korean, I'm still not fluent enough to have solid, easy friendships with Koreans. Tone and body language helps, but I highly doubt she's at a level where she can speak Korean enough to hold conversations. As for BTS.... well, I know they'd do their best too but only Namjoon would be able to hold a conversation with her 
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  13. thesteward added a post in a topic Halsey   

    First time commenting but wanted to come in as another BTS stan who's not convinced by her. Like I really did appreciate that she flew to Korea and danced with them and all but now it's like, okay we get it, you're best friends with BTS, making y/n shake, whatever...imo she's constantly posting about them any chance she can get so the attention stays on her.
    I get BTS consider her a true friend, so idk I guess they see something I don't. I was never a fan of the collab to begin with. 5 singers and 3 rappers on a title track is way too stacked 
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