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  1. MarshmallowCloud added a post in a topic Micaela / Ciaela   

    Yes but thats a choice your SO has to make, its poor taste to just brag about it as if you've accomplished it. If you try to force your dietary choices on your partner you're an asshole imo, if he wants to eat that way thats fine but the way she goes about it online its as if she "SHOWED HIM THE WAY AND HES NO LONGER A FULL MEAT EATING HEATHEN" 
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  2. MarshmallowCloud added a post in a topic Micaela / Ciaela   

    ugh it seems like she's the new victim of the trendy vegan/vegetarian diets. Too much hanging out with Sharla and Taylor in the past lmao. 
    Also am i the only one whos getting kinda pissed off at her insta stories bragging about how Tatsu "had no interest in giving up meat but now is eating vegan options" 
    No, you're probably pressuring or forcing him into it, most significant others would eat what you're cooking, a friend of mine went vegan because he got sick of cooking two meals for dinner. It's not like you magically 'transformed' him. 
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  3. MarshmallowCloud added a post in a topic Mimei and Duncan (PDR-san)   

    To me, just don't get another pet if you're not prepared, I've been without a pet for now 8 years, out of choice because I simply couldnt afford the possible vet bills, I could afford its care and food, but I don't want to be stuck crying my eyes out knowing i could do nothing to help them if they were sick. 
    I honestly HAAAATE crowdfunding peoples pet medical issues, you chose to not budget well, don't expect randoms to pay for it. Shit in life happens but you shouldn't turn to strangers on the internet to save you, thats like me walking up to randoms in the street asking to pay for my phone bill if I'm a bit short. It's just pure irresponsibility.
    If you have a pet, you put aside money, if something comes up, you gotta make a decision. It's absolutely fucking depressing, I've had to put a pet down due to surgery being too expensive vs euthanasia (and before anyone says anything, I was 14, it was our 18 year old dog, she was already extremely old, in pain and the surgery wasn't guaranteed to help and was going to cost $7k+) but I don't see why they think its right to do this. 
    They should look to sell some of their things or make more videos for revenue rather than be leeches.
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  4. MarshmallowCloud added a post in a topic 麗華(REIKA)   

    I'm not gonna quote everyone but, with the whole changing your skin tone thing, it all boils down to personal opinions and experiences, someone from the south of America where there's still a lot of outward racism and such probably wouldnt look very well upon a Japanese cosplayer painting their skin brown because they experience the 'reality' of the skin color, whereas a white person seeing a black girl lightening her skin wouldn't have that same association because they're not usually discriminated against due to skin colour.
    And plus everyones quite...politically correct today and cant discern between cosplaying for accuracy and actual harmful blackface. 
    Personally, I have no issue and could care less, I'm not ethnically white but I white pass and I'm from Australia so for me I won't have that same association. Reika I'd assume is going for accuracy but..again in this day in age it IS potentially offensive due to as I said, everyones own experience and opinion. 
    I think Reika should probably be careful in the age we're living in where everyones a political correctness cop because regardless of reasoning, they dont care and just label you as a racist. 
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  5. MarshmallowCloud added a post in a topic 麗華(REIKA)   

    It's cultural differences, I don't think Reika gets a free pass but Australia is a western country and they would know MUCH better also coming from a  culture closely tied to America/England which both have strong stances on it. 
    Japan is very different when it comes to 'blackface' and are pretty actively racist to other asians, its not acceptable in ways but the way I view it, Reika is probably just either not aware of the western culture ramifications of whats happened or is maybe racist (who knows) 
    I like to give people the benefit of the doubt when it comes to this stuff, especially some asian cosplayers because a lot of people just...don't know its offensive. 
    The other person in question was called out about it multiple times and still did it as well. 
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  6. MarshmallowCloud added a post in a topic 麗華(REIKA)   

    Honestly, I've followed Reika for a bit (not extensively) but with the whole brown face thing, it really is a more western construct because that kind of thing is still...really prevalent in Japan, there are plenty of comedians, cosplayers, even celebrities who have done it in the past who wore it for either a joke or just to like everyones said, look closer to the character.
    Should Reika have known their audience is more global and to be a bit more careful? Yes.
    But her main popularity is still in Japan. I don't think it excuses it but logically, they're a cosplayer and wanted to be as accurate as possible, regardless of heritage. I think its passable as its not used in a 'joke' or mocking nature as blackface was used to degrade and be derogatory towards people with that skin tone but again, everyones own personal experience with race and the prevalence of 'SJW's' in today's culture means Reika should probably be more careful in future. 
    Also Opheliac, those areas you described are both areas that people use to highlight in their face, you can see similar highlighting ways on people with that skin tone to make those parts stand out more.  
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  7. MarshmallowCloud added a post in a topic Bubzbeauty / Lindy   

    She should honestly just abandon her beauty channel, there are now thousands of more talented 'beauty guru's' than her who like everyones said, was there right place right time. She should just try to be one of those family vloggers and sell stupid merch to do with that, I mean honestly she's already made bank and gotten a home and shit, maybe its time to make Tim finally work for his allowance 
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  8. MarshmallowCloud added a post in a topic George "Joji" Miller (@sushitrash)   

    His careers gonna die now that he's quit being Filthy Frank, what does he expect? Going from over the top borderline racist (i dont give a shit, just sayin) rapping perverted videos of weirdness, to sappy generic aesthetic hipster music thats the flavour of the month at the moment?
    Honestly from what I gather, his fans only like him because of "Pink Guy" and even tho they're a toxic cesspool, let him do his own thing but now knowing he's not doing it anymore? It can only end with him failing, his music just...he's no Post Malone he's just monotone and ugh sorry I'm ranting but I cant deal with his music, its so boring. 
    Welp, unsubbed by me, his Pink Guy music was 10000x better than his stuff now. 
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  9. MarshmallowCloud added a post in a topic iDubbbz   

    Well..the bottom line is, he doesn't want them in his backyard cause they're obviously causing issues with something, he either kills them in the traps or sets them free somewhere else.... I know relocating isnt the best but if he handed them into the humane societies they'd probably either a) kill them, as they're pest animals like pigeons or b) (very unlikely) find a foster or put them somewhere else themselves in a habitat, but thats extremely unlikely seeing as its a common squirrel, so what he's doing is probably the best other than flat out killing them. 
    I like iDubbbz cause he seems like he doesn't give a shit about hate/a lot of the bullshit spouted on youtube these days about being 'content friendly', he calls out shitty people who honestly I feel deserved it, none of them were actually respected youtubers with good backgrounds or who did good things, and he compliments them on good moves they actually do, do. 
    The whole N word debate goes nowhere because everyone has an individual thought on the word, logically (not counting what society thinks/history behind the word) what he says makes sense but again, differing opinions and what that word means to you will always conflict with it. 

    His fans are edgy idiots though I wont lie, but he knows that as well, its obvious with his unboxing and how he interacts, he respect they made him big and what he is, but also knows they're creepy fucks, Sorta like Forsenlol the streamer, his community is a toxic cesspool but they're the ones lining his pockets and they know it. 
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  10. MarshmallowCloud added a post in a topic Eat Your Kimchi (Simon and Martina)   

    I'd probably say that Martina's illness is the reason behind this, i was a carer for a terminally ill person for 3 years and it really began to grind on me, I loved that person so much, but people in pain get aggressive and depressed because of their illness and living with it really sucks the life out of you, its a harsh reality of being a carer, especially for someone you love. He's probably tired, and he's in his 30's now and Martina's been posting the 'build a bridge' or whatever it is a lot lately so...maybe she possibly is worse now than they're letting on...
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  11. MarshmallowCloud added a post in a topic Eat Your Kimchi (Simon and Martina)   

    In my opinion, its her choice, I don't really agree with the youtube sub thing at all but..I guess if people wanna do it they can but the condition Martina has usually means she's gonna end up in a wheelchair, so i guess she wants to have as much fun overseas as possible (isnt her dad in a wheelchair too now? I think he has the same thing but dont quote me on it) 
    I'd probably wanna travel and do shit while I could still walk okay  
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  12. MarshmallowCloud added a post in a topic Eat Your Kimchi (Simon and Martina) me it came across as greedy, its pretty much patreon/twitch but without any good rewards, twitch you get emotes and other badges and its always live, you even get a say in other things. With this its for our videos to be made and get subpar emotes for terrible Youtube livestreams (they're so bad compared to twitch)
    They already have some premium sub on their site dont they? plus sponsorships and other things.....
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  13. MarshmallowCloud added a post in a topic George "Joji" Miller (@sushitrash)   

    I like Joji, he's an interesting person but oh my god I'm sorry, to me his music is fucking so boring and fucking generic and I can't listen to it. I'd rather listen to Pink Guy rap than Joji's monotone hipster crap. 
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  14. MarshmallowCloud added a post in a topic Bubzbeauty / Lindy   

    Idk what she expected from someone who runs off to HK every month to go party. He's a manchild. I'm also getting really fucking sick of her mentioning how Ayla looks in every video pretty much. She seems really horribly obsessed at how she wants her daughter to be pretty instead of focusing on hoping she'll be a good person. I just think its vain, no offence but Tim's not exactly the looker so idk what she expected, Aylas not ugly at all but she's not even a year old, you cant gauge that shit when they're babies anyway???
    Idk, Lindy's coming across as a really vain person now, especially with her passive aggressive rant about Tim's grandma calling her fat (which altho I dont agree with, is really common in Chinese culture) like...okay dude lets stop focusing on the narcissism.
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  15. MarshmallowCloud added a post in a topic Unpopular opinions   

    I hate children, I'm so sick of the argument "you were a child once!" yes, and I'd hate child-me too bcuz kids are just fucking ANNOYING as shit, but nah i'm supposed to have babies shoved in my face and told "cuuuuute"

    I hate entitled mothers who think that their demon spawn is so adorable and that them smearing shit on the tv as a 2 year old "aww so cute" 

    Nah keep your feral things away from me, I'd love to say this in public but it seems to be an unpopular opinion to hate kids. 
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