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  1. MarshmallowCloud added a post in a topic Micaela / Ciaela   

    dear micaela: you can lose bloating by eating meat too, this is not some vegan only special thing. also feelcycle no offence sounds like such a shitty workout, cool you sat on an exercise bike, that isnt gonna really tone your body, you're just losing water retention and maybe some fat via cardio
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  2. MarshmallowCloud added a post in a topic Bubzbeauty / Lindy and tim are a horrible example of a happy marriage and you have no right to give anyone else advice, you openly bitch about your husband to millions of people and show how shitty he is of a person, if randoms on the internet you've never met can tell he's a shitty person then 'love is blind' because Lindy is obviously turning a blind eye to how crappy of a husband he really is and she's now trying to backspace on whats already out there.
    No one is going to believe you when you say Tim's changed and post one picture of him doing basic parenting shit. 
    No one is going to buy into the fact "Oh he's fixed now" bcuz 99% of cheaters will do it again, and alcoholism fixed by 'keeping him at home' I can predict that he'll get sick of domestic life in a month and fuck off to hong kong again bcuz why not, his wife makes all the money and he doesnt have to do shit. 
    And if anyone believes that, they're in denial tbh, some people just dont do well in 'domesticated' life (settling down, having kids, forgoing 'selfish' things like partying out alone constantly) when you have kids, you dont have to give up everything (when i say selfish also earlier i dont mean it negatively but i mean the stuff is focused on you alone) but these are YOUNG kids who require training, attention and a lot of emotional work, hence why my partner and I wont have kids because we're not willing to give up our time, and it seems Tim doesnt want to give up the time either. Lindy probably had the idea that when they had kids he'd 'settle down' like most women hope of their socially active/partying partners when in reality if she wanted to marry him, she should've made it clear how she sees their life together, and ask him how he sees their life together because its really obvious that they both want different things.
    Parenting is hard, its not the hardest job in the world but its one of the most time consuming and money DRAINING because the only thing you get out of it is your own satisfaction that you're caring for this being (same with pets to a lesser degree, you dont get anything out of caring for a pet besides love and affection, not saying its a bad thing but yeah) and if you raise your child so they can 'care for you' when you're old then you're tbh a terrible person and shouldn't have bred. I don't know if Lindy went down the path of she wants kids because she's religious, or because she wanted to 'settle' Tim or flat out because she felt she 'had to', all of that I don't know but what I do know, is they dont seem like a happy family to me once you scratch the surface. 
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  3. MarshmallowCloud added a post in a topic Micaela / Ciaela   

    Her insecurities are definitely ruining her videos and whole online persona for me, years ago I used to love watching her videos, the simple stuff that yeah everyones done but having her laugh and explain it and her ability to speak Japanese so she came off as well educated and having her shit together. I liked the simple walk video she did years ago to try pudding in a can where she just sat on the swing, not every video has to be masterfully shot but the attitude you have in those videos projects onto people. Having a down day? Just add in cooking your meals as most of the bulk, some pet videos, even a walk to the grocery store would be calming to watch. Chat about up and coming things rather than 'god i feel garbage today I'm so fat and i'm being bullied' like okay cool but why put it in a video people are assumedly watching to chill out?
    There's nothing wrong with insecurities but she should make a private vent account to do so on, thats what I have, the shit you just want to yell out but you know no one is reading it and then an hour later i read it and think "damn glad i didnt post that on social media"
    She needs to see a proper therapist and discuss her body image issues, maybe there's a directory for foreign therapists cause I know being canadian born and raised, a Japanese therapist might not have the same help (nothing discriminating, just they might not see her as 'unhealthy' because japan is a skinny obsessed culture, and even though micaela isnt fat at all, she's not 'skinny' by japanese standards) because this whole semi vegan obsession stuff and posting about it seems to be her justifying it to herself and trying to prove to the haters that 'look im healthy im not fat' when in reality, she was never fat and never ate particularly badly, she just needs to do weights/more than just cycling to tone up what she has. 
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  4. MarshmallowCloud added a post in a topic Bubzbeauty / Lindy   

    Because deep down she's your typical facebook posts minion memes and pyramid scheme selling woman, whinges about their boyfriend/husband constantly about being lazy, not helping, making jokes how 'boys will be boys' when her partner ditches her at home to go drinking (while absolutely throwing them under the bus) and when they actually PARENT their child for an hour they gloat how "wow what a great husband, babysitting the kids #blessed" when in reality its called child rearing, not babysitting. 
    She needs to get offline for awhile or something and go see a marriage counsellor about her oversharing to millions of people about her marital problems or just divorce him (which wont happen I know) because her oversharing is just....really fucking weird and strange, like most 'ecelebs' she's trying to gain attention/sympathy from ppl about 'what a bad dad' tim is so she reassures herself she's in the right and has the upper hand of "oh all my followers hate you" or some shit. Then does a full 180 like you said when he does ONE thing she tries to be like 'oh nvm he's great' 
    Make up your mind Lindy, do you fucking hate your manchild husband who fucks off to cheat on you and drink?
    or do you want to try 'teach' him to be domesticated (which i dont see happening) because either way its pain and suffering. 
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  5. MarshmallowCloud added a post in a topic Micaela / Ciaela   

    She also posted a story where you had to 'rate' her dog and he was like "nobody rated him i see those 0's but I KNOW HES A GOOD BOY" and its like wow you are seriously fucked up dude, are you that devoid of self esteem that you constantly need validation from strangers? giiiirl take a long hard look at yourself and wonder maybe why, who wants to follow a passive aggressive vlogger who constantly whinges? 
    Her stories: blah blah blah i need to eat healthy, look at my dog/cat and compliment them, tell me how cute I am, look im vegan wait no not really lol. 
    She takes nice photos but her attitude overbears over them to the point i wouldnt even want to compliment her because she's just so negative. 
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  6. MarshmallowCloud added a post in a topic PeachMilkyTea   

    Actually the company Blizzard is donating to has a really good rating as a charity having 90% or so going directly to the research and with 100% of the money made off the skin/shirts going to the charity and not on admin fees, not every charity is a sham so please dont try and lecture me on that.
    This was a genuinely good cause and why would people have to sponsor others for charity? She doesn't HAVE to do it but she comes off as shallow to me to not even mention its a charity skin. 
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  7. MarshmallowCloud added a post in a topic PeachMilkyTea   

    No I fully agree, she should mention "I love the design of the new Breast Cancer Charity Mercy skin! She's avaliable for a limited time for a good cause so if you enjoy the design definitely look into it " just something simple, she doesnt have to donate or w/e but it seems super shallow to just be like OMG ITS SO CUTE. 
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  8. MarshmallowCloud added a post in a topic George "Joji" Miller (@sushitrash)   

    thats the thing, it seemed like such a 'meme' because frank was such an asshole of a character, no one batted an eye because of it but for him to truthfully hate his fans, the people who gave him money, the people who supported his career, he can rot in hell for all i care tbh 

    the music in FF was at least better than the hot garbage he releases now 
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  9. MarshmallowCloud added a post in a topic George "Joji" Miller (@sushitrash)   

    I meant kept it secret the fact that he was using filthy frank for his own shitty agenda, rather than doing it because people enjoyed the content/he was interested in it. 
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  10. MarshmallowCloud added a post in a topic George "Joji" Miller (@sushitrash)   

    Even though I already know it, it still fucking insults me that he saw filthy frank as a stepping stone for his crappy sad boi music. And pretty much kept it secret till he was 'famous' enough to throw everything his fans loved about him in the dirt lmao. 
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  11. MarshmallowCloud added a post in a topic TheMilkClub (Sofie)   

    by the look of it, she's a rich Sydney kid. Probably went to an expensive private school and her parents are probably stinking rich.
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  12. MarshmallowCloud added a post in a topic Micaela / Ciaela   

    way to sound insanely conceited micaela, its fucking obvious you took the photo but YOU STATED YOU WERE TESTING OUT A LENS WHY WOULDNT THEY ASK YOU WHAT IT IS LMAAOOOOOO
    Thats like posting a pic of your cake saying "testing out my new mixer" with a pic of the finished cake, getting mad people ask what mixer it is then ranting "but it wasnt the mixer who picked the ingredients, baked it properly, iced it and decorate it!!!!!" 
    ofc people are gonna ask what you used since you referenced it...
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  13. MarshmallowCloud added a post in a topic Sharla in Japan   

    tbh she not even pale, so many girls like sharla like to go on and on about how pale they are when in reality they can use normal stuff fine (someone linked pail princess lmao), i mean if she can match a korean foundation cosmetics or w/e to her skin tone....  
    If you're extremely pale, you can actually use a grey-purple as a contouring colour but I don't think Sharla needs that, she just needs a decently ashy light brown like a taupe or so that will work well. NC10 is too dark for me and I struggled to figure out what colors worked so I researched and learnt what tones work with me, by asking friends and actually asking employees at makeup stores or referring to tutorials, thats usually the best way to find out. 

    I mean without all her studio lighting and effects, she's pretty mid toned, another 'pail princess' 
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  14. MarshmallowCloud added a post in a topic George "Joji" Miller (@sushitrash)   

    I'll be real, even if he doesn't take xanny, he's really making sure he looks completely fucking drugged out and its not cute. 
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  15. MarshmallowCloud added a post in a topic Sharla in Japan   

    Because like i said if you didnt read, ANY DIET CAN MAKE YOU GAIN WEIGHT IF YOU DONT KNOW WHAT THE FUCK YOU'RE DOING   eating plant based/vegan requires a lot more effort than eating omnivorous bcuz you're eatin a specialized diet which requires you to monitor what you're intaking so people without that knowledge like Sharla, just fucking soak things in oil, eats plenty of carbs etc. 
    I know Taylor isnt vegan LOL. I was citing her because she has a background in nutrition and ate MAINLY plant based for ages and she has a very slim figure still, Sharla however has put on weight and nowhere did I say she was goddamn fat lmao she's not, but she's not losing weight how she'd hoped or at least thats how it looks. 
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