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  1. chuutohanpa added a post in a topic Jvloggers general discussion thread   

    Victor made a laundry video about it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1vyO7VnAi9I 
    starts talking about it from 4:15 then rambles about his son, back to the topic at 5:39 

    From the description:
    APRIL 1, 2017 - YouTube Tokyo Hanami! Presented by Tokyo Maniacs!
    Warning: A jealous overweight whiny weiner has been falsely flagging the page and getting it taken down. I don't know why. If it gets taken down again, no worries. The party will definitely happen no matter what the JOWW does.
    Where: Yoyogi Park (Tokyo, near Harajuku/MeijiJingu-Mae Station
    What time: Starts at 11am, but get there whenever! 

    Basically while people don't like one of the organizers, Zach (Phoenyx787), they are willing to let their personal dislike of him go since he's getting the logistics done etc but TykoSam can't and thus made his own event and is against it???

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  2. chuutohanpa added a post in a topic Sharla in Japan   

    I'm surprised Sharla didn't buy from a brand she says she really likes this year like Joyrich. She bought TWO bags of theirs last year so why not get their bags again this year? 

    Maybe she didn't order them online or couldn't get any other bags other than MOUSSY. 

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  3. chuutohanpa added a post in a topic Wylona Social Media Updates   

    Yeah, it's possible she may have done something to the extent it could be seen as a suicide attempt and the authorities got called. 
    If so, she may be in IMH for counselling/treatment. 

    While Whylow has done many terrible things it's also not great on Adam's part for seemingly 'rubbing it in' that their lives are suddenly so much better bla bla - it might cause a relapse or something when Whylow's out

    only time will tell, i guess
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  4. chuutohanpa added a post in a topic Jvloggers general discussion thread   

    I couldn't find a thread for CathyCat https://www.youtube.com/user/Canudoitcosplaygirl so I'm posting here. 

    I want to watch her videos, I really do, but I cannot stand her voice and her OMG LOOK AT THIS SQUEEEE AHHHHH 1000% too high on sugar personality in her videos. I watched her Angelic Pretty lucky bag opening because I wanted to see the contents but man, tone it down a notch or two and she'd be way more likable. 

    She's ok in the kawaiipateen videos or when she's interviewing people on the streets but in her videos.....sigh. 

    I want to like her, though.
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  5. chuutohanpa added a post in a topic Akidearest and The Anime Man   

    You can already see from that thumbnail that she shows off her cleavage, if you scroll through the first few pages of the thread you'll find pics of her wearing shirts that say MEGA MILK and grabbing her chest in videos and pictures. And the continuous playing on how she's got a tentacle fetish etc 

    it all adds up to her over-sexualizing herself and making use of her body to get more views
    in addition her attitude where she believes she is famous/better than others due to her success on YouTube is off putting. just to name a few things. 

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  6. chuutohanpa added a post in a topic Jvloggers general discussion thread   

    I went to watch it and it seemed like she was pretty pissed off but talked about it in a nice way ("i guess they were rushing off to korea") and when she said after spending an hour cleaning she could "finally walk around" the apartment. yikes that sounds like a gigantic mess. 

    I haven't watched much of Bii but I'm starting to like her more than Kim/Sunny. 
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  7. chuutohanpa added a post in a topic Sharla in Japan   

    I agree! That lipstick looks great on her  
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  8. chuutohanpa added a post in a topic Jvloggers general discussion thread   

    The Jvlogger cherry blossom thing is still held annually and I think Victor and Hikosaemon post about other meetups too? I think the Cherry Blossom/Spring meetup is the big one. I watched some videos of this year's and Victor, Hiko and was it TykoSam was there as well? But no Sharla, no Rachel no Taylor no Mimei 

    basically almost none of the bigger channels went  

    Maybe there's a bigger divide now in the community with the Sharla/Taylor clique and everyone else? It just seems to me that we see just a big difference in content and who is featured in their videos when compared to the rest of the community
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  9. chuutohanpa added a post in a topic Texan In Tokyo   

    if two months later a "well i guess we are coming back for a bit once in a while to update all of you because of the overwhelming response of people wanting us back" video appears.....

    it's quite strange to see them getting MORE subs and this CRAZY amount of views (i mean sure it's partially clickbait on the whole OH NO DID YOU BREAK UP NOOOOOO thing) but.......

    well. time will tell. 
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  10. chuutohanpa added a post in a topic Texan In Tokyo   

    Yeah I didn't watch it for the same reason. Just went to have a look just now to see if the room in their The End videos has been in videos before
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  11. chuutohanpa added a post in a topic Texan In Tokyo   

    It's the same room they filmed the 6 Things OK in USA (but rude in Japan) video:


    but definitely not the usual room they film in. Possibly they moved? The room does seem awfully empty and big. 

    There might have been a lot more behind the scenes like a move. Though I think the very, very abrupt cutting off from ALL social media and even blogging is just a bit of a shock. Definitely probably much bigger things they can't or won't disclose behind the decision.

    EDIT: Also in their 'last day' video - they had a PARTY (more like a gathering) at their house. Pure speculation but maybe a farewell party? If they were moving that would make sense why Ryosuke got rid of the vacuum cleaner etc
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  12. chuutohanpa added a post in a topic Texan In Tokyo   

    Maybe she means they will be back on Facebook/Twitter/Blogging after a year (probably after settling into the new job(s)) but they won't be going back to YouTube?
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  13. chuutohanpa added a post in a topic Texan In Tokyo   

    So she made a blog post as well, and it seems she is also not going to blog anymore?



    - Same reasons mentioned on the videos.
    - They are leaving social media for a year to get back into regular employment.
    - Ryosuke has been job hunting and might have a job lined up in January.
    - Grace is still looking. 
    - They are closing their Patreon. 

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  14. chuutohanpa added a post in a topic Texan In Tokyo   

    woah those are some negative responses to the announcement. tbh Grace's video is quite rambly and there was that line where she says she doesn't know fully and might even change her mind later (and come back to YouTube?) while in Ryosuke's he very explicitly says they are probably taking a break until their kids learn consent etc. 

    Micaela does have a valid point about the information the internet can dig up but there have been youtubers who feature their children heavily in vlogs (bubzbeauty for one, even Victor has Little Godzilla in videos now) but I feel those youtubers have fully embraced what it means to share their lives openly on the internet while like @tachibana mentioned TNT don't seem to have done that. 

    I think a lot of the confusion comes from how they decide to quit youtube so suddenly after having successful videos (the USA vs Japan comparison videos did very well) 
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  15. chuutohanpa added a post in a topic Texan In Tokyo   

    It's possible Grace is already pregnant or possibly they've been trying for kids already? She said they thought it over for like 6 months or something. 

    In the last day in our life video you can see what looks like a firefighter's outfit on the door when Ryosuke comes out of the bed room to say hi to the camera. Complete speculation but maybe he's been working as that for a while. 

    But that said, it's their own decision and it is probably a good one since YouTube isn't steady income and it would be better to be financially stable to support the family. 
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