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  1. MarshmallowCloud added a post in a topic Mariah Mallad / Momokun Cosplay   

    isnt there like shitloads of screenshots of this idiot getting mad at people "cosplaying and not knowing the source material!!111!111" yet she's doing the exact same? Tifa's been thot bait cosplay for yeeeeears now (along with Lightning, Yuffie and more recently female cid/cindy lmao) but god at least watch advent children or something so you can at least know a tiny bit and not look like a massive ass hypocrite or straight out say you like the design but because she's already said that shit i feel no matter what she looks like an idiot. 
    Also what the actual fuck is with that Quiet shoot that she released? beastiality porn inspired??? (for those who dont know, there's a notorious porn using Quiets game model to fuck a horse in a shack...) she lives out in vegas so wouldnt she use the desert as a background seeing as most of MGSV is set out in the desert? or is she just too lazy to drive 5 minutes so she goes into her dingy ass garage for a shoot people pay for, not to mention wrong cut and color wig and poorly put together outfit, pathetic imo. 
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  2. MarshmallowCloud added a post in a topic George "Joji" Miller (@sushitrash)   

    speaking about his old rapping, I remember when he attempted to do a show or two as pink guy but Im gonna be real, Joji has no stage presence whatsoever, I cant comment now as I dont keep up with the mumble crap but before he was basically half lip synching along to the backing track and sounded off his fucking tits drunk already. He can rap on recordings fine but boy wasnt really cut out for live performances, Im not a big rap fan in general but I enjoyed the pink season stuff because tbh his ridiculous lyrics were fun, had catchy bits and for me had some okay beats.
    Its not my life but I wish he would've done more with pink guy as a rapper because he was genuinely talented at the joke raps, things like STFU, porn name rap (holy crap i was laughing my ass off when it first came out) etc, are still funny as shit. in fact ideally if he was still doing joke rap today i would've hoped he'd do a mumble rap joke song about how they all slur their speech cuz they bought some nyquill instead of cough syrup or some shit, part of me reaaally wanted to be happy for him as a former fan but when I saw him trying to erase his past, make new music that personally is just garbage trend shit and wasting his comedy talent because it wouldnt monetize on youtube anymore well, ya know... as a fellow human being i wish him well but as a former filthy frank fan, go fuck yourself george.  and yeah i watched the max and anything4views thing where they talked about joji a bit and a lot of it is because of the youtube monetization overhaul apparently, max didnt want to say much but you could tell he was bummed out by it. 
    (do i think he could've transitioned better and made people less bitter? yes, make a video and explain why you're completely deserting your old audience because its a significant thing ...but this has been rehashed a million times I wont go back into it)
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  3. MarshmallowCloud added a post in a topic George "Joji" Miller (@sushitrash)   

    and I'm just sitting here laughing because he cited fithy frank causing him health issues which is why he quit it...... yeah sure man the hoarse franku voice you did was so horrible compared to lean/xanny/rapper lifestyles. 
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  4. MarshmallowCloud added a post in a topic Mimei and Duncan (PDR-san)   

    Mimei + acting the victim, name another more iconic duo....  for real tho, how does she think social media works? If you're constantly whinging about bein poor then go spend a shitload of money on 'treat yo self' shit like concerts...on a social platform that anyone can publicly see, you really dont think people are gonna question your shit? There's nothing wrong with buying yourself stuff, there's nothing wrong with whinging about being broke but if you put the two hand in hand so soon together, there's gonna be a lot of people wondering well whats the truth? 
    If she went to 3 separate concerts in 3 different cities thats at least over $600 with tickets, travel and things like food and such and im estimating being so skimpy you stay on friends couches (which is what I had to do when I went to see bands as I didnt live in a capital city) so no Mimei if you have that lying around you should be able to pay your own damn vet bills and buy goddamn contacts (also i aint gonna go into it but if you cant afford your pet if its sick, dont have a pet because its a reality of life), if you put yourself in a pinch financially for superficial things you're a shitty adult. sorry not sorry. 
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  5. MarshmallowCloud added a post in a topic Unpopular opinions   

    I hate avocado but its on fucking everything, its in all goddamn white people sushi just let me eat my damn chicken without some damn avocado in it (unpopular cause everyone seems to goddamn love it but damn i cant stand that greasy grassy flavour) 
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  6. MarshmallowCloud added a post in a topic Taylor and Elbow-san’s "relationship"   

    I'm gonna go out on a limb and say the fact he's a HK born and raised should have no impact on the view of underage girls, my ex was born and raised in HK and they're much more westernized than mainland china and from what I know have the same view (only creeps go for young girls) I have a feeling Taylor is one of those girls that always says they wanted to be a 'mommyyyyyy' and have a daughter and dress them up but they always turn out to be the parents who spoil the shit out of their kids and neglect to actually 'raise' an adult, just spoil a baby. Like thats just my hunch i could be totally wrong but I guess logistically thinking she is nearing or already 30 now isnt she? fertility wise it starts going downhill there so it makes sense but I guess we're all pretty iffy about it due to her acting like a teenager for most of her 20's lmao that and ew san is in his 40's so age wise it makes sense but mentally is a totally different thing. I wish them well and hope the family around them supports them 
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  7. MarshmallowCloud added a post in a topic Taylor R - videos #2   

    I think its cause this puts a lot of puzzle pieces together like i said, the big shifts and changes visually in taylors image (freshly dating ew-san back in full dakota clone mode and stuff), i dont think the guys a pedo or anything but there definitely is a gross misconception that underage girls are 'pure' and more desired and he's trying to capitalise on that, which is gross as fuck but the reality of the world. I'm all for pro sex workers and stuff and regardless of the legality of it in HK, if a girls under 18 she should be protected from this exploitation, a 16 year old shouldnt be able to have a grown adult take naked photos of them to be sold lmao but I guess taylor will just swipe it off as "oh i didnt know" just like the 88 stuff, just like the trump stuff, she will act stupid about it 
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  8. MarshmallowCloud added a post in a topic Taylor R - videos #2   

    I havent checked in with taylor in almost years and woooowwwww lmao I knew something was up when we first found out who he was, I ain't one to kinkshame or w/e but if ya thing is girls who look like underage girls you've got something up I'm sorry, its no wonder Taylor kept up the dolly schtick for so long, secure herself a rich dude who will treat her the expensive things she wants, she was just better at hiding it than most of the other ethots who brag about it. Like I'm guessing it might've turned into genuine love but its too suspicious looking through the ages and faces of taylor now (going from generally looking her age to infantization with circle lenses, aegyosal and the clothes, you can wear all these and not make yourself look like a kid btw, then now to her more aged look as time as gone on and she secured him), she was out to get money and she found her way.  
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  9. MarshmallowCloud added a post in a topic Unpopular Opinons (Anime Edition)   

    I'm sick of isekai anime and manga as much as the next person but people act like trends never happened in anime like all the fucking reverse harem mid 2000's fluff, the 90's edgy gun/cyber shit and the 80's mecha/animal ear shit didnt exist, it did and everyone complained then as well. 
    I'm a 25+ old woman and i still love shit like Kobato but i wont lie rewatching anime I watched as a teenager I can see how unrealistic like 99% of all of the content is (not talkin fictional dragons and shit, like relationships and how women are treated lmao) so unpopular opinion that most manga/anime relationships are hella toxic and all the drama like tryin to kill urself cause ur rockstar bf who loves ur 14yr old jailbait ass u caught holding another woman in a weird position (she just fell over but he's DEF CHEATING) and apparently is not a fucking pedo who keeps kidnapping you because he 'loves' you....yeah okay sure 
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  10. MarshmallowCloud added a post in a topic Rachel and Jun   

    as qualle said, poki is still around but he was a former stray and they've stated he's not good on the leash and didn't get the same early training that haku and nagi got as they were adopted as kittens, cats also have different personalities and aren't the same so it makes sense they wouldnt risk poki getting loose or involving him in the food videos as they've shown (i think i saw him in one but it was stated he'll just go for the food rather than watch like the other two). He's still got street tendencies and seems to be very food motivated so much that he goes into trash cans even when provided with enough food, many people i know who had former strays that are now indoor only cats cant let them out like they do their other cats because of their past but it doesn't mean they're not loved as much or anything, just gotta adapt to their pets history and whats safe for them. 
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  11. MarshmallowCloud added a post in a topic George "Joji" Miller (@sushitrash)   

    tbh I hope it comes back to bite him on the ass, you don't just go take advantage of internet culture, ditch it when you get popular enough and try to pretend it never happened. He made the choice to be filthy frank and anyone who was on the internet in the 2000's knew 4chan culture/cancer meme culture is a toxic cesspool, he made merch, sold songs and embraced it until he decided to throw it aside, he encouraged the culture behind it. If he wanted to do music from the start he should've never done filthy frank nor continued it on so long, the internet culture is still growing and filthy frank memes are still used today, i dont think it would've died out for at least another few years and even so, im of the part that thinks he should've embraced his past and not been ashamed of it. even now surreal memes are hella popular and he was the king of surreal. 
    I can't bring myself to be happy for him seeing as it feels like he took advantage of all his old fans then tossed them aside, at least his rapping/singing was unique as pink guy ridiculous lyrics aside. 
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  12. MarshmallowCloud added a post in a topic Kim Dao   

    I think Kim secretly does well for herself (I mean even years ago she was a spokesperson for liz lisa and she has her degree and looks to be from a wealthy family, i dont think she's taylor rich but she's definitely in the upper middle bracket) so she knows she has the money to spend on youtube videos that attract attention (lets be real her audience is probably 14-18yr old weebs/kpop fans, used to be more cutesy japanese girly fashion but she's moved on from that in the last few years) so she knows haul videos get views? but i agree i dont see the reason to try be humble about it, just say you work for the money you spend, as a youtuber you dont always have to justify where you're getting your money from but it does create a bit of a weird situation where unrealistic standards are set if you show yourself as 'lul normal girl!' with unrealistic spending patterns 
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  13. MarshmallowCloud added a post in a topic Eat Your Kimchi (Simon and Martina)   

    As sad as it is to say goodbye to a pet, I'm glad they finally did the right thing for him, I personally wasn't very comfortable with them keeping an old pet alive and in pain (again, personal view is its cruel to keep a suffering old animal alive) but its safe to say they loved him a lot and I'm glad he had such a long love filled life with them  
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  14. MarshmallowCloud added a post in a topic Pokimane   

    tbh im pretty disgusted she didnt leave the game instantly if she DIDN'T like the kids stupid comments, it was a perfect encapsulation of her fanbase (thirsty underage dudes) and if she was uncomfortable (which i wouldve personally been) she should've left and stated "do not go after the kid, he is underage and we all say embarrassing things at age 12" because as a fucking legal adult she was completely in control of the situation and should've handled it as such. Instead she kept going, didnt mute, baited reactions and didn't tell her white knights to leave a CHILD alone. 
    Pedomane is accurate, i'd honestly even go as far as saying she fucking enjoyed the controversial attention knowing that a 12 year old jerks off to her, what an egotistical awful person. 
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  15. MarshmallowCloud added a post in a topic Kylie Jenner   

    Her lips will probably never truly go back to normal...you don't stretch something that much for so long but tbh I'm glad she felt she didnt have to do it anymore, I know there was a lot of pressure on her and kendall to fit in with the rest 'aesthetic wise' even though they didnt have the same father as the older siblings. I hope she's found solace in herself and how she looks naturally, i'm all for do what you want to feel pretty, and I'm glad she feels she doesn't need to do this anymore to feel good.
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