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  1. iTried added a post in a topic Edward Avila   

    If it would have benefited the group but they felt threatened by the song, A&R could have agreed to the collab but rejected the song cover idea. 
    Why make it so difficult?
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  2. iTried added a post in a topic Joankeem / Joanday   

    Also, if youtube is just a place for her to "share the things she loves" and it isn't her job and she isn't going to put any effort into it, then she shouldn't be able to monetize it.
    Do not call yourself an influence if you gave nothing good to show. All she has to show is she is Korean... not Korean-American who is monopolizing in this Hallyu wave and gaining income from koreaboos simply because she happens to be Korean who can speak English (kinda).
    I'm sorry but her response just really angered me. As foolish as that may sound, as much as I can just forget about her and not watch her content, it pissed me off.
    She claims to work hard, but here she is contradicting herself. Then there are those of us who work hard everyday, go to school, and struggle or go on with our lives but just make a fraction of what she makes when she puts no effort.
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  3. iTried added a post in a topic Joankeem / Joanday   

    This is ridiculously unprofessional.
    This is rude.
    I hope her 'fans' see this and realize what type of person she is.
    She has admitted that she lacks creativity and she will not put any effort to change that. As much as she wants to excuse that by saying she wants to "create" "personable" videos, is baffling. That's fine, do that. Make that your thinng, but as a Youtube CREATOR, you are meant to create and entertain, try your best to improve and that also means being creative. Being creative is not you doing something unique but making your content seem fresh every time even if it is repetitive.
    This is lazy. This is a slap on the face to your viewers. 
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  4. iTried added a post in a topic Joankeem / Joanday   

    It seems she is embracing a more "Korean" look lately. Like a stereotypical Ulzzang, with long hair and western style make up. I can't really explain it? Or more ABG look too? 
    Either way, she is too old to pull off either.
    (Just my observations from screencaps of her latest GRWM.)
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  5. iTried added a post in a topic Joankeem / Joanday   

    DOES SHE NOT REALIZE HOW DUMB SHE SOUNDS? "Keeping the moisturized with products".
    1. With products? Really? No duh. What else would you be using to keep lips mosituzied with? With utensils?
    2. Keeping your lips moisturized does not equate to them looking larger, they will just look... wait for it... moisturized.
    3. Why can you just come out and say "yes I got lip fillers, because I wanted to" or simply respond "I haven't gotten lip fillers, but my lips are this way normally... my lips have gotten more plump... I'm using a lip plumper." Just respond honestly and clearly. Make sense for once. Please.
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  6. iTried added a post in a topic Edward Avila   

    Off topic but... I need to know the back story of this picture. What the hell is going on? Lol.
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  7. iTried added a post in a topic Coco Lee / Rilaccoco   

    I spend a good amount of time in K-Town. I'll check it out and keep y'all updated. Let's see how unique the clothes are and if the quality matches the price, which is wear for these asian boutiques in LA.
    K-Town is very over saturated with these types of shops and location really matters.
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  8. iTried added a post in a topic Coco Lee / Rilaccoco   

    lol. They didn't even finish completing the page. 

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  9. iTried added a post in a topic Joankeem / Joanday   

    I genuinely think her make up was not bad. (This is coming from a girl who doesn't wear make up and knows little to nothing of it.) After all she was talking and moving a lot. But as two individuals that hang out with each other a lot, why are they so weird and awkward with each other?
    Also, stalked MoMa's ig page... what is the craze about his looks? He is average, only thing that makes him look interesting is his tattoo. Kboo's really love any korean boy they see in her videos.
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  10. iTried added a post in a topic Coco Lee / Rilaccoco   

    The whole problem Coco has is that she is not accumulating the wealth she WANTS.
    She sure as hell does not deserve it, as she lacks the necessary skills to he a low tier idol nevertheless, a successful idol.
    However, I belive Coco doesn't even wish to be an idol. She is looking for the 'easiest' job for [self proclaimed] "attracitve person." She wants an 'easy' lifestyle, where all she has to do is not even look pretty, but just do nothing and get paid. She wishes for her life to be like Lee Hi. (I'm so sorry sweetie to drag your name into this mess and for your current situation because we know how bad you want to sing but bare with me.)
    Our poor Lee Hi, has been stuck in the YG dungeon for so long and is never promoted well. But guess what? She is under "Big 3" and has MONEY.
    If her situation was similar to that of Lee Hi, I'm sure she would not complain, I bet she would be her happiest self, getting paid for just being signed basically.
    But that can never happen:
    1. She can't keep her mouth shut
    2. She is not talented
    3. She is childish, self-centered, spoiled, etc.
    Summary: COCO WANTS MONEY BECAUSE SHE THINKS SHE DESERVES IT BECAUSE SHE WANTS IT SO BADLY TO LIVE A CAREFREE LIFE. The worst part is I think she will do anything for money, even if it means hurting countless others to get it.
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  11. iTried added a post in a topic Coco Lee / Rilaccoco   

    M.O.L.E did well with their statement, especially this part.

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  12. iTried added a post in a topic Sharla in Japan   

    It seems to me that she REALLY wanted the fortune teller to tell her to get out of Korea asap. She kept asking her the same question, as if the fortune teller would change her answer for the sake of her.
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  13. iTried added a post in a topic Coco Lee / Rilaccoco   

    Girl has got to stop enlarging her eyes... Straight up looking like an alien.
    Is this really a 10 year challenge when photoshop is involved?
    However I do give her probs she seems to not have age physically... and mentally...
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  14. iTried added a post in a topic Coco Lee / Rilaccoco   

    I totally agree, but if I were an aristist and I truly cared about my fans, especially the ones that funded my activities. I would try my best to just work with the company to fulfill my responsibilities for the fans. Although I would probably hate it, but I would just be like 'hey, I know we have our differences and I should have done this earlier but I need access to my kickstarter for I could fulfill what I promised. You not giving me access would make the company look bad..." wait-- maybe that is what she is trying to do.
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  15. iTried added a post in a topic Joankeem / Joanday   

    So I am assuming it is pretty much confirmed that Coco is out of Joan's life. She spoke about her friends and included videos of them, including many we have seen before and some we have not seen in a while, but Coco was not included.
    Starts- 00:45
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