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  1. rurihari added a post in a topic Michelle Moé   

    i rly hope someone calls her out in the comments of that video bc she is literally scamming her young, naive followers 
    like fine if u wanna charge a higher than normal amount for your original, handpainted work then ok!! fair. not a problem bc while it's not my taste per se, art is 100% subjective. the dollfaces clearly sell well enough that she constantly makes them and whatnot, and we have on many occasions seen the process of them being made. she's been pretty transparent about the labor that goes into them and i'm sure the cost also covers the materials, her creativity, the chokers/charms, etc., even if it feels like she is still inflating the prices imo 
    HOWEVER, putting $0.50 cent crosses on a $0.01 cent choker and basically dropshipping/reselling sailor moon jewelry that cost a grand total of $1 dollar from china is.. not ok. she's rly charging almost $30 bucks for this??? wtf man. she calls these items "limited" and purposely hides the fact that these are NOT original creations. influencers dropshipping/reselling shit from china is nothing new, but i've seen them get dragged to hell and back for it. she's lucky she's not relevant enough to be on tea channels bc most ppl find these scams unacceptable. it specifically targets/exploits young, impressionable fans who don't know how cheap stuff from china is, don't know what dropshipping is, and gives them the impression that they're getting this huge, exclusive deal that they can't miss.. or in michelle's case, acting like they're these limited edition items she made and hyping them up to be something they're not. even her overpriced bts charms were more justified than this mess. as an artist who sells her own creations, she should know that selling something u didn’t make but passing it off as your own (while inflating the price to infinity) is one of the lowest of the low things u can do. super dishonest and trashy. the tagline on her store website is "handmade with love" or something like that right? not disclosing that she didn't make this jewelry is just flat out lying. no getting around this fact. it may not be illegal, but it says a lot about her character and how she sees her fans (aka as walking dollar signs)
    i was honestly trying to hold my tongue and stop posting for a while (pull burnout) but this is just a big no in every way.
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  2. rurihari added a post in a topic Gangnam Unnie   

    i don't think vline surgery should be seen as exclusive to asian ppl. HOWEVER, the problem is that unnies of all kinds (no matter where they are from) tend to go overboard with the surgery. NO ONE looks good with a dorito chin like that, doesn't matter if u are asian or not. ofc understanding your facial anatomy is important, and getting certain procedures may ruin the overall "harmony" of your face if you're not careful. so when it comes to wanting a vline/smaller face, u may to want think hard about where the actual surgery will be (ex. around your chin area). no need to shave down the entire bottom half of your face tbh, something subtle around only a smaller/certain area can go a long way. that said, she clearly also has a chin implant, which makes her look extra pointy. never understood why anyone likes chin implants. 
    this is just my my opinion, but i'm rly not fond of the unnie/hyper ulzzang look in most cases. i have yet to see someone with that sort of look and think "wow, they look great!!" it just looks totally uncanny, artificial, and sometimes rly jarring. this woman looks no better or worse than all the unnies posted here. this isn't me defending her either tho, since it's clear to me she's probably a kboo who got these surgeries to fit a certain korean beauty standard/look more korean, which in itself is a whole other problem. her makeup is also an indicator of this, with the puppy eyeliner, "straight" brows, and attempt at enhancing her aegyosal. 
    it's all just hard to look at lol
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  3. rurihari added a post in a topic Michelle Moé   

    Her aegyosal looks so red and infected 😩
    Yeah tbh that before and after is not appealing or convincing me to click that ad lmao and this is coming from someone who plans to get minimal ps in the future, so I’m not anti ps or anything 
    she isn’t ugly by any means, but she already has very prominent features (high cheekbones, poofy lips, etc.), so all this exaggerated, messy makeup PLUS the huge circle lenses just makes her look like some weird cartoon/costumey
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  4. rurihari added a post in a topic Sakimichan   

    Honestly tho like I don’t even comment here but I just came to say that this is the worst piece of hers I’ve seen yet. As if copy paste tseng wasn’t bad enough, it’s literally so obvious each part is pasted on separately and blurred together. Look at how unnaturally her hair sits on her shoulders. There’s no shadows there either. Also Aerith’s head is smaller than one boob and her proportions are terrible.. reminds me of the bad photoshop from the Gangnam unnie thread 
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  5. rurihari added a post in a topic Jasmine Sean   

    wait no actually I believe I was responding to a popular post on the same page! This one, where the user says that she’s lurking. Which I why I was all condescending and sarcastic in my reply. I was responding to her lurking. I probably would have directly @ her if I knew she was commenting 
    but yeah I could see where that confusion is coming from lol I def would’ve remember responding to her directly tho (especially all sarcastic and annoyed like that 😅) I’m 100% sure I didn’t see “Jasmines” before. Hm pull be weird like that sometimes, I get ghost notifications often. 

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  6. rurihari added a post in a topic Jasmine Sean   

    I believe she’s from Canada, but I’m not sure what province. She has mentioned Toronto several times before but I’m not sure if she lives there.
    As for why I never noticed those posts.. I’m actually not sure 🤔 it’s very strange. I just replied to them rn since they were brought up. but I swear I don’t recall seeing them before, even tho I was quite active in this thread for a while bc jasmine made me unusually angry (even for me) 😅 I’ve calmed down a bit since then and don’t rly like how I let her get under my skin so much but my overall stance is still the same.
    I just feel so bad for Luna man.. I can’t imagine what growing up with this much fixation on her kOREaN side may do to her, especially from her own mother. Mixed kids already have it tough as it is.
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  7. rurihari added a post in a topic Rant Thread   

    ^^this. I really feel like it’s doing to a disservice to the actual struggles of trans ppl, who want to be seriously and genuinely accepted. It’s becoming a meme now which is unfair. I just know that there are artists on tumblr and twitter using being “trans” (whether they are or not) for clout and likes/reblogs. Why?? You’re not actually representing the cause and are even taking away meaning from it. And besides, an actual good artist will not need to go this far for attention. 
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  8. rurihari added a post in a topic Jasmine Sean   

    Yeah um “Jasmines” or whatever is only touching upon the minor problems on this thread.
    What about lying about to her “first” baby daddy?? And basically making Tae drag her around without a DNA test??? Going to Korea to get pregnant??? Pretending she’s infertile?? Her shitty GoFundMe/Patreon scam??? Putting Luna through unnecessary stress by constantly traveling for no reason?? Fetishizing an entire country?? The list goes on and I’m too lazy to type it all out. 
    If that really is u Jasmine, just be a good mom to Luna. Stop going to Korea, tbh u have no reason to keep going there. Canada has been good to u and is a great place overall. You’re too old to be acting like a teenaged Koreaboo. Get it together, for the sake of your poor daughter. Thanks
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  9. rurihari added a post in a topic Michelle Moé   

    she definitely reads here lol 
    If she does come out being like a quarter Korean or something, it’s not gonna change my opinion on her koreaboo videos. She didn’t grow up in Korea and did not have a connection to the culture. But going forward, if her results show that she has Japanese, Korean, or any other East Asian in her, well then more power to her and she’s definitely free to genuinely learn more about her background. 
    EDIT: but I will cringe if she uses her results to suddenly declare herself the authority on Korean, Japanese, Chinese, whatever culture. I really don’t want her to be a less exaggerated Jasmine Sean lol who used her quarter Chinese ancestry to justify her Koreaboo antics. Not that Michelle is anything similar to her, but I’m just hoping she doesn’t do something like that. This won’t change my opinion on her current videos, only the ones going forward.
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  10. rurihari added a post in a topic Unpopular opinions   

    idk if this has been said or if it's unppopular, but i'm sick of the word "tea" as a synonym for gossip. if someone unironically asks me one more time "wHAT's tHe TeA Sis?" i'm gonna lose it
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  11. rurihari added a post in a topic Michelle Moé   

    Tinfoiling here, but I think she likes being included in the oppression. A lot of koreaboos/racefakers do this too, where they talk about hot topics like racism against Asians and their supposed struggles with being Asian/half Asian because it gives them a moral high ground and also makes their lies (in their minds) seem more credible? She's not racefaking per se, but it makes her opinion seem more valid if she lumps everything together as "racism against Asians", instead of "against Koreans" or "against Japanese" because she isn't technically a part of those two specific groups. I said this earlier, but when she was calling out Oli London, she called him an "asiaboo". Like ok sure, but Oli isn't trying to just appropriate any random Asian country (ex. Mongolia). He's 100% a koreaboo and Oli himself has made this clear. She used the term "asiaboo" so she had a better reason to include her opinions and act like Oli's antics were hitting her on a really personal level. To some extent they were (on a more general scale), but not like she plays it out to be. I def think she's a closet Koreaboo lol she even used the "me and my Korean friend" card to make her opinions seem that much more credible. This would have been fine in itself (who's to say she can't have Korean friends and share what they tell her?), but it becomes cringey when she uses it as evidence that her "I'm East Asian" high horse opinions are valid. She may as well have said "See!! Even my ~Korean~ friend agrees with me!! Since we're both East Asian and we have sooo much in common!" 
     Also I caught her saying "we" when talking about Koreans in the previous video, despite not being Korean.
    And I'm NOT trying to divide East Asian countries when I say this, just wondering. But doesn't she know that a lot of them are racist towards other East Asians?? Why she acting like all East Asian countries are all suddenly united to fight against the common white people enemy for racefaking when some of them don't even like each other? Like the user I'm quoting stated, Asians are probably the worst offenders when it comes to faking other Asian countries as their origin, and can also be extremely discriminatory when it comes other Asians in their respective countries (is the former the result of the latter?? too complex to get into but just food for thought). There's lots of tension from both Koreans and Japanese towards Chinese tourists, and between Koreans and Japanese thanks to WWII. Anyone remember EXO-M? Or what happened between Madame Kim and the Japanese government? And ofc many East Asians look down on SE Asians for a myriad of reasons. Patriotism isn't always bad, but it has led to huge problems and even everyday casual racism to this day. If she's so proud to be East Asian and thinks they're all super united, then maybe she should look into these issues too? Since they are happening right now and on a much larger scale in comparison to white people pretending to be Asian. 
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  12. rurihari added a post in a topic Joankeem / Joanday   

    ohh lmfao that’s even worse somehow 
    so we know Chanel actually gave those to Jennie to use for a professional shoot. And it’s not like we don’t know Jennie is rolling in money and that she can make even free ribbons look luxurious.. unlike Joan who has to take the ones off her shopping bag cuz she’s irrelevant. They don’t make her look luxurious, it just makes her look cheap. Different person, different effect lol sorry Joan nice try
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  13. rurihari added a post in a topic Joankeem / Joanday   

    Take a shot every time she tags Jennie or gentle monster but they never notice her 💀 instant alcohol poisoning 
    also that Chanel ribbon LMAO it’s the same ones used to decorate Chanel shopping bags or when they do complementary gift wrapping like girl chill just get a real hair tie like a normal person. Stop trying to flex those free ribbons they use for decoration... its just so cringey
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  14. rurihari added a post in a topic Michelle Moé   

    Another video on Koreaboos, with emphasis on that new group who’s been heavily discussed in general Koreaboo thread. I agree that they’re a train wreck, cringey, and embarrassing but I just thought it was ironic how in the beginning she was like “I’m not trying to bash you” but then proceeds to bash them the entire time. 
    thankfully there was no skull bs but just more reminders that she is in fact, an East Asian woman. If u weren’t already aware!!!
    idk this video just seemed completely unnecessary. There wasn’t anything particularly new about her critiques of white ppl trying to be East Asian that she hasn’t already said. It was just an excuse to bash on these girls, which like I said, they’re a train wreck and I don’t agree with what they’re doing at all, but if you say your intention wasn’t to bash them and then u do nothing BUT bash them.. then like what was the point? It seems like every time there’s a new koreaboo/racefaker in the public eye, she’s gonna talk about them, especially if they’re white. 
    EDIT: there was one thing I liked: her makeup!!! Finally her undereyes/aegyosal don’t look like they’ve been stung by bees or red like she has a severe eye infection. While her eyelash application is still messy, her makeup overall looked much more refined/clean and not distracting. I think the elongated eyes actually work well in her favor when she’s not exaggerating every other area of her eyes and face. Same with her black circle lenses, she looks like a real person and not a cartoon for once. Again, my personal opinion and you’re totally fine if u like her original makeup, but for me it just made her hard to take seriously. Also I’m sure the hair was extensions or a wig but it was also cute. 
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  15. rurihari added a post in a topic Edward Avila   

    Edward doesn’t want to be a foreigner with a Korean audience, deep down u know he wishes he were a Korean with a Korean audience. Unfortunately he (as he himself has stated) failed as an idol bc he does not and will not appeal to Koreans. Kmedia doesn’t have a place for him, he’s too Westernized imo. Just look at Eddie, the other openly gay Filipino who’s in a nugu group. I forget what show he was on, but he was literally the JOKE/silly novelty of the show, and in the end he didn’t get far. They constantly teased him for not being able to speak Korean properly and I’m sure his openly flamboyant attitude didn’t help. The only kmedia interested in Edward are the companies of failing groups who are rly desperate for any attention, even if it’s Western. 
    Edward’s appeal to his current audience, which is 99% koreaboo Westerners, is that he is a foreigner who is seemingly living the kboo dream. Being a ~Korean passing~ (which we all know only kboos who wanna gas him up say that he is), openly gay man who lives in Korea and is surrounded by kpop stars (even if they’re nugu) and ~attractive~ Korean men (even if they’re only average looking bc kboos find any Korean that breathes as attractive). Edward has no appeal to Koreans at all, unless they themselves are Westernized. Even as a gay man, Edward has no concept of the struggles gay men in Korea face (in the closet or not) because he himself has never experienced it. He gets a “pass” because he’s a foreigner, it wouldn’t be a genuine stride to creating a more progressive, less discriminatory Korean society. So where’s the appeal? He’s not a real part of Korean society no matter how much he wants to be. Holland is the first openly gay idol who took a long time to build his career and is STILL shamed to this day by some knets (including Edward!!! Very ironic). If he were thrown into the mainstream Kmedia spotlight somehow, I can’t imagine his non Korean speaking, gum chewing, sassy eye rolling, openly gay self would go over with Koreans well. He lives and always will live in a Western bubble. This is why many foreigners who wanna “make it big” as an idol in Korea or whatever hardly ever do. The “token foreigner” shtick doesn’t really appeal to Koreans, that’s just a kboo fantasy. It never works. Even Lisa from BP has a bigger fanbase outside of Korea than in Korea and she’s an actual idol in the big 3.
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