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  1. miyayeah added a post in a topic Dove Cameron   

    I'm not disagreeing but that other girl is Cameron's sister so maybe he's just trying to be closer and supportive around her? I don't doubt that the way he acts around Dove sometimes makes me uncomfortable and that his hand is way to high on Cameron's sister I don't get good vibes from him but in their current situation maybe he's just trying his best to be supportive
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  2. miyayeah added a post in a topic Simply_Kenna/cozykitsune [Thread 4]   

    so sad that she's earned more from this than i do in a week by doing actual work LOL
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  3. miyayeah added a post in a topic Stop Peaches!!   

    peaches posted on instagram earlier today but deleted it and i didn't ss  but yeah she's still alive she was in target somewhere
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  4. miyayeah added a post in a topic Bubzbeauty / Lindy   

    some people still send messages if they're going to see the person later on or even if they're in different rooms at the moment lol my mum sends me extra long birthday messages sometimes when our rooms are literally right next to each other
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  5. miyayeah added a post in a topic lilmixedhunny / ceilidh joy   

    i was one her livestream about a week ago and she's still in the same house her and aaron were in and she was talking about him and seemed happy... have things changed in like a week?
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  6. miyayeah added a post in a topic Eugenia Cooney   

    ok so...

    do you think the only reason she posted it is to acknowledge the ed?
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  7. miyayeah added a post in a topic lilmixedhunny / ceilidh joy   

    he did it without telling her but i think she's cool with it?? idk why he chose that pic tho lol
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  8. miyayeah added a post in a topic Venus Angelics Videos   

    maybe he's just sad cos she was wearing it over her clothes lol 
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  9. miyayeah added a post in a topic Losertina / Christina Nguyen   

    not whitekinghting but tbh i can have this same thought process in a day but idk
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  10. miyayeah added a post in a topic lilmixedhunny / ceilidh joy   

    sometimes that happens where pictures posted to one forum attach themselves to every post you make, that's yungelita and i dont think they meant to post it
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  11. miyayeah added a post in a topic Kmusicandblackwomen (kpopmeetsblackwomen)   

    i get your point but let's not act as though a good amount of chinese population are scared of black people coming into China because of the negative stereotypes surrounding black people.
    back on topic her posting this video is so... annoying? why... i don't even understand
    "weEEE asian ppl luv us cos we're so exxxoticcc"
    edit: my point about the reaction was not directed just at this video, as the video was yeah a little weird but not racist and wasmost likely innocent, but there are so many incidents like this where the intentions are just warped
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  12. miyayeah added a post in a topic lilmixedhunny / ceilidh joy   

    i think she's doing okay, industrialhate is her side account
    she just posted on snapchat her lipsyncing to a song so i think she's doing fine, probably just taking a break, she looked happy enough
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  13. miyayeah added a post in a topic Rowan Blanchard   

    most likely because she was in a disney show that garnered a large following and associates with other socially influential people like amandla stenberg and such
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  14. miyayeah added a post in a topic General Koreaboo Thread   

    I follow this girl @hyulari on instagram and person was roleplaying with her face, i don't remember if they were saying they were chinese or korean, but she is Vietnamese so it was just so weird and she posted it on her story so I went to check the comments of this account and there were people playing along? Like that is so delusional and so creepy especially when the person they're roleplaying has no idea that their doing it... all I did was @ hillary in the commnt section and people got angry at me for doing so like.... okay but that's a whole persons identity you're taking for the sole fact that their asian? because you don't even bother to find out which asian country your own persona is from, it's so bizarre to me
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  15. miyayeah added a post in a topic lilmixedhunny / ceilidh joy   

    all i have to say is concerning this part, where she's fucked up her life she always acknowledges that she fucked up herself with her mistakes, and she addresses that she's trying to learn and change. from the edit it seems like the pregnancy is not a problem and she's not distraught about it, she's doing well in combating her drug abuse, and she doesn't really overly talk about how others have abused her but mentions it sometimingly. in a lot fo her live streams when she mentions it she moves on quickly and she doesn't really pity herself that much but seems to focus more on bettering her future imo
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