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  1. rurihari added a post in a topic Unpopular opinions   

    fellow los angelean here, and boy do i feel this on a spiritual level. let it be known that i don't hate men AT ALL (i have a boyfriend and enough guy friends than i care to have) and don't even make too many jokes about men specifically. but the amount of crime-related fear i have come to know since growing up in LA is driving me insane, altho a part of me realizes that the older i get, the more aware (and therefore cynical) i become, so maybe that doesn't help. and as someone who enjoys learning about true crime while also being prone to anxiety, i understand this isn't always the best combo lol 
    under spoiler cuz long 
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  2. rurihari added a post in a topic Michelle Moé   

    the thing is tho, this website specifically exists so that internet personalities can be discussed away from their social media. i can't speak for all pull users and don't know what any of them do outside of this forum. but for me personally, i come here to discuss ppl in many ways, sometimes critical, sometimes positive, but always respectful. and i do this on here so as to keep my comments as inaccessible from them/their fans as possible. if they choose to come here and read what we have to say, and then get offended, that's on them. no one is forcing them to go out of their way to google themselves, find this forum, and read through pages and pages of opinions. this isn't bullying imo, altho if u wanna argue that it is, lolcow and kiwifarms are much worse in that regard.
    but regardless, that's not what's happening in this situation. ppl are going out of their way to find michelle, make fun of her/her art to her face (but not directly to her, which is almost worse imo), for reasons that are make no sense. she mentioned they were at least 20 yrs old, which also makes them grown adults, so immaturity/young age cannot be used an excuse. this is textbook bullying and isn't okay in any context. i think she has a right to feel hurt, and i can agree with most on this fact even if i haven't always agreed with michelle's past actions. 
    EDIT: sorry if i sound redundant, user above said everything i wanted to say (more concisely) and replied just before i pressed submit lol
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  3. rurihari added a post in a topic Michelle Moé   

    see, i get what you're saying but none of the hate she's getting is rational. i'll admit she antagonized the bullies/retaliated at times, but ppl were literally hating every little thing she did if it was in relation to bts. this isn't even just in regards to the criticism she made on their past colorist actions (which btw i have said multiple times, esp in this thread, that it's totally 100000% possible to be a fan of someone while not agreeing with everything they do. this applies to michelle's relationship as a fan with bts too).
    i mean, ppl were actually upset at her for going to multiple bts concerts when they couldn't bc they felt they deserved it more. ppl were mad when she got that bts rhythm game sponsorship bc she critiqued bts before and therefore didn't deserve it. ppl were mad when she made the brooches bc she was profiting off of bts's name, altho many other fanartists do as well. do u see how this extends far beyond just "differing opinions"? the toxic stans aren't even making sense at this point, their hate for her is irrational and they're just looking for reasons to be mad at her specifically. some of them are legit just plain ol' jealous of her (and aren't even trying to hide this fact!) and somehow that justifies their bullying?? are they for real???? she probably knows now what to expect, but at the time i couldn't have imagined the backlash she would get from just... living her life as a bts fan. after all she wasn't always into bts, we sort of watched her get into them and become involved with the fandom. which is totally understandable bc when u become a fan of something or someone, it makes sense to talk about it and find others that do. and i don't think she would have done so if she genuinely expected these so-called "fans" to act like this, let alone seek her out and make fun of her (and her art) in person....
    where does this special snowflake entitlement from stan twt even come from?? what makes them "better" fans?? bc they have nothing better to do with their sad lives but talk shit on twitter?? as far as i can tell they're actually going against what bts preaches so it makes no sense to me. 
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  4. rurihari added a post in a topic Michelle Moé   

    I agree. She really didn’t deserve that and I can’t imagine what it would feel like to have my art made fun of to my face in such a way... 
    I’m really sick of armies hating on her btw, esp bc it’s for all the wrong reasons (not that they should hate on anyone in the first place). Like I don’t agree with everything she does and I can agree she’s changed a lot since getting into bts and becoming involved with stan twt. But I would never bully or disrespect her bc.. well I’m not a piece of garbage?? And when it came to the colorism and opinions she had on their music.. that shit was 100000% valid. Like wow, ppl really hate her for not worshipping the ground bts walks on?? Y’all are legit cringy and pathetic. Also bts will never acknowledge u, let alone love u no matter how hard u hate on her 😂 And hating on someone for not being as dense and blindly obsessed with them is also just.. idk man. Are they really THAT bored? Go be a lowlife somewhere else. Freakin weirdos lmao can u tell I’m pissed for her?? As an artist, this rly made me mad. I feel bad for bts having to be even remotely associated with ppl like that. 
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  5. rurihari added a post in a topic Rant Thread   

    i feel like this one chick at work sees me as competition when it comes to our bodies/style cuz they’re similar. she purposefully tries to show off her small waistline and butt while I’m around and tell me about guys that like her. Like girl, get over yourself, and stop seeking validation from me and guys at work, esp since u have a boyfriend. she’s also proudly admitted she was narcissistic... that’s not something u should be proud of lmao like what on earth......
    its sucks bc other than that, we have a lot in common. we could’ve been good friends if she wasn’t so annoying smh
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  6. rurihari added a post in a topic Bubzbeauty / Lindy   

    from the looks of this new vlog I think Lindy is just not gonna officially address the divorce any time soon and just assume we’ve figured it out while not directly stating what’s happened. It’s a bit strange but I’m not gonna pester her to talk til she’s ready. she’s holding up pretty well tho! I did get sad for her when she talked about her separation anxiety from the kids. 
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  7. rurihari added a post in a topic Brianna Slaughter / Morena In Japan   

    that has got to be some of the ugliest eyeliner i have ever seen 
    she must have NO friends bc if i ever saw my friend going out like that i'd throw a box of makeup wipes at them
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  8. rurihari added a post in a topic Lilypichu   

    u can tell michael is actually rly affectionate but they're both awkward/dorky and in that shy puppy love stage so i feel like he hesitates. it's super endearing tho, SUCH a contrast to the 0 chemistry she had with albert and his no-touch policy
    also when she and michael hug sometimes he closes and eyes and leans his head into it and overall just looks rly happy and it's SO CUTE LIKE WTF
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  9. rurihari added a post in a topic Lilypichu   

    i had my doubts at first but ya gotta admit, they're damn cute together like wtf. and the cucks telling lily she is too OLD (???) can fuck right off lmao
    but seriously why are ppl telling the girl what she's actually feeling like they're the ones inside her head?? i'm betting 90% of them have never even seen her in person. lily deserves to be happy and the ppl actively trying to stop that are scum. i actually take back any of my initial doubts/worries cuz i can admit (as someone who has been cheated on) that i was probably projecting my feelings onto her a bit. i carried that "fear" of being cheated on again for almost a year before i found someone who i could trust again. BUT EVERYONE IS DIFFERENT!!!!! the fact that she's found someone who she can genuinely trust like that again, someone who seems to genuinely want her happiness, should be celebrated! why are ppl trying to dictate her life?? UGH she's too nice, even in her response. i'd be going off lol
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  10. rurihari added a post in a topic Rant Thread   

    Everyone talks about the Kenna thread being the worst one on here and I’m just glad I don’t even lurk there and have no interest in her.. even if I was curious it feels like so much has happened in regards to her and I’m too lazy to read through pages and pages
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  11. rurihari added a post in a topic Makeup/Skincare Advice and Discussion   

    to answer your first question, i alternate between the son and park beauty water and mac fix+ as a prep/prime mist, altho i tend to use the latter only when i'm running short on time. i use smashbox reduce redness primer as my go-to primer. but my skincare routine before that is also important. using a specifically hydrating moisturizer will give your skin a nice underglow before u start putting everything on top of it. that said, dry skin moisturizers tend to be a bit too thick for me sometimes, esp if it has spf, so look for something with a nice consistency. (sunscreen/spf is important tho, never skip that! )
    however, i find it's not only important to prep, bc using the wrong foundations/concealers can contribute to dryer looking skin. for example, i can only wear the fenty pro filter hydrating foundation bc the original one is too matte on me and will look cakey. same with the tarte shape tape concealer, which is another very popular product that looks cakey on my skin type. setting powder can also contribute to dry skin appearance so if u use that, i would instead go for something on the creamier side instead of a loose powder, such as the mac mineralize skinfinish powder. 
    a good hydrating/dewy setting spray can also help! the nyx dewy setting spray is affordable and actually works.
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  12. rurihari added a post in a topic Rachel and Jun   

    wearing bad makeup isn't the same as "bashing" for having fillers. also no one is really bashing her for her choice in facial procedures, just giving our opinion how she keeps getting them. personally, her new nose turned out well and was the only thing i would've done (altho it wasn't bad to begin with). but most of us actually find her quite pretty so it's kind of hard to see someone continue to change themselves when it seems a bit unnecessary. if u feel like we're bashing on her appearance too much, i can find some videos where i think she looks good bc trust me, there's a lot of them.
    rather than "going back to before", i just think she should at least stop. even with the fillers, she is still pretty and at least fillers go away after a while. her nose job is the only thing that's truly "permanent" but it looks good soooo no need for her to "go back". but remember we don't have to say "that's just my opinion" before every sentence for that sentiment to apply.
    her makeup has been getting better and i can also find some good examples if u want. but the heavy under eyeshadow just isn't a good look imo. and that has nothing to do with fillers/procedures bc makeup can at least be removed quickly. so no one here thinks she's ugly now all of a sudden bc of a poor makeup choice. 
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  13. rurihari added a post in a topic Aria Rose / Pixel Poyo   

    can she just get a damn job already lmfao YouTube isn’t for u sis get over it. Ur not special enough
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  14. rurihari added a post in a topic Makeup/Skincare Advice and Discussion   

    i've been using "pimple patches" for a few months now and i can genuinely say they work! currently trying some from cosrx but had previously used some from the indie brand rael (who i discovered at the indie beauty expo last year in los angeles). this is for spot treatment only, but if u have a particularly big/annoying spot among the bumps then this might help!
    here's some observations i made from using them for a while:
    - u may have to wait for the spot to "ripen" a bit more before using or u won't see a good result. it may be tempting to try and prematurely pop it so that the patch will work but u shouldn't
    - for particularly raw spots, use one not only one at night, but during the day to help keep pollution out of it
    - saw better results from the regular pimple patches as opposed to the micro-needling pimple patches, which are said to be more effective/stronger
    EDIT: rael patches work best for me. been using cosrx and it's just not extracting as much. gonna switch back as soon as i finish them.
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  15. rurihari added a post in a topic Brianna Slaughter / Morena In Japan   

    one of my fave things about her being back in america/living w her family is that she can't beg for rent anymore and talk shit about her landlord. i wonder what creative excuse she'll come up with next to ask for money
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